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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options March 10, 2011: Put on those running shoes... we're running a 5K! with Keilidh!
For a pledge of $50 or more puts you in the running for the Wendy O Williams bobble head!

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Beck   Run Run Run   Options The Velvet Underground & Nico (Record Club Version)    0:00:00 ()
Birds  Run Run Run   Options The Collector's Guide to Rare British Birds    0:05:11 ()
The Gestures  Run Run Run   Options Nuggets, Disc 3    0:08:25 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:10:28 ()
Rolling Stones  Shake Your Hips   Options Exile On Main Street (Remastered)  $15 or more puts you in the running for this!!!  0:20:57 ()
Tennis  Marathon   Options Cape Dory    0:23:57 ()
Young Liars  Marathon   Options     0:26:22 ()
Le Tigre  Let's Run   Options Le Tigre    0:30:34 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:33:26 ()
Foals  Total Life Forever   Options Total Life Forever  $15 or more puts you in the running for this!!!  0:47:55 ()
Bantam Rooster  Run Rabbit Run   Options Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit    0:51:17 ()
Mudhoney  Run Shithead Run   Options March to Fuzz 2    0:54:27 ()
Movin' Morfomen  Run Girl run   Options Sixties Archive: Florida & New Mexico    0:57:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       0:59:47 ()
Vaselines  You Think You're a Man   Options Enter the Vaselines DELUXE EDITION  For a pledge of $15 or more puts you in the running for this!  1:12:03 ()
Paul Simon  Can't Run But   Options Rhythm of the Saints    1:17:08 ()
Electrelane  Cut and Run   Options No Shouts, No Calls    1:20:41 ()
Magic Bullets  Millions of People Running in Circles   Options Magic Bullets    1:24:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:33:00 ()
The Budos Band  Black Venom   Options The Budos Band III  For a pledge of $15 or more puts you in the running for THIS!  1:41:34 ()
The Beatles  Run for Your Life   Options Rubber Soul    1:44:34 ()
thee headcoatees  Run for Your Life   Options Girlsville    1:46:51 ()
Nancy Sinatra  Run for Your Life   Options Boots    1:48:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       1:51:10 ()
The Evolution Control Committee  Stairway to Briteny   Options All Rights Reserved  $15 or more puts you in the running for THIS!  2:05:07 ()
Chayns  Run & Hide   Options     2:07:09 ()
Fairytale  Run and Hide   Options Rubble 05 (Electric Crayon Set)    2:10:43 ()
Hollies  Don't Run and Hide   Options Single (B side)    2:12:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       2:29:42 ()
Kiril Feat. Ras Tweed & Esma  Raise Up Your Hand   Options Balkan Grooves  Both Balkan Grooves and Nao Wave: Brazil Post Punk is up on the block for $15 or more! Pledge NOW!!!  2:29:26 ()
Julian Plenti  Only If You Run   Options Julian Plenti Is...Skyscraper    2:30:55 ()
The Black Hollies  Run With Me Run   Options Softly Towards the Light    2:34:34 ()
My Friend Wallis  Running   Options     2:38:13 ()
Music behind DJ:
THANK YOU!       2:40:57 ()
David Cross  If You Care   Options Bigger and Blackerer  For $15 or more you can be in the running for this, Evolution Control Committee, AND Jonathan Richman!  2:56:12 ()
Fugazi  Long Distance Runner   Options Red Medicine    2:58:27 ()
The Replacements  Run it   Options Hootenanny    3:02:09 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/10/11 6:03am Chuck:

Guten Tag!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan !
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04am Meghan:

Guten Morgen! or is it morgan..... hmmmmm... stupid rusty German...
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:04am Meghan:

Bonjour! Cest va?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:05am Richard from Venezuela:

Good morning Meghan, Keili and all the listeners.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:05am Chuck:

First one was correct...
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:05am Dave B.:

Guten Morgen!

Ahhh... my "social networking" fix!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:05am Jason Elbogen:

Meghan, you shouldn't call Chuck a stupid rusty German!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:06am Chuck:

If the shoe fits, Jason... Hehe...
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:06am pierre:

ça va pas mal, lunch time here.
coffee for you guys
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:07am DJ Keili (MC):

Mornin' everyone!
You pumped?!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:07am robert (from China . . . ):

  Thu. 3/10/11 6:07am Meghan:

Buenas Dias Richard! Look at me! practicing all my languages! hehe.... well I think Chuck summed it up well, eh Jason! hehe
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:08am Chuck:

You know me too well, Meg!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:09am Meghan:

Robert! hello! he gets all fancy with his characters.... international day today! Let all the countries represent!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:10am Dave B.:

and greets to Keilidh!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:10am Chuck:

The rust is what makes my back creek. Any WD40 give aways for the marathon?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:11am Chuck:

Morning, Dave!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:12am pierre:

a bobble head of W.O.W. that's pretty rare, isn't it?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:14am Dave B.:

Hi Hi Hi!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:16am Dave B.:

One of Terry Gillams best too!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:17am Dave B.:

Gilliam... (need coffee)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:17am hank:

Good Mornnin Meghan... ;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:19am Dave B.:

What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got little save pitiful portable picnic players. Come with uncle and hear all proper. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:25am Dave B.:

OK ya got me...
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:26am Barry:

TENNIS! you're the best Meghan.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:27am Meghan:

awww geee.... thanks!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:27am DJ Keili (MC):

She IS the best. And is an awesome Tennis player.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:30am Barry:

Heh heh. greetings from Berlin. Tabletennis if you ever in town Meghan. Keili you're also the awesomest.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:31am Meghan:

Viel Danke!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:32am Barry:

sweet, but i ain't no deutschy. a douchebag maybe but not deutschy.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:33am DJ Keili (MC):

Thanks Barry!
C'mon all you Meghan lovers! Pledge at wfmu.org!
Instant gratification!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:33am Meghan:

hehe.... we can all be douchebags at times....
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:34am procedura:

run for that wallet!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:34am Dave B.:

Does beer pong count?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:38am Barry:

i gave a fifty yesterday ladies but all the instant grats might have more on it's way...a sucker for the ladies, me? no, never.
and Dave B. don't talk to me about beer pong, i was the champ til hernia came a callin...
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:41am hank:

did ken hook you up with the vicodin yet?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:43am Barry:

vicodin and gin..perfect.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:44am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!
Speaking of the devil, I'm getting a mention and starting to like Rush...
I like the idea of an all-Shatner show. :-)

How's two of my favourite DJs tonight?
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:45am Richard from Venezuela:

I love Rush. They're so awesome.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:46am Dave B.:


Laughing my figurative ass off while I have a Boba Fett action figure in my real ass and my Mom yells at me to turn down my Rush "Fly By Night" album

Patton Oswalt on the William Shatner Roast
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:46am Chuck:

Congrats, Dave!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:48am Elwyn:

Congrats evil Dave. ;-)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:48am Dave B.:


Hey is the high pledge cumulative?

I can defer a few more bucks
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:48am Richard from Venezuela:

Give ideas to rich personalities to send them tweets encouraging them to pledge.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:50am Meghan:

hmmmmm. lemme think about that....
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:51am Chuck:

Wish I had more to give, but I just spent over $1K on work materials. My tank is empty....
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:51am Magda:

Good Morning! How is everyone!.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:51am Dave B.:

  Thu. 3/10/11 6:52am Meghan:

Morning Magda! It's okay Chuck.... I understand! Owning your own business is a tough one!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:54am Richard from Venezuela:

Im gonna send a tweet to Phil Collins. he's now retired and could send some money. Let's get it on.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:54am Elwyn:

Morning Magda!

I probably won't pledge again unless someone beats my pledge. In less than two weeks, I need to pay $1500 for car registration and insurance and have my quarterly WorldVision bill.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:54am Chuck:

Dave, I still have mine!
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:55am hank:

reminds me of the time I had to make a satellite dish out of newcastlebrown cans... ;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:56am Magdalena Sarnas:

Morning Megan and Elwyn,
I'm sorry to hear about the car. I've been spreading the love around, I have to figure out if I am at your level overall.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:56am Dave B.:

Oh, Meghan - Dengue Fever 6/10 @ Highline Ballroom... only $15 bucks
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:57am Richard from Venezuela:

tweet to philcollins was send.
  Thu. 3/10/11 6:58am Richard from Venezuela:

Now Ellen Page. She is so cute.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:02am Magda:

I want ride the Gravitron!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:03am Richard from Venezuela:

Just send tweets to Ellen degeneres and emma watson.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:03am SharoroKeili'sUnicorn:

Is there a different number to call at this time? Why is your name written in a different way than your DJ NAME?
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:03am Magda:

I'm so happy to hear Keili. I don't know who this Keilidh. :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:05am Magda:

Turkish twist sounds like a bad Chubby Checker cover.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:06am Elwyn:

Come on, you nightowl Kiwi cheapskates! Pledge!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:06am Dave B.:

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison, Timmy?
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:07am Chuck:

Do you like movies about gladiators, Timmy?
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:08am Timmy:

1 - no
2 - yes, they're allright
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:13am Danne D:

I'm actually trying not to be a prize hog :)
I had to make sure that you are getting support Meghan and Keili :D You guys are the best :) :) :)

Hi everyone :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:13am Chuck:

You need Don Pardo to announce the swag!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:13am Richard from Venezuela:

Hi Danne D.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:13am Meghan:

awwww, thanks Danne!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:14am Elwyn:

@Danne D: do you ever sleep? You're always on at the same time as me!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:16am Danne D:

ps - you'll be getting more treats on Sunday Keili :) (Gluten free of course)
Hi Ricardo :) Hi Elwyn :) Um - No I don't sleep nearly enough, especially when the marathon is on :)

*ponders if Keili gets the Don Pardo reference and fears the answer to that one as it just shows how ancient I am *
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:16am Meghan:

If everyone pledges $37 dollars right now, I would make my goal! do it!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:17am Barry:

great song. wicked.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:18am Danne D:

will DJ Mama be there Sunday I hope Keili ? :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:21am Danne D:

and is Bosco there with you guys now, Meghan :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:22am Meghan:

of course he is! sleeping behind me.... and unfortunately dropping some bombs.... whew!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:24am Danne D:

lol :) well we love Bosco all the same :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:25am hank:

Megan im your blackmarket connection for that...(ie) what ken said... ;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:26am Chuck:

Hehe! Love that Bosco!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:27am Meghan:

ha! good to know Hank!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:31am Dave B.:

all Rush COVERS/Canadian theme
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:32am Danne D:

how many songs has Rush Limbaugh done?
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:32am Danne D:

yay Joe :D
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:33am Danne D:

WOW!!! :) C'mon help Meghan cross the line of this 5K - it's so important :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:35am Dave B.:

The Rush Covers theme will be mine

  Thu. 3/10/11 7:35am Elwyn:

How much money is needed to beat evil Dave and save the galaxy?
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:35am Danne D:

Btw kudos to Bosco for being loyal to Meghan and not hanging out at the JM in the AM catered breakfast :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:36am dirty old man:

Thanks for playing The Vaselines ( You Think You're a Man), Karen's been signing it to me since. I'll have to shame her into pledging.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:38am Dave B.:

here's the start:

  Thu. 3/10/11 7:40am Danne D:

I just went to that video and started playing it and it was drowning out Meghan and Keili and gave a scray vision of the future.......
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:41am Dave B.:

MDC - Corporate Death Burger
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:42am Danne D:

(secretly think it's kinda cool but fears for Meghan's health if she has to play all Rush songs/covers)

Though the leap from Rush fan to XTC doesn't seem that far. That is an awesome top prize :D
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:43am Chuck:

Dead puppies ain't much fun...
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:47am DJ Keili (MC):

Pledge $15 dollars or more to get in the running for the Budos Band LP!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:48am Timmy:

Meghan i was "Run through the jungle" by the Gun Club isn't on your today playlist is it ? i'm always embarrassed asking those questions… sorry
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:49am Meghan:

Sady no, but even more sad is that I most likely won't even get to play my whole playlist today.....
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:49am pierre:

great cover by thee headcoatees !
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:49am Elwyn:

I prefer dead puppies to the band Sick Puppies.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:51am Chuck:

Meg, did I hook you up with Thee Headcoatees? I can't remember now...
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:52am Dave B.:

Dead Babies can't take things off the shelf
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:52am Meghan:

nope.... sadly!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:53am Elwyn:

Wow. I wonder what Tipper Gore would say about this song.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:53am Chuck:

Dead babies do make good door stops though, Dave...
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:55am pierre:

you can say merde keili !
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:55am Dave B.:

or ballast, chuck!
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:56am pierre:

oups sorry i forgot the ","
but nice one…
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:57am Elwyn:

If you don't pledge, you're a puto... not that there's anything wrong with that.
  Thu. 3/10/11 7:58am Chuck:

Or a weight for compressing salmon when making Gravalax, Dave! Done that...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:00am Dave B.:

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:01am Dave B.:

@Chuck - with DEAD BABIES?!?!?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:01am Danne D:

A mouse pledge would be awesome and appropriate as that goes right to keeping the webstream going. That's $30.82/month - that's not even like a third of your cable bill probably - and you use FMU way more than your cable.

@pierre - Keili is busy learning Dutch now :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:02am Danne D:

(DJ Mama - cover your ears as you hear Keili swears)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:03am DJ Keili (MC):

Nathan's curse - Fuli Laho
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:04am Danne D:

these swears will come in handy when you run into your friends who said they didn't pledge
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:05am Dave B.:

They'll come in handy when taking cab rides in NYC too!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:05am DJ Keili (MC):

Rob's curse - toli nu (your dick in Rungus)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:05am Dave B.:

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:06am Dave B.:

This song is for Elwyn..
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:06am Chuck:

Nah, I meant I've made Gravalax, Dave! The market was out of dead babies. Made the Gravalax with a bag of lead shot as a weight.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:06am Elwyn:

How does evil Brady know these things?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:07am pierre:

@ Dave B : why?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:08am Dave B.:

I have this album. ECC is the best!

@ Pierre - just to break his chops...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:08am Danne D:

Off to work, but looking forward to checking out the rest on archive :D The archives - yet another great reason to pledge to WFMU.
Good luck Meghan and Keili :) And Bosco :) And everyone :) You guys are doing a great job - and everyone should web in their pledges now now now!!! :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:09am Chuck:

I still need to locate a copy of "Stairway to Gilligan's Island" to go with the ECC song!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:10am Parq:

Uh huh. Managed to overcome my shock at that Led Brit, and checked in with a quick pledge.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:10am Chuck:

I'll have to contact Pete Clark at WVKR to get it, I think...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:10am robert:

how much to knock out Mr. Dave?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:11am Meghan:

let me look......
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:12am Meghan:

He has pledged $386......
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:12am Dave B.:

@Chuck - I have and will send. At one time on the WFMU Blog there was 100+ versions of SWTH. Fortunately I downloaded them all
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:13am Dave B.:

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:13am Chuck:

Cool, DB! I'm sure many of them are hilarious!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:14am Andy in Berlin:

Hey Meghan - Just checking in as I've been working for the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to listen live.
Just sent you in a couple of bucks - as usual, spreading the wealth (or lack of it) around to various shows.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:15am Meghan:

Yay Andy! Glad to see you swing by and thanks! We've missed you here!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:18am Chuck:

People probably just weren't awake yet, Meghan....
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:18am Elwyn:

Hey Andy!

Good to see you!

I haven't seen Magda for awhile except on FB. :-(
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:18am DJ Keili (MC):

Dan's curse - hee hoo (bitch in Donkey)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:18am tomasz.:

Danne D is kind of my hero.

hi Meghan, hi Keili, hi messageboarders
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:19am Danne D:

@Scott Walker - you are such a hee hoo!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:19am Danne D:

Thanks Keili :) Thanks tomasz - you're my hero :)
Now I really gotta go :)
Take care!!!! :)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:20am Dave B.:

@ Chuck... woo hoo, its still up there:

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:20am robert:

thanks for the cool curse. but sorry couldn't beat dave and we're still cursed with rush covers.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:20am DJ Keili (MC):

Robert's curse - Bagami-as pula in mortii matii (Fuck your mother's dead relatives in romana)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:20am pierre:

yeah pogue mahone !that's were the POGUES got their name !
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:21am Dave B.:

Pogues next Thursday!

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:21am pierre:

but for obvious reasons they couldn't call themselves this : )
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:21am tomasz.:

also, i'm very pleased with the focus on swearing today
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:22am Chuck:

Got it,Dave! Tanx!!!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:23am Dave B.:



Scroll down to May 5, 2006 - the motherlode!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:25am Dave B.:

Just realized, using youswear.com you can now figure out a lot of the words Die Antwoord drop...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:25am pierre:

i think R.E.M. made a cover called ghost reindeer in the sky...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:26am pierre:

oh That Alan Price cover is so moving !
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:27am Barry:

it went through, phew, i thought i messed it up, yah me.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:27am Elwyn:

I am loving this swearathon.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:27am Dave B.:

If the RU(bbi)SH theme materializes, please let Jeff P and Jeff F know we have lift off!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:28am DJ Keili (MC):

Barry's curse - chikala (dick in Bemba)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:28am Chuck:

Jeez! Dolly Parton covers SWTH!?!? Gotta hear it.. Thanks again for the dig up, Dave!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:29am DJ Keili (MC):

Jeffrey's curse - bumba ras clot (ass wipe in Jamaican)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:29am DJ Keili (MC):

Geert's curse - poog mo hon (kiss my ass in Gaelic)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:30am DJ Keili (MC):

Nattie's curse - bandar ko chaak (monkey's ass in Nepali)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:30am Meghan:

Chuck, I think I played that on my show.....
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:30am DJ Keili (MC):

Karen's curse - Weah Ner Moh Lee (Fuck your mother in Karen)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:31am DJ Keili (MC):

K.J. Nolan's curse - Nu choogle lea (do you wanna die in Korean)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:31am Barry:

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:31am Magda:

How do you say "go fuck a duck" in Gaelic?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:31am hank:

did'nt hear that on Jeff Sarges.....;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:32am Chuck:

I don't recall right now, Meghan.
It is good to know though that every language HAS curses! People are the same everywhere really...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:33am Elwyn:

My parents never taught me how to swear in Cantonese. :-(
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:34am Chuck:

Parents aren't supposed to teach you how to swear, Elwyn! You've gotta pick that up on the street like everyone else....
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:36am Dave B.:

along with ordering food/drink and asking where the toilet is, cursing is a priority in any language.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:37am Chuck:

My mother doesn't swear as a rule. In all my 50 years I've heard her say the word "shit" twice. And that is all....
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:37am Meghan:

It is very important! It's usually the first thing you learn in any language. Screw the hello, thank you and my name is..... I want to know how to tell someone off!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:37am hank:

@ chuck he he he...;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:39am Dave B.:

although a heart felt "fuck off" is pretty universal....
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:41am pierre:

strange, how different country react to swearing, as for exemple in france, nobody cares (for words like sh*t, or f*ck), but when i speak english i never (mostly) swear, i find it to insulting…
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:41am Chuck:

On the other hand, my mouth is worse than a construction workers! Curses flow like the liquid rubber I use for molds...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:41am tomasz.:

i really want to listen to "Shit and Fuck" by Wesley Willis right about now
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:42am Meghan:

interesting Pierre......
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:42am Elwyn:

@Chuck: Speaking of rubber, I know you're busy... but have you given much more thought to my stormtrooper heavy blaster?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:42am Magda:

Sounds like something gg allen would do tomasz.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:43am WD40:

Please, people, for the last time - I am not a lubricant - I am a Water Displacer, using the formula from test # 40. So take that, Slick 50, you little fucktard. Pledge now ev'body.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:43am DJ Keili (MC):

Charles's curse - bhoro ya taate waako (your father's dick in chichewa)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:43am DJ Keili (MC):

simon's curse - su cunnu kiti ti nd'at bogau (son of a bitch in sardinian)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:43am hank:

@Dave winning? ;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:44am Dave B.:

Win Paris this past November, I was a little surprised to hear my friends daughters singing along with CeeLo's song "Fuck You"
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:45am glenn:

yasou omorfi meghan and keilidh.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:45am Dave B.:


  Thu. 3/10/11 8:46am Chuck:

Woah! I just lost the stream...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:48am Dave B.:


  Thu. 3/10/11 8:49am pierre:

@ dave b : french loves the word "fuck", if they could sing it all day long they would
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:49am Chuck:

Woo! Good you're back...
Not as of yet, Elwyn. I should have time after Saturday to look into the specs.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:51am DJ Keili (MC):

Moritz's curse - f'oxx kem ghandek (fuck all you have in Malta)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:51am glenn:

according to my friend katy, pundi naka (sp?), means "suck my pussy" in thai.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:51am karen:

Thanks for pulling my name, but since Arthur is already getting your CD, why don't you pass it on to another pledge!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:52am Dave B.:

@ DJ Keili & Meghan:

  Thu. 3/10/11 8:52am Magda:

So pierre, the french must love that skee lo song.
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:53am Elwyn:

Dang.... Brady still has time...

@Chuck: Cool! Can you avoid resin? I held a resin heavy weapons blaster and it was really heavy.
Last weekend, I played with a scratch build of a standard stormie blaster. It was also really heavy but has lights (red, blue and combined) and sounds! The ammo clip also functioned as a 9V battery holder!
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:53am DJ Keili (MC):

Charles's curse - ba po (bitch in cantonese)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:55am Chuck:

They were probably heavy because they were cast solid, Elwyn. The gun doesn't have to be solid if done right. Hollow is lighter...
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:56am pierre:

@ Meghan : they do actually, he came in a tv show, and everybody was so pleased to hear in a song…
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:56am Dave B.:

What's Elwyn's pledge amount?
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:57am DJ Keili (MC):

Richard's curse - suta el hava(eat shit in romono)
  Thu. 3/10/11 8:58am Elwyn:

I seriously need to start watching that Arrested Development box set I bought 6 months ago but have been watching downloaded Top Gear and V instead.
My favourite David Cross appearance is still the video clip for Yo La Tengo's "Sugarcube".

I bet Liz Berg just wants to see a crazy bidding war. :-)

@Chuck: I think it was solid resin. I really didn't like it, not just because of the weight. So much of the weight is towards to barrel that it made me want to lean on the barrel end and that's the bendy end.
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:01am Dave B.:

ah... Fugazi....

Was watching "Instrumental" just the other day....

Good times.
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:01am Chuck:

Elwyn, we'll continue this discussion via FB. Alas, I gotta get to work...
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:04am Mich B:

Pledgetastic job ladies - you ground me down. But WFMU keeps me sane.
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:04am hank:

@chuck lite is heavy! humpn heilimond around province... ;^)
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:04am Elwyn:

See you later Chuck!

I sense a disturbance in the Force... like evil Brady is planning something.

BTW, I've been chosen to perform as a stormtrooper with Weird Al Yankovich for three shows in the next two weeks. :-)
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:07am DJ Keili (MC):

Michel's curse - hmelcche phak (you are fugly in Mizo)
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:10am Dave B.:

  Thu. 3/10/11 9:12am Magda:

Yipee no rush.
  Thu. 3/10/11 9:12am Elwyn:

  Sun. 3/13/11 11:45pm Mona:

Thank you so much for playing Magic Bullets!!!
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