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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options January 20, 2011: Winter is just too long of a season......

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Artist Track Album Comments
Cousin Emmy  Chilly Scenes of Winter   Options Country Boy's Dream   
Gillian Welch  Winter's Come and Gone   Options Hell Among The Yearlings   
Steve Miller Band  Winter Time   Options Greatest Hits 1974-78   
Tyrannosaurus Rex  The Throat of Winter   Options Unicorn   
Genesis  A Winter's Tale   Options From Genesis to Revelation   
Blood Sweat & Tears  Sometimes in Winter   Options Greatest Hits   
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk      
Fleet Foxes  White Winter Hymnal   Options Fleet Foxes   
Stars  Winter Bones   Options The Five Ghosts   
Doves  Winter Hill   Options Kingdom of Rust   
The Ocean Blue  Frigid Winter Days   Options The Ocean Blue   
Tori Amos  Winter   Options Little Earthquakes   
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore      
Screaming Trees  Winter Song   Options Sweet Oblivion   
Robyn Hitchcock  Winter Love   Options    
Nico  Winter Song   Options Chelsea Girl   
Capes of Good Hope  Winter's Children   Options Psych Beat- the 45 RPM Series   
Bob Seger  Vagrant Winter   Options The Best of Hideout Records   
The Fastbacks  In the Winter   Options    
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach      
Playhour Records  Winter's Day   Options    
Boyd Raeburn  Picnic in the Wintertime   Options Boyd Raeburn   
Gale Storm  Winter Warm   Options    
Darlene Love  Winter Wonderland   Options The Best of Darlene Love   
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk      
The Bangles  Hazy Shade of Winter   Options Greatest Hits   
Superchunk  Winter Games   Options Majesty Shredding   
Apples in Stereo  Winter Must be Cold   Options Fun Trick Noisemaker   
Yo La Tengo  Winter A Go-Go   Options Summer Sun   
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk      
Lester Williams  Wintertime Blues   Options Texas Music Volume 1 (Postwar Blues Combos)   
Fats Waller  Winter Weather   Options Portrait, (Vol. 2): Come and Get It (Disc 9)   
Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman  Winter Weather   Options Benny Goodman/Peggy Lee 1941-1947   
Connie Francis  I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter   Options Gold   
Felice Taylor  It May Be Winter Outside   Options    
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk      
Tippy Hubbard  Our Winter Romance   Options Rarest of the Rare Vol. 8   
Leonard Cohen  Winter Lady   Options Songs of Leonard Cohen   
Bob Dylan  Winterlude   Options New Morning   
Gil Scott Heron  Winter in America   Options Live   
Dino and Doc  Mighty Cold Winter   Options Stax-Volt Singles Vol 2 68-71   
Rolling Stones  Winter   Options Goat's Head Soup   
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore      
The Mekons  Winter   Options Oooh!   
Sweel Maps  Winter Rainbow   Options International Rescue   
Ghostface Killah  Winter Warz   Options    
MDC  Winter of '92   Options Shades of Brown   
Umela Hmota II  Zimni Noc   Options Ve Sklepe 1976-77   
Tlahoun Gèssèssè  Yehagere Sheta   Options Ethiopiques 17: Tlahoun Gessesse   
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach      
Klimperei  Cet Hiver Mon Enfant   Options Vilain Chien   
Broadcast  Winter Now   Options Haha Sound   
Kristin Hersh  Winter (Live)   Options Cats and Mice   
Pixies  Winterlong   Options Complete 'B' Sides [UK]   
Aztec Camera  Walk Out to Winter   Options High Land, Hard Rain   
Popguns  Waiting for Winter   Options Rough Trade Shops: Indie Pop Vol. 1   

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/20/11 6:02am Chuck:

Yo! Brrrr!!!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:02am Meghan:

Morning Chuck! no joke!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:04am Dave B:

Happy National Buttercrunch day
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:04am Chuck:

At least you didn't have a ton of ice and snow fall off you porch awning! Right onto the front walk, glad I wasn't under it when it let go!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:05am Chuck:

Morning, DB!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:05am Meghan:

I did have to chip into my car on Tuesday to go to an interview in the freezing rain...... fun fun
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:06am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Winter.....my least favorite season.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:06am Chuck:

It's been the once a week winter event since Xmas. Snow....
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:07am Chuck:

Had enough yet everyone?
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:07am Meghan:

Yep, pretty much the same here.....

I totally agree ALF..... I am not a fan of winter....
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:08am Meghan:

Though, it does make you appreciate Spring just like Summer makes you appreciate Fall
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:09am Chuck:

Even more entertaining when your snow shovel breaks...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:09am Dave B:

I love it!
(runs for cover)
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:10am Meghan:

*throws a snowball at Dave*
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:10am Chuck:

Fortunately, all conditions are temporary...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:10am Deeeeeeeeeeee:

I sense a theme..
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:11am Meghan:

Your senses are correct Deeeeeeee
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:11am Deeeeeeeeeeee:

What about my sixth sense??
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:12am Rob:

Good morning. Nomination for a song: The Fastbacks "In The WInter".
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:12am Meghan:

morning Rob.... Lemme see what I can do for you......
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:15am Chuck:

Well, your first set was really well thought out, Meg. Nice!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:16am Rob:

Hi Meghan, thanks. This show is amusing. I'm a first-time visitor to the WFMU site but have listened to the station in the car when passing through northern Jersey.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:16am bennett4senate:

for your records: Jeremy Jay - Winter Wonder (from the album Slow Dance)
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:19am Dave B:

  Thu. 1/20/11 6:20am Chuck:

At least he didn't call on the phone! That's happened to me. Some drunk chick ringing at 3AM....
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:21am Meghan:

Welcome to WFMU Rob! It's a lot of fun over here!

And Chuck, what he did was about as good as calling... remember, Bosco loves barking at the doorbell
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:23am Chuck:

Hey, I've got shotguns if the situation gets out of hand...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:24am Meghan:

ha! I called the police...... they have guns for me
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:24am Dave B:

nice... Thats where you have a pot of water waiting by the window sill.

On an unrelated note, plunder Rex's playlist from 12/31/2005 for next week. One of my all time favorite 3 hours of music ever. I recorded it live, and took the time to break the stream into individual tracks. It was that good
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:25am Rob:

Meghan, gracias. WFMU is a wonderful radio station.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:25am Elwyn:

Hello everyone!

Sometimes it feels like winter even though we are in the middle of summer over here.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:26am Meghan:

See, this is one of the reasons why I love Rex...... I was thinking of doing something like that for a New Year's Eve show
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:26am Meghan:

Good Evening Elwyn!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:27am Chuck:

Good day, Elwyn!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:27am Dave B:

*throws snowball at Elwyn*

For next week, is it the act of drinking, the state of mind of being drunk or the potions one drinks to get to that state?

(and yeah - Rex is the man)
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:28am Meghan:

Let's say all of the above, and I'll see what I get!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:29am procedura:

@Dave B
err, can you share that mix? maybe? please.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:29am Elwyn:

Dave, surprisingly, that didn't melt by the time it got here.

I've got to play some PS3 so I won't be able to comment much.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:29am Chuck:

Except that there was an incident when I first moved here. It was the State Police bashing on my door in the early hours! They were looking for the woman who lived next door...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:31am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Don't know how many of you are familiar with the college radio station KUSF out in San Francisco, but I'm upset that the powers that be out there did the DJ's and listeners wrong. The station has been on the FM dial for thirty years.
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:31am Meghan:

As long as you are listening Elwyn!

Procedura.... you have created monsters! Dave found all the Rambo Amadeus albums, which I am currently burning!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:32am Meghan:

Oh ALF.... I Know! It's crazy! I can't believe they kicked them off the air like that! It's been the talk of the station here. It's so sad. I hope they fight a good fight!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:32am Dave B:

You've GOT to play some PS3?

I knew a kid who once told me she HAD to quit doing acid.

I said WHAT?!?

And yes, thanks Procedura, Rambo Amadeus is wicked!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:33am Chuck:

Created? Not in this case. We're all monsters when it comes to music...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:35am Dave B:

@Procedura - I'll ask Meghan to send me your email address. Its over here if Real Audio suits you: http://www.wfmu.org/listen.ram?show=17567&archive=24777
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:35am procedura:

rambo is a rather nice, eco-friendly and very standup-ish
smart guy. glad you like his music, but his live shows are the real thing. During summer he somethimes plays at some of the Europe's jazz festivals (France, Switzerland...) so if you're near....
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:45am Meghan:

oops..... sorry about comments page disappearing!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:45am Dave B:

hee hee. All this wintery goodness musta froze it up!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:46am Chuck:

Weird. I was wondering if it was my machine...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:47am Dave B:

I've temporarily run out of space for music... 500GB drive / 2MB free.

  Thu. 1/20/11 6:48am Meghan:

That is why I bought a Terrabyte drive!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:48am Chuck:

Time to get a TB, DB. hehe...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:49am procedura:

@Dave B
mp3-track-breaked playlist would be better
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:51am Dave B:

heh... my NAS has about 6TB free, but the nice thing is I have my music backed up. I'll swap a few TB drives into the current library enclosure and carry on


@Procedura - will do! I have it somewhere...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:53am Dave B:

and thinking forward....


From one of my favorite films...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:53am procedura:

@Dave B
try: wetransfer.com
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:56am Chuck:

I stay away from the "hard" stuff, Dave. Beer only, and plenty of it!
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:56am Dave B:

I have a dropbox account I use as well as a sendthisfile account, so getting it to you will not be a problem...
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:57am Dave B:

I drink therefore I am
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:58am Chuck:

And there are other forms of chemical recreation....
  Thu. 1/20/11 6:59am Dave B:

@procedura - the only problem is digging it up. Be on the lookout before next week's show.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:08am Chuck:

Never to early for cheese...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:08am Dave B:

Will cheese freeze in winter?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:10am Meghan:

I hope cheese doesn't melt..... I am hoping for fondue!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:12am Chuck:

Fondue sets for Nabibia!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:14am Richard from Venezuela:

Good Morning Meghan and all the listeners.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:15am Richard from Venezuela:

Puscifer - The Mission (M is for Milla mix) . A request :)
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:16am Dave B:


I like raclette! - http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/uimages/kitchen/2008_10_02-Raclette2.jpg
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:18am Chuck:

So 70s, Dave!
Knew this one would make it in, Meghan...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:19am Meghan:

Buenas Dias Richard! is that request for the drinking theme?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:21am Richard from Venezuela:

hahahaha, no theme at all. My mistake.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:22am Meghan:

ah! so a request for the Monday no theme show!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:22am eric:

Morning! Arriving late to the comments! Appropriate show today as we are going to have snow all day today.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:23am Meghan:

morning Eric! No..... really? I thought it was coming tomorrow.... Though I don't want it then either! I got too much stuff to do!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:23am Richard from Venezuela:

Good for me Meghan. :)
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:23am jeff p:

Good morning everyone!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:24am Dave B:

Hey - I'm planning to go to Lake George this weekend... BRING IT ON!!!!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:24am eric:

Well, I'm in the Midwest - Cincinnati - so it's getting here a bit earlier!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:24am Meghan:

heh! Morning Rock 'em, Sock 'em!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:25am Meghan:

So our snow will be tomorrow then..... damn. stupid snow....
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:25am Richard from Venezuela:

Puscifer have a song called Polar Bear. Its good for the today's theme?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:26am jeff p:

@Dave B: why in the world would any one go to Lake George in January?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:29am Meghan:

good question Jeff......
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:30am Dave B:

Hey Jeff P.

My older brother lives in Bolton Landing, he has venison, and there's nothing like walking across the lake to Shelving Rock listening to the lake groan and pop....
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:30am Chuck:

Cross country skiing perhaps, Dave?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:31am Dave B:

Some X Country, some SnowShoeing, some Snow Mobiling.. I go there at least once a season...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:32am Chuck:

Ah! You just reminded me that I've got venison in the fridge myself, Dave.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:33am Chuck:

Must have been interesting, Meg!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:33am procedura:

devastations - we will never drink again
(for future show)
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:35am Chuck:

G'Kar is getting a bit "house happy". Keeping a cat entertained can be something of a trick...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:36am Elwyn:

I wouldn't be Australian if I didn't request "Pub with No Beer" for next week.

I also am keen for Guided by Voices' "How's My Drinking?" from the first GbV album I ever bought.

I'll post the rest on Facebook.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:37am Meghan:

Yeah, Max sat in every single window, along with knocking down everything in the process.....

Writing down those requests!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:38am Dave B:

ah... Fats.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:38am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan !
I was wondering, a challenge for the underwater theme park would be a totally free music archive related underwater theme park, non ?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:38am jeff p:

@Dave B: my wife's grandparents have a "cottage" on pilot knob so i'm at leas slightly familiar with the location
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:39am Chuck:

Winter is the time to sing the blues...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:40am jeff p:

@Meghan: http://www.jasonwebley.com/lyrics/drinking.html
I've got the cd if you need the tune
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:41am Meghan:

Bonjour Pierre! Do you mean to use the FMA for the show and nothing other? I could do that..... what theme?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:41am Meghan:

Jeff, send it on over!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:41am hh:

winters take nothing
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:43am Meghan:

HH, then you must be in a very northern place!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:44am Dave B:

@Jeff P - the fact that cottage is in quotes and its your grandparents in laws I can only imagine its quite sweet... I love winters up there.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:44am hh:

  Thu. 1/20/11 7:45am Chuck:

Good, Dave! Pop by and help me shovel snow! HA!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:45am Kevin:

theme: wacky singing voices.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:46am jeff p:

song sent, meghan. lemmie know when you get it
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:46am Meghan:

oh there is an idea Kevin!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:48am Kevin:

I think both connie francis and felice taylor would fit well in that...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:50am Dave B:

@Kevin : Ondar - Back TUVA Future

  Thu. 1/20/11 7:51am pierre:

yes that's what i meant, i'm still looking for themes. Maybe something related to free stuff, or all the songs that are about being free, or songs that are about archives, i don't know, i'm still searching... I'll try to post it on you on FB.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:53am pierre:

The Pogues would be a good way to start research for the next theme. Don't you think ?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:53am Dave B:

Peter Hinnen - The Yodeling Swiss Cowboy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PfXjC2Paak
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:53am Meghan:

Sounds good! I like the idea of free.... that is a good theme.....

Jeff and Procedura.... got both your requests!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:53am Meghan:

There can't be a drinking show without the Pogues!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:53am annie:

great show this morning meghan! been listening. really
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:54am Elwyn:

@Pierre: I heard that Pogue fans drank out all the beer at the pub/venue Selina's when they played in Sydney a few years ago. :-)
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:54am Chuck:

I think this is Leonard's debut on UTP. Yes, Meghan?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:55am Meghan:

Good Morning Annie! I knew you were.....;)
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:55am Meghan:

I think you may be right Chuck..... which is odd if you think about it....
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:55am Dave B:

@ Elwyn - they need the auxiliary inflatable pub for situations like that!

  Thu. 1/20/11 7:56am Chuck:

"A Pub with No Beer", Elwyn! Hehe...
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:57am Parq:

Ah, thanks for playing this sweet old Dylan waltz. The whole New Morning album is way under-rated.
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:57am pierre:

@ Elwyn: i wish i could have been there. Between the band and the audience, that would have lasted, i don't know, 30 minutes, 20, 15 maybe ; )
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:58am PKNY:

Thanks for playing some Gil this morning, my day is already brighter!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:58am Chuck:

But, if it has no beer can you really still call it a pub?
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:58am Meghan:

Good morning Parq and PKNY!
  Thu. 1/20/11 7:59am Meghan:

Chuck.... that song was dedicated to the pub after the Pogues show....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:02am Chuck:

You'd think they would triple stock on beverages for a Pouges show. Shouldn't they?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:03am easy:

sax solo alert!!!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:03am Dave B:

You'd think they'd be sponsored by Guinness and Joseph Powers
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:05am Dave B:

Get this album, if only for Nina Whett doing "Drink Beer and F*ck"

  Thu. 1/20/11 8:05am Meghan:

I bet the person that had the venue had no clue who the Pogues were..... Elwyn, what is the beer that is made by Guinness, but isn't it called?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:06am Chuck:

Isn't that Harp, Meghan?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:07am Meghan:

Ha! nope... it was the only thing I was drinking in Australia because I am not a fan of lager.....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:08am Dave B:

  Thu. 1/20/11 8:08am Chuck:

Now everyone's got me thinking that I should get back into homebrewing...
Guiness is an ale though, Meg...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:10am Dave B:

Hey - just noticed... how come the current song isn't displaying at the top of the playlist?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:11am Meghan:

An ale is not a lager..... and i think it was St. James Gate..... Elwyn, stop playing your PS3 and answer this for me!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:14am easy:

haha, filed under "fine art"
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:15am Chuck:

Who's conscious?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:17am Dave B:

did a quick youtube search, need eye bleach now....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:18am Andy in Berlin:

I'm conscious. Also really late. Hi Everybody!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:18am Chuck:

I know the difference, Meghan. Hum, I think I will have to get my homebrewing stuff out now... Perhaps an Alt beer for starters...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:19am Meghan:

ha! is it on there Dave?! Glad you could make it Andy.... better late than never!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:20am Andy in Berlin:

@ Chuck - I ordered an Alt beer in Cologne once and it was one of those moments where suddenly the entire place goes silent and you realize everyone is staring at you.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:21am Meghan:

hahaha..... like the record scratching to a halt. too funny
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:22am Chuck:

Ha! Evidently you broke some kind of protocol, Andy! I could go with a pilsner also...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:22am Andy in Berlin:

Not in Cologne
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:24am Chuck:

Trying to remember the name of the local brew when I was in Germany back in '79-'81... Hum.....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:24am Dave B:

There's a rivalry between Dusseldorf and Cologne - Altbier vs Kolsch... maybe that had something to do with it?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:25am Dave B:

What region Chuck?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:25am Andy in Berlin:

@Dave - Uhhh, yeah...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:27am Chuck:

Central, Dave. I was stationed in Friedburg which is about 30 KM north of Frankfurt. Elvis was stationed there in the '50s!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:27am Andy in Berlin:

Actually the thing about Kolsch, you don't order it, they just keep coming with it, like the milkman with these racks of glasses. The only way to stop it is to put your coaster over your empty glass. And even then...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:29am Andy in Berlin:

Meghan I hope this is leading up to Ice T and Jello here
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:30am Meghan:

That was last week silly......
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:30am Kath:

AK! Up late; slept late...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:31am Meghan:

Morning Kath!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:31am Chuck:

Morning, Kath! I slept through last weeks show myself....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:31am Kath:

I see a couple of my picks in the first set!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:32am Andy in Berlin:

@Meghan - sorry I meant Disposable Heros of Hiphopracy. Too much talk about beer too early in the day
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:32am Dave B:

  Thu. 1/20/11 8:33am Chuck:

What!?!? It's never too early for BEER! hehe...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:34am Meghan:

I looked for that.... I couldn't find it!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:34am Dave B:

It's Beer:34 here on the east coast
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:35am Andy in Berlin:

@ Meghen - Yipe! Love the DHH!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:36am Meghan:

I know.... I was really frustrated when I couldn't find it....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:36am jeff p:

It's 5:30 somewhere... you're already two drinks behind.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:37am Andy in Berlin:

It's probably too late but, one Disposable Heroes coming up:
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:38am Andy in Berlin:

@ Jeff - its always 5:30 somewhere
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:39am Dave B:

How did those last two fit in? What word = winter...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:39am Chuck:

Why bother looking at the clock? When it's time to start drinking, it's just time....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:40am Andy in Berlin:

@ Chuck - excuse me I have to run to the fridge for a minute
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:40am Meghan:

Sheta is winter..... and Zimni is too....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:41am Chuck:

Good question, DB!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:42am Dave B:

TY Meghan! Ethiopian and what was the other language?

@everyone - if one were to continually drink, i mean non-stop, would they ever get a hangover?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:43am Meghan:

Czech and Arabic
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:43am procedura:

polish, i suppose
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:43am Chuck:

Probably. It's the having to sleep factor that brings that into play...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:44am Dave B:

Sleep is over rated....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:45am Andy in Berlin:

I beg to differ sir
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:46am Chuck:

Drink, nap. Drink, nap, etc......
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:46am procedura:

me too
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:47am Kath:

Oh Boy; love this neil song. I think the version I have is a tad slower than this one.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:48am postmanpaul:

A veritable pot-pourrei of winter warmers Meghan!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:49am Kath:

Dave, the answer to your question is 'no'. Untill the last drink.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:49am CheriPi:

Oh hell yes-Haircut 100?!!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:49am CheriPi:

Oh-snap it's Aztec Camera!!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:50am Meghan:

always trying to give you all a nice wintery mix..... just like what we have been getting here outside.....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:51am Dave B:

NERD NEWS: reclaimed about 4GB of space. iTunes ALT+FILE > SHOW EXACT DUPLICATES...

I noticed that if you "Add To Library" a folder that has both the .MP3/M4A files and any .M3U playlist it'll double down on import
And so, the clean up begins...
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:51am Andy in Berlin:

It started snowing out here a few minutes ago. But then it stopped.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:52am Kath:

So that was the Pixies. I gotta go withthe Neil version, but that one was pretty cute; too perky for me tho.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:52am procedura:

rain, dark clouds, cold and despair here in belgrade
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:53am Meghan:

Yes.... I have had to do that clean up many times Dave.... have fun with that......
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:53am Chuck:

Yeah, I should do that, Dave. Far too many dupes in my archive....
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:53am glenn:

i just had the same issue dave b, but i couldn't delete the dupe file.
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:54am eric:

I love the Popguns!!!
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:55am Dave B:

WHEE! I don't mind having dupes where Original Release vs Greatest Hits/Comp, but multiple copies from the same release drives me nuts...

@Glenn - if on Mac, check / fix permissions
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:56am glenn:

there's a download /www.woodenbrain.com/products/idupe/idupe.html
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:57am glenn:

is that in preferences?
  Thu. 1/20/11 8:58am Dave B:

Disk Utilities
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