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Professor Dum Dum, scientist of music, performs experiments in music and human behaviour. Living, breathing volunteers subject themselves to his verbal vivisection, helping all to understand what laymen call "absurdity." (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 22, 2010: Fill-in for Ken

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Artist Track Album Label
Esoteric  Circle   Options The Maniacal Vale  Season of Mist 
Coph Nia  Hymn to Lucifer   Options The Dark Illuminati  Cold Meat Industry 
Theater of Tragedy  Der Spiegel   Options A Rose for The Dead  Swanlake 
Atrox  Translunaria   Options Terrestrials  Season of Mist 
Elend  Chaomphalos   Options Sunwar the Dead  Prophesy Productions 
Melancholy Pessimism  Brisket   Options Inconsistent World  Epidemic 
Sophia  Spite   Options Spite  Cold Meat Industry 
After Forever  Inimical Chimera   Options Prison of Desire  Transmission 
Cocteau Twins  An Elan   Options Lullabies to Violaine  4AD 
Midnattsol  Skogens Lengsel   Options Nordlys  Napalm Records 
Therion  Wagner's Notung   Options The Miskolic Experiment  Nuclear Blast 
U2  Disappearing Act   Options Unforgettable Fire (remastered w/bonus CD)  Boogerlicious 
Eisregen  Deutchland in Flammen   Options Laechm  Last Episode 
Especially Likely Sloth  It's Not Rocket Surgery   Options   Vendlus 
Void of Silence  The Grave of Civilization   Options The Grave of Civilization  Code666 
Within Temptation  The Truth Beneath the Rose   Options THe Heart of Everything  GUN 
Coph Nia  Sympathy for the Devil   Options The Dark Illuminati  Cold Meat Industry 
Evensong  Mysterium   Options Mysterium  Disorder 
Angizia  Szenischer Monolog   Options Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter  Napalm Records 
Therion  The Shells Are Open   Options Sitra Ahka  Nuclear Blast 
Bethlehem  Die Anarchische Defreiung Der Augenzenreligion   Options Dictius Te Necare  Redsream 
Draconian  It Grieves My Heart   Options Where Lovers Mourn  Napalm Records 
Cocteau Twins  Mizake the Mizan   Options E.P.  4AD 
Mercyful Fate  Satan's Fall   Options Melissa  Roadrunner 
Arcona  Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov   Options Goi Rode Goi  Napalm Records 
Candlemass  Solitude   Options 12" version with Messiah Marcolin singing  Black Dragon 
Septic Flesh  Narcissism   Options Ezontpon  Holy Records 
Oktor  The Organium   Options Entering the Leviathan: A Tribute to Skepticism  Foreshadow 
Elend  Du Trefonds Des Tenebres   Options Umbersun  Orphika 
My Dying Bride  The Bitterness And the Bereavement   Options As the Flower Withers  Peaceville 
Esoteric  Circle   Options The Maniacal Vale  Season of Mist 

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/22/10 9:08am annie:

is this the krampus show?
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:08am Lizardner Dave:

And here I thought this was Ken's Krampus spectacular.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:11am tsrt:

season's greetings
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:13am Vicki:

Dum Dum IS Krampus!
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:18am Cecile:

I just emailed Ken to ask him if Dum Dum was doing his show...
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:19am Vicki:

Well he obviously is, since this is Dum Dum's show :)
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:20am Cecile:

Yes, Vicki, but this was about five minutes before the comments page came up.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:22am Cecile:

be quiet, Prof.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:25am still b/p:

This is the brain crampus spectacular.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:28am Cecile:

I am taking some brain midol and heading off. Unhappy holidays, Prof.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:31am tsrt:

brain candy canings
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:33am BSI:

all good.
and Kenny G at 3pm..... I may just die happily cavorting in a rainbow vortex of broken teeth!
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:39am Vicki:

this is excellent
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:43am lee:

keeps the Blackmas spirit bright
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:45am Vicki:

we ain't all Americans
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:46am SharksInNorthJersey:

Love the show!
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:48am Empress of Secrets:

I'd prefer Santa Klaus Kinski to be the one granting my anti-kristmas wish.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:50am Santa Klaus Wunderlich:

Ich liebe Wagner
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:53am still b/p:

Santa Klaus Kinski has a bag full of tantrums to deliver.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:53am AnAnonymouseParty:

Is Prof Dum Dum European? He has a vaguely European accent.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:57am lee:

In the beginning, there was Bill Zebub.
  Wed. 12/22/10 9:59am BSI:

mount pope?
isn't there a law or something?
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:22am Jojo:

I am not of your world
But fear me not
I will do you no harm

Loan me your funky mind, and I shall play with it
For nothing is good, unless you play with it
And all that is good is nasty!
Fly on, baby
{mumbling..some orange haze, orange haze, it ain't purple now more...cough}

Lalalala, ladada

What is soul?
I don't know, huh!
Soul is a hamhock in your cornflakes, yeah

What is soul? (hehhehheh)
I don't know
Soul, soul is the ring around your bathtub

What is soul?
I don't know
Huh, uh
Soul is a joint rolled in toilet paper

Lalalala, ladada
Lalalala, ladada (ah, ah)
Lalalala, ladada

Boo, boo, boo, bom, bom, bom {etc}

What is soul
Man, I don't know, huh
Soul is rusty ankles and ashy kneecaps (oh yeah)

What is soul
Man, I don't know
Soul is chitlins foo yung (Chop chop...oh, tell 'em, brother!)

What is soul
Man, I told ya, I don't know
Soul is a hamhock in your cornflakes
Oh, get on down now!

Lalalala, ladada

Boo, bom, boo, bom, {etc}
Oh yeah

Soul, soul, soul

Lalalala, ladada (ah, ah)
Lalalala, ladada

Lalalala, ladada (ah, ah, ah)
Lalalala, ladada (whoa)
Lalalala, ladada
Lalalala, ladada (yeah)
Lalalala, ladada (whoa-oh)
Lalalala, ladada (hehhehheh, cough)
A joint rolled in toilet paper
Heh heh heh
Oh yeah, right on
Yeah, yeah
Soul is you
Soul is you, baby (hey Calvin, it's the same damn thing)
Soul is you, big mama
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:31am Detroit Mac:

Oh - In a manger he lay,
With a slashing whip,
his skin we did flay,
Holy Blood spilled on the stable hay.

The Asses & Donkeys and Shepherds sang in re-joying verse,
over the song of the blessed infant's screamed coursed.

The thee kings arrived to late,
Jesus, too early, met his fate.
Dead in the manger,
our souls lost,
no longer saved,
by that guy on the Cross.
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:37am quoting djj:

'manger danger, that is'
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:51am The Empress Of Secrets:

Bring me the blood of the newborn child!
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:51am PKNY:

KING MF DIAMOND! \m/(>.<)\m/
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:52am MD:

THE 1000 YEAR EMPIRE IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 12/22/10 10:56am MD:

  Wed. 12/22/10 11:00am Another DS:

Would you play Pantagruel's Nativity by Gentle Giant
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:03am AnAnonymousParty:

Metal heads are like Marines.
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:06am ted:

Go Pam!
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:09am ted:

Twas the night before Beltane and all through Tintagle
One could hear Gorlois grumbling; relations were fragile
Morgause was complaining for she hated to spin,
And she dreamed of the day when some king’s heart she’d win.

Igraine was conflicted for she was by Christians married
While Morgause taunted Morgaine calling her born of the fairies.
Castle windows were shuttered to keep cold winds out
The army was stationed to ward off Saxon louts

When out in the courtyard one could hear the inquisitors
For it seems in the night had come two pagan visitors
Viviane and the Merlin as heralds came to bring
News that Igraine would bear the newborn king.

Igraine thought the news could have been delivered smoother
Till she realized the new king’s Daddy was Uther.
Uther marched with his knights carrying flask and flagon
And he slew Gorlois, did this man called Pendragon.

So Igraine and Uther wed or should I say were hand fasted
And thank Goddess for we can’t have a king who’s a bastard.
So came to be Arthur who couldn’t stay on a horse
So he was sent away to study old ways of course

Viviane took Morgaine in the still of the night
To the Avalon Isle for to study the sight
It was there on the Tor where her cousin she met
The handsome and tall but confused Lancelet

They two chatted away and almost they kissed
Till they heard some waif crying off in the mist
And who was this whiner whom their moment did mar
It was the Leodegranz daughter, the fair Gwenhwyfar.

She had strayed from the path and she shook like a kitten
But one look in her eyes and young Lance, he was smitten.
Now in a happy story he would just date her
But this is Avalon and we’ll get back to that later.

So for years Arthur studied until Merlin’s kind hand
So the ways of the Druid world he’d understand.
And now as a young man when summer solstice came
It was time for Arthur’s first taste of Beltane.

Please cover the kiddies' ears for there’s no way I can blunt this--
The Once and Future King shagged the Virgin Huntress!
Now this should be no problem for an eligible young mister
But it seems Arthur’d lain with his own older sister.

So Gwydion was born from the rites of this feast
And father Columba would have called him a beast.
So Morgaine sent him off to Morgause to be reared
For the wrath of the Christians was something she feared.
Morgause though the years had done by herself well.
Lot of Orkney she married and being Queen she thought swell.
But she lusted for more for High Queen was real power
So she popped out male babies and plotted hour by hour.

She schooled the young men both her own and her foster
Her ambition was ravenous and it never lost her.
While in Camelot there was peace but just maybe
There were troubles a-brewing for there was no baby.

And so once again ‘round came the summer Beltane
When every young lion wants to show off his mane.
Arthur, Lance, and his knights they drank in a free way
And later that night ended up in a three-way.

Even this produced no baby - only possible scandal
And the guilt of this tryst was more than sweet Gwen could handle.
She came under the influence of Bishop Patricius
Whose views Arthur and Merlin thought at best were just specious.

With apparently no heir and a kingdom to run,
Arthur mused to himself being king isn’t fun.
So he tried everything, even changing his banner
But all was for naught - no young prince for the manor.

Then Viviane and Merlin (remember those two?)
Trundled way up to Orkney to see what they could do.
They revealed to young Gwydion that his father was Art
Causing he and Morgause to hatch the ultimate plot.
With her hunger for power being most avaricious
She and Gwydion set a trap that was evil and vicious.
So stepped into the trap Gwen and Lancelet
Proving that one’s clothes one should never forget.

Thus shrouded in shame they fled into the night
Leaving Arthur without his best friend for the fight.
For the Saxon advances put them right at the door
And with knights out Grail hunting chance of victory was poor.

Gawaine was now dead at Lancelet’s hand
And Balin was banished from Arthur’s great land
For he’d slain Viviane who’d shown mercy to Priscilla
But in his twisted mind he thought she really did kill her.

So it was Arthur and Gwydion left to protect the realm
But Gwydion secretly wanted to be at the helm
And as Gwydion quested Arthur’s power to smother
With swords they advanced only to kill each other.

Now Morgause was forlorn for she never would tower
As the High Queen who yields the ultimate power.
And so she slunk of through the mists and the muck
Crying Happy Beltane to all and to all a good ...........
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:10am ted:

Go Pam!
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:17am PKNY:

First King Diamond, now Candlemass! You are keeping it real, indeed.
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:31am dd:

A sparkling Shade of Hate embraced the whole horizon
A shadow of horror is risen
The Sun is bent
Consumed with deepest sins
Terror rains from the skies
Above your visions, a circumradiant Sun
And in your eyes, vibrant with echoes
A deafening and never-ending commotion
The path of the angel is a firmament of tears
Fawn blazes of fury from the first eye of god
Moloch, Chamos, Baalim, Astarte
In inferno reigned the enchanters of pain
We write the scriptures of moans
He who hath loved through death and life inverted
Hell was not so dark a labrynth to hide his face
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:40am amiad:

The professor?Is it back?
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:51am ifny:

my kind of xmas music.
  Wed. 12/22/10 11:59am Shortest Verse in the Bible:

Jesus wept.
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