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Options July 1, 2010: More Buzzing from Flies....

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Chubby Checker  The Fly   Options   0:00:00 ()
Ogden Nash  The Fly   Options The Fanciful World of Ogden Nash  0:03:09 ()
Cosmic Dealer  The Fly   Options Crystallization  0:03:34 ()
Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians  The Fly   Options Fegmania!  0:06:23 ()
Wire  I am the Fly   Options On Returning (1977-1979)  0:09:52 ()
Ivor Cutler  Flies   Options A Flat Man  0:12:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:14:15 ()
Fad Gadget  King of the Flies   Options The Best of Fad Gadget  0:17:25 ()
The NIce  Flower King of Flies   Options Here Come the Nice: The Immediate Anthology 3 CD Set  0:20:12 ()
Thsitshka Dritshka  King of Bloody Flies   Options Novaya Scena - Underground from Ukraine!  0:23:17 ()
The Hamsters  Clouds of Flies   Options Messthetics #106- The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982 (V/A)  0:24:27 ()
Modest Mouse  Fly Trapped in a Jar   Options We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank  0:29:02 ()
Beck  Lazy Flies   Options Mutations  0:33:27 ()
Van Halen  Spanish Fly   Options Van Halen II  0:37:05 ()
Luke Wills' Rhythm Busters  The Fly in My Ointment   Options Best of Luke Wills' Rhythm Busters  0:38:08 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:41:49 ()
The Horseflies  Human Fly   Options Human Fly  0:43:58 ()
The Cramps  Human Fly   Options Bad Music for Bad People  0:49:28 ()
Nouvelle Vague  Human Fly   Options Bande a Part  0:51:36 ()
Jello Biafra & the Melvins  Halo of Flies   Options Sieg Howdy!  0:54:28 ()
Alice Cooper  Halo of Flies   Options Killer  1:02:07 ()
Music behind DJ:
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass 
Spanish Flea   Options   1:10:25 ()
Dakotas  The Spider and the Fly   Options Rubble 01 (Psychedelic Snarl)  1:15:24 ()
Fats Waller  The Spider and the Fly   Options A Good Man i s Hard to Find  1:17:59 ()
Rolling stones  The Spider and the Fly   Options Out of Our Heads  1:20:59 ()
Monocles  Spider & the Fly   Options Pebbles Vol 3- Acid  1:24:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:26:56 ()
Billy Jones  I Know where the Flies Go   Options Yanks in Montreal  1:32:33 ()
Southern Culture On the Skids  The Fly that Rode from Buffalo   Options Ditch Diggin'  1:34:49 ()
Gods  Sticking Wings on Flies   Options To Samuel a Son  1:37:31 ()
Music Machine  The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly   Options Beyond the Garage  1:40:17 ()
Misfits  Return of the Fly   Options The Collection II  1:42:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:44:46 ()
Ferenc Rofusz  The Fly (audio from short film)   Options Va, Fly on the Wall  1:52:49 ()
D.D.T. and the Repellents  The Fly Swatter   Options Weirdsville!  1:55:04 ()
Hank Williams  Fly Trouble   Options The Complete Hank Williams  1:57:00 ()
Louis Prima  A Flea and a Fly in a Flue   Options Just a Gigolo  1:59:41 ()
Fu Manchu  Squash That Fly   Options California Crossing  2:02:17 ()
Brian Brian  Too Many Flies   Options City Gardens, Trenton, NJ 02/05/83  2:05:28 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:08:42 ()
AC/DC  Fly on the Wall   Options Fly on the Wall  2:11:33 ()
XTC  Fly on the Wall   Options English Settlement  2:15:08 ()
The Jesus and Mary Chain  On the Wall   Options Darklands  2:18:54 ()
Depeche Mode  Fly on the Windscreen   Options Black Celebration  2:23:02 ()
Genesis  Fly on a Windshield   Options The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway  2:28:22 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:32:55 ()
Wolfgang Press  Fire-Fly   Options Standing Up Straight  2:35:28 ()
Magnetic Fields  100.000 Firelies   Options Rough Trade Shops Indiepop 1 Disc 2  2:39:26 ()
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  Firefly Child   Options Now I Got Worry  2:42:41 ()
The Cramps  Daisys Up Your Butterfly   Options Stay Sick!  2:46:13 ()
Pavement  Beautiful as a Butterfly   Options Pavement-Brighten the Corners: Nicene Creedence Ed.  2:48:47 ()
Zero  Sounds of Nature. Flies   Options   2:52:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 7/1/10 6:01am Chuck:

Morning! Got my swatter handy....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:02am Elwyn:


Happy Canada Day folks! I've been listening to Neil Young's "Trans" all day to celebrate.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:02am Meghan:

hehe.... morning Chuck!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:03am Meghan:

wow! twice in a row Elwyn! starting early!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:03am Thanley:

  Thu. 7/1/10 6:04am Chuck:

Good day, Elwyn! Whatever time of day it is there....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:05am robert:

And happy Return to the Mainland Day from Hong Kong.
How about those Flywatter/Icewater Blues for a hot day?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:05am Elwyn:

Hey Chuck!
It's 8 pm. I normally go to Bible study but I've been having an existential crisis for the last few weeks. You know.

Good morning!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:06am Meghan:

Morning Thanley and Robert!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:07am annie:

good morning !!!!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:07am kath:

"Am I becoming a hundred-and-eighty-five-pound fly? No, I'm becoming something that never existed before. I'm becoming... Brundlefly. Don't you think that's worth a Nobel Prize or two? "
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:08am Chuck:

Hey, when did this Hitchcock album come out, Meg? Don't think I've ever heard of of it.....

Morning all!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:09am Meghan:

Wow, everyone checking in! Good morning kath and Annie!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:09am Elwyn:

Awesome movie. I'm still amazed that Geena Davis' character had sex with anyone who looked like Jeff Goldblum!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:09am Chuck:

We might run out of fruit cups!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:10am kath:

My new summer schedule only allows me to stay until about 8:40 so I wanted to get on early.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:11am Meghan:

awwww... well, I hope you get to hear your requests!

Chuck, it came out in 1985
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:12am Chuck:

Ah, so it predates "Queen Elvis"... Got it....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:12am Elwyn:

The flies will try to steal our fruit cups!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:12am kath:

@Elwyn: Not a bad idea! (haha). I even watch that wretched Law and Order series just for my Jeff fix. But the best Jeff is Mr. Frost. Rent it!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:12am Dave B:

i'm just a fly on the wall
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:13am Chuck:

What's the buzz, Dave!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:13am kath:

@DB, I was gonna say that, but I thought you'd have beat me to it!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:15am annie:

were you able to find a soundbyte from the movie?

"heelp meee!!"
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:17am Chuck:

No, not that Annie! That always creeped me out even as a kid...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:18am Elwyn:

It was a pretty creepy movie... but now I want to get it on Blu-Ray for the deleted scenes:
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:19am Dave B:

  Thu. 7/1/10 6:20am annie:

i watched it a few weeks ago with my adult brain, pointing out inconsistencies and such to myself, but yeah, it's a great movie.. had to regress to a gentler more innocent brain and it worked.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:23am Chuck:

Anybody got any antibiotics?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:24am Andy in Berlin:

Checking in for fruit cup. Have to wait for the archives to hear Ivor Cutler though! Phooh!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:25am Meghan:

Grrrr, forget that song.... it doesn't want to play....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:25am Elwyn:

How am I able to successfully eat dinner while watching YouTube clips of BrundleFly vomiting on human apendages?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:25am Dave B:

tell it to buzz of Meghan
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:26am Dave B:

of = off
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:27am Meghan:

ha! I figured as much.... must be a fly caught in the CD drive....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:27am Chuck:

Because you know it isn't real, Elwyn...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:28am Andy in Berlin:

Didn't we have this discussion here about the origin of the expression about something having a bug in it?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:28am Dave B:

I just hope it isn't deerfly season on Lake George. Heading up later today...

Those little basterds are.. little basterds!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:29am Chuck:

Yes we did, Andy....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:32am Chuck:

Dave, you should swing through New Paltz on your way back! I'll buy ya a brew...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:32am Dave B:

Did we discuss why the closure on the front of one's trousers/pants is commonly called "the fly"?

(I likes me some modest mouse)
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:33am Dave B:

email me the deets Chuck! I need to get back on Monday @ 6pm for Faith No More in Brooklyn!

  Thu. 7/1/10 6:34am Meghan:

Dave you have a Bee in your Bonnet......
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:35am kath:

Diggin' this set Meg!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:36am Meghan:

Trying to mix it all up Kath! Keeping it fresh and new!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:36am kath:

@DB, you're not back till Monday? So no party on Saturday?? :(
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:38am Elwyn:

For the ladies out there:

Does anyone know what happens to flies in winter? Do they hibernate or fly north?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:38am kath:

Van halen to me is like Rush to some of you.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:38am Dave B:

Nope. You can still head out there Kath. Adult Sized Slip N Slide sounds fun, but I need to fall off the grid..
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:39am Chuck:

Just emailed you my cell #, Dave. Amazing that it's only 40 minutes into the show and the playlist has gotten quite long, Meghan!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:40am Meghan:

Falling off the grid sounds perfect.... I need to do that soon....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:41am kath:

Well Drat.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:41am Chuck:

Ooops! I'm supposed to go out to Long Island Monday!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:41am Dave B:

Thanks Chuck! The set's are operating at a gnats metabolizm

@Elwyn: http://tinyurl.com/2vcwnau
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:43am Dave B:

Chuck, maybe on the way up this afternoon if you're free. Plan on hitting the road around 1pm
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:43am Elwyn:

Aww Kath! I <3 =VH=
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:44am kath:

@Chuck - whatcah dooin on LI?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:45am Chuck:

I'll be around for sure today, Dave... I do have to get to Newburgh at some point today. 1PM should put you here around 2:45 or so...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:46am Dave B:

@kath - just go! You know the people now, and the scene and expectations, and they all loved the one kidlet.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:46am Maestroso:

Aw, I missed the Nice.
Really liked that Beck song...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:46am Elwyn:

@Dave: Thanks!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:46am Chuck:

Working, Kath! Always working. How far are you from Shirley on the south coast?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:47am Meghan:

Morning Maestroso! Glad you enjoyed the Beck song.... that whole album is so good
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:47am kath:

I dunno Dave - Wouldn't be good w/o you! If Adam wants to do Volleyball then I'll go. right now he's not even sure if he wants to go. That one time may have been a social fluke for him! He likes some of the people tho!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:47am Dave B:

and truth be told, I just supplied some songs - the only one I really requested I hope is coming up in the RAWK set!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:48am kath:

I just failed the math quiz!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:50am kath:

@Chuck, well then you must stop by or something! Shirly is right next to Bellport! One town to the east, so you have to pass me coming an going. I am right off the LIE or Sunrise. Mssg me on FB. Is this a work thing? Molds is it?
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:50am Dave B:

I am humbled. just freakin go!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:51am Dave B:

@Elwyn - hee hee. I love www,lmgtfy.com

Use it at work all the time.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:52am Chuck:

Yes, Kath a work trip. Just a small mold of a bust. Should take me about 6 hours... I'll get some contact info to ya!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:52am kath:

It's amazing the abundance of preoccupation withthe human fly idea. I wonder how much of it was actually generated by the Vincent Price fly having been a part of many youth's formation period.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:53am Elwyn:

RIP Lux Interior.
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:53am Chuck:

Actually, the human fly idea predates that film. It started as a circus thing I believe....
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:54am kath:

How is that (lmgtfy.com) different from the regular Google search? I just added it to Camino, will try...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:56am kath:

Sieg Howdy! hahhahaha!!!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:58am Dave B:

@ Kath - it's a nice passive aggressive way to answer lazy people...
At work I get people asking me all sorts of stupid questions, and I'll send them the results via LMGTFY
@Meghan - never heard this version. Pretty sweet, and I guess it'll have to do. Probably shorter than the original...
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:58am kath:

Well chuck, you and my husband can talk molds. He used to do a plastic for use in his phones. They made the mold. Now they are powder coated metal. But he has some 'moldy' experience!
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:59am Meghan:

Dave..... remember, it's a threefer and twofer set..... silly
  Thu. 7/1/10 6:59am Elwyn:

I'm lazy alright! Not as lazy as my housemates though. My idea of cooking goes beyond taking something out of the freezer and putting it in the microwave!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:01am robert:

How about that fly part of Zappa's Billy the Mountain with Studebaker Hawk and the flies?
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:02am Chuck:

Principles are the same, Kath.... Just different materials in my work...
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:02am kath:

Love this Jello tune!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:02am Dave B:

ah... sweet!

(no coffee in the house hold this am!)
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:03am Dave B:

..... that's more like it! Nothing like a little Alice in the AM!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:03am Chuck:

The Coop always does it right!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:06am Dave B:

Speaking of molds and Lifesize Operation, this looks yummy!

  Thu. 7/1/10 7:06am kath:

I had a AC phase in 5th and 6th grade! Go to Hell was my fav!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:08am Chuck:

Wonder if it's crunchy, Dave....
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:09am Meghan:

wow.... Jess would love that cake.... that is great! My Operation piece is going to be just the torso.... part of an exquisite corpse exhibit
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:09am Elwyn:

@Dave B: My sister bought a full human skeleton when she was studying medicine. It was creepy even though she keeps it in a box and I never open it.
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:15am Chuck:

Not from the fly's perspective, Meg!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:15am annie:

meghan, will it be a broad reference then to flags? does it have to be in the song title?
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:16am kath:

I have absolutely no flag songs in my itunes :(
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:16am Meghan:

Would like it to be in title, but if it is a good reference, that could work!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:17am Elwyn:

Please DON'T play the Ataris cover of "Boys of Summer" where they change the lyrics from "Dead Head sticker" to "Black Flag sticker".
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:18am Dave B:

Oh sweet Sausage! Just found me an emergency ration of some instant coffee.

It'll have to do!

The Patriotic Flag Waver - Dr. John

  Thu. 7/1/10 7:18am Chuck:

Dave, is the new cloud space fully operational? Flag tunes can be uploaded this weekend...
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:19am Chuck:

The Checkered Flag - Davie Allan and the Arrows!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:19am Dave B:

Yeah - upload speeds are still not the greatest, but slow is better than no.

(I'll send instructions out to the rest of the gang today)
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:20am robert:

Hendrick's Star Spangled Banner; Tom Wait's Hoist that Rag;
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:21am Dave B:

@Kath (and Meghan)

Wave That Flag (Live) - The Grateful Dead / From The Mars Hotel (Bonus Track)

*runs and ducks for cover*
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:22am Meghan:


Ohhhh Robert! Didn't even THINK of that as a flag song.... but you are right! That is my favorite Waits song...
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:23am Dave B:

And "Fly The Flag" by Stiff Little Fingers...
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:24am Elwyn:

@Dave: Oh Dave... do we look like a bunch of hippies at our desktops?
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:25am Chuck:

Aso-freakin-lutely, Dave!!!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:26am Chuck:

oops... That's supposed to be abso-freakin-lutely...
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:27am robert:


Not sure what my favorite Tom song is, but that's a good one.
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:27am annie:

serious!! this was at the top of my youtube search:
anti flag
american flag
american flag shirt
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:28am Dave B:

*passes Meghan a helium filled balloon
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:28am Pivi:

@annie: pédophile? how? why?
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:30am Dave B:

@Annie here's a little disambiguation:

  Thu. 7/1/10 7:33am annie:

pivi, i just have no idea!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:33am Pivi:

@Dave B: That just made my day better.. im still laughing here..
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:34am annie:

me too. thanks
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:35am Chuck:

Dave does have something of a knack for these things.... hehe....
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:38am Dave B:

hee hee!

An old favorite from British "humour" site www.b3ta.com
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:39am Elwyn:

@Meghan: Yikes! I haven't flown with QANTAS for ages but mainly because I'm been cheap and getting cheaper flights with one of the budget airlines, Virgin Blue.

Speaking of flies and flying, here's some news of the weird and grotesque:
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:41am Meghan:

  Thu. 7/1/10 7:42am Elwyn:

I hope they sue the passenger responsible.
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:44am annie:

i don't even have to follow that url, just reading it is enough
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:45am Thanley:

  Thu. 7/1/10 7:54am annie:

hey!! what about yoko's film "fly"?
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:54am angelicaw:

Morning for TX, love this, making working on my business law work less painful.
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:55am Meghan:

Morning Angelicaw! Glad you are enjoying the buzz!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:55am annie:

  Thu. 7/1/10 7:57am jeff p:

omfg, this show is like having a vuvuzela in the background... only more annoying... :-)
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:58am Meghan:

hush you Jeff!
  Thu. 7/1/10 7:59am Mike:

Nice station, nice music! From Russia with love.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:01am Meghan:

Hello Mike from Russia! Спасибо за прослушивание!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:01am Chuck:

Amazing. Didn't think you could follow Hank Williams with Louis Prima, but it works!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:05am Dave B:

@Jeff P - here's the proper use of the vuvuzela:

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:06am Thanley:

The above post made me think of Maggots by Gwar!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:07am Dave B:

@thanley - what DOESN'T make you think of Gwar.

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:07am Thanley:

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:08am kath:

Later dudes, have a great weekend everybody!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:08am Chuck:

I just can't think how the guys in Gwar are able to play in those crazy costumes.... Must be difficult....
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:08am Chuck:

Will be in touch, Kath!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:09am Thanley:

bbye kath
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:09am Dave B:


The kid will love it!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:10am Thanley:

fly,fly,fly agent starling.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:11am Chhh:

My cat is very good at catching flies.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:11am Chuck:

G'Kar takes care of some of the fly issues, Meghan... Get a cat!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:12am Dave B:

@Meghan - an old world chameleon...

And they look cool with those googly eyes...


Or a Gekko - and you might save a little on insurance...
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:13am Meghan:

I figured reptiles.... but didn't think of CATS! I know Bosco tries to eat them, just no very good at catching them.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:13am Chuck:

A Venus flytrap is a more passive option....
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:16am Dave B:

Or Popeye...

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:17am annie:

my little maggie cat used to sit in the window and munch on the dead flies as if she were sitting at table.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:17am annie:

wait! and there was a betty boop cartoon too chasing a fly..
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:17am yad in NVA:

Hang clear plastic bags filled with water by the doors and windows and flys will not go near them. A local BBQ joint in Ashburn, VA (Carolina Brother at Pratlow's) does that and it seem to work.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:18am angelicaw:

Venus fly traps wouldn't really work to well... you have to feed them also. Mine died sadly.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:19am Mike:

Here is another song in your flies collection, the russian one - "The nature sounds.Flies"
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:19am annie:

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:21am Dave B:

@ Annie - the Fleischer Brothers are the best!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:21am jeff p:

Yea for The Chain!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:22am Chuck:

The play list is huge today, Meg! Are all these songs only 2 minutes long?
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:22am Thanley:

dave, how did you like the jello biafra cd?
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:22am annie:

dave, i watched them over and over.. morning cartoons just ain't the same... and i miss the little rascals too
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:26am Meghan:

They aren't that short today.... but I do feel like I have played a lot! Hell, that set of threefer/twofers... that was a long one!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:27am Dave B:

@Annie - I have a box set of early Popeye shorts, and I think the entire collection of Rascals too. Nothing like the classics

@thanley - good stuff! Thanks for sharing!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:28am Dave B:

@Meghan - less jibbajabba means more spinning platters!

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:29am Meghan:

unless they all come crashing down!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:30am Maestroso:

Ah, I was thinking of this one!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:30am Chuck:

WOOHOO! Speaking of classics....
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:30am lex:

Chicks are everywhere, there are some on my windscreen, for a start...
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:32am Thanley:

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:33am Thanley:

One of my favorite old genesis tunes,thanks!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:36am Chuck:

G'Kar has been having a grand old time catching fireflies of late...
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:36am Thanley:

Off to work, good show today! see you all soon!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:37am Meghan:

have a good holiday weekend Thanley!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:38am annie:

dave i tried to hook my son up to the old cartoons.. he loved popeye but hated BB, and bullwinkle absolutely bored him
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:38am Meghan:

Bullwinkle boring?! no!!! I loved rocky!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:39am Dan:

Good morning, Meghan. Sorry I got to the park right before closing time.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:40am annie:

right, see??? but he just didn't get it.. maybe now.. he's 27 and might dig it.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:40am Meghan:

You can always ride the last rides before closing! As long as you made it!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:41am Dave B:

Bullwinkle is a little heady. Not sure if Jay Ward intended it for kids...
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:41am Meghan:

Just no fruit cup though.....
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:41am Thanley:

Thank you, you too!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:42am Dirty Old Man:

Hi Meghan, You may think I've gone missing, but I've been in the backround listening. What. no "News of the Wierd" about the girl who wouldn't harm a fly unless it was open?
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:42am annie:

no... watching it now.. wow.. all sorts of wonderful innuendo, but most of those cartoons were geared towards grown-ups anyway even bugs, but hey didn't we learn alot about the cold war, huh?
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:42am Dan:

Damn. I ONLY come for the fruit cup...and the music.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:44am Meghan:

I did NOTW earlier today.... around 7:30. Kid smoking at the age of 2 and Quantas reusing the utensils....
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:46am Chuck:

Yeah, Bullwinkle was certainly geared for the older set. Lots of subtle political humor....
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:49am angelicaw:

Bullwinkle was a lot of political undertones. Then again so did a lot of classic cartoons and shows. Watched Fraggle rock the other day, blew my mind.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:51am annie:

I LOVED FRAGGLE ROCK!!! and so glad my son did too.. a very special show
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:52am ole:

"Butterfiles, Drowned In Wine" by Smog, surely!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:53am angelicaw:

indeed it was. although the miners freaked me out, no pants yet it was obvious some were male and female... messed with my head as a child.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:54am Julie:

Happy Canada Day, eh
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:54am Meghan:

Anything by Jim Henson was pure brilliance
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:54am Meghan:

Happy Canaduh day Hoser!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:55am annie:

looong ago on the jimmy dean show, i saw the original rolf the dog
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:55am jim'm:

"Drunken Butterfly" by Sonic Youth?
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:56am βrian:

  Thu. 7/1/10 8:56am Mike:

@Meghan Oh! thank you!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:56am Dan:

Have a happy 4th of july weekend, Meghan.
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:57am βrian:

"Oh Cannabis, Our Home and ..."
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:57am Chuck:

Enjoy your holiday time everyone!
  Thu. 7/1/10 8:57am Dave B:

Have a good day folks! I'll call you later Chuck!
  Tue. 7/20/10 4:31pm Jeb:

Listening to, and enjoying, the podcast, and, coincidentally, my office is currently infested with fruit flies. Loved hearing Jello's version of my fave Alice Cooper group song, Halo of Flies.
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