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Options May 27, 2010: Ready for some Down Home BBQ! with special guest Dave B!

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Artist Track Album
Barbecue Bob  Barbecue Blues   Options Chocolate to the Bone 
Big Boy Teddy Edwards  Who Did You Give My Barbecue to?   Options Big Boy Teddy Edwards (1930-1936) 
Blind Roosevelt Graves  Barbecue Bust   Options Blind Roosevelt Graves (1929-1936) 
Lucille Bogan  Barbecue Bess   Options Shave Em Dry: The Best Of Lucille Bogan 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk    
Antonio Machin  A Barbacoa Me Voy   Options Las 50 Mejores Grabaciones De Antonio Machin Endiscophon 
RAF et les Titipimpans  Le Barbecue   Options Le Barbecue 
Pan  Dancing BBQ~ It is Barbecue Tonight   Options Digipan 
Shonen Knife  BBQ Party   Options Super Group 
the Aussie Bush Band  Aussie BBQ   Options Bush Songs From the Australian Outback 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore    
Rabbinical School Dropouts  Middle Eastern BBQ   Options Counterfeit Gelt 
The Bruce Katz Band  Jakalope Bar-B-Q   Options Mississippi Moan 
Big Joe and the Dynaflows  Smells Like Bar-B-Q   Options Black Top Instrumental Blues Dynamite! 
Out Hud  4th of July BBQ   Options 7 inch on 5RC 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach    
Stuffy and the Fuses  The Champagne Socialists Midterm BBQ Pt 1   Options Angels are Ace 
Motor Eye  Mosquito BBQ   Options Motor Eye 
Pepe Deluxe  Daddy's Blazin' BBQ   Options Beatitiude 
Robot Buckwheats  Barbeque Your Ass (in Molasses)   Options My Lord Honey 
The Hawaiian Beach Band  Beach Barbeque   Options Ukulele Passion 
Stuffy and the Fuses  The Champagne Socialists Midterm BBQ Pt 2   Options Angels are Ace 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk    
Johnny Horton  Smokey Joe's Barbeque   Options Country Legend 
Bela Fleck  Texas Barbeque   Options Bluegrass Mountain Style 
Trent Willmon  Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop, Laundromat   Options Trent Willmon 
Marcia Ball  Peace, Love & BBQ   Options Peace, Love & BBQ 
Travis Matte  Barbeque and Drink a Few   Options Dis Ain't Momma's Zodico 
  Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk    
Murphy's Law  Crucial Bar-B-Q   Options Murphy's Law 
Decay  Barbeque   Options Destiny 
Lousy  Barbecue Circlepit   Options Moments of Fame 
The Works  Beer & BBQ's   Options Best Served Rare 
Evan Johns & the H-Bombs  Bar-B-Cutie   Options Love is Murder 
Sam Black Church  Big Barbeque   Options Sam Black Church 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk    
Sneaky Pete  Bar-B-Q Barney   Options Sneakaholics Anonymous 
Steven Seagal  BBQ   Options Mojo Priest 
Eddie Murphy  The Barbecue   Options Greatest Comedy Hits 
  Bros BBQ...Tastes so Good    
Killer Kona Buds  Bar B Q Pigs   Options Smokin 
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore    
Jack McDuff  Hot Barbeque   Options The Prestige Years 
Rickey Woodard  Mr Barbeque   Options Pineapple Delight 
Wendy Rene  Bar-B-Q   Options Stax-Volt: The complete Singles 
The Soul Investigators  Midnight Bar-B-Q   Options Home Cooking 
Music behind DJ:
Keith Mansfield 
Beach Barbeque   Options KPM 1000 Series: Chorus and Orchestra 
Dance Hall Crashers  Skinhead BBQ   Options The Old Record 
Sparks  Barbecutie   Options Kimono my House 
Dr. Will  Voodoo Barbecue   Options Speak of the Devil 
RJ's Rhythm Rockers  I Love My Baby's BBQ   Options Live at the Menu 

Listener comments!

  Thu. 5/27/10 6:02am Chuck:

Morning! Stoke the grill!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:03am Meghan:

Morning Chuck!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:03am Dave B:

Get me some of that gasoline
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:06am Chuck:

Just don't get it on the food, Dave!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:06am Dave B:

No more math questions to post! Woo Hoo! Makes it easy at 6am!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:07am Chuck:

Really? I'm still getting them...
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:08am Dave B:

hmmm.. maybe its because I'm inside the fortress of solitude...
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:09am Meghan:

Maybe it's cause Dave is here.... cause I don't have them!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:10am Chuck:

Well, the arithmetic forces me awake... I'll live with it...
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:11am Meghan:

technical difficulties.... if you are feeling you heard this already, it's cause you have.....
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:12am Chuck:

Cool set Dave! Sounds like you've set up the grill outside a speak easy....
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:12am Dave B:

My fault on this set. Coffee, save me!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:13am Dave B:

nice and greasy speak easy! Thanks Chuck
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:15am Chuck:

Whew! I need to get my AC installed today... It's still over 80 degrees in here!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:21am Chuck:

I need a pina colada for this!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:21am Dave B:

ay caramba!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:21am Meghan:

well, with this heat, we all do!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:26am eric:

Morning! I'm ready for a weekend of BBQ! And perhaps a few beverages.
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:27am Chuck:

Yay! Morning, Eric! I was beginning to think I was the only one to make it to this shin-dig....
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:28am Meghan:

Mmmmm, beverages are a nice bonus.... I have yet to do my alcohol theme!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:28am Dave B:

Lipitor in hand! Bring on the meat!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:29am Chuck:

Slather the hell out of the ribs with tasty sauce, Dave!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:31am eric:

I'm cracking up! I didn't know there were this many shows with bbq in them. I can't wait to here the rest of the show.
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:32am eric:

I may have to just replay the show outside on Sunday at the grill!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:32am Dave B:

It's kinda nutty. There's a few ways to spell it but they're all delicious!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:33am Meghan:

Always good to replay it no matter!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:46am Chuck:

More kebabs please...
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:49am Dave B:

What, he don't eat meat?

OK - I'll make lamb.
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:55am Meghan:

Quiet out there.......
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:55am kath:

No fruit cup for me.... sorry, I overslept!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:56am Chuck:

Indeed... I wonder....
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:56am Meghan:

Morning Kath!
  Thu. 5/27/10 6:56am Chuck:

It's okay, Kath, we've got watermelon for later!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:03am Dave B:

Hey there Kath!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:04am Ken From Hyde Park:

Gosh, who knew there were so many barbecue songs?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:06am Dave B:

i sure didn't.
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:06am Meghan:

It is rather amazing isn't it?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:11am Chuck:

I just looked up "move" in my collection. About 200 songs. Does "movement" count, Meghan?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:12am Meghan:

I was going with Move or moving..... trying to avoid movement...
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:13am Dave B:

Pass the poi, please!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:15am Chuck:

Did I ever put up the "That'll Flat Git It" rockabilly collections for you guys? 15 volumes strong...
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:17am Meghan:

ummm no you didn't chuck! *cracks the whip*
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:17am Dave B:

good god that's a rockabilly goldmine!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:18am Chuck:

Think I'll just have to burn ya a disc and mail it. 15 volumes is a little too much for downloading. Let me know your new address.
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:25am Dave B:

yeee haw!

  Thu. 5/27/10 7:26am kath:

and in my search for BBQ I found a lot of picnic too.
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:29am Meghan:

Cheese set would have had Teddy Bear's Picnic.... hehe
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:31am Chuck:

Ooops! Miscount. There are 25 volumes of "That'll Flat Git It" in my collection. Can ya handle it?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:32am Meghan:

god damn chuck! that is crazy
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:32am Parq:

Hi Dave. Looks like it's been a pretty nifty show so far. I'm in for the second half. And howdy, Miss Homeowner.
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:33am kath:

Meg, I do have Teddy Bear's Picnic...Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. I can actually say, my mother used to sing it to me!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:33am Meghan:

hehe.... howdy Parq! Now if only I could MOVE IN! just for the AC alone!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:33am Meghan:

I think i have that version too Kath!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:37am Dave B:

Thanks Parq!

@kath & Meghan - that'd probably be as close to the dead as you can get here, hmm?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:38am Dave B:

And Kath - thanks for two of the songs in this set!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:39am Meghan:

HA! Yep, that is about as close to the Dead that I will get! Speaking of, I was tortured yesterday cause the restaurant I went to was playing the Dead the entire time. Luckily I was pulling songs for next week's show and listening to that instead!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:40am Parq:

I'm guessing there will be no postpunk-modern rock set today?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:40am Chuck:

Ah, a little cajun flavor! Tasty Dave!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:41am Dave B:

There is a hardcore punk set coming up
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:42am kath:

oohh, my zydeco offering!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:43am kath:

Oh, what was the second song; Bela Fleck?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:44am Dave B:

yes ma'am! Thanks for that one too!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:47am kath:

Aww Meg, the Dead are not so bad; I even listen to them now, didn't until a few years ago. I have always like Jerry tho and was smitten with Old and in the Way back in Jr. High! I would recommend Terrapin Station. It's may favorite and it's different from the rest of their typical stuff. (GD fans don't like it, so that's how you know it's good!) Give it a whirl, you'll see!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:47am PKNY:

1...2...Bar-B-Que! Thanks for playing Murphy's Law, it's bringing my seriously tired ass alive this morning
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:48am kath:

I found a lot of punky flavored BBQ songs in my search. It was too overwhelming pungent for me, so I tossed a few over the fence into Dave's yard.
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:50am eric:

This is just such a great show. Great work!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:51am Meghan:

Ummm, just like RU(bbi)SH, that is another one that I will never be converted over to..... it's pure torture!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:51am jeff p:

so what rush song are you going to play?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:51am jeff p:

@ Meghan: LOL
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:52am Meghan:

WOW, just the mention brings him on! hey there Jeff!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:52am Dave B:

Thanks eric.

Unlike Meghan who puts her show together weekly, I let this marinate for a few weeks.

@jeff p - try as I did, I couldn't find a single track that would fit..
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:52am jeff p:

It's as if I was summoned....
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:53am eric:

Hey, do you already have Movin' on Up from Primal Scream on the list for next week?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:53am Dave B:

By the powers of Rush!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:53am Meghan:

Oh I don't, but now I do! hehe.... thanks Eric
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:55am Ken From Hyde Park:

By the way, was the FM-broadcast show last week well received? I imagine some JM in the AM listeners wanted Nachum instead.
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:55am eric:

And when does the new schedule come out?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:56am Dave B:

@Ken - devout JM in the AM listeners were off the grid last week, answering to a higher authority
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:56am kath:

Unfortunately it is time for me to shove off. Thanks for the marinated treats this am Dave! Later Ya'll!!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:57am Meghan:

Not sure... didn't get any death threats or anything! ha! I am sure there were some JM people that bummed, but meh!
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:57am Dave B:

There's always a second helping in the archives. See ya Kath
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:58am eric:

Beer and BBQ! My favorite. Is it too early for one yet?
  Thu. 5/27/10 7:59am Meghan:

it's noon somewhere Eric!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:00am Dave B:

@eric - its happy hour somewhere!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:01am Dave B:

What's funny is Meghan and I are sitting here in the same room, typing away, and then laughing at the other's comments...
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:01am Dan:

Good morning Meghan. Good morning Dave.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:02am Meghan:

Morning Dan!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:02am Dave B:

Howdy Dan!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:04am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey what's up everybody!? Hope your Thursday is going well!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:09am Dave B:

Hey ALF - I'm having a whole lot of fun
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:09am Chuck:

What? There's all kinds of smoked cheese. Not quite BBQ, but close!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:09am Meghan:

Hey there ALF! Just starting up this Thursday, so let's hope it stays good
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:10am eric:

This has to be my song of the day so far! Even if it is cheese!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:11am Dave B:

  Thu. 5/27/10 8:12am Dave B:

nuthin wrong with cheese
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:12am Dan:

I think this song should be made required listening for all children in kindergarten.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:12am Chuck:

I can appreciate the sentiment of this song, goofy as it is!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:13am Dave B:

@Dan - use the Ludavico Treatment.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:13am jeff p:

a cheese plate? Thanks a lot, Dave B. Now ALL of Meghan's guests will be expected to bring foodstuffs when sitting in....
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:15am Meghan:

hehe... true... we have yet to do our measurement theme show Jeff......
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:15am Dan:

@Dave - Ha! Totally. Administered by Steve Seagal.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:17am Dave B:

Seagal for the win!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:19am eric:

Please replace previous favorite song BBQ Barney, with Bar B Q Pigs! Awesome.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:22am Chuck:

I wonder how these guys got through playing the song without completely busting up!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:23am postmanpaul:

our weather here in the UK denies us your beefy bbq song-title sub-culture megan...i guess we're merely teddy-bear picnic people in these parts!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:24am Shari:

Woke up super late... but that was awesome! What a cool rendition - and the playlist looks great - looking forward to the rest of it!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:25am Chuck:

I've GOT to send you a copy of "Stairway to Gillian's Island", Dave! Done to the tune of that Led Zep song.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:25am kath:

Poppin back in -- So, postman Paul, BBQ up some Kippers!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:27am jeff p:

Did you post the "Brazilian Wax" pic on Tumblr?
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:28am postmanpaul:

kippers, kath?! trout or sea bass if you please!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:30am Dave B:

Hey Shari!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:30am Brendan Murray:

Everybody eats when they come to my house!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:31am Meghan:

*giggles* That made my day Postmanpaul..... i am still giggling here over that.....
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:31am Dave B:

@Chuck - I loves me a good parody song!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:31am Andy in Berlin:

Hey just got in! Did someone save me a plate?
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:32am Dave B:

so'nuff Andy in Berlin!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:32am Meghan:

Hey Andy! You back in Berlin?
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:33am Andy in Berlin:

Yessiree! So gimme them ribs and point me in the direction of the lemonade!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:33am Meghan:

Everyone to Brendan's house for some tasty food!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:34am Chuck:

It's gettin' close to slicing watermelon time!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:35am Dave B:

I like to salt watermellon. People think its odd.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:35am Meghan:

I'll save us from the Watermelon Crawl Chuck.....
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:35am Andy in Berlin:

Hey where's that ol' potato salad?
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:36am Dave B:

Solid potato salad...
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:37am Chuck:

HA, Meg! Tim still teases about that one! NO FORKS OR SPOONS! Watermelon is best when you get your whole face into the action! Salt is allowed, Dave. My stepfather used to do that...
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:38am Meghan:

Wasn't there another horrible song about some guy having a bbq stain on his white shirt..... God that bad country music will haunt me....
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:38am Dave B:

I picked up that salting thing as a kid. I think my friends in Virginia turned me onto it. Brings out the deliciousness!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:39am Shari:

Totally diggin' this set DB - maybe we should celebrate your success w/ a.......... BBQ!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:42am Dave B:

I'm always up for BBQ!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:42am Chuck:

Please, Meg! Some of that crap will never leave my memory. Pat had it drilled into us.
I wish you could have done this show last Sunday for my 50th! it would have made so much fun!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:43am Elwyn:

Hey gang,

Mmm... early morning BBQ!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:43am postmanpaul:

megan, you're a barby doll for sure!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:44am Chuck:

There's Elwyn! Howdy!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:46am Dave B:

Hey Elwyn!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:46am Meghan:

awwww i missed your big 5-0! happy freaking birfday!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:47am Meghan:

just don't burn me postmanpaul..... my white skin can't take it!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:51am Chuck:

Tanx, Meg! I confess my neurons are still having difficulty wrapping around the concept...
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:51am jeff p:

Sparks! No wonder I liked the song!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:53am Elwyn:

Hey Chuck,
how ya doing?

Now I know the sound of Dave's evil voice!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:53am Dave B:

  Thu. 5/27/10 8:53am Parq:

Time to go soon. Great job, Dave, gonna have to cue up the first half of the show on the 'chives one of these days. Megan, good luck this weekend, and enjoy the summer settling in.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:54am Meghan:

will do Parq! Thanks
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:54am Dave B:

Thanks Parq! See ya next week!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:55am jeff p:

Good job, kids. I'll save this for the pig roast later this summer!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:55am Dave B:

@Elwyn - I'm actually wearing one of these:

  Thu. 5/27/10 8:55am Chuck:

Just fine thanks, Elwyn! You had some input on this theme didn't you? As I understand it you Aussie's are masters of the grill up!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:58am eric:

Awesome show guys! See you next week! FYI...I missed the math question the first time...
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:58am Parq:

Oh, and happy 50th, Chuck.
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:58am Chuck:

Thanks to all!
  Thu. 5/27/10 8:59am Dave B:

  Thu. 5/27/10 3:00pm Jeb:

Appropriate music for the BBQ pulled pork that I'm making for dinner tonight.
  Thu. 5/27/10 3:05pm Jeb:

Forgot to send you this suggestion so, sorry in advance:
Mojo Nixon's UFOs, Big Rigs, and BBQ
  Sat. 5/29/10 3:00am Dave B:

Jeb - That was in one set that got cut! Nothing wrong with Mojo...
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