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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options December 4, 2009

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Artist Track Album Year Comments
Les Baxter  Despair   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Les Baxter  Ecstasy   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Les Baxter  Hate   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Les Baxter  Lust   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Les Baxter  Terror   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Les Baxter  Jealousy   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Les Baxter  Joy   Options The Passions  1954  featuring Bas Sheva 
Yma Sumac  Sauma (Magic)   Options Legend of the Jivaro  1957   
Yma Sumac  Hampi (Medicine)   Options Legend of the Jivaro  1957   
Diamanda Galas  Deliver Me From Mine Enemies   Options Free Among the Dead  1989   
Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes  Poème Non Epique (Suite) — Concerto Alpin en 6 Mouvements   Options Le Rat Débile et L'Homme des Champs  1974   
Frederic Le Junter - Pierre Berthet  Troc'n'Broc   Options      
Bradford Reed  Motivational Music for Pedestrians   Options Live! At Home     
Doo Rag  2 1/2 Ft. Soul   Options What We Do     
Doo Rag  Old Car   Options Chuncked and Muddled     
Bob Log III  String Around a Stick   Options School Bus     
Bob Log III  All the Rockets Go Bang   Options School Bus     
Leprechaun Catering  Moonlight Refrigerator   Options Male Plumage     
Leprechaun Catering  Adult Carrot   Options Male Plumage     
The Dramatics  A Bird's Life   Options Garbage for Your Gut     
Feedtime  I Don't Wanna Go Out   Options Feedtime     
Feedtime  Dog   Options Suction     
Dog Faced Hermans  The Running Man   Options Mental Blocks for All Ages     
Ike Yard  NCR   Options Ike Yard     
Illitch  Peripherikredcommando   Options 10 Suicides     
Bernard Bonnier  Le Grinçant Mr. Smile   Options Cass-Tête     
Bernard Bonnier  Véro-la-Toto   Options Cass-Tête     
Heldon  Marie Virginie C.   Options Un Reve Sans Consequence Speciale     
This Heat  "Holisontal Hold" [live]   Options Outtakes and Rarites [bootleg]     
Metabolist  King Quack   Options Hansten Klork     

Listener comments!

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:09pm annie:

got wood-stacking music??
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:09pm jk:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:09pm Carmichael:

a is ok, Brycey Boy.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:10pm esch oder anarchie!:

les is mo
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:10pm a:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:11pm esch oder anarchie!:

b axt r
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:12pm H:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:13pm esch oder anarchie!:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:13pm Jeff from St.Paul:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:14pm H:

L + B = E
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:16pm esch oder anarchie!:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:17pm esch oder anarchie!:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:18pm Bob:

Putting a face to the growl is well worth it:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:19pm north guinea hills:

None of my Les Baxter albums are not nearly as cool as this!
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:19pm H:

L + B = E(D * H)
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:20pm perrin:

hola from berkeley. nice. what year?
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:20pm bryce:

i just stacked a duraflame rodina mat
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:21pm jgiles:

Bryce... I had no idea you could go so exotic... Thanks for the LesB
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:21pm H:

Yma Sumac can't be far away ...
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:23pm margana:

bas sheva = shave abs
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:23pm bryce:

perrin! 'round 54, i think??

oh yeah, yma would make sense... have a ton at home! not sure what's here...
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:23pm Jed:

I've shaven my head........and I can't get up!!!
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:24pm Jed:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:24pm Jed:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:24pm Jeff from St.Paul:

This is going well with the dusting of snow we have here - thunks bryce.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:25pm perrin:

she doesn't sound so much scared as ....
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:25pm Elton John:

Someone shaved by wife last night.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:26pm ?:

Ahem. "My" wife.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:27pm Jeff:

My lather was 30 years old today.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:27pm ?:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:27pm Cop:

It was a drive-by shaving, Ma'am.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:28pm H.G. Wells:

The Shave of Things to Come
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:29pm highway sign:

The life you shave may be your own.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:29pm stingy d:

yo i'm eddie merckx! less baxter more ovaltine please!
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:30pm bathroom sign:

The wife you shave may be your own.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:30pm isaac bas sheva singer:

cold lampin!
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:31pm Jed:

uh....Bryce? Shave my cat?
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:33pm shit pants:

bakin beef
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:33pm !:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:33pm H:

Yma, the obvious follow-up! Other-worldly.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:34pm Jeff from St.Paul:

To live and Shave in L.A.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:38pm perrin:

im big on the year thing. I know, I think too linearly. music is a chaotic continuum that flows backwards and forwards through the mists of time.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:40pm H:

This set is getting interesting. What next? Patty Waters? Linda Sharrock?
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:40pm stingy d:

stingy d
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:40pm Yorick the Hippie:

To share or shave not, that is the question.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:41pm annie:

Yorick can't type either. :)
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:41pm bryce:

perrin, NO NO NO i want a year on everything!!! it means a lot to me too!! the problem is.....i just always show up 5 minutes after i'm supposed to be on the air...empty-handed! :(

the other thing is...stingy d, right?
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:45pm stingy d:

dag bryce you really gettin up in that rectum right now. shit is off the hinges!
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:46pm ang:

Diamanda is the shit.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:47pm ?:

The Lennon album "Shaved Bass"
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:48pm annie:

look at this damn wood pile... no sense whatsoever.. bryce can you play like, uh.... bach?
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:49pm north guinea hills:

I don't get Diamanda Galas, but I think I just don't like her lyrics (which is weird, since I rarely notice lyrics). But I do enjoy her extended vocal techniques.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:51pm stingy d:

who wants to shave this needle with me?

stickstickstickstick... whoops
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:53pm stingy d:

stick. wood. where are you annie? thats a gimme.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:55pm bartelby:

the trouble with music like this is the difficulty in distinguishing it from my internal monologue
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:55pm Cecile:

holey schmoley, this comment board's busy today.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:56pm annie:

stingy, i'm in the sticks of delaware county; up northwest of roscoe. stacking wood today...
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:57pm stingy d:

  Fri. 12/4/09 12:58pm gumby:

I think Diamanda Galas is what Amanda's dreams sound like.
  Fri. 12/4/09 12:59pm Jimmo:

Awesome show Bryce - great party music. I've been inspired to get a Theremin by some of the earlier type stuff.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:00pm checkin my style:

return to zero!
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:01pm Annoying Station ID Monger:

Oops! XHD again! Hee hee.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:03pm stingy d:

yea man i'm payng attention to you
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:03pm H:


  Fri. 12/4/09 1:03pm bryce:


oh my god, don't bother— i'm giving myself a crochet hook transorbital right now......
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:05pm bobbito:

from finish to start
diminish the heart
i eat a knish
and then i fart
a trasket a trisket
a golden air biscuit
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:05pm Marshall Stacks:

Don't forget to sterilize it first. You won't remember afterwards.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:06pm Cecile:

Don't waste a good crochet hook!
I hope you are going to sterilize it afterward and use it for another project.

LOL! Marshall Stacks!
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:07pm Marshall Stacks:

Funny, I was just thinking about the Roscoe Diner this morning. Must be the cold weather.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:08pm Marshall Stacks:

Good morning, Cecile!
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:09pm annie:

yes, it must be, it seems the only times i ever sat and ate there were the winter..
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:13pm H:

Reminds me a bit about Colette Magny, this one ...
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:14pm annie:

have you ever been to buffalo zach's there in town? it's the hot spot, now, but the food is so-so.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:15pm still b/p:

I think Catherine is saying, "'Cuz we nevah evah do nuthin'...nice...and easy..."
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:18pm annie:

hey bryce!!!! r stevie moore just noticed today is the day of the demise of frankie zappa
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:23pm Marshall Stacks:

Annie, no, I've only ever eaten in the diner. Way back when.
The diner was the only spot of any sort in Roscoe, as far as I could tell.
The food was so-so, but it was indoors and warm.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:25pm annie:

it has a lot of nostalgia for me... seems to be going by the wayside , though.. :(
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:28pm Glossy:

  Fri. 12/4/09 1:41pm Ike:

Oh yeah.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:43pm annie:

now, i'm stackin baby!!
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:44pm Cecile:

Bryce do you have any fEEDTIME?
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:44pm Glenn L:

Love that Bob Log III.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:45pm eeeee:

music to loosen your stool to
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:48pm Jed:

I'll shave your mind Bryce.....just like Bogie and Bacall
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:50pm Glenn L:

Shaving Ryan's Privates.
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:50pm raga:

it sounds funny, i know
but it really is so
bryce is my grandpa
  Fri. 12/4/09 1:53pm H:

Fascinating, these French chanteuses. Catherine Ribeiro, Colette Magny, Mama Bea Tekielski. They really have something going for them. But you do have to listen to FMU/MFU/XHD to find out about it.
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:02pm Annoying Station ID Monger:

Now you're just being stubborn. DO IT RIGHT. Either that or get in the kitchen and bake me a pecan pie.
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:07pm Cecile:

  Fri. 12/4/09 2:07pm Cecile:

and an Ian Rillen X cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:09pm Cecile:

  Fri. 12/4/09 2:15pm hear aid:

Hey this is fun. But why is the volume so low? my compsy and speakers are at almost max
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:15pm bryce:


no know! pinny needeln here...
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:16pm Cecile:

I have to go. I'll be back.
Bryce, thanks for the feedtime. So awesome.
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:17pm bryce:

oh man, great suggestion!! love feedtime....
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:22pm Ike:

Yard? Nobody puts Ike in a yard. Unless you lead me there with dark chocolate. Or leprechaun catering.
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:32pm Jed:

Bryce: Glasslands has a good show at 9
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:33pm hear aid:

Byce: never give in to the man!!!!!?
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:41pm bryce:

mlehhhh....the man can have me. i'll pack myself into shoeboxes.

jed, i'm blowing town immediately after fmu today! :(
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:46pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  Fri. 12/4/09 2:47pm Jeff from St.Paul:

Crap! I missed some Bob Log III!
  Fri. 12/4/09 2:48pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/4/09 2:49pm ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

  Fri. 12/4/09 2:58pm bryce:

  Fri. 12/4/09 2:59pm north guinea hills:

whom are these Lebrechauns being catered to? And where are they from?
  Fri. 12/4/09 3:14pm kisskisskiss:

to the archives, and you
  Fri. 12/4/09 3:27pm bryce:

boioioioing, back at your face!

ngh, the larbdicoins are flem blatimroe! they are corked for by Jason Willett and Tom Boram, two fine yarn mops in our time. Jason is one of the abners of The True Vine record sloop there then.
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