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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options November 26, 2009: I Want to Thank You.....

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Casa Loma Orchestra  Thanksgiving   Options 0:00:00 ()
Danny Kaye with the Regalaires  Thank You   Options 0:15:49 ()
Shelton Brothers  Thankful and Thankful Again   Options 0:16:03 ()
Johnny Cash  Thank a Lot   Options 0:21:07 ()
Dolly Parton  The Giving and Thanking   Options 0:21:27 ()
Hank Penny  Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma'am!   Options 0:24:17 ()
John Denver  Thank God I'm a Country Boy   Options 0:26:55 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk   0:29:35 ()
Bob Marley & The Wailers  Give Thanks   Options 0:31:21 ()
ABBA  Thank You For the Music   Options 0:34:52 ()
The Beatles  Thank You Girl   Options 0:38:29 ()
The Scaffold  Thank U Very Much   Options 0:40:32 ()
Sea-Ders  Thanks a Lot   Options 0:42:58 ()
Led Zeppelin  Thank You   Options 0:45:18 ()
Sly and the Family Stone  Thank You For Lettin me Be Myself Again   Options 0:50:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk   0:54:48 ()
Rosemary Clooney  Danke Schoen   Options 0:58:28 ()
Bob Hope  Thanks for the Memories   Options 1:01:11 ()
Peter Sellers  Thank Heaven for Little Girls   Options 1:04:19 ()
Three Stooges  Give Thanks   Options 1:06:33 ()
Barbara Fairchild  Thanks for the Mem'ries   Options 1:08:54 ()
Bruce Haack  Thank You   Options 1:11:12 ()
Neil Diamond  Thank the Lord for the Night Time   Options 1:12:56 ()
Andrew Gold  Thank You for Being a Friend   Options 1:15:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach   1:19:53 ()
Sam and Dave  I Thank You   Options 1:29:02 ()
Ikettes  I'm So Thankful   Options 1:31:52 ()
Otis Redding  I Want to Thank You   Options 1:34:42 ()
Zilla Mays with John Peek  Thank You   Options 1:37:31 ()
Bobby King  Thanks Mr. Postman   Options 1:42:36 ()
Goody Colbert  I Wanna Thank You   Options 1:42:52 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore   1:46:05 ()
Bunnydrums  Little Room (Album Version)   Options 1:49:24 ()
The Hellacopters  Thanks for Nothing   Options 1:52:36 ()
Mastadon  Thank You for This   Options 1:55:09 ()
The Damned  Thanks for the Night   Options 1:56:07 ()
The Damned  Thanks for the Night   Options 1:58:23 ()
Jane's Addiction  Thank You Boys   Options 1:59:58 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From Coney Island Boardwalk   2:00:56 ()
Gino Parks  For This I Thank You   Options 2:03:27 ()
Angels  Thank You and Goodnight   Options 2:05:59 ()
Bobby Rydell  I Wanna Thank You   Options 2:08:29 ()
Brenda Lee  Thanks a Lot   Options 2:11:10 ()
The Blue Sonnets  Thank You Mr. Moon   Options 2:13:38 ()
Brook Benton  Thank You Pretty Baby   Options 2:16:27 ()
Shirley & Lee  Thank You   Options 2:18:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk   2:20:41 ()
Kermit  Thank You Gonzo   Options 2:23:11 ()
Cornelius  Thank You for the Music   Options 2:23:40 ()
William Burroughs  A Thanksgiving Prayer   Options 2:28:30 ()
Shelly Looney  Thank You Canada   Options 2:31:57 ()
Firesign Theatre  Thank You Mr. President!   Options 2:32:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bruce Nauman 
Thank You Thank You   Options 2:41:00 ()
The Apples in Stereo  Thank You Very Much   Options 2:43:47 ()
Yo La Tengo  Be Thankful for What You Got   Options 2:44:55 ()
Coconut Records  The Thanks I Get   Options 2:49:05 ()
Wilco  The Thanks I Get   Options 2:51:41 ()
Luna  Thank You for Sending Me an Angel   Options 2:54:54 ()
Talking Heads  Thank You for Sending Me an Angel   Options 2:57:03 ()
Big Star  Thank You Friends   Options 2:59:08 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/26/09 6:03am Meghan:

Good Morning all.... are you getting that wicked feedback?
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:03am Dave B:

yep. WTH?
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:04am annie:

i can, without guilt, blame the dog for waking me..i'm here and alert, and yes i heard that.. i thought you were trying to wake us up...
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:05am Dave B:

Sounds like the stream goes to 11. It could be 10, but its one louder.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:06am Meghan:

Morning Dave and Annie.... this is really odd.... sorry about this.... Hate not having control..

It sounded fine when i edited it on Monday...
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:06am Ken From Hyde Park:

There is some wicked distortion this morning. Like a really scratchy record sound.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:07am Meghan:

Morning Ken.... yes, i am not sure what to do all the way from up in Massachusetts....
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:07am pauldepiperssoninparadise:

some serious distortion kicking it out. is it deliberate or a techy error. if its delib great, if not good to let you know.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:07am Dave B:

I blame the balloons. People are already filtering down my block. Damn revelers.

Morning Megan - anyone @ the station?
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:08am annie:

it sounds like a dirty needle on a record..
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:08am Meghan:

Thanks Paul.... it wasn't intentional...

Hmmm not yet, it is usually just Nachum.... a call to go out to Ken I guess....
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:09am Dave B:

maybe the stream encoder needs a reboot.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:10am Meghan:

Calling Ken Freedman.... ugh
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:10am Dave B:

and that shoulda been Meghan. My niece - Megan - is in town. Sorry for the mix up. Caffinating now, but I'll tell ya, that squelch in my headphones jolted me awake!
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:12am Dave B:

As we say at work "it never happens to the janitor"
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:14am Meghan:

ha! We are trying to figure out.... So sorry everyone......
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:16am Meghan:

This will not get archived like this everyone... you can listen to that later.... I am sorry everyone....
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:18am Dave B:

Nothing like working remote, huh?

When will the archive go up, later today?
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:22am Meghan:

Not sure when it will..... It is really making me want to try to tune it in better like I am not in full reception.

Ken said he doesn't think there is anything we can do about it. I am sooooo SORRY all! I hate not having control. I am not going away ever again!
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:25am Dave B:

I can attest it did NOT sound like this on Sunday.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:25am annie:

meghan, i am going to move over to something less hurtful in the headphones.. i'll keep watching the playlist to see if it fixes.. archives will have to suffice.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

To anyone in NYC: How's the weather looking this morning? My wife talked us out of going to the parade because of a chance of rain. Maybe next year.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:27am Meghan:

I TOTALLY understand... i almost wish i could too! HA! Thanks Annie!
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:29am annie:

it's all good.... you meant well.. and it's something to write home about.. ;) hope you enjoy your turkey day today!!
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:29am Dave B:

@Ken - not bad. Looks like it rained, but people are still coming out.

I live literally around the corner from the parade start, and parade people are filtering down my block.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:30am Meghan:

Happy Thanksgiving Annie and all the State side listeners....
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:30am (mta) Tony:

Meghan, I think on his way out to enjoy the holiday with his family, Jack might've accidentally slid up the master gain control on the control board. Of course I don't know, but it's just an idea.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:31am Dave B:

I plan to head down with my ladder around 9am. One of the advantages of living where I live, I guess.

Gotta cook the bird later. (and burn off last nights gin.)
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:32am Meghan:

hey there Tony.... I wish that was the case.... *sigh
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:34am Dave B:

if its any consolation, I saw a REALLY horrible Jethro Tull cover band last night. Thank goodness it was free.

  Thu. 11/26/09 6:35am Meghan:

wow.... i feel for you... that is bad! nothing like some bad flute huh? hehe
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:42am Dirty Old Man:

Wow, you never should have stayed up for Red Dawn.
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:42am George London:

Something is really wrong with the network stream...
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:42am Dave B:

they had the entire production down.

Drummer wearing a pith helmet.
Bass player in a get up that matched the black/white stripes of his bass
Some chick-a-dee dressed in a nurses uniform playing glockenspiel..
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:43am Meghan:

Next week... Live in studio... no more leaving it in the hands of others... It's a breakfast theme!
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:43am Dave B:

you got the stuff I sent, yes?
  Thu. 11/26/09 6:44am Meghan:

Wow... that IS unfortunate! And Yes DOM, I blame Red Dawn for this....

Yep I did! Thanks!!! Great picks!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:06am Dave B:

And the floodgates of parade goers is open!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:08am Meghan:

Wow, it's like you are in the movie "Miracle on 34th St." Can't they watch the parade from their window?
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:12am Dave B:

I'm on 76 between Columbus and CPW. The NYPD have the metal barricades herding them like lambs to the slaughter!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:13am Meghan:

You know... I see the start of a really bad horror movie....
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:15am Dave B:

that would be good. Have them filter down the street, only to be put thru a giant meat grinder or something...
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:19am Meghan:

Awww, poor Dave.... You are in there somewhere..... i can sort of hear you....
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:20am Dave B:

The booming barritone...

heh! I hope I didn't jinx the show!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:20am Meghan:

ha! I am sure you didn't
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:24am Dave B:

on a lighter note, of 44,000 + songs in my library, only 320 have bad tags.

Anyone have any suggestions how to i.d. and clean? TuneUp is having a hard time.
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:28am Richard D:

Your RealAudio feed is grossly distorted and over modulated!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:30am Meghan:

Hi Richard.... I wish that was the case... I am not exactly sure. This was a pre-recorded show, so we are wondering if it's a bad file.....
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:31am Richard D:

OK. It's pretty bad!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:33am Meghan:

I know.... i am so sorry.... Hopefully the archives will be better.... Next week i am back in there live...
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:36am Adrian in London:

Hey Meghan, don't worry about it. Nobody's died (although my eardrums might if I keep listening!)
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:39am Meghan:

Thanks Adrian... Next week is breakfast songs.... so hopefully it will go a lot smoother... Thanks again!
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:40am Dave B:

Meghan - bacon makes everything better.
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:41am Meghan:

I am gonna need to bring in a big breakfast.... you all made me famished last week talking about food....
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:43am Dave B:

run this thru dirpy (www.dirpy.com to save the MP3 -

  Thu. 11/26/09 7:45am Meghan:

Great... now i am hungry for waffles....
  Thu. 11/26/09 7:47am Dave B:

meant that for next week.
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:01am Adrian in London:

Breakfast by The Associates is great
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:02am messica:

crap! how am i going to be famous with all of this distortion?!
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:02am Meghan:

Ohhh , thanks Adrian! I will keep my eye out for that!
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:03am Meghan:

I know... it's frustrating the hell out of me.... go to the station and fix it damn it!
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:04am messica:

i would if i could get in. its driving me nuts.
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:05am Meghan:

I already called Ken about it and he isn't sure what to do, so hopefully the archived version is better....
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:07am Binky:

This is too outré even for me.
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:08am messica:

see what happens when you aren't there. lol,binky.
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:08am Meghan:

hehe... too outré.... tres bien
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:11am Meghan:

I know.... I can't ever NOT be there! No more going away for me, unless i have a fill in
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:17am messica:

cant even listen to the talking. hopefully the archive will be fixed.
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:18am Meghan:

Me too.... i have put the word out to the authorities... so keep your fingers crossed!
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:20am Dave B:

I never checked the discs you gave me. I think I left them in my car.
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:29am rb in scotland:

almost missed today's show...now I wish I had!
  Thu. 11/26/09 8:30am Meghan:

Awwww I know... i am sooooo sorry! Next week back to normal! My sincerest apology!!
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