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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options July 20, 2009: This Is A Normal Show. With a song for Andrew.

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Artist Track Album Label
Leilolai  lalalalala   Options Leilolai  Toilet Records 
Ian Dury & the Blockheads  Reasons To Be Cheerful Pt. 3   Options Do It Yourself   
Gorillaz  Kids With Guns   Options Demon Days   
IndyGoKid  I'm Not The Gorillaz   Options    
Clash  Guns Of Brixton   Options London Calling   
Aesop Rock  None Shall Pass   Options    
Clash  This Is Radio Clash   Options    
Le Tigre  Deceptacon (DFA Remix)   Options Remix [EP]   
Crystal Castles  Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. Health)   Options Crystal Castles   
Crystal Castles  Magic Spells   Options Crystal Castles   
Coleco Music  Coleco Says: How are you?   Options Confessions In A Chatroom  8bitpeoples 
Finally Punk  Boyfriend Application   Options Primary Colors 7"  ABL 
Adept  Comeback   Options Adept  Wham! Wham! Records 
Covenant  Bullet   Options    
Ken Ishii  Drums In Friction   Options Flatspin   
Aa  Thumper   Options    
Radiohead  15 Step   Options In Rainbows   
PJ Harvey  You Come Through   Options Uh Huh Her   
Davila 66  Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera   Options Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera  Douche Master 
Joan Jett  Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)   Options Bad Reputation   
Bare Wires  Looking For Some Action   Options Let Down  Milk N' Herpes 
Fresh & Onlys  Dirty Knobby   Options I'll Tell You Everything   
The Saucy Jacks  Blown Like A Kiss   Options Blown Like A Kiss  Chocolate Covered 
R. Stevie Moore  U.R.True   Options U.R. True + 3 7"  Felony Fidelity 
Siouxsie & the Banshees  Hong Kong Garden   Options The Best of Siouxsie & the Banshees   
Blank Dogs  Slow Room!   Options Slow Room!  Down In The Ground 
Keygrip  If I Could (You Know I Would)   Options Vis-a-Vis   
Mantles  Don't Lie   Options Don't Lie  Mt St Mtn 
Basement Spiders  Somewhere Unpredictable   Options    
Archipelago  I'll Believe In Anything   Options    
Eric Lindley  Carnival   Options    
Levi Weaver  Idioteque   Options You Are Never Close to Home, You Are Never Far from Home   
Dawa Riley  Wonder Wheel   Options    
Looking Back on the Beets live on WFMU.       
Beluga  1234   Options    
Bikini Kill  Hamster Baby   Options Pussy Whipped   
Comet Gain  Love Without Lies   Options    
Modern Lovers  She Cracked   Options Modern Lovers   
Cheeky  Bad Mood   Options    
Lame Drivers  Already Said It   Options    

Listener comments!

  Mon. 7/20/09 11:14pm Keili:

Yo IndyGo!
You're next!
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:20pm hristo:

i dont think andrew is listening to this one..... time to get him on.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:22pm andrew Slootsky:

I'm on, and wow am I honored
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:26pm Jess:

please keep playing the clash!
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:26pm Turbo:

great version of this on Tom Snyder Youtube
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:29pm Kait:

Lovin it
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:32pm clav:

woo le tigre remixxx. fun!
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:35pm Danne D:

Hiya Keili
Hey Beasters :)
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:36pm Andrew Slootsky:

OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:37pm Andrew Slootsky:

Also, for whatever crystal castles song is played, i devote it to Anna Nazarenko. One of my best friends who loves crystal castles a lot more than me.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:38pm Joshua K:

Yo j-dawg here. Much respect.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:38pm Keili:

I love you too, Andrew. Enough to give you a two song set.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:38pm Andrew Slootsky:

  Mon. 7/20/09 11:39pm Keili:

A lot more than *I*, Andrew.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:39pm G:

Hey, beastin boyz and beastin grlz...
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:40pm ZOOMSCUA//MICHAEL:

crystal castles is so 7th grade
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:41pm andrew Slootsky:


Lay off the meth
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:41pm Keili:

I've had this song stuck in my head since 7th grade..
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:42pm Andrew Slootsky:

no, I actually listened to pretty horribly music in 7th grade. well no, not all of it, but a lot of it.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:43pm Patrick:

It's all fantastic....show just needs more Eddie Vedder
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:46pm Keili:

Sorry, dude. Not gonna happen. EVER.
You may get some Touch Me Im Sick, though.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:46pm Patrick:

Aw, come on. Everything needs Eddie Vedder unintelligably bellowing things over it
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:47pm Keili:

Wheres your hipster friend, Hristo? My next set is for him.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:48pm Keili:

Hey Andrew, I threw in an extra song for you.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:48pm ?:

Love the Clash songs though
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:49pm Patrick:

But Touch Me I'm Sick would be great
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:55pm Patrick:

Or how about Sonic Youth's version of Touch Me I'm Sick, sung by Kim Gordon
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:56pm Keili:

I hate the Sonic Youth version. Ive played it. As much as I like Sonic Youth, no.
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:57pm Danne D:

I actually got my first album when I was in 7th grade
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:57pm Andrew Slootsky:

I was too distracted by this fantastic song to apply. sorry…
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:58pm Patrick:

haha...it's basically a straight cover though
  Mon. 7/20/09 11:59pm hristo:

patrick really wants some touch me im sick.....
and i love the small references to me in the bf ap. bit.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:01am Keili:

I'm sorry, sir. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:01am Keili:

No need to call anymore! We have a winner! Congratulations to Joan!
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:06am hristo:

you got andrew so into this
aim: "ganstachikennoob is available (11:59:07 PM)
Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili"
facebook: "Andrew Slootsky Radio show devoted to me =D."
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:12am Patrick:

  Tue. 7/21/09 12:17am Keili:

I'm getting so into my own show. I looove this song, and this whole set.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:18am Patrick:

ah yeah sad news
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:19am Danne D:

3 Eternal Questions:
1) What is the meaning of life?
2) Which came first: the chicken or the egg?
3) Why is Keili Hamilton beastin'?
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:21am Patrick:

I's say it all has something to do with Eddie Vedder
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:23am hristo:

"This procedure involves surgically removing the adenoid glands from the nasopharynx, which is the area between the nasal airway and back of the throat. It is usually performed with a tonsillectomy, or surgical removal of the tonsils."
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:25am Patrick:

It apparently shouldn't affect his vocal chords though, which is good. Could have been nasty though.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:25am Keili:

Ok, but your adenoids are not actually removed, as they grow like grass and have roots. They are shrunken and not removed.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:26am hmm:

good thing i'm not eaating :-P
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:28am Patrick:

It's sort of like what happened with DMC - he had some sort of larynx problem that permanently weakened his voice. It's an awful thing to happen to a singer (or a rapper)
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:30am Keili:

No, he said it's not going to affect his voice at all.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:30am oO_0:

we wait the day when you leave the mama at home
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:30am Patrick:

Which is very good. DMC never really came back from his problem.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:32am Keili:

Fuck you "oO_0". So does she.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:35am Patrick:

Sad news aside though, great show thus far; hopefully someday I can be absolved for my Eddie Vedder comments
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:40am Danne D:

Keili's response to oO_0 actually fits the first definition of beastin' in the Urban Dictionary quite nicely actually...
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:41am Danne D:

And definition 2 is very appropriate in describing her performance with this evening's show...
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:43am Patrick:

So I'm sitting my room, eating a bowl of cereal while listening to the radio and blankly staring at the TV while Dr. Fraiser Crane gets into his normal wacky shenanigans while thinking about what a great show Cheers was and how the lead singer of Blind Melon would have made a cute girl. Everyone has left my house. It's just me and Dr. Crane now.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:43am Patrick:

This show may be the only thing keeping me sane at this point.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:49am Danne D:

having read urbandictionary.com a little more, I now must apologize for calling you guys beasters :(
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:51am Danne D:

Keili isn't yet defined yet in the Urban Dictionary, but I'm sure that will soon change and be used to describe "one who is legendary"

"That guy who got the 1st perfect score on Pac Man is so Keili" :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:56am Keili:

Love it. Basically I'm an all time pwning HACKZORS of awesomeness.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:57am Patrick:

Well, I just entered "Keili" into the Infinite Teen Slang Dictionary, and here's what came out:

interj. expression of disbelief.
Ex: "I say, I just saw Jose and Sally, going to play with a female!" "Keili!"

I like the idea of just punctuating things like that.
  Tue. 7/21/09 12:59am Keili:

Love that even more.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:01am Danne D:

Here's Beastin' from the ITSD:
interj. phrase suggesting that someone flirt with something.
"Officer - Beastin'!"
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:02am Danne D:

interj. a statement of agreement.
"Dawg, shall we slap some alco-pops?" "Danne!"
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:03am Danne D:

Even better (last one I swear):
Danne D
adj. likely to understand girls.
"Man, you're so Danne D."
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:04am Patrick:

I think I might have to start saying "Officer - Beastin'!" from now until i die
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:06am Patrick:

Hahaha fantastic -

n. complicated acronym, meaning drug paraphernalia.
"Hey, fool, can you hook me up with some Patrick?"
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:07am Keili:

I love how you looked yourself up.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:08am hristo:

in bulgaria, every traditional name has its own traditional nickname. mine is itzo.
itzo 6 up, 24 down love it hate it

From English: "It's On!"
An odd, seemingly painful,sexual fetish position where an egg beater is placed into one's rectum and turned on. Can take place solo or with the aid of several partners.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:10am Patrick:

mmmm sounds hot
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:10am Keili:

...several partners?
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:12am Patrick:

The more the merrier I suppose
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:12am Danne D:

How many Bulgarians does it take to work an egg beater?

Hristo, why ya Egg beatin'?
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:12am Keili:

The more, the more painful, more like.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:13am Danne D:

okay we need a new board topic - stat!
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:13am Keili:

  Tue. 7/21/09 1:13am Patrick:

I was quite enjoying that one
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:14am Keili:

Let's talk about this fabulous last segue.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:15am Patrick:

Okay, what was the first CD/Album you guys ever bought? Be honest
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:15am Danne D:

I was too until the egg beaters got brought in ;o)

Oh but I will add that Andy Breckman yields perhaps the funniest answer of all in the ITSD :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:17am Danne D:

lol Patrick, I alluded to it earlier and will give away how I am ancient chronologically (though clearly not mentally)

Actually got 2 free album for getting new customers on my paper route (which just reeks of ancientness right there).

Anyhow it was Asia's first album and Rainbow's "Straight Between The Eyes"
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:18am Danne D:

Now Keili is Beatsin' the Airwaves :o)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:18am Patrick:

Straight Between the Eyes has the greatest cover EVER.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:22am Danne D:

Asia's first album cover is awesome too.
Anyhow here they are:
Rainbow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14992196@N05/2201165675/
Asia: http://photo.sing365.com/music/picture.nsf/Asia-Asia-Cover/48256C71003578A2482568C5000D188E/$file/asia.jpg

As a bizarre side note, I saw Grank Funk Railroad like 3 years ago at the State Fair in North Carolina. They were on a bill with Eddie Money. There's actually kind of a neat charm about these kinda shows as by this point in time all the pretense has been stripped away and the guys basically play their stuff and have a great time.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:26am Patrick:

Yeah, either that or they just seem bitter at the world, like the Flock Of Seagulls over everyone wanting to hear "I Ran"...yeah, "Space Age Love Song" is great, but it's probably not what most people are waiting for you to play...
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:29am Danne D:

though Space Age Love Song is probably in their top 3 :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:30am Patrick:

I always love the person at concerts who yells out for the band to play thier biggest hit all night, when it's always going to be the encore. Happened with The Slits with "Typical Girls" when I saw them, Tom petty with "American Girl"
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:32am Danne D:

Heh. Yeah. So Patrick, give it up - what was your first album bought? Btw, I'm sure Keili's first album is like something way cooler than the ones we bought.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:34am Patrick:

I mean, they're going to o it, you know they are, and you know they're doing it last, but you'll yell for it after EVERY SONG.

Even more annoying was when I saw Sonic Youth do Daydream Nation live and there was this guy who would yell out the next song at the end of the one were doing...they KNOW the track listing. They WROTE IT!
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:37am Patrick:

My First CD? Husker Du's "Zen Arcade", when I was 4. *shifty eyes*
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:39am Keili:

No way, jose. My first CDs were like, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Linkin Park. My first love. The first GOOD stuff (besides backstreet boys) I liked was the Hives.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:40am Patrick:

I now feel safe to admit that the Backstreet Boys were my first too
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:41am Keili:

  Tue. 7/21/09 1:41am Danne D:

Sorta reminds me of a time I was in the Bergen Mall (actually just a few years ago) - so the girls in the record store, in full ironic mode are debating whether to play Debbie Gibson or Tiffany - I helpfully pointed out that Tiffany shot a video in that very mall :)

This is awesome - it sounds like it's coming out of some Lost Cave of Awesomeness. Hooray for Beetsin' :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:42am Patrick:

"Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" came on the radio the other day and I found myself feeling like an eleven year old girl outside of the TRL studios in 1999
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:44am Patrick:

First band I was ever into was Queen when I was ten
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:46am Patrick:

...And then there were two...
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:48am Keili:

Yeah, but I'm getting phone calls and emails and stuff. People are listening, they're just not saying anything..
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:50am Danne D:

Alas, Stan gets all the same rhyme stuff that I get with my name. Though he didn't have the spectre of large drunken men bearing down on his 7-year old frame to sing him "Danny Boy".

I hear "Stan" though and I think of the old REM song :o)

I'll admit I did the whole prog rock thing. Like Yes and ELP and all that. This is stuff that generally gets slagged (though if you do a search on Yes in the FMU playlists you'll find more items than I certainly expected). Bought the Yessongs 3-album set for $5 used at the record store. I actually think it was somewhat obliquely pivotal to my ultimately getting into FMU. The whole "dig me and my ability to listen to this 18-minute long song and stuff" - that sort of patience gave me sorta a perspective that helped me as I meandered through FMU and all its myriad sounds.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:51am Danne D:

Patrick and I have sucked the oxygen out of the boards I guess :o)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:51am Bob in Fla:

So does DJ Mama still go out for coffee during every show and have to cope w/ the world's worst waitress, like she did in the 3-6AM timeslot? I always enjoyed the aimless chitchat that would break out midshow in the old slot. (The Monday night version still absolutely rocks, of course).
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:52am Keili:

Are you kidding me? You guys are awesome. I've been sitting here just reading it like a book. An AWESOME book.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:52am Patrick:

This show is seriously great though. Glad I found out about it last night from you at Jo's barbecue
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:53am Keili:

Thanks, Bob! You totally brought it back from that asshole who said something rude about her. I didn't even know you were still here! I'm so happy!
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:54am Danne D:

I was funnin' on myself Keili :)
On another night we'll do the whole progression of FMU listenership tour. That's too long for this show :)

DJ Mama rules btw :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:54am Danne D:

Keili you will now be getting an e-mail from me with a link :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:55am Keili:

DJ Mama gets her own fanmail.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:55am Patrick:

How did the rest of the barbecue go, by the way? did you stay much longer?
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:56am Bob in Fla:

Who said something rude about DJ Mama?! She's totally one of the highlights of the show. Also seems like one cool mom.

Speaking of making people happy, thank you for that Harm Wierda prize/premium. It finally arrived in the mail.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:56am Keili:

Naw, we left shortly after you did. It was awwwesome, though!
It was awesome to meet all Hristo's friends and a fellow music lovin Irishman.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:57am Patrick:

I was going to call Tammy later on but I didn't
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:57am Danne D:

(re my e-mail) let's just say that you were way more brave to hoof n mouth it up at Maxwell's :)
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:58am Keili:

Wow. We have a slow system...
But, awesome! Glad to bring some musical wonder to your life.
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:58am Patrick:

Yeah it was a really great time. Glad to meet you too lol
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:58am Keili:

Wait a minute, Danne, were you there?
  Tue. 7/21/09 1:59am Danne D:

at maxwell's yes :)
you've met me and so has DJ momma
  Tue. 7/21/09 2:00am Danne D:

but that's not what the link I sent you to.

Anyhow, night Keili and fans!!
  Tue. 7/21/09 2:01am Patrick:

Yeah, quality show, goodnight to Keili and everyone else
  Tue. 7/21/09 9:26am indyGOkid:

SORRY! I was hanging with a pal I hadn't seen in a long time.... I can't believe you put such a great back to back track with my song involved. I LOVE YOU!
  Wed. 7/22/09 4:46pm KD:

Greetings from the future. Missing the commenting but still loving the music.
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