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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options June 26, 2009

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
Parno Graszt  Koro Kino   Options Járom Az Utam    Hungary 
Parno Graszt  a. Korkoro Szom / Egyedül vagyok
b. Odi Phenel Mangé / Azt Mondják Nekem
Járom Az Utam    Hungary 
Taraf de Haïdouks  Geamparale   Options Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses and Evil Eye    Romania 
Taraf de Haïdouks  Tot Taraful   Options Dumbala Dumba    Romania 
Sándor Déki Lakatos & his Gypsy Band  A Pacsirta   Options Hungary: Gypsy Violins    Hungary 
Vasile Vasilescu  Cântec de Masă   Options Souffles de l'Âme: Balkan Blues    Romania 
Toni Iordache  Baladă Haiducească   Options Souffles de l'Âme: Balkan Blues    Romania 
Ion Petre Stoican  Hora   Options Souffles de l'Âme: Balkan Blues    Romania 
Daniel Lăcătuş, Marian Vlad, & Vasile Dinu  Hora "ca din caval"   Options Taraf: Romanian Gypsy Music    Romania 
Ferenc Kiss & Iván Lantos  Héjsza danse csango de gyimes   Options Hongrie: Le Dernier Passage    Hungary 
Taraf de Carancebeş  Suite de danses de la plaine du Banat   Options Musiciens du Banat    Romania 
Fejat Sejdić Orkestar  Izgubljeno Jagnje   Options Fanfares en Delire: Golden Brass Summit    Serbia 
Aca Novkovič Orkestar  Južno-Moravsko Kolo   Options Fanfares en Delire: Golden Brass Summit    Serbia 
Fanfare Ciocărlia  Tu Romnie   Options Iag Bari    Romania 
Fanfare Savale  Sarba Lu' Drăgoi   Options Speed Brass of the Gypsies    Romania 
Fejat Sejdić Orkestar  Ne Kuni Me, Ne Ruži Me Majko   Options Fanfares en Delire: Golden Brass Summit    Serbia 
Boban Marković Orkestar  Izvorski Biseri   Options     Serbia 
Paun Muscalagiu  Cavalul   Options Blowers from the Balkans    Romania 
Petru Pasare  Brâu   Options Roumanie / Romania  Auvidis / Silex  Romania 
Lordan Likav  Pravo Horo   Options Bulgarie vol. 5: Du Danube au Balkan    Bulgaria 
Trifon Nikolov  Old Quick Dance   Options Bulgarie vol. 5: Du Danube au Balkan    Bulgaria 
  Noel   The Bagpipe  Lyrichord  France (Brittany) 
Efisio Melis & Antonio Lara  Fiuda Allegra e Punt'e organu - part II   Options Italia 2: Atlante di Musica Tradizionale    Italy 
Natale Rotella, Domenico Molinaro, et al.  Alla Zampognara   Options Italian Treasury: Calabria    Italy: Calabria 
Giuseppe Buieti & Serafino Buieti  Alla Zampognara   Options Italian Treasury: Calabria    Italy: Calabria 
David Watson  Dexter, part 4   Options Fingering an Idea     
Yoshi Wada  Off The Wall II   Options Off The Wall    R.I.P. 
N.A.D.M.A.  Atlantide-Maya-Veda Rhyton   Options Uno Zingaro di Atlante con Fiore a New York     
N.A.D.M.A.  Homage to Amilcar Cabral   Options Uno Zingaro di Atlante con Fiore a New York     
  soundtrack to "Kusama's Self-Obliteration"       film by Jud Yalkut 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:07pm annie:

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:07pm going Deaf?:

did something happen to the left channel?
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:08pm Marshall Stacks:

Morning, Bryce. I'm only hearing the right channel on the 128K stream.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:09pm going Deaf?:

Marshall - thanks for backing me up
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:09pm going Deaf?:

It started at the end of Tony's show
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:09pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:10pm Marshall Stacks:

Ah, that's better.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:10pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:10pm Carmichael:

Hiya Bryce .....
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:10pm going Deaf?:

Yes. Thanks!
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:11pm bryce:


not my fault! wooga wooga wooga bazooogaaaaaaaa
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:12pm Carmichael:

I accidentally saw these guys live a few years ago. I was stunned. and Bireli Legrene opened for them. A night of Gypsy revelry.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:13pm Cecile:

nice, carm!
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:13pm bryce:

wow! nice,,,,,

is there happier music?
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:13pm jk:

yey for bryce
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:14pm Carmichael:

Makes me want to jump up and dance like Ed Grimley.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:19pm annie:

it's a good thing i didn't put the red shoes on this morning..
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:20pm still b/p:

Saw Taraf de Haidouks as part of a Gypsy Caravan show. Crazy fantastic frenzy of musical adrenaline blasting the varnish off the formal wooden environs of Harvard's Sanders Theater. The place they get to is a "Wow...humans can do that?" kind of thing.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:21pm zoot:

Yip Roc Heresy!
You got me all Zippy on a Friday.
Thank you , Bryce
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:22pm Carmichael:

Annie, that's the same tour, I believe. In 2006? Gypsy Crossings.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:22pm jk:

oh my god, I'm eating my lunch soooo fast with this music
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:23pm Carmichael:

About 2/3 down: http://www.actaonline.org/archives/calendars/2005/april_2005.htm
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:24pm Jed:

Hi Bryce. Play Some Michael Fawcett Saxon
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:30pm still b/p:

me, Carm? '98 or '99, I believe. Several acts. Some of the others, all pleasant and satisfying enough, were smoked by the Roma rocket that is the Haidouks.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:34pm jk:

Hey Bryce, do you know Tale Ognenovski or do you have any there?
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:38pm bryce:

hey jk, not sure! something's definitely telling me i've seen him on a comp, though...... yikes, i'll see if i can scare him up....
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:39pm Eric:

Sounds like my Christmas celebrations.
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:41pm jk:

he's macedonian so I don't know if it would fit with the roumanian thing you have going, but maybe. I only have one record but it declares him a musical genius and I can't argue with it. it says he's a master of jazz, classical and folk music
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:52pm perrin:

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:53pm emily:

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:53pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/26/09 12:53pm jk:

roumanian thing comment retracted
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:55pm bryce:


no luck hunting down mr. o tho. :(
  Fri. 6/26/09 12:58pm jk:

oh well, it's not essential but an interesting thing to hear his take on jazz. I imagine it like if Eric Dolphy did a record of koceks. thanks for looking
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:05pm kimberly:

Thank you Bryce and thank you FMU. This is great music!
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:06pm perrin:

about 10 years ago I was in Hungary, in the town Edgar, where they make a famous wine called "bulls blood". There are caves outside the city where locals have dug wine cellars (its called the valley of the beautiful women". The caves are lined with black mold that hangs down like spider webs. You can get a class for about 10 cents, a liter for $2. Gypsies play music late into the night.
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:07pm dc pat:

yes this is really bitchin, thanks.
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:08pm bryce:

thanks y'alll

bull's blood! wow, that's lovely, perrin...
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:08pm dc pat:

perrin, that sounds like the vacation I want..just staying there in Edgar, drinkin bulls blood in the valley of the beautiful women....aaaaahhhhh
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:21pm Parq:

Well, howdy all. It's Day One of The World After Michael Jackson and I'm on wireless-enabled a bus somewhere in Massachusetts. Isn't technology wunnerful? Hope all you desk dudes are enjoying the day, or at least Bryce's component of it.
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:23pm nna:

Bryce, you should add "Country of Origin" to your playlist columns
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:25pm bryce:

i definitely will! my apologies.....really unplanned show today...
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:27pm perrin:

Egri Bikaver (Bulls Blood Wine, Valley of the Beautiful Women) links. wikipedia: http://bit.ly/66WCU, Eger wine tours: http://bit.ly/eAVSn
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:29pm Carmichael:

OK, back from a meeting. Let me adjust the volume upwards a bit ....
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:33pm annie:

i been out for a walk, did we get any throat singing yet?? ahem, ahem..
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:35pm Carmichael:

  Fri. 6/26/09 1:40pm Chris:

Oh, cool. Saw David Watson live last year with Andrea Parkins.
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:40pm Cecile:

I want to hear the AC/DC song with the bagpipe solo, but that's me.
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:44pm bryce:

i do have a whole bunch of tuvany mongolionish stuff at home, for some reason....been slowly re-finding it all and putting it in one place. okay, maybe throat clearing marathon in the future!

really nice to see david watson in person. he really throws the air around.

bon! weird, cecile, i've actually been on an ac/dc video-watching spree recently. so hilarious...
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:45pm annie:

bryce, they must have genghis blues in the cd library..
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:47pm Markus:

this sounds kinda like Yoshi Wada
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:48pm Cecile:

My life was changed when he was dressed up as a girl on Australian TV when they were playing "Baby Please Don't Go." It was impeccably deranged.
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:52pm Narkus:

this sounds kinda like David Watson
  Fri. 6/26/09 1:58pm G:

romanian if you want to.
romanian around the world.
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:01pm Carmichael:

Yes Annie, Genghis Blues is a great documentary. Actually seeing Tannu Tuva was very exhilarating, after all that Richard Feynman went through.
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:02pm annie:

amazing story!!
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:25pm Vag Definitive:

Is this a "No-Queafing" zone?
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:30pm the s word:

holy s...!
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:31pm alternate title::

world music getting run through a compactor
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:40pm annie:

see, you might have thought you scared me away... mmwwahahaha, not i!! i'm still here!
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:45pm bryce:

what do i have to do, play thriller????
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:46pm annie:

noooo!! not again!!
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:51pm still b/p:

Is this an unreleased take of She's Out of My Life?
  Fri. 6/26/09 2:55pm bryce:

  Fri. 6/26/09 2:56pm Jacko:

Beat It!
  Fri. 6/26/09 3:01pm translation:

"God Bless" = the FCCsafe version of "F***"
  Sat. 6/27/09 5:53pm Erik:

Parno Grazst! Taraf de Haidouk!!
Up! Up! Up! Yay! Yay! Yay! [from the party in the archives]
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