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A weekly meditation on Who did it, What it is, Where is it at, When it is going down, Why is it not working and How it should be. Add your comments to the playlists in real time or post game.

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Options June 15, 2009: blame the robot don't ever blame the monkey

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Artist Track Album Label Comments
peaking lights  owl's barking   Options imaginary falcons  night people   
Chris Abrahams  track 2   Options Fabrique  room40   
soundcarriers  on that line   Options Harmonium  melodic   
Hildur Gudnadottir  aether   Options without sinking  touch   
Bill Callahan  eid ma clack shaw   Options Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle  drag city   
Music behind DJ:
alle med balooner  hoppebolde   Options Og Terrasser  Escho   
Dandelion Gold  Homunculus   Options one  none   
Don Simon, Klimperei + Telefunken  fog of bones   Options 25 Songs Looking for Ears  Acidsoxx   
regis victor  track 4   Options st  Le Vilain Chien   
moira scar  track 1   Options Excerpts From the Holy Scumbrella  none   
Music behind DJ:
Human League  boys and girls   Options travelogue  Blue Plate Caroline   
Los Super Elegantes  nothing really matters   Options nothing really matters  no label   
Vaselines  no hope   Options the way of the vaselines: a complete history     
Elfin Saddle  hammer song   Options Ringing for the Beging Again  Constellation   
Wedding Present  queen anne   Options Take Fountain     
Music behind DJ:
Ted Shimabukuro  i love you but i cant say so   Options Hawaiian Nisei Songs  hana ola   
Bembeya Jazz national  sou   Options The Syliphone Years  Syliphone   
Staff Benda Billili  sala keba   Options Tres Tres Fort  crammed   
Boniface Koufoudila  Bino, Boton, Busele   Options the world is shaking: cubanismo from the congo 1954-55  honest jons   
The Pyramids  my africa   Options King of Kings  ikef   
Music behind DJ:
Teeth Mountain  side a track 2   Options teeth mountain  shdply   
frozen cloak  side 1 track 3   Options frozen cloak  no label   
Kaa Antilope / Luc van Acker  helocoptor like a bird   Options VPRO RadioNome  Enfant Terrible   
digital dance  Human Zoo   Options b9 bis (belgian cold wave 1979-1983) comp.  Sandwich/ Pseudo Code   
18 e oktober  nu gar vi hem   Options Kulturvetarnas Kongress  Borft   
Record Players  don't go backwards   Options   Rough Trade   
Michael Johnson  That's OK   Options ape school  no label   
Pterodactyl  february   Options Worldwild  Brah   
The Playground  the girl behind the smile   Options      
The Sapphires  Who Do You Love?   Options      
chung suh lin  love is a one way traffic   Options true vine vol 8     
a rozmi and the hooks  katakan pakaku   Options Dendong Remaja     
jan panter  yours sincerely   Options   colino   
Music behind DJ:
Pink Mountaintops  and i thank you   Options Outside Love  Jagjaguwar   
aa  the shot   Options essential entertainment 7"  soft spot   
Muck and the Mires  you shouldn't have let her go   Options Hypnotic  dirty water   
Strange Boys  they're building the death camps   Options And Girls Club  In The Red   
eat skull  the only way to be happy   Options wild and inside  Siltbreeze   
zenlo  at a german fun fair   Options Skeletal Antics  porter records   
Jonathan Richman  Affection   Options Back in Your Life  Beserkely   

Listener comments!

  Mon. 6/15/09 9:07am annie:

morning bw!! morning everyone!
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:11am Joe Steele:

Me thinks this is not an Archie comic.
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:12am bw:

morning all! its a nuther damn rainnnny morning grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:14am Parq:

Boy, the Bronx was dangerous even then, huh?
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:14am PMD:

Morning annie and bw...
bw, if I ask to be your friend on facebook, will you accept or reject me?
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:15am bw:

I will be frens with you all - everyone of ya
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:16am Joe Steele:

I might call that bluff.
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:16am annie:

bw, ask her for credentials!! morning PMD!
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:21am PMD:

my credentials are that annie is also my friend.
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:21am risky!:

morning ben and all!
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:29am bw:

were any of youse at the bill callahan show on saturday? not too bad I thought..
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:29am Joe Steele:

"I have a feeling things are going to happen here." will be my first comment on each show I comment on from now on.

Very astute, Peggy.
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:31am Adrian in London:

And the hits just keep on coming. That Soundcarriers track was great, and this (BC) is from the best album of the year so far.
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:35am PMD:

What did you do to that poor blind lady?
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:39am bw:

what did I do??? I was the victim!
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:41am annie:

PMD- you rock!
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:45am Parq:

Don Simon panel: I'm guessing that's not a cross he's holding.
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:49am Joe Steele:

Nobody will know it's her? Really?

  Mon. 6/15/09 9:52am PMD:

Everyone knows that blind ladies are always right...
Just kidding. You should have beat the crap out of her with her cane...
  Mon. 6/15/09 9:53am PMD:

Won't she trip on that red costume it's so long?
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:00am Joe Steele:

Damn right I'm excited!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:00am annie:

ah, yes, but does the staircase really frighten him?
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:00am Parq:

That's the up-side of cell phones, Ben. 20 yrs ago, you would have had to find a phone booth and then wait a couple of days to connect with the guy. Of course, the down-side is listening to self-centered nits babbling on and on as you try to walk to work.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:05am Joe Steele:

Quit facebooking while you're on the job, BW.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:07am bw:

did you all get your facebook names?

some bastard took bwalker!!!! Iwoke up hungover and all I got was bee.walker56898
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:08am annie:

he should really cut his fingernails.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:08am dc pat:

ixneh on the acebookfeh
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:09am annie:

bw, i think i like my name; no username for me. radicalmom is in bad enough trouble on other sites, leave alone FB..
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:10am Joe Steele:

I'm the only me on the planet, so not much trouble.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:11am Joe Steele:

Lady in reddddddddd, is choked into sleep.

By some creep.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:14am John Dillinger:

Maybe she'll step out with me...go t' the pictures or somethin'.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:16am bw:

I actually have a few frens who stayed in and up to get those facebook letters!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:18am Joe Steele:

In hindsight, I supposed I missed the money making opportunity of getting a celebrity name and selling it back to them.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:21am annie:

now that's devotion bw. and on the bones note, there: i'd love to see a compilation of all the films etc, that have the theme of someone locked up. sound bytes mix.. start the epic with one story and weave through each one, like a ribbon of images.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:23am dc pat:

god am I glad I have no idea what you're talking about re: facebook.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:24am annie:

pat, better off......
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:25am dc pat:

on the other hand, MySpace is comin back! Whoa yeah!!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:26am Joe Steele:

Hey the twitter is where it's at.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:27am annie:

pat, i gave up myspace due to a virus, were they down? i haven't been there in ages. check my account, you'll see... 'splain, lucy, were they having problems?
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:30am Cecile:

Sad news - Chris Knox from the Tall Dwarfs, Toy Love and solo had a massive stroke over the weekend. Last reports was that he was starting to do a little better.

And the Bats are my friend on MySpace. I'm sure that means I can stay at their place when I visit NZ, right?
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:34am krebstar:

Bembeya Jazz national is out of site -- please give some info on this on at the break!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:35am bw:

Im gonna be in Copenhagen and Paris for the next few weeks - where are my facebook wfmu folks there? maybe I should just goto the record store ken did his show live from?
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:36am annie:

make sure you bring a corn weenie and say it.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:37am Cecile:

really, really!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:37am annie:

then you get a discount!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:39am jimmy jezz:

Europe, I was there once. It's over-rated, if you ask me. The people all talk funny.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:41am Joe Steele:

Doesn't that booksotre have a card they punch everytime you do a broadcast from there? 5th one gets you a free copy of "Catcher in the Rye" or something.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:46am Parq:

Jimmy, did you notice that too? And there are places, like something called Ireland, where people drive wrong to boot.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:48am Gizmo Duck:

Play The Kinks
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:50am Sébastien - Paris:

For sure you will get a discount! and also be more than welcome
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:52am bw:

thanks Sébastien - I can't wait to stop by
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:52am Eileen:

We may drive on the wrong side of the road however we don't invade your cities in tartan trousers claiming that all of our ancestors "hail from here" :)
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:52am Cecile:

bw, can you plave some Chris Knox or Tall Dwarfs?

  Mon. 6/15/09 10:53am Sébastien - Paris:

When do you go there? Some nice shows soon!
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:55am bw:

I am in copenhagen from the 22nd to the 29th and paris fromthe 29th to the 5th
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:56am bw:

of course cecile

anything in particular?
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:57am Cecile:

anything off weeville, or throw a sickie.
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:58am Cecile:

Or we bleed love off fork songs
  Mon. 6/15/09 10:59am PMD:

Was in a meeting.
Re: FB names, I got my full name. Guess not too many Poles doing FB
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:02am LizGig:

Kirsty MacColl says 'In these shoes? I don't think so!'
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:06am karao:

robot monkey!!!
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:11am Parq:

Liz, did MacColl do that song too? I saw a stunning semi-live (live vox, taped instruments) version by Camile O'Sullivan that totally sold me on her.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:12am Scarlett O'Hara:

And ruin a perfect dress?
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:13am still b/p:

Seven Year Itchfluence.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:14am Parq:

@Eileen, 10:52: are you trying to tell me you don't think it's cute when I burst into your local pub with a kelly-green "Kiss Me I'm Irish" sweatshirt and holler "Schlitz, dude"?
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:14am PMD:

Oh, I like this Pterdactyl
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:17am LizGig:

So far as I know, Kirsty MacColl wrote it. It was on her last album, Tropical Brainstorm. Fun album.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:18am Eileen:

Tell me where you can get a good Schlitz in Dublin and I'll be there!
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:21am jimmy jezz:

Hey this Walker Kid is playing some pretty good music - nice to here some music from a real city like philly.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:24am dc pat:

don't blame me because all my ancestors hail from there...
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:24am Parq:

I don't understand what this singer is saying. Must be from Europe.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:24am annie:

i think the lady in red should just take up ventriloquism. the hell with the get-up, and the bother to find a closet in which to change.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:25am The Log Lady:

The comic panel for The Sapphires is broken, boo.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:28am Adrian in London:

I always think that when trying to surrepticiously creep around a house at night,a bright read costume is the best disguise.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:29am Moody Blues:

Red is grey, and yellow white.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:30am still b/p:

"This increase of materials featuring brutality and violence is being offered to any child who has the 10-cent purchase price."
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:31am Joe Steele:

When you're the sole guest in a house of maybe 3 people, no disguise will seem particularly smart.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:31am annie:

i live for this moment, the liz-benjamen interaction
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:34am jimmy jezz:

Enough with the Europe, already - shouldn't they be plugging the morning show?
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:34am krebstar:

Jersey boy in Berlin listening whilst I work...
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:35am Sébastien - Paris:

Where and when are you going to DJ?
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:36am ken:

hey -- let us know about some french cartoonists while you're there. us american cartoonists want to know...
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:39am Parq:

I was in Paris in '00, but I remember that the comics scene there was as vibrant as the music scene. So yes, I second the request for Paris 'toonist info.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:42am konstantin:

i lost my wallet while biking in brooklyn on saturday night and a guy named benjamin found it, googled my name, found my email, and met me to return it a few minutes later. how coincidental.
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:45am Laughing Idiotically:

HA-HA I say, twice!
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:47am Violet:

  Mon. 6/15/09 11:47am dc pat:

nice touch with the Peanuts-style stars and circly lines over the Lady in Red
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:48am annie:

bw, once again, you made a monday morning complete! off to play with seedlings... volume up and outta sight man!
  Mon. 6/15/09 11:49am bw:

Sébastien - I will be at cafe le look 17 rue martel thursday july 2!
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