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That is you can't you know tune in but it's all wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 8, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options Pseu's Theme 
gui boratto  opus 17   Options take my breath away 
Sergius Golowin  die weibe alm   Options Lord Krishna Von Goloka 
elfin saddle  the bringer   Options ringing for the begin again 
Savath & Savalas  la llama   Options la llama 
Cheval Sombre  little bit of heaven   Options cheval sombre 
Bob Log III  bump pow bump bump bump pow...   Options My Shit Is Perfect 
ann-marget  It's A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live In)   Options v/a destroy that boy! more girls with guitars 
the vaselines  teenage superstars   Options enter the vaselines 
king tuff  2 songs   Options king tuff was dead 
Serpentina Satelite  ?   nothing to say 
doktor kettu  wulff   Options Soft Delerium 
ajilvsga  tired eyes   Options medicine bull 
Kawabata Makoto & Michishita Shinsuke  point of point   Options Sex, Voyage and Echo Chamber 
Minilogue  in the smoke we all became birds   Options v/a enjoy the silence 
hikashu  trk 4   Options ikrukoto 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/8/09 8:06pm cecile:

gui boratto is awesome. everything on that disc is beautiful.
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:06pm Ike:

Nice! This makes my workday much less of a slurping suckhole.
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:10pm Jed:

I want my Sexlab!
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:13pm neeks:

I wish I could listen to wfmu at my work D:
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:15pm texas scott:

I want my suckhole!
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:20pm Ike:

Neeks, careful what you wish for. You probably don't want my miserable pay grade. The ONLY upsides: Flexible schedule and I can listen to FMU.
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:23pm tsol:

is late in greece now. i'm going to bed with nice tunes. cheers
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:24pm Laurie:

I am eating pho and listening to pretty music!
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:25pm bartelby:

Hi Pseu and folks, I will be repairing to my listening booth/scrabble chamber/futon fortress/padded bachelor area with dinette and tinfoil on the widows kind of space
to more fully enjoy Pseu's show. Good that you are back Pseu!

Now the tinfoil is just to keep the summer sun from elevating the temperature too much, I am on the 10th floor and you can't actually see the tinfoil but it does crackle a little bit when I open the door for the Chinese food guy.
Sometimes if it's a little breezy out I wind up a bunch of alarm clocks and let the all tick tock together as the tinfoil crackles.

But not now Pseu's on
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:36pm texas scott:

having a house party here and this dude just told me that
in the 70s,he hosted dog fights in the living room of his trailer home...
it's all about you,BITCH!
that's why we're here!
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:44pm pseu:

goddamn people, if this board was a party, i'd have left hours ago.
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:46pm texas scott:

now you know
how we see your show.
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:51pm John Today:

Whoop Whoop not even close to talking first!
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:55pm jed:

You are ALL a bunch of drunks! Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  Fri. 5/8/09 8:55pm adam p:

hi pseu, the cheval sombre track brought the spacemen3 artists to mind
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:09pm Observer of Life:

C'mon, Bryce Ed and Commenters! Come through with some decent material for Pseu, like she said! We all know guys were mainly put on earth to help women out when they demand it, right...?
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:11pm kme in chi:

Observer: wait, what? I just tuned in. What are we doing? I'd do a lot to hear some music, and I'm not even a man.
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:11pm bartelby:

Speaking of public service, maybe the Portland guy can describe the aesthetic manhole covers of the Rose City
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:18pm Mark Allen:

Pseu I like your phrase "upstairs jerk neighbor."

ps. Hi Ed Word.
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:26pm texas scott:

you pulled your carberator
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:41pm Pearly Sweets:

Pseu, I hope you don't mind that I am going to sample your voice. I assure you, only tastefully.
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:43pm pseu:

what a bunch of bullshit.
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:44pm Pearly Sweets:

  Fri. 5/8/09 9:44pm texas scott:

hey Pearly....go ahead.
i hear her voice in my head
when i get a headache.
no one pays me...
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:44pm Observer:

Hi, kme -- Was just poking Miss Anthrope, and then wandered away from keyboard for a bit. Have a nice day! Night, I mean.
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:46pm Pearly Sweets:

It is from a show she did about three (four) weeks ago when Bryce was visiting. No voice could be more magical.
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:51pm texas scott:

Bryce just took over the turntables....
2nd time today...
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:54pm I. Bissell:

  Fri. 5/8/09 9:54pm Ravi Shankar:

Not quite, ts -- no ragas... Maybe a little closer to 1974 Crimson???
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:57pm Glenn L:

No, I really do like getting squeezed there, and after years & years of doing it, I gotta say, I really don't care how much it hurts or about the long term effects it'll have on my body.

......oh shit, wrong comments page...........
  Fri. 5/8/09 9:58pm texas scott:

ravi shankar WHOTHEFUCKAREYOU???

just kiddin'...yea,you're right!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:00pm Ahhhhhhhhh:

Tks for the fitting mood music, Pseu!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:01pm I. Bissell:

Yeh -This why I don't listen too often. I'm out of medication and can't get the ringing out of my ear.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:03pm Hyperacusis:

What? I didn't hear that, sorry.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:03pm texas scott:

wow!this kawabata is like bukkake!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:05pm Pringles:

No one can eat just one! (TM)
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:10pm I. Bissell:

So are you going to chatting about FN?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:11pm Secret Syde:

Re: Instructions for Visiting Pseu

Say bukkake. Repeat as needed. The faster the better. Might work for Sexlab, too.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:13pm Mike:

  Fri. 5/8/09 10:18pm ............................:

  Fri. 5/8/09 10:19pm Clit/Clat:

Is it Clit/or/ass or Clit/er/is? Like Nul/klear or Nuk/lear?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:23pm >.<:

  Fri. 5/8/09 10:23pm Moviefone Guy:

"Taint Misbehavin: The Bi-curious Case of Benjamin's Butth0Ie. In A World....."
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:24pm SPUDS:

Clint Loris...where did she go ?
Didn't she go out with Uncle HYmen ?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:25pm Lou Grant:

Clitoris leach, man !
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:26pm texas scott:

what happened to benjamin's butthole???
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:27pm Moviefone Guy:

tex scot - I don't know. It was lost In A World of some sort.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:28pm Clit Eastwood:

I directed that.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:29pm texas scott:

...Lost In A World Of Confusion....
The Head Of A Man Named Bryce......
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:30pm Moviefone Guy:

I like that, Clit East of Wood !
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:33pm moviefone Guy:

"In A World.... Between Cheeto and Ass...... Taint Misbehavin' "
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:33pm Nutrition Information:

I AM UTTERLY COMPELLING RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:33pm texas scott:

funyuan = fritos
all the food that you need
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:33pm <.>:

WIll the sex talk be this colorful too?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:34pm dr pepper:

i'm so misunderstood.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:34pm Fun in the Fundus:

Margo Funyan is trendy to listen to these days
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:37pm Crazy Train:

  Fri. 5/8/09 10:37pm bartelby:

I don't know what that guy's problem is. it's compelling just busting out all over, over here.
I might stop by Walgreens for some fried crunchy stuff later.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:37pm Nutrition Information:

So start an argument. Those are always compelling.

Oops, my bad, you just did!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:39pm this show:

sucks the hardest it has sucked it's
the MOST suckiest and it just SUXXXXIITTTT!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:40pm Wild Wild West Club Society:

Nutrition Information - didn't you open up on a Skinny Puppy tour once?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:40pm Pearly Sweets:

Vocals done.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:42pm Nutrirional Informational:

I actually have been enjoying it. Just going with the misanthropy premise. I try to be a good guest. O:-)
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:42pm texas scott:

french my horn ,sucker!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:43pm Dog Chain Fight Tonight:

Texas Scott - just read that former post of yours - so the guy from the 70s who had the dog fights, had him a trailer full of bitches, you could say?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:45pm Sucker:

Which horn, the Creme Horn or the Devil Dog ?
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:46pm Pearly Sweets:

TS, Pick devil dog. Trust me.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:50pm Yes:

mobile home full of bitches!!!

devil dog,?...devilled ham?

i think this radio show sucksittt,Pearly...
but you already know that,vet that you are...
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:52pm Pearly Sweets:

I only listen to pseu's show. I don't understand the comment.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:53pm Olivia Fig Newton Tremors:

Sucker - eat some devilled eggs and some beans, and let me hear your body talk, your body talk. Let me hear your body taaalk. (insert sax solo here)
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:54pm I. Bissell:

Hey Pseu - I'm bedding down for the night. Very Compelling! I need some Windmill!

  Fri. 5/8/09 10:54pm texas scott:

  Fri. 5/8/09 10:55pm John Today:

Last Comment Whoop Whoop!
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:56pm pseu:

ah, shut up.
  Fri. 5/8/09 10:57pm texas scott:

i left this party hours ago...when bissell came in ,I left
you mentally...
suksuksuk ittt!
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:00pm Pearly Sweets:

Ruffle gas!
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:01pm dragonflyshards:

Pseu -Great show,as always...3-way banter funny shit...unfortunately beyond the scope of some people who aren't smart enough to change the station when they dont like it.
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:02pm dragonflyshards:

p.s...Where's my clitoris?
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:02pm Glenn L:

Mr. Snuffle ruffle gas.
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:03pm dragonflyshards:

where's my pee-pee???
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:03pm Pearly Sweets:

It is next to your femur.
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:03pm Pearly Sweets:

That is the answer to all location questions.
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:04pm texas scott:

ah,there it is....
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:04pm Cloris East wood:

Vulva, East Of java
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:05pm dragonflyshards:

oh.OH!.......there it is...th-th...thank you.
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:05pm Glenn L:

You'll never need google maps again.
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:07pm SUKFAST:

yesyes yes... yes...!!!
  Fri. 5/8/09 11:08pm dragonflyshards:

(ps-it wasnt me asking "wheres the peepee"It was some other asshole.)
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