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Music for guys with food stains on their shirts: the required dosage of shitalo and d.i.y. crud you need to start your weekend right.

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March 14, 2009: marathon week 2 - with tom scharpling!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
th faith healers uk  sos   split 7" with mambo taxi  0:00:00 )
greg hawkes  jet lag   music of the north american solo male (1978-1987) choking on cufflinks 2009 marathon premium  0:02:58 )
cause co-motion  which way is up   it's time  0:10:27 )
rudi  big time   7"  0:11:45 )
comet gain  kid's at the club   holloway sweethearts ep 7"  0:14:27 )
pooh sticks  hard on love   woosh flexi  0:17:29 )
the coloured balls  flash   ball power  0:28:31 )
mugstar  born to go   mugstar/mudhoney split 7"  0:31:38 )
the sophist  subliminal control (excerpt)   music of the north american solo male (1978-1987) choking on cufflinks 2009 marathon premium  0:37:23 )
childern's hospital  unseen   alone together  1:01:54 )
chants r & b  neighbour neighbour   s/t  1:05:12 )
suzy andrews  teenage iceage   s/t  1:07:53 )
a.e. stevenson/robot collies  everybody's doin it   music of the north american solo male (1978-1987) choking on cufflinks 2009 marathon premium  1:11:56 )
boris badenough  hey rocky   7"  1:26:46 )
crystal stilts  love is a wave   7"  1:27:56 )
summer hits  beaches & canyons   going against maz's advice comp.  1:30:00 )
new order  age of consent   power, corpution & lies  1:32:20 )
cold cave  love comes close   live on wfmu - choking on cufflinks  1:37:22 )
the limit  do it   7"  2:00:21 )
divine  shoot your shot   12"  2:03:24 )
tin pan valley  hanky panky   7"  2:09:32 )
frederick m.  nothing to fear   music of the north american solo male (1978-1987) choking on cufflinks 2009 marathon premium  2:12:28 )
love is all  new beginnings   a hundred things keep me up at night  2:29:50 )
the first class  beach baby   7"  2:32:34 )
robert derby  youth in asia   music of the north american solo male (1978-1987) choking on cufflinks 2009 marathon premium  2:37:20 )
chrisma  black silk stockings   7"  2:49:16 )
gary blanchard  blue diamonds   music of the north american solo male (1978-1987) choking on cufflinks 2009 marathon premium  2:51:56 )

Listener comments!

  Sat. 3/14/09 9:04pm dc pat:

first. woo.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:09pm Ethel Mertz:

Hello, can you please play something taht sounds like
beans and tortillas! Thank you Ethel Mertz
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:12pm Rory:

Welcome Tom Scharpling! woo hoo!
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:14pm dave:

the 2008 Choking On Cufflinks t-shirts gets compliments wheever i go. i've had people just walk up to me on the street and commend me on my taste in t-shirts while wearing it. i am not making this up.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:15pm dave:

good heavens, that comment was typo hell. sorry.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:15pm mike g.:

hey everyone - the first prize today is the cause co-motion!'s great it's time! cd comp. on slumberland
$15 or more will get you in the running for it!
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:31pm mike g.:

congratulations to steve & barbara for winning the cause co-motion! cd - up now is the coloured balls - ball power cd.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:38pm dave from knoxville:

I am all tapped out (I increased my giving from last year by a third,) but I am wishing all the best for the tail end of the marathon. Go get them, guys!
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:39pm texas scott:

i like this station.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:40pm Joshua K:

Dave from knoxville, you are a stand-up guy.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:46pm josiano:

What is this track ???
Thank you !
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:46pm dave from knoxville:

Tom, can you get your buddy Patton to cough up 300k of that Ratalouie money to make up the station shortfall?
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:49pm Big Plastic Head:

@DfK - I think he spent all that Pixar money on comic books.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:50pm Swami:

Maybe Mayor Ziegler can find something in the discretionary budget . . .
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:56pm dave:

i wouldn't bet on it. mayor ziegler's gonna blow the discretionary budget on hoagies and eagles jerseys.
  Sat. 3/14/09 9:59pm texas scott:

that's funny dave.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:02pm Joshua K:

If we could some how get Shaq's twitter to tell people to donate...
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:05pm mike g.:

congratulations herb for winning the coloured balls cd - up now is the chants r & b lp...

the backing track this show is conrad schnitzler's auf dem schwarzen kanal
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:09pm dave:

if i could afford the booze cruise pledge level, i'd already be picking out my bermuda shorts and working on my john f. barmon jr. impression.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:12pm texas scott:

that's funny dave
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:14pm ali c.:

ha, teenage iceage sounds like it had "eisbar" mixed into it. i wish i were a polar bear because polar bears don't cry
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:16pm dave:

i'm beginning to think that texas scott doesn't actually think i'm funny.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:17pm Joshua K:

that's funny dave
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:18pm Big Plastic Head:

Now THAT is funny, DfK.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:18pm dave:

  Sat. 3/14/09 10:18pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:21pm dave:

oh, and i'm not dave in knoxville. he actually IS funny.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:22pm texas scott:

that's funny dave
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:25pm Big Plastic Head:

I keep reading texas scott comments in the voice of HAL from 2001. Is that wrong?
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:26pm Danne D:

waiting for the FMU "Best of Listener Comments" premium :)
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:26pm dave:

that's funny, Big Plastic Head.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:27pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:31pm mike g.:

congratulations to david for winning the chants r & b. the crystal stilts cd is now up for a pledge of $15 or more.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:31pm dave:

you and me both, kid.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:36pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:40pm dave:

you and me both, kid.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:42pm texas scott:

that's funny dave
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:43pm dave:

it totally is.
  Sat. 3/14/09 10:57pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:00pm john Bergmayer:

I like this station.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:01pm Joshua K:

If you do a mouse pledge you can get enough t-shirts to last a whole week.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:02pm dc pat:

i hate texas scott
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:03pm mike g.:

congratulations to ruth for winning the crystal stilts - up now is the life & times of harvey milk dvd.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:04pm dave:

i like texas scott.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:04pm HotRod:

How could you hate Texas Scott???
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:05pm Carmichael:

Goot Eva-nink Michael, Tom and WFMU-ers. Remember, you can't post if you didn't pledge. Something will happen to your computer.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:06pm texas scott:

that's funny dave
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:07pm dc pat:

I like HotRod and dave but not texas scott
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:07pm HotRod:

Oh yeah
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:09pm HotRod:

Don't ever stop pledging!!! Shoot your shot!!!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:09pm dc pat:

I'm just kidding, I like texas scott--in fact I love him, but right now I'm not sure about Michael Goodstein...
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:09pm texas scott:

i like dc pat
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:09pm Carmichael:

DC Pat, how's your giant hole?
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:10pm dc pat:

Hey Carm, it's almost done--just have to sand it down and then paint tomorrow. Thanks for aksing.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:11pm ?:

was the divine song from ...the DIVINE!!!!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:12pm Carmichael:

In case you're wondering, I've been sitting here doing tax work all day. You, Hot Rod & Texas Scott are WFMU animals!! On the board all the time!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:12pm dc pat:

mrs. dc pat is going to be so happy when she gets back home...
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:13pm dc pat:

I know, it's getting kind of embarrassing...I'm going to have to take a break....NOW1
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:14pm dave:

texas scott sez he's within spittin' distance of a mouse pledge.

here's a challenge: i'll match the difference between texas scott's current pledge amount and a mouse pledge if he'll up his pledge to a mouse pledge.

oh, and anybody else wanna match him too?

and it's

so, texas scott, post what the difference is, pledge it, and i'll match it.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:14pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:14pm HotRod:

Why does everyone insist on putting a space in my name???
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:15pm Joshua K:

YOw... these Rods are HOT
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:16pm Danne D:

Probably the whole 2nd capital letter thing HotRod!

I have to say this might be the most themed marathon shown I've seen - at least going down the song titles anyway.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:16pm texas scott:

you're on dave
this is for hotrod
now i am a mouse
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:17pm Carmichael:

Sorry HotRod. I'ts just that I've known some rods that weren't so hot, adjectively speaking.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:19pm Joshua K:

DJ /Rupture has a / in his name I bet people leave out all the time.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:19pm Carmichael:

Man, I really liked the hanky panky song. And this one kicks ass in an ultra-cool way. This singer is looking into the distance, not caring if you watch him or not.

But you have to. Because he's so cool.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:19pm dave:

matched. you're a mensch AND a mouse, texas scott.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:19pm dc pat:

i like texas scott...and HotRod...DAMMIT, NO MORE COMMENTS!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:20pm Joshua K:

The Scharpling bump.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:23pm dave:

so, the rest of you: texas scott stepped up. howzaboutit?
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:24pm Carmichael:

Dave, are you in CA?!? I'm up in your lovely Capitol, stalking the Governator.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:25pm dc pat:

by the way HotRod, you ruled the finale last year...SHIT, THat's it, no more comments, this time for real!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:26pm dave:

nope, i'm in NJ. our governor has actually been in the kind of high-speed automobile drama the governator only simujlates.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:26pm texas scott:

pledge you MOTHERFUCKERS!!!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:28pm dave:

that's funny scott.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:28pm texas scott:

i like this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:29pm dave:

you and me both, kid.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:29pm texas scott:

that's funny dave
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:30pm Carmichael:

Great coincidence that some other Dave pledged at the same time you did.

Texas Mouse, I'm gettin' up the huevos to pledge. let me do some cipherin'.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:30pm HotRod:

So who's matching my pledge???
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:31pm texas scott:

that's funny hotrod
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:32pm dave:

ok, the rest of you have heard it: there' are two new pledge levels.

the Texas Scott and the HotRod.

go pledge, or go home.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:33pm mike g.:

congrats to ruth for winning the crystal stilts cd... up now is the love is all - a hundred things keep me up at night LP...
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:33pm HotRod:

I love (is all) this little band.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:34pm dave:

you and me both, kid.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:35pm texas scott:

i like love is all this station
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:36pm Carmichael:

Ya!! First Class!!!!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:37pm Carmichael:

Is this Tony Burrows? Or the other Tony? The one from the Flowerpot Men.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:40pm mike g.:

tony burrows - that sibelius french horn part was also used by strawberry switchblade in "since yesterday"
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:42pm Larry Harmon:

"Youth in Asia"? Get out of here!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:43pm Carmichael:

Boy, he wrote a buttload of syrupy stuff back in the '70s. The Chinn-Chapman era. Aaahhh, the memories. Smokie's "Fall Back in the Arms of Someone" ....
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:45pm Carmichael:

Automatically ....
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:52pm Carmichael:

Tick tock, people .....
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:52pm mike g.:

congrats to melinda for winning the love is all and mathew for winning the philip cohran - up now are the lines flood bank cd and the morgan fisher - seasons original cherry red lp.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:56pm texas scott:

you will NOT hear WFMU over the internet if you don't give at least ten bucks...
this is for all the listeners who don't pick up the station on your radio...
this could be the end!!!!
pledge now and often!!!!
the future depends on you!!!
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:58pm Carmichael:

I'm officially broke. Someone please join me.
  Sat. 3/14/09 11:58pm Danne D:

Seriously, folks. There's literally thousands of hours of great archives available for free online. That costs $ for FMU. Think about the $ you spend on...well..crap. And sent a nice pledge FMU's way!
  Sun. 3/15/09 12:00am texas scott:

i'm with you carmichael.
at least we got wfmu.org!
  Sun. 3/15/09 12:02am Danne D:

Hooray for anonymous!
  Sun. 3/15/09 12:02am Carmichael:

Anonymous RULES!!!!!
  Sun. 3/15/09 12:08am hey:

is there any possibility?Carmichael
  Sun. 3/15/09 12:09am Carmichael:

  Sun. 3/15/09 12:10am hey:

dont worry im drunk
  Sun. 3/15/09 12:12am hey:

bit i sitll can count, strange
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