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Options June 3, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Thomas Leer  Tight As A Drum   Options Contradictions  Cherry Red  0:00:00 ()
Black Devil Disco Club  For Hoped   Options Eight Oh Eight  Lo  0:04:53 ()
The Pharcyde  Runnin' (Philippians RMX Instrumental)   Options Delicious Vinyl All-Stars: RMXXOLOGY  Delicious Vinyl  0:10:02 ()
DJ Romes  Unknown   Options Rhythm Trax Vol. 2  Stones Throw  0:15:16 ()
Ofo The Black Company  Eniaro   Options Nigeria Rock Special  Soundway  0:17:29 ()
Bobby Womack  Don't Make This The Last Date For You And Me   Options B.W. Goes C. & W.  United Artists  0:29:37 ()
Joel Mathis  Time Machine   Options Nashville Sputnik  Omni  0:32:54 ()
Formerly Fat Harry  Wild Side Of Life   Options Goodbye For Good  Hux  0:35:13 ()
Blues Addicts  Ba-Ba-Dar   Options Blues Addicts  Shadoks  0:38:34 ()
Endless Boogie  The Manly Vibe   Options Focus Level  No Quarter  0:42:51 ()
Bo Diddley  Cadillac   Options The Chess Box  Chess  0:52:26 ()
My Kind Of People  Nobody Knows Why The Butterfly Died   Options Let's Ride  Psychic Circle  1:01:49 ()
Terry Reid  Silver White Light (Live)   Options Silver White Light  Water  1:03:04 ()
Tenniscoats  Donna Donna   Options Totemo Aimasho  Room40  1:08:47 ()
Amon & Lepke  Demo   Options Demo Derby  No Label  1:12:29 ()
Bumble Bee Unlimited  Everybody Dance   Options The Master Of The Masterpiece 2  P&P  1:16:29 ()
Peter Walker  Caminar En La Tarde   Options Echo Of My Soul  Tompkins Square  1:30:47 ()
GIlberto Gil  Pega A Voga, Cabeludo   Options The Sound Of Revolution 1968-69  El  1:34:27 ()
The Carpenters  I Won't Last A Day Without You   Options Close To You  A&M  1:38:51 ()
Brothers Unlimited  Take Me Back   Options Who's For The Young  Fallout  1:42:37 ()
Ernest Ranglin  Ranglin Satta   Options Tree Of Satta  Blood And Fire  1:44:24 ()
Rhys Chatham  Guitar Trio Pt. 2, Cleveland   Options Guitar Trio Is My Life!  Radium  1:53:00 ()
XYX  Microvibraciones   Options Sistema De Terminacion Sexual  S-S  2:08:57 ()
Circle X  Prehistory Part II   Options Prehistory  Blue Chopsticks  2:13:22 ()
Mark Stewart  Strange Cargo   Options Edit  Crippled Dick Hot Wax  2:18:25 ()
Rod Modell  Temple   Options Incense & Black Light  Plop  2:24:21 ()
William Basinski  The Disintegration Loops   Options The Disintegrations Loops  Musex  2:29:17 ()
Margaret Carter  I Want Plenty Grease In My Frying Pan   Options Oh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me! Female Blues Singers Rarities  Sub Rosa  2:37:54 ()
Charlie Feathers  If You Were Mine To Lose   Options We're Getting Closer To Being Apart 7"  Norton  2:40:41 ()
Balla Et Ses Balladins  Soumbuyaya   Options The Syliphone Years  Sterns  2:43:28 ()
Sons Of The Kingdom  Modernization   Options Soul Messages From Dimona  Numero Group  2:47:37 ()
Earth, Roots And Water  Zion   Options Innocent Youths  Light In The Attic  2:53:12 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 6/3/08 9:02am Hatch:

Hellooooooo. Happy Super(delegate) Tuesday.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:12am Swami:

Super delegate Tuesday, where the elite meet to greet and eat and subvert the nature of true democracy.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:14am adam:

Hatch and swami, please tell me what your update is on the pres race!
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:16am adam:

H: That soundbyte says it all
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:16am mila kunis fan:

happy tuesday hatch--please find and play some LITTLE EVA,,her tunes are ever soooo groooooovy!!! i'd be ever soo greatfull,,thanks hatch=)=)=)
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:17am fitJCityStyle:

McCain = Evil

but this lady is awesome!

like this ams set!
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:18am Parq:

My point exactly; let's get this wrapped up and move on to the business of being humilated by the GOP in the fall.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:18am Hatch:

Luckily for us, the elites don't seem too eager to subvert democracy this year.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:19am sosikvitawreddy:

hatch, man, puleeze just play music. don't make us nervus
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:19am adam:

any positive or hopeful thoughts?
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:21am Parq:

Come on, Sosik. Hatch's show without politics would be like Trouble's show without French.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:23am Swami:

Yes. There will be a large degree of attention paid to important matters of political substance in this year's race. My predictions: Obama: Boxers. McCain: Tighty whities. Clinton: Boxer briefs. Nader: Union suit. Paul: Freeballin'
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:26am adam:

thanks for the positivos, h
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:31am toni daytona:

obama has alfred e. newman ears,,yall ever notice??
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:33am Hatch:

Hard to miss, Toni.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:41am Cecile:

Yeah, but that voice. He should make a Barry White record:
"Lady, I need to tell you how much you mean to me. And about my economic plan..."

*cue strings*
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:45am Cecile:

Hay, Hatch, play some KNIFE WORLD
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:45am Swami:

Awesome set Hatch!
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:46am C:

I went up to the Rules Committee protest on Saturday just to see the spectacle. The highlight for me was seeing the yellow Hillary-mobile. Will we be missing all the drama in a few months?
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:48am dc pat:

hate to be obvious but I could use some Bo this morning.

One things for sure: I dislike Hillary a whole lot more now than I did a year ago.
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:50am jimmy k:

CAn't believe you wont be a-lovin' this one Brennan
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:51am Swami:

Endless Boogie! The room is on Angel Dust! Takin me higheer!
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:53am Lang:

Thank you Hatchy!
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:53am jonathan:

r.i.p. bo diddley
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:54am dc pat:

thanks...hey this ain't pretty thing it's C-A-D-I-L-L-A-C
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:56am toni daytona:

hatch,,just for a gag i want you to play IT'S A GAS from the mad magazine goin out to obama,,cause that'll be REALLY funny!!! ty hatch
  Tue. 6/3/08 9:56am Cecile:

the inaccuplaylist at Belock calls it.

Still, all honor to Bo.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:01am Hatch:

C: I already miss the Ron Paul drama, so I will undoubtedly miss the Hillary drama too.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:10am ted:

Last time I saw Terry Reed was him opening for the Goodbye Cream tour.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:12am ted:

That mus have been 40 years ago. He was great. He did the just about everything from the first album. Much better than Cream but was booed off because he wasn't Cream.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:16am ted:

Why does every Bo obit describe his guitars as square?
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:18am Hatch:

I noticed most of the network newscasts basically just read the text of the AP obituary. Seems like the people who write the news aren't usually so bright.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:19am Hatch:

Or,um, knowledgeable about music.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:20am Cecile:

or able to type words into Google.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:22am ted:

Or know what square, rectangle, or trapezoidal means.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:22am GUMBY:

Our local paper had three columns on Harvey Korman, not that I didn't like him, but only one on Bo. This countries obsession on movies and TV over music is baffling to me.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:23am Bad Ronald:

They know Diddley 'bout Bo!
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:25am ted:

Maybe someone should make a square banjo. My Bo Ukulele is almost finished (really).
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:31am GUMBY:

In Jamaica, this guy was playing what he called a marimba. Which a square box you sit on and pluck old knife blades to make a bass sound. Maybe a Bo bass ?
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:31am Hatch:

Square sousaphone would be interesting.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:34am dc pat:

I have one of those boxes--rumba box. I saw a guy playing that as a bass w/ big gloves to protect his hands and an old Jamaican guy playing banjo. It was probably the greatest street music I've seen.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:39am Parq:

Of course Harvey K's demise spilled more ink than Bo's, and I wouldn't have it any othe way. When something achieves major mainstream popularity, it inevitably goes to shit. If Mr. and Mrs. Walmart wanna keep their hands off Didley, that's just fine with me.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:39am dc pat:

I have an LP somewhere of a guy playing a diddley bo--one string guitar. It's pretty impressive what he does with one string.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:40am Negator:

The Carpenters. This is so lovely. I'm losin' my fuckin' mind! Thanks Hatch.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:40am Cecile:

I loved both Harvey Korman and Bo Diddley. Don't be hatin' on Harvey, he'd probably be embarassed by the fuss they made.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:43am Cecile:

the Carpenters still really disturb me, they even did when I was a kid. The saddest group ever...
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:43am GUMBY:

dc- Those were the guys!!! A guy with a small banjo, a guitar player and the rumba box guy (thanks for the correct name). They wandered around the pool and beach, stopped and started singing and playing, Definately some of the best folk music. They even played Wynnonie Harris's "Don't Roll Your Bloodshot Eyes at me." I was in heaven in paradise!
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:43am dc pat:

what about the guy who invented the Pringles can?? He died yesterday too, let's show some respect folks!

Carpenters give me the willies..
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:44am Hatch:

I heard Karen Carpenter was buried in a Pringles can too.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:45am Cecile:

I was going to say something really tasteless, but it wouldn't be fair to the Pringles can.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:45am dc pat:

whoa, I saw those guys in Saratoga, NY.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:46am Bad Ronald:

Don't make me throw up!
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:47am ted:

You mean, I should take my finger out of your throat?
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:48am ted:

Isn't that what Karen did?
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:49am GUMBY:

The banjo guy said he was 76 and he'd been around, I said I was from New Jersey and he said he played in Seaside Heights once. Nice to know good music gets around.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:49am Bad Ronald:

Bulimia nervosa
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:52am Cecile:

I think I worry too much of the delicate sensitivities of the comments section. ;)
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:55am Bad Ronald:

Sorry Cecile don't want to steal your thunder...
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:56am Hatch:

WFMU accuplaylist groupies are like fragile porcelain dolls.
  Tue. 6/3/08 10:58am Cecile:

I prefer "camp follower" myself.
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:00am Hatch:

Speaking of delicate sensitivities...
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:05am Parq:

Meaning no offense, it happens they resents it,-- ladies and their sensitivities, m'Lord.
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:05am GUMBY:

Hey dc Pat, I just did a search and found out those guys play Mento music and most of them are over 60 now. Jamaican music before Bob Marley, who knew?
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:06am Hatch:

Irwin knew, for one.
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:11am GUMBY:

I figured some FMUers would know. My own personal quest to experience sound continues both within and without the FMUesphere! Thanks for passing the sound around.
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:12am Hatch:

There's a good disc called Mento Madness, well worth getting.
  Tue. 6/3/08 11:15am GUMBY:

I will look into that, thanks!
  Tue. 6/3/08 12:01pm Parq:

Great show as always, Mr. H. Looking forward to your wrap-up next week of today's electoral festivities.
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