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I play great music and talk to people about stuff.

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Options May 20, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Van Duren  Oh Babe   Options Are You Serious?  Water  0:00:00 ()
Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis  Take Your Time   Options Indian Giver  Birdman  0:02:58 ()
Brinsley Schwartz  Funk Angel   Options Despite It All  Liberty  0:08:30 ()
Vetiver  Hurry On Sundown   Options Thing Of The Past  Gnomonsong  0:12:32 ()
Allen Ginsberg  Prayer Blues   Options First Blues  Smithsonian Folkways  0:25:27 ()
Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti  Untitled   Options Bellows  Kning  0:35:18 ()
Lau Nau  Ruususuu   Options Nukkuu  Locust  0:43:33 ()
Pumice  Bold/Old   Options Pebbles  Soft Abuse  0:45:54 ()
Orchestre Regional De Kayes  Sanjina   Options The Best Of The First Biennale Of Arts And Culture For The Young  Mississippi  0:55:39 ()
Johnny Guitar  Mon Du Dow   Options Shadow Music Of Thailand  Sublime Frequencies  1:02:23 ()
Kumasi Trio  Asin Asin Part 2   Options Living Is Hard: West African Music In Britain, 1927-1929  Honest Jons  1:05:21 ()
Millie Jackson  It Hurts So Good   Options It Hurts So Good  Southbound  1:07:35 ()
Masta Killa  Pass The Bone   Options Made In Brooklyn  Nature Sounds  1:10:45 ()
Guided By Voices  My Impression Now   Options Fast Japanese Spin Cycle  Engine  1:21:37 ()
Cheap Time  People Talk   Options Cheap Time  In The Red  1:23:33 ()
Jay Reatard  See/Saw   Options See-Saw 7"  Matador  1:25:56 ()
The Lines  Not Through Windows   Options Memory Span  Acute  1:28:55 ()
Kim Fowley  Human Being Blues   Options I'm Bad  Capitol  1:32:07 ()
Tumulto  Tu, Yo Y Nuestro Amor   Options Love, Peace & Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music  Shadoks  1:35:19 ()
Rex Allen, Jr.  Home Song (Dreams Of What May Come)   Options Today's Generation  Omni  1:46:04 ()
Ron Elliott  Molly In The Middle   Options The Candlestickmaker  Collectors Choice  1:48:11 ()
Neil Hamburger  How Can I Still Be Patriotic (When They've Taken Away My Right To Cry)   Options Sings Country Winner  Drag City  1:52:07 ()
Dillard & Clark  Train Leaves Here This Mornin'   Options The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark  Water  1:56:55 ()
Andy Votel  Part 5   Options Brazilika  Farout  2:01:46 ()
Paper Bubble  Energy   Options Scenery  RPM  2:11:07 ()
The Electronic Hole  The Golden Hour Part IV   Options The Electronic Hole  A.S.  2:19:27 ()
Baris Manco  Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim   Options 2023  No Label  2:25:53 ()
Sun City Girls  Mr. Lonely Viola   Options Mr. Lonely  Drag City  2:30:40 ()
Philip Jeck  Fanfares   Options Sand  Touch  2:34:35 ()
Sick Skull  Survivable Spaces   Options Sick To Death  Siltbreeze  2:43:47 ()
Yoro Sidibe  Untitled   Options Yoro Sidibe  Yaala Yaala  2:47:14 ()
Earth, Roots And Water  Jah Les Lament   Options Innocent Youths  Light In The Attic  2:53:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/20/08 9:01am Hatch:

  Tue. 5/20/08 9:02am Bruce:

Washington DC chiming in. Oh babe!
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:11am Hatch:

Good morning, DC.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:11am Bad Ronald:

Morning. Thanks for the Brinsley Schwartz!
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:23am Parq:

Can we talk about the weather? So far, this May has been one of the worst Aprils I've ever seen. Bleah. It's three days to Mem Day Weekend, and I saw someone on my Flatiron District street last night wearing a parka!
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:27am dc pat:

Alls I can say is at least we're not going straight from Winter to Summer here in DC. DC Summers blow.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:28am Bruce:

Weather... well, I'm taking my first go at urban gardening. Herbs, mainly. Liking the rain, in that respect. Ginsberg time.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:29am Hatch:

Enough about the weather. Let's talk about sociology. Much more exciting.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:29am seanh:

I think Iron Man communicates a subliminal militarism, glorifying the benevolent infallibility of our armed forces, their unlimited and flawless precise strike abilities and ability to completely avoid collateral damage. Iron Man himself is a sort of metaphor for the American conception of our deeply flawed "smart bomb" conception of warfare, namely that war can be a clean, flawless instrument to fight evil. Spencer Ackerman at the American Prospect makes a similar point. "But what's missing in the movie is what has sustained the character for most of its history. Iron Man is a scathing critique of American imperialism. "
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:30am Hatch:

Any sociologists in the house?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:31am Bad Ronald:

Do misanthropes count?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:32am Bruce:

Dated one.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:33am dc pat:

interesting seanh. I think we should talk about bombs.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:33am Parq:

Interesting how people's reactions to Allen Ginsberg's music reflect the attitudes into which they've been socialized by peer experiences and background. In a way, this recording is a Rorchak (sp?) test, reflecting the interactions that have brought the listener to his or her current attitudinal orientation. Personally, I think he's a weirdo. And that's not a complaint.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:33am Hatch:

Fine. Let's talk bombs. What's your favorite kind of bomb?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:34am Bad Ronald:

I dig the "Gay" Bomb.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:35am Hatch:

Or we could follow Parq's lead and apply sociological analyses to each song played on today's show.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:35am GUMBY:

A Blonde Bombshell
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:35am seanh:

cobalt bomb
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:36am Parq:

How 'bout Bomba the Jungle Boy?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:36am Matt:

Does "Sex Bomb" by Flipper count?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:36am Hatch:

I'm gonna have to go with "hydrogen."
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:36am dc pat:

Jeeze Parq, I was just thinking the same thing. If I wasn't kind of steeped in Ginsberg, I'd probably hate that tune.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:39am dc pat:

There's an interesting connection between Repo Man and the guy who invented the neutron bomb, Samuel Cohen. He liked the movie and had a couple of meetings w/ Alex Cox. Apparently he got an award from the Pope for making a humane means of murder too.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:42am Hatch:

Was the award presented at the 734th Annual Papal Murder Awards ceremony?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:44am dc pat:

Could have been. You gotta love the thinking behind inventing a weapon that only kills people and doesn't cause any economic damage. Kill the poor...
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:44am Hatch:

Who else was nominated for that year's "Most Humane Means Of Murder" award?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:46am seanh:

dear god I love pumice
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:47am Bad Ronald:

Dr. Guillotin
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:49am molerat:

Anyone else getting a crackly 128k mp3 stream?
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:49am Bad Ronald:

May have been vinyl...
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:50am Bad Ronald:

Nope tour right, Hatch's voice is distorted.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:51am seanh:

I'm on 32k, and it also sounds odd. Pumice does sound that rough usually, but now hatch himself sounds choppy, so I suspect something is actually up.
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:52am seanh:

nothing's going on in oregon, all their voting is conducted by mail
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:53am silvia:

yes cRackily streaming
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:58am joe:

Yes, static on the stream!
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:58am Hatch:

Thanks for the notice, we're checking into it right now. Hopefully it'll be fixed quickly!
  Tue. 5/20/08 9:59am dc pat:

crackly here too. Good name for a group: Crackly
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:00am doron:

hey cracky stream people: which stream is crackly?
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:00am lil buddy:

the orchestre regional -- is the vinyl only thing that was just released?
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:01am dc pat:

32k mp3 but it's not crackly anymore.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:01am lil buddy:

stream seems better
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:02am molerat:

128k sounds fine now. Thanks.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:02am Bad Ronald:

yes indeed.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:07am Hatch:

That's right Buddy, vinyl only.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:12am Jonathan Steinke:

Hi! Now, I don't know if this is some kind of Snopes-like rumor or what but I thought maybe this could be informative in some way or another. Anyway...wow, REALLY bowled over by Orchestral Regional De Kayes. I am just awestruck!

  Tue. 5/20/08 10:21am jonathan:

no tv is wonderful...haven't had one in years.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:25am Cecile:

I liked it when Iron Man remembered to fly through the hole in his roof that he made like 2 weeks beforehand.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:27am Cecile:


thank you.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:28am dc pat:

like that Cheap Time. sounds like the 'kids' are rediscovering Buzzcocks/Unndertones
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:30am dc pat:

hey, anybody else bummed that Tom Waits isn't coming within 500 miles of the east coast on his tour?
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:32am Hatch:

Pat, consider yourself lucky. You just saved yourself $200.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:32am Bruce:

I thought that not owning a TV would keep me from wasting my time consuming crap I didn't need. Then I found I was draining YouTube dry. Fortunately kicked that habit. But I think the predilection for useless info was laid down as a kid when I read cereal boxes at the breakfast table.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:32am Cecile:

No, you are the only one, special snowflake. ;D
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:37am dc pat:

Correction: I saved about $1000, includes flight to Atlanta, and hotel.

I like that, "special snowflake"...
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:37am Jonathan Steinke:

St. Louie 3-1-4 chimin in!
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:46am Hatch:

Pat, just go see Scarlett Johansson sing his songs. Same deal, better looking. Probably cheaper too.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:53am nakedfoul:

Go Neil!
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:54am Cecile:

*dead at the puppies line*
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:54am special snowflake:

Good idea. just thought it would be nice to see Tom once before one of us dies.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:56am Bad Ronald:

Get Nighthawks at the Diner and listen to it with your eyes clossed... that should do the trick.
  Tue. 5/20/08 10:59am Parq:

Notably, there was just a BOB post about the frustrating unavailability of "Big Time". Major-label concerts cost $200 now? Phew.
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:00am Bad Ronald:

$200? - F That!
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:17am kwhitehead:

Hatch, is this entire Paper Bubble record as good as this song? If so, where can I buy it?

  Tue. 5/20/08 11:20am Hatch:

Yep, the whole record is excellent. The CD is on RPM records, I'm sure you can get order it from Amazon.
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:33am wlad:

please try to wake me up
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:34am Bad Ronald:

Rest assured Belock will take care of that
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:42am untel:

baris manco's long time band played in a bar in east village last saturday, it was amazing.
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:45am Bad Ronald:

This sick Skull recalls shades of VU to me.
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:46am dc pat:

Waits in Atlanta tickets are $60, still too much but not THAT much. I paid $50 to see Devo couple years back....what an idiot I was...
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:48am Hatch:

Wish I'd known about the Boris Manco thing. Hackamore Brick played at a bar in Chinatown this weekend too... heard it was good.
  Tue. 5/20/08 11:59am mike:

SUCH a good show! thanks
  Tue. 5/20/08 12:00pm Bruce:

Thanks Hatch! Great mix. Take care.
  Tue. 5/20/08 12:02pm Bad Ronald:

  Tue. 5/20/08 12:05pm HotRod:

Gay Bomb!!! Yesss!!!
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