WFMU currently offers four different audio streams which you can access on your web-enabled mobile device. To access our streams, just point your mobile browser to and click on the links to launch our MP3, OGG or Windows Media streams.

If you have an iPhone check out the free WFMU Radio App or the venerable Public Radio Tuner.

WFMU Mobile Streams

Stream Description URL to use in player (if neccesary)
20k Windows Media Stream Our lowest bit rate stream. mms://
32K MP3 Stream
40K Ogg Stream Best sound quality at low bitrate
128k MP3 Stream Broadband Stream - best sound quality

Which stream you choose to listen to will largely depend on what kind of audio software you have installed on your mobile device as well as how fast your mobile connection is.

For best sound quality, we recommend using the highest bit rate stream that your mobile device will play without dropping out. By configuring your player to allow for proper buffering, the 128k stream is a viable option as long as you don't mind waiting 20-30 seconds for enough audio to cache.

If you can successfully download the 128k live stream, then there's no stopping you from listening to our 128k mp3 archives as well. Just tapping onto the show's mp3 archive link will give you audio. It's that easy. As an added bonus, you will be able to listen to your mobile freeform listening device without the interference of your work's FIREWALL.

Software Requirements

In order to listen to WFMU you will need to have audio software installed on your mobile device that supports streaming audio. Whenever possible we provide reccomendations for free software but on some platforms, only paid software is available.

  iPhone Blackberry Android Windows Palm OS Cost Streams Supported Link
WFMU Radio X         $0 MP3 Link (via itunes)
Public Radio Tuner X         $0 MP3 Link (via itunes)
Berry Tunes   X       $22 MP3 Link
Radio Bee   X       $0 MP3 Link
AOR Radio     X     $0 MP3 Link
Streamfurious     X     $0 MP3 Link (via App Marketplace)
GSPlayer       X   $0 MP3/OGG Link
Pocket Tunes Deluxe         X $20 MP3/WMA/OGG Link
Windows Media Player     X     $0 WMA N/A

Questions? E-mail our stream team or call (201) 521-1416

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