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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options June 26, 2017: It's the last Monday in June and Dave remembered the cord to his computer and everything! Comedian Greg Barris also swing by for radio good times!

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Artist Track Images
Oddly long show intro. Seriously, what's the deal?   
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options
Shirley Ellis  Soul Time   Options
Chain and the Gang  Certain Kinds of Trash   Options
Autopsy  Fiend for Blood   Options
Violation Wound  Goon Squad   Options
Dave talks on the phone. No way!   
The Jesus and Mary Chain  Always Sad   Options
Iron Maiden  Running Free   Options
The Dramatics  The Devil Is Dope   Options
The Dwarves  Satan   Options
Guided by Voices  Just to Show You   Options

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 8:57pm Asweepay:

the show's aboot to start. oh the ecitement. can you feel it? I felt it!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 8:58pm Asweepay:

i do love pierogies big time. with loads of kraut
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:00pm Dennis D:

howdy folksd
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:01pm Trip (satellite state):

Good evening sexy singles ;*
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:01pm JakeGould:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:01pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:01pm Trip (satellite state):

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:01pm asheville jon:

Soo tired. Need the Angel to wake me up
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 9:02pm chad from oregon:

Let's get saucy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 9:03pm chad from oregon:

I hope he plays Witch Taint by Witch Taint from Witch Taint tonight.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:03pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

i'm making a vodka tonic
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ding dong! Angel Witch calling!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:04pm Drunken Creep:

Ladies and gentlemen, adventures begin
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:04pm DaveHill:

It's saucy time!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:04pm MadameLuke:

Hello sexy single and otherwises
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:04pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:05pm asheville jon:

and there it is!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:06pm goodgollymissmollie:

50% Angel 50% Witch!!!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:07pm DaveHill:

Soul Time!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:08pm Dennis D:

great song
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:08pm goodgollymissmollie:

Yes!!! My favorite!!!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:08pm DEZ on the phones:

Hey everyone!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:08pm DaveHill:

I just want to say that everyone's hair looks terrific.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:08pm Erma Gherd:

vodker soder here
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:08pm Dennis D:

hi Dez
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:09pm DaveHill:

This one has everything.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:09pm Erma Gherd:

no one's hair looks better than yours, Dave.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:09pm Dennis D:

i shaved my head or this show
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:09pm Amy from Iowa:

Hi everybody!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:10pm DEZ on the phones:

Erma, I figured out the source of your profile pic!! I never watched that show and woulda never guessed its the guy from Silicon Valley and Party Down
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:10pm DEZ on the phones:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:10pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

yeah daves got a good mop goin on
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:11pm DaveHill:

You're too kind, Erma Gherd!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:11pm Amy from Iowa:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:11pm Dennis D:

hi Amy
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:12pm Amy from Iowa:

Hi Dennis!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:12pm Bisquat LeClam:

what a hot sound
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:12pm DaveHill:

Hot hot sound!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 9:13pm chad from oregon:

I'm going to flip over a table in rage if one of the Yngs doesn't call tonight.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:14pm Trip (satellite state):

So spice
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:14pm Erma Gherd:

@DEZ, I know, he looks so much better as an adult. But Bill Haverchuck has my heart!

@Dave, I'm not kind in my cold, blackened heart, but I try online.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:14pm DEZ on the phones:

but you have to yell, "PROSTITUTE, WHORE!!" when you do it, chad.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:14pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:14pm dawn:

this song makes me want to jump and throw stuff.
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:15pm Jennifer:

Oh my
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:15pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

if i was in a death metal band i'd sing about my taxes or suppositores or tampons bc no one know. it'd be an inside joke, you know
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:15pm bobdoesthings:

good evening everyone
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:16pm DEZ on the phones:

hiya, bob!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:16pm Amy from Iowa:

Dez, now you're speaking my language!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:16pm DEZ on the phones:

do it, Dawn!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 9:16pm chad from oregon:

Just doing math here, but if the show started an hour earlier in the day, YngMom would likely not yet be in bed when YngDave calls in. Just a thYng to think about.
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:16pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:17pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

Koooooooooottttttttteeeexxxxxxxxxx Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppperrrrrrr Pluuuuuuuuusssssssssssssss
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:17pm Rich in NC:

Hey Dave, Hey Dez
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:17pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

sorry, 1st drink hits hard. [shrugs]
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:17pm Dennis D:

fancy reverb work Dave
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:18pm arkansas_heath_rudabaugh:

Hi guys!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:18pm spacecowboy:

i hope dave is filled with tomfoolery tonight - he needs to bring it!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:18pm Rich in NC:

Great trash song
     Mon. 6/26/17 9:18pm moreguinness:

Good evening sexy singles
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:18pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

barris? is he the son of the gong show guy?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 9:19pm common:

Hi sexy dave
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:19pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

your welcome dave, i do what i can
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:19pm Jennifer:

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:20pm Danne D:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:21pm spacecowboy:

i think dave should do the show shirtless while wearing a giant hat- i dont know why- i just do
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:21pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

i'm getting a lil suspicious about the whereabouts of shana feinberg
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:21pm spacecowboy:

it could add to the nonsense ambiance
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:22pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

i think its an awesome idea, spacey
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:23pm Ike:

G̡̀͞͞O̢͠T̢̛̕ A̴̷͢ ͜͏͢͡L͏̵I͞G҉͘H̴͏̨T͢҉̸?̕͏̕
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:24pm Dennis D:

I met Shana on my first appearance on Dave's show, she's was hot though a couple with a kid may change you
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:25pm DEZ on the phones:

how do you know he isn't, spacecowboy?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:25pm Drunken Creep:

Illuminaughty: Our sordid history
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:27pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:27pm notmymonkey:

Alex Yngdave Jones, conspiracy theories everywhere.
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:27pm Lilith21:

Good for you Dawn!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:27pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

fort sumter?! where the civil war started?
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:28pm goodgollymissmollie:

Get em dawn!!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:29pm Drunky McDrinkalot:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:29pm spacecowboy:

@dez- truuuue
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:31pm Dennis D:

the old in and out
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:32pm Rich in NC:

Dez is the man
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:32pm JeffHQ:

Tears for Years opening for Hall and Totes. Long hair parking lot.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:32pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

what kinda dog??
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:33pm spacecowboy:

we have no pride parade here in pa.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:33pm Dennis D:

they aren't proud
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:33pm JakeGould:

There was a lot of end of Ramadan (Eid) pride in Bay Ridge this weekend.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:34pm spacecowboy:

oh crap i totally forgot about ramadan- im doomed
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:35pm hola-soymilk:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:35pm JakeGould:

Ramadan is Rama-done.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:35pm spacecowboy:

yeah that - no wonder i forgot
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:35pm Lilith21:

Apparently the live coverage of the parade on channel 7- they wouldn't say Parade- they called it a March-and wouldn't say Gay either??
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:35pm hola-soymilk:

Everyone, stop peeing!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:36pm JakeGould:

Why don’t people just use Poland Spring bottles to pee in like a normal person?!?!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:36pm spacecowboy:

they should combine the ending of Ramadan and pride parade and see what happens
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:36pm Dennis D:

finding a place to pee can be a prob lem
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:37pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

in SFran if u leave your car doors unlocked someone will take a poop on your seat
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:37pm JeffHQ:

Brooklyn is proper, right? Nah, it's dope, I think. Fresh back then.
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:37pm lolly:

I thought landlady had peed in the doorway. I went to school NYC late '80s, we waded thru pee.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:38pm FiltheeAndie:

Hello! I've never peed on the street, but I've peed in the woods!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:38pm spacecowboy:

yeah class it up
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:38pm Slick Goldtooth:

There's an old trick where you situate yourself half way under a car, like you're checking something under it, but you're unzipped and you kinda just go for it.

You're in trouble when a puddle starts forming and there is an incline that has it rolling towards you
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:38pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

when i was a van courier in jersey in 1991 and had to drive into manhattan and had to pee i used to pee in stairwells of buildings, thowwy.
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:38pm Danne D:

Andie :)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:38pm Slick Goldtooth:

Indian Lake and Blue Mountain Lake are dopeeee. Great Adirondacks spot
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:39pm herb.nyc:

Hi. At a pride event about 1994, Hedda Lettuce and her crew came to me and gf to film. gf ran away. I asked her why. "Maybe the film will be shown in china and my parents will see me!" Oh, she's from Harbin, China. So funny, tho I did tell her hedda was on small indie tv. She also says that there are no gay people in china. I said "yr wrong". (Am walking home now; I need Dave on fm)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:40pm FiltheeAndie:

Hey Danne!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:40pm spacecowboy:

i attended the gay pride parade by mistake in the late eighties- it was walking down the street and going hey whats this!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:40pm lolly:

Load the car in an hour to go camping ⛺️ ❤️❤️❤️
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:41pm Lilith21:

Go to St Vitusbar!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:41pm JakeGould:

Stick your ding dong in the hole of a Poland Spring bottle and let er rip!!! Then seal it up, toss it and forget it!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:41pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

u sound like an infomercial, jake
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:41pm Lilith21:

Yes! Correct address Dave! For Black Rabbit
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:41pm JakeGould:

Cyclones in Coney Island!!!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:43pm spacecowboy:

using your z list celebrity status to get into the Staten island yankees locker room!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:43pm hola-soymilk:

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:44pm daveB:

you should now play "the night Chicago died" dave Hill!!!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:45pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

hey now, dave's worked with proops and bamford, thank u very much!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:45pm Erma Gherd:

I had dinner with Shaina once when she was pregnant and she's lovely! We had Indian food.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:46pm JakeGould:

What did the Indians eat?
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:47pm JeffHQ:

Tude for ludes.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:47pm Dennis D:

my life is slowing down too :(
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:47pm herb.nyc:

I knew the orig owners of SI Yankees. They started in Watertown and couldn't wait to move. Me and workmates attended a few games here. I used to say hi to the woman co-owner like so: "phyliss, meine schweste!".
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:47pm DJ E:

great film! watch it every Friday night..... alone.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:47pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

huge rush fan. got all albums.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:48pm Erma Gherd:

Same thing we did, I imagine. Dosas and idli!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:48pm JakeGould:

Rush was part of my teenage years. Actually listened to all of “Signals” this weekend just because…
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:49pm Lilith21:

Was that from Tom Barry's recommendation ?
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:49pm JeffHQ:

4 hours of hairy armpits and trustfund twirlers.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:49pm spacecowboy:

how to whore out the grateful dead name
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:49pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

signals was 1 or 4 1st albums i ever got [along wioth weird al, flick of the switch...]
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:50pm Lilith21:

Oops! Oh jeez! Meant TODD!!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:51pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

is it better to call in drunk or sober?
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:52pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:52pm Erma Gherd:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:53pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

hot over there, madameluke?
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:53pm lolly:

"I understand you had some urination problems..."
--Bill Dolan, urologist
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:54pm lolly:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:54pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Speaking of Dave's books, here is one of them: play.google.com...
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:54pm Lilith21:

"Urine Seattle"??
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:54pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

my shoulder is sore. DRINK!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:54pm JakeGould:

If you have problems urinating, try a wide-mouthed Snapple bottle.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 9:55pm bobdoesthings:

  Mon. 6/26/17 9:56pm maxito:

"macho" is a noun in Spanish
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:56pm dawn:

thanks for patching me in, dez.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 9:56pm JakeGould:

Macho Cheese!
  Mon. 6/26/17 9:57pm MadameLuke:

Drunky - Bill Dolan makes it hot everywhere
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 9:58pm Dennis D:

contact the post office
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:00pm Supermeowy:

hi everyone!! my kid took a dump in the woods today. who else is living life on the edge??
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:00pm dawn:

hi supermeowy!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:01pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

my high school teacher taught us on a field trip to the wallkill river how to crap against a tree in the woods.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:02pm Dennis D:

I got India and kazakstan in my DNA with 91% Irish
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:02pm lolly:

Supermeowy: Awesome--must be Cub Scout badge-worthy!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:02pm Supermeowy:

Hi, Dawn!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:02pm Stephen Radford:

Evening and morning!!! Damn! I kinda made it...
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:03pm john:

you guys really should hire YinDave to sit in studio with you guys each week
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:03pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

im listening on a shitty old toshiba qosmio from 2006 -- still goin!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:04pm Dennis D:

Yng would never travel to JC every week
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:04pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

rockin XP!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:05pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

yng would get bored when not on mic
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:05pm JeffHQ:

Beer and Funions at 1:29 am. #anarchyintheIA
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:06pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 6/26/17 10:06pm Supermeowy:

what's up with these fickle Hill characters?!?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:06pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #2:

pee break!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:08pm Supermeowy:

re:kid dump - he's never done eagle scouts, but he did know to check for poison ivy leaves. I'm imagining the raccoons having a fine meal tonight.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:09pm dawn:

hey stephen!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 10:09pm chad from oregon:

My hopes are holding out for a remote where Dave does the show one week from Yng's bedroom
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:09pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

Kid Dump? is that an early incarnatonb of Kid n Play or Kid Rock?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:09pm Dennis D:

raccoons eat shit?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:10pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

@chad--- i mentioned last week that i think dave's show would be an awesome hit if he took it on the road.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:11pm Dennis D:

he's done tyhe show from Clevland
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 10:12pm chad from oregon:

That would be too hot to handle / too cold to hold.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:12pm Supermeowy:

Dave should totally take this show on the road!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:12pm DaveHill:

I would love to do that, Chad!
     Mon. 6/26/17 10:12pm moreguinness:

This is the good stuff Dave
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:13pm Lilith21:

With you! @moreguiness
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:13pm LightninBluEyes:

I'm an hour late, but I made it
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 10:14pm chad from oregon:

That new Jesus and Mary Chain album is a #1 hit all the way.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:16pm DaveHill:

I gotta listen to the whole record, Chad. I love them!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:17pm DaveHill:

Hey, LightninBluEyes!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:17pm LightninBluEyes:

Hullo, Dave! ^_^
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:19pm DaveHill:

I would love to take it on the road, Drunky. You think folks would show up?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:20pm DJ E:

Dwarves are in town next week with Ritchie Ramone. should I go?
     Mon. 6/26/17 10:21pm moreguinness:

At this point you could do an all day Festival of all things Hill...Taint Valley Painted Live Goddamn...palm readings...a petting zoo...the possibilities are endless
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:21pm Greek Titan:

The Dwarves fuck yeah! I got to see them in Detroit once!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:22pm Lilith21:

On board!!@moreguiness
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:22pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

well, dave, i think about what we're doin here, you know, just chilling oing whatever, then add in placs liek the arlington draft house in arlington va [dc], and maybe the medium-sized venue here in sanity cruise ca called the Rio theater, and hell yeah, once word spread from freaks like me. it'd start small and consistently grow and grow. but check with some younger folks first to confirm
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:22pm DJ E:

Dave, play it and they will come.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:22pm FiltheeAndie:

a petting zoo! yes, dude!!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:23pm dawn:

I agree with moreguinness.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:24pm Lilith21:

Beautiful song !!!!!!!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:25pm JakeGould:

What gets petted at a Dave Hill petting zoo?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:25pm Supermeowy:

Dave - you know for damned sure people would show up in Austin for you!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:25pm Dennis D:

Is Nick O astill playig with the Dwarves?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:25pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

places like santa cruz are open to new and unknown things. starter venues might be the Blue Lagoon and the Crepe Place -- both serve primarily young crowds
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:26pm dawn:

deep question, Jake.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:26pm JeffHQ:

Rabbit pelts left in recycling bin.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:27pm Drunken Creep:

Pet the kraken
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:28pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

i know i'd put the word out if dave's coming around
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:28pm JeffHQ:

Unfiltered river water being bottled in laundry equipment at 3 am.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:29pm Lilith21:

Definitely pet The Greasy Strangler
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:30pm Dennis D:

June 4th is my birthday
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:30pm Stephen Radford:

Did I miss your call Dawn?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:30pm JeffHQ:

Sister stole the spare tires from all Jeeps in high school parking lot left overnight.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:30pm Stephen Radford:

Call into the show I mean.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:31pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

like in john waters pink flamingos!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:32pm herb.nyc:

NYC non-crime blotter - black lives matter did a two minute call and response at shake shack in madison square park, earlier, 8.37pm. Several cops were nearby waiting for a crime to happen.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:32pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3:

hard industrial ohio!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:33pm JeffHQ:

Port Authority worker found cartwheeling naked in middle of street.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:33pm Slick Goldtooth:

Hey Dave Don't forget Canada Day is July 1st
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:33pm FiltheeAndie:

And my birthday is July 2! :)
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:33pm Supermeowy:

Hey Drunky #3, do you have a DD tonight??
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:33pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin-sumpin:

@jeff best headline ever
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey look, it's Dave Hill! And he's doin' stuff!

Hi Dave, James and all Hilladelphians!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:34pm dawn:

I called Stephen, with yngdave! DAMN you missed it!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:34pm Supermeowy:

Did someone say 7/1????
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:34pm MadameLuke:

I'm learning basic shovel fighting rules.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:34pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin-sumpin:

if i had a DD tonight my hands would be busy. hiiiiohhhhhhh!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:34pm dawn:

I could have done better. I was so scared I was speechless at times.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:35pm Matt from Springfield:

This is abusive to Royal Liquors! You oughta at least buy something from them for this!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:36pm Drunken Creep:

Dawn you were awesome, Dave gotta ask how Sarah is doing at RL
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:36pm MadameLuke:

Was that Dave's best John C Reilly?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:36pm JeffHQ:

Welcoime to Worcester.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:36pm JakeGould:

What was that? Pete Puma calling the liquor store?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:36pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin-sumpin:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Madame Luke: Consider that shovels have both the sharp spade end, as well as the blunt stick end. Use both to your advantage, and learn to pivot the shovel as needed.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:37pm dawn:

thanks drunken creep.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Melissa IS the ESS, for the moment!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:38pm Supermeowy:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:38pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin-sumpin:

doe she know bernie!?
     Mon. 6/26/17 10:38pm moreguinness:

Yay Melissa
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:39pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin, bernie2050!:

i am so not drunk or whatever
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Everyone in that small state has at least stood in line at a Dunkin behind Bernie.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:40pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin, bernie2050!:

anyone wanna hear my thoughts on religion while im at it?
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! I read that. Not enough people sticking with guitars, and more makers of them then ever before.

ProTools GO2HELL!!!!!11!!!1!!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:41pm Supermeowy:

Drunky D - only when you get to #4!!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Wolfie Van Halen: I learned by watching YOU, DAD!!!!!!!!!!11!!@!!1!!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:42pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin, bernie2050!:

hey dave, where's phil from your show on E [or was it TLC?] King of Miami?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:43pm Stephen Radford:

Just Shades!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:43pm MadameLuke:

Melissa has a pleasing voice
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:43pm Moreguinness:

hey Greg!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:44pm Matt from Springfield:

2nd and Charles has a good selection of guitars at good prices. Though you prob won't help the beleagured manufacturers that way.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:45pm Matt from Springfield:

ZOMG Gui-TARS 4 KIDZ WTFH??!?!!11!1?!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:45pm Lilith21:

Yay! Greg Barris!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:45pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin, bernie2050!:

yeah, letting someone even touch your instrument is like letting some borrow your bf/gf
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:45pm Lilith21:

Oh thank goodness ! Sarah is fine!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:45pm Drunken Creep:

Every kid gets a spiritual guitar when Sarah calls
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:46pm dawn:

nice, Sara and melissa!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Pigtail tawlk + phone beep = drink
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:47pm Rickwaukee:

Get Yng in the mix. Please!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:48pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

anyone seen yngs face? description?
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@Drunky: Sketches and links to pics at:
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:49pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

u know, im really that assweepay prick , right?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:49pm Stephen Radford:

Gregg sounds very zen master tonight.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:50pm Rickwaukee:

Welcome POW to POW the POW usa
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:50pm herb.nyc:

Speaking of Royal Liquors, Australia's Royal Headache do free House of Vans show in w'burg July 12. Go to h of v web for RSVP.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:50pm Lilith21:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:50pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

i pictured yng dave as a bit stout , not fat but stout. thick neck, weightlifter build
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:52pm Matt from Springfield:

"Fidget Spinners" might have originated in the UK, that's a more British term.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:52pm Lilith21:

Did that start in Europe?!
     Mon. 6/26/17 10:53pm moreguinness:

Fidget Spinners...the cure for not having ADD
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@Asweepay prick: Oh yeah, at least the avatars the same. Though for listeners like that I just call whatever their moniker is at the moment. I figure you have your own reason for being Drunky McDrinkalot tonight :)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:55pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

when u register they ask for your handle and i'm like "wtffffff am i supposed to just pull that outta my ass?!" so the answer is, yes.
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:56pm Lilith21:

If the fidget spinner had a fan function ?
Next level!
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:56pm dawn:

I have ADHD, would a fidget spinner work for that?
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:56pm Rickwaukee:

There's a picture of Bill Paxton receiving a fidget spinner from JFK in 1963
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:56pm Switchblade Batman:

I love my fidget spinner. Before it broke that is
  Mon. 6/26/17 10:56pm herb.nyc:

Non moving fidget spinner? It's a paper weight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 10:57pm Erma Gherd:

I need to know if anyone in this chat room was wearing a Dave Hill t-shirt on Sunday at Solid Sound?
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:57pm Switchblade Batman:

@Dawn, it does help with concentration a bit (I'm ADD too) but it's not a miracle cure.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:57pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

spinner is a good album with brian eno and jah wobble (pil alumni)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 10:59pm LightninBluEyes:

Oh damn, and here I am about to go downstairs to fetch some pizza from the oven! ^_^;
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 10:59pm Matt from Springfield:

YngTweetz: twitter.com...
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:02pm Stephen Radford:

Dropping whaaaaa?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:03pm dawn:

thanks switchblade, I have seen ones that light up. That might trance me out, though.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Is that Meowy Jr. off to the side?!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:03pm MadameLuke:

Trou, Stephen, dropping trou!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:04pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Behold the fidget spinner car: youtu.be...
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:04pm Supermeowy:

yup, that was Minimeowy creating mayhem!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:04pm Switchblade Batman:

Mine doesn't. But my keyboard does like a light show when I press a button. So that's pretty spacey
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:05pm Trip (satellite state):

Sarah is stacked
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:05pm Dennis D:

Is there a Sarah picv around?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:06pm herb.nyc:

Let's all do a communal outdoor poop once Dave's show is over, for SuperMeowy's kid's sake. (Wearing Liz B robot dance tee now)
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:06pm Stephen Radford:

Trou is new territory to me. Sounds Like it wants to be French.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:06pm Switchblade Batman:

I found her twitter @Dennis D, I could do it again if you want?
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:07pm Matt from Springfield:

But Everybody's Got A Hungry Heart..
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:07pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

damn, i gota be a mailman. the nookie!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:07pm Rickwaukee:

3 guns and not a single dildo? Get your priorities straight.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:07pm Dennis D:

yes please
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:07pm Matt from Springfield:

"Minimeowy", *ex*cell-ent! (strokes white cat)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:08pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

i'll ring more than twice, ms. romano, if u know what i mean.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:08pm dawn:

yes, switchblade, id turn the lights off and just go with it. Maybe put some electronica on.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:08pm Bobby:

It's too late. He only likes to do it as part of the route.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:08pm Stephen Radford:

Reverse Bukowski! That's great!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:09pm Switchblade Batman:

@Dennis D - twitter.com...
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:09pm Marc15:

My mailman is hot, I wish he would come over now,
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:09pm Amy from Iowa:

Nice one Dave!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:09pm Dennis D:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:09pm Switchblade Batman:

@Dawn The keyboard or the Spinner?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:10pm herb.nyc:

Maybe the refusal to have sex is a new Trumpian regulation. See, stupid Trumpian regulations.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:10pm JeffHQ:

No Doubt abt it. #spiderwebs
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:10pm bobdoesthings:

this is getting juicy
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Que Sarah, Sarah.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:12pm dawn:

keyboard since you don't have a light up spinner.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:12pm DEZ on the phones:

the gang is all there!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:12pm Marc15:

Leave the poor guy alone
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:13pm JeffHQ:

Bon soir Monsieur Greg!!!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:14pm dawn:

Peter on the phone is deep..
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:14pm Slick Goldtooth:

Of course the fucking Know It All who calls into Shut Up Weirdo would call in about this
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This sounds like "Know It All Guy" who calls Shut Up, Weirdo.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:14pm Marc15:

When did the Goddamn Dave Hill Show become the Art Bill Show?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:14pm bobdoesthings:

I bought a fidget spinner .. and everytime I spin I feel embarrassed ..even alone in my apartment..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:15pm bobdoesthings:

it's turtles all the way down
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:15pm Marc15:

Art Bell*
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:15pm DEZ on the phones:

peter is a great caller but a royal pain in the ass
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:15pm bobdoesthings:

it's fidget spinners all the way around
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:15pm Bobby:

Bob was quicker on the draw there
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:15pm Bobby:

Re: The turtles
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:16pm JeffHQ:

'member when we chatted about box office?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:16pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

ok, this background music im playing at 1/3 volume IS now relevant to the show after daves dorm room comment:
eno/wobble - spinner:
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:16pm Lilith21:

Candy store in my neighborhood has sterling silver ones locked up?!!WTF?!
     Mon. 6/26/17 11:16pm moreguinness:

Barris is the Anti-peter
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:16pm dawn:

the turtles were a great band.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:17pm Stephen Radford:

What is this Art Bell?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:17pm dawn:

lilith, sounds intriguing.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:17pm Stephen Radford:

Marc already beat me to the punch
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:17pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Install a fidget spinner app on your phone and there ya go!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:17pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

the godfather of podcasdts, spteh -- come on im on #3
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:18pm Switchblade Batman:

@Dawn, it's pretty cool that way.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:18pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:19pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

oh man i loveD don
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:20pm dawn:

yes, switchblade.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:20pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

check out don's bloopers on YT
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:20pm JeffHQ:

Eye contact w hockey puck!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Off the top of my head, I believe the Nile crocs in Africa are fresh water and those in Australia are salt water.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:24pm Lilith21:

It's so weird! When first noticed them - and inquired - the guy went straight to the "exclusive"
Locked up sterling ones / when I only asked what ere these things im seeing everywhere?!But did get a whole experience in one shot !
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:26pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm just there for the mint juleps...

J from K!!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:26pm Marc15:

@Stephen Art Bell had a nightly 6 hour call in paranormal themed radio show
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:27pm Marc15:

X-Ray Burns is the Pride Of Kearny, NJ
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Wooo! Kearny the One-Armed Jersey Devil!
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:28pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

if I lived in Kearny i'd call it Hearny
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:28pm herpes.nyc:

Greg Barris does a casino,
Why? I don't know.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:28pm DEZ (not DEZ):

it's spelled X.Ray
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:28pm dawn:

Dave just said he doesn't have many skills. He's way too low key about himself. he has more skills than any human I've seen!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:30pm Lilith21:

Witchtaint is Everything!!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:30pm JeffHQ:

Bravo Jimmy!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:30pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:30pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

i really like jimmys singing
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:30pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

it's like a lounge act
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:31pm Marc15:

The Jersey Devil is from Kearny ?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:31pm JeffHQ:

Greg i s really very charming IRL.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:32pm dawn:

peter is back! make it deep, pete!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:32pm herb.nyc:

Hmmm, X Ray and some of those Sunday djs are Trumpian. (Glug)
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@Marc: The Jersey Devil cryptid described by Ben Franklin is from South Jersey, but if Philip Kearny was a "One-Armed Devil", might as well combine the two!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 6/26/17 11:32pm chad from oregon:

Fresh and salty. The show comes full circle.
     Mon. 6/26/17 11:32pm moreguinness:

they can live in both they're not fish
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: You've seen Greg Barris IRL? Nice! Where?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:33pm JeffHQ:

Fesr the Croc'ing Bed
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Slick Goldtooth from the comment board!!!!1!11!!
     Mon. 6/26/17 11:33pm moreguinness:

Greg is the best ...total gentleman
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:34pm Marc15:

@Matt Ah! Thank you
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:34pm dawn:

this chat room is hilarious, y'all are really good!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:35pm Rickwaukee:

dog walkers need to be neutered
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:36pm JeffHQ:

@Matt: He offered me some brick oven pizza i think. Then he sent me a holiday cookie basket.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:37pm DEZ (not DEZ):

a girl in the park asked me to help her by walking her greyhound a lap around the park (she was tired) - this was a challenge as I don't walk dogs a lot.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:37pm DEZ (not DEZ):

anyway flash forward a few months and i see her in the park again and she's pregnant (the woman who asked me to walk the dog, not the greyhound). feel like i mighta dodged a bullet there
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: That is nice!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This show is really going to the dogs!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:38pm DEZ (not DEZ):

(emphasizing this was not a Dez story)
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:39pm JeffHQ:

The Greg w the arm shower bit.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Not DEZ - is this Danne EZ?

I think you might've dodged the bullet to begin with, she was possibly tired of walking the greyhound because she had just become pregnant.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:39pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

nice name mah man
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:40pm Lilith21:

I vote for @moreguinnes to call in
Who's with me?!!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Ah, "Stuy-Town".
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:40pm dawn:

I'm with you, lilith!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:41pm Lilith21:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Call in, moreguinness!!!!!1!1!!2
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:42pm Rickwaukee:

Downward Dave
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:42pm JeffHQ:

Walking Dogs then Talking Dogs, next on TLC
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:42pm Lilith21:

Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dave: What about your idea to voice a talking baby in the movie "Cleveland's Little Jerk", and a donkey in the sequel "Cleveland's Little Ass"??
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:43pm Matt from Springfield:

"Cleveland's Little Cur"??
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:44pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

Walker, Texas Dog Walker...next week on TLC
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:45pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

"poochie, poops on the couch? Texas Dog Walker is there!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How about the new Ugliest Dog that was just elected?
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:45pm Matt from Springfield:

"...what it takes to be a staaah..."
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:46pm JeffHQ:

The Pug Stays In The Picture.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:46pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

somebody say my name?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:47pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

dave just yawned
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:48pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

i know!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:48pm dawn:

  Mon. 6/26/17 11:48pm Lilith21:

Needs to be a Disney or Pixar goat character that's into Black Metal that Dave can do the voiceover for and make a lot of cash!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:49pm DEZ (not DEZ):

@Lilith like a Black Metal Toaster or sumpin?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:49pm herb.nyc:

As a Chinese, Coolie isn't too cool a name. Wait, pun on collie?
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:50pm dawn:

black metal toaster, aww that would be cute.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:50pm Lilith21:

Sure! Why not?! Haha! @DEZ
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:51pm DEZ (not DEZ):

(not DEZ)
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:51pm Matt from Springfield:

I would start false rumours of where you're staying, to start those people scheming just like that! Sounds devilishly fun! :)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:51pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

i use a cpap
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:51pm DEZ (not DEZ - but someone too lazy to log Dez ou:

See above
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:52pm JeffHQ:

Greg knows how players like us roll. (7-11 clerk rings up HoHos)
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:52pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

sleepy green helps get used to it. highly recomend it
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:52pm Lilith21:

  Mon. 6/26/17 11:52pm dawn:

wait are you a different dez?
     Mon. 6/26/17 11:53pm moreguinness:

Dave do you get night terrors?
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:53pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

pre-cpap my ex gf had recurring nightmares every night
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:54pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

terrors actully, including sleepwalking. jumped out a window once
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:54pm DEZ (not DEZ):

@Dawn not a different Dez. Also not Dez.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:55pm dawn:

dez..this is where my brain explodes.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:55pm Lilith21:

Ahhhhh! Soooo confused !!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:56pm JeffHQ:

Nyuk nyuk nyuk
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:56pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

i had my uvula lasered off.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:56pm dawn:

Jeff, I sounded your comment out. That was cool.
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:57pm DEZ (not DEZ):

thanks for a great show everyone :) Until next time!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:57pm dawn:

peter. again. unbelievable.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:57pm LightninBluEyes:

Good-night everyone!
Avatar    Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for the great show, Dave and Greg and James and callers and commenters and freakish "Blue Velvet" visions!

Have a good night everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm bobdoesthings:

thanks all, goodnight
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

dave, may i recomend this as your background music :
brian eno:
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm Trip (satellite state):

Another great show guys, night everybody! ;*
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm Lilith21:

Good nite All !
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm Eric Hat:

Dave. Wait!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm dawn:

good night!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm JeffHQ:

Xoxo Dave, Greg , all
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:58pm Eric Hat:

I think I saw you in YouTube.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm JeffHQ:

\m/ Dez
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

smell ya later, fartfaces!
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm Eric Hat:

Getting taught how to scream by dude from pantera.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm dawn:

night, drunky.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm JeffHQ:

Rock on Dawn.
Avatar Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm Slick Goldtooth:

Great stuff, Dave. Have a Happy Canada Day in addition to the 4th.
  Mon. 6/26/17 11:59pm Amy from Iowa:

Awesome show guys!!
  Tue. 6/27/17 12:00am Eric Hat:

I'll hit you up next week. Goddamnit
  Tue. 6/27/17 12:00am dawn:

bye, Amy!
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:00am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

sweet dreams, dawn.
Avatar    Tue. 6/27/17 12:00am Matt from Springfield:

Progress :)
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:01am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

mein damen und herren
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:02am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:02am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

vielen dank
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:02am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:02am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:03am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

wer sind sie?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/27/17 12:03am Erma Gherd:

i think this is dutch?
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:04am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

sounds more scandanavian. i was in the netherlands they do a lot of throat originating speech
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:04am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

dammit this eno i have on in the background totally goes wit hdave and this crap too
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:05am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

plus my name, lol
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:05am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

jesus it like sabbath in the background
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:05am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

sperechen sie langsam bitte
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:06am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

woooo so trippy lol
Avatar Tue. 6/27/17 12:07am Drunky McDrinkalot is on #3 + sumpin:

try it on 1/3 volume :
Avatar    Tue. 6/27/17 12:55am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! You rule!
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