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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options September 28, 2015: It's the last Monday in September and no one can believe it! Meanwhile, storyteller extraordinaire Dennis Driscoll swings by to chat with Dave about his new spoken word album "Cut the Gab" and more. Pull your loved ones close!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Angel Witch  Angel Witch   Options Angel Witch  0:00:00 ()
Keith Moon  Don't Worry Baby   Options Two Sides of the Moon   
Cheap Trick  Downed   Options In Color   
Freddie King  Going Down   Options Getting Ready...   
Bettye Swann  My Heart Is Closed for the Season   Options Bettye Swann   
Graveyard  Never Theirs to Sell   Options Innocence and Decadence   
Dave takes calls and whatnot.       
Slade  Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me   Options    
Doug Gillard  From What I've Done   Options Call from Restricted   
Jobriath   World Without End   Options    
Sabbath Assembly  Risen from Below   Options    
Hüsker Dü  No Reservations   Options Warehouse: Songs and Stories   
Dennis Driscoll  Grand Union   Options    
Dennis Driscoll live in studio.       

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:00pm BenDoverMD:

Um, Hullo?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm bobdoesthings:

good evening
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm Danne D:

Hi Dave and Shaina and Ben and everyone :)
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm cactus:

all I get is streaming error. someone help!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm F-berg:

Hi guys!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm BenDoverMD:

now on a flippin Monday! Greetings everyone! You've got light blue on!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm Danne D:

bob and Cactus :)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:01pm DaveHill:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:02pm DaveHill:

How is everybody for the most part?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:02pm Danne D:

Call in with your Blood Moon Eclipse Stories of Doom!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:02pm BriJet:

Hello all!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:02pm bobdoesthings:

@dave - pro tip coming from a nobody who doesn't know shit .. probably don't use the volume buttons on the laptop.. they make that clicky noise. use the nobs! (knobs?)
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:02pm Cactus:

can someone narrate what's happening
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm BenDoverMD:

has AngelWitch written a novel, entitled "AngelWitch"?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm Crumb:

hey people
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm Danne D:

BriJet :)

@Cactus - Dave is playing Angel Witch.

Off the album Angel Witch.

It's by Angel Witch.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm Deb:

Hullo! Dave and Dave FANS! I was cooking mushrooms!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm JeffHQ:

Greetings friendly earthlings. Don't mind me, just crashing on the chat room sofa for "a couple days"...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm DaveHill:

Just took off my slacks.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm BenDoverMD:

No, No....YOU'RE an AngelWitch! You silly jokester
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:03pm Danne D:

@cactus - have you tried the 128k stream?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:04pm Supermeowy:

it's that one song by that one band on that one album!!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:04pm Deb:

I'm wearing my swim suit! All day swimming here.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:04pm Paul D:

Hi, last weeks show really helped me out gotta say.. :)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:04pm BenDoverMD:

Supermeowy wins the weekly AngelWitch pun contest
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:04pm Danne D:

So if there's more than one angel witch, how does one tell which angel witch is which?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:05pm cactus:

yeah . nothing. it's odd. one of these days I'm gonna upgrade this damn iPhone 1
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:05pm BenDoverMD:

I think the Pope said "We are ALL AngelWitch..."
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:06pm DaveHill:

Isn't this Keith Moon version incredible?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:06pm BenDoverMD:

amazing, Dave!!! what is it off of?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:07pm Danne D:

@cactus :(
Have you tried the tunein radio app?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:07pm JeffHQ:

@Dave: You had me at hello.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:07pm DaveHill:

Keith Moon solo album!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:07pm Rickwaukee:

It's not The Birthday Party?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:08pm JakeGould:

Hey everyone!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:08pm BenDoverMD:

also, great job punking putin with that whole Facebook hacking thing
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:08pm Supermeowy:

thanks Ben Dover MD!!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:08pm cactus:

@Danne D I'll try that now. thanks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:08pm JakeGould:

Is Shaina okay? Or is she having kale removal surgery?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:08pm BenDoverMD:

never knew he made a solo record - this is why I love the Dave Hill - he hips me to the new stuff. When is the next Keith Moon solo record?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:09pm Danne D:

I bet Meowy sings "Kale Witch" along with that song.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:09pm P-90:

Keith was a many-sided talent. And how are the Goddamned Ones tonight? I know Dave and Danne are there, is Shaina IN the studio LIVE tonight?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:09pm Deb:

@F-Berg, how are you and Monte?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:09pm F-berg:

@JakeGould: I had it removed by an ENT specialist. They think it was maybe PLASTIC! A plastic pin!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:09pm BenDoverMD:

well deserved, Super-M!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:10pm Deb:

Oh, gosh, plastic pin!! Glad you are okay.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:10pm F-berg:

@Deb: Thanks for asking! Monte is getting really big and I just finished--YESTERDAY--my first feature length movie!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:11pm F-berg:

P-90: I'm here! Call in and we can chat.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:11pm Deb:

@F-berg, WHOHOOOT! A movie, when can we see it?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:11pm JeffHQ:

Action faction!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:11pm JakeGould:

@F-berg: You inhaled a plastic pin. But somehow you are in charge of a baby. I’m a heterosexual white male, so what do I know but just saying! Seriously, happy it was dislodged, but somehow disappointed it’s not a kale incident.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:12pm BenDoverMD:

chatting like the wind!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:12pm Deb:

I'm a GIRL
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 9:12pm steve:

what about effeminate men
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:12pm F-berg:

@Deb: Sometime in early 2016 unless you're near NYC because we're gonna have a sneak peak.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:12pm JakeGould:

I’m a boy I’m a boy but my mom won’t admit it.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:12pm Paul D:

this really is the best station in the world. ima donate a buttload next marathon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:13pm bobdoesthings:

wait, what's danne d? boy right?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:13pm P-90:

Wow, Dave sounds like he's in an especially good mood tonight. Or just savoring a particularly sweet buzz.
Congratulations on wrapping your new movie @Shaina!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:13pm BenDoverMD:

Dave kicked twitter's ass today!!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:13pm Crumb:

@Fberg. its' extra finished!! many pats on your back
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:13pm BenDoverMD:

my thoughts exactly @jakeGould
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:13pm F-berg:

@JakeGould: They think the pin was IN the kale. So it's not totally my fault. But it's at a lab. It could still turn up to be kale.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:14pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings: Sadly I could not listen to Dr. Gameshow tonight. So how did “Let’s Reboot This!” go this week? What game is going onto next week?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:14pm F-berg:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:14pm BenDoverMD:

DanneD is a man-child, I believe. Or maybe a boy-dude
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:15pm Crumb:

and yet, another victim of kale which will no doubt go under reported to the public. damn kale council has everyone in their pocket
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:15pm Crumb:

  Mon. 9/28/15 9:15pm Deb:

Are there cookies for Dave and guests tonight?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:15pm Folsom:

Danne D owns the ankle bracelet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:15pm common:

i was called a man-child just today.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:16pm BenDoverMD:

by a lady-person, @common?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:16pm bobdoesthings:

@jake.. i only caught last half.. but a game Jo did not want to go on won, something like "which manolo is it" or something.. it sounded like one of the more bizarre games
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:16pm Supermeowy:

Danne is on his kale-shaming campaign again!! hang up on him!!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:16pm JeffHQ:

Is Saturday's streamcast archived?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:17pm P-90:

I haven't checked Twitter in a couple days. I hear now Dave had a good week on Twitter?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:17pm Deb:

Yes, they won't stop until everyone is under the Kale Viel
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:17pm simcoe:

I've got high hopes for this episode! But that's what happens when a guy only has one show a week. One might hedge one's bets by adding an additional show. Or three.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:18pm BenDoverMD:

DanneD is killing it on twitter!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:19pm Danne D:

This sounds great :)

I like the reggae background.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:19pm JakeGould:

@bobdoesthings: I’ll listen to the archives and deal with it on my own.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:19pm JeffHQ:

The cockpit is spinning in this Green Inferno.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:20pm Danne D:

Kale, plastic - what's the difference?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:20pm Rickwaukee:

alien rubarb
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:20pm simcoe:

I'm so endlessly freaked by this kale story.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:20pm JakeGould:

This plastic in the kale sounds like Obamacare.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:21pm bobdoesthings:

nah, this is some monsanto stuff man!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:21pm BenDoverMD:

DanneD has lady eyes!!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:21pm Rickwaukee:

Paul McCartney eyes
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:21pm P-90:

adjective of the week: "kale-colored". Or: Kale-kolored"
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:21pm BenDoverMD:

and gams to die for!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:22pm BenDoverMD:

Bette Davis eyes...or Ossie Davis eyes
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:22pm JakeGould:

As a heterosexual white male, I have no right to speak on the topic of kale colored items.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:22pm Danne D:

The butterhorn tweet that inexplicably keeps getting sporadically retweeted by the butterhorn cultists:

  Mon. 9/28/15 9:22pm simcoe:

  Mon. 9/28/15 9:23pm P-90:

Wait: so is "Lady eyes" good, or bad? Or just unnerving?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:24pm Danne D:

here's a mascot named Normie:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:24pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:25pm F-berg:

@P-90: Lady eyes are pretty. But maybe a little unnerving on an old man.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:25pm JeffHQ:

Pentagram is playing DC in October...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:25pm Danne D:

Another Normie the mascot:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:25pm JakeGould:

@F-berg: Were they like all slopey and drowyish?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:26pm Ben Dover, MD:

Mahna mahna
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:26pm Jaybone:

Greetings Dave, from the opposite end of O-H-I-O! Cleveland & Cincinnati...we're not exactly homies, but I thought I'd mention it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:27pm bobdoesthings:

another shot of bardot - img0.mxstatic.com...
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:27pm JeffHQ:

Cost of living.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:27pm F-berg:

@JakeGould: They just felt feminine. With thick lashes. And kind of like, "oh me?"
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:28pm joe:

mansfield u., mountaineers; wyoming seminary, blue knights
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:28pm Danne D:

They are now called the Mounties - probably because they got tired of all the wedgies they got being the Nomals:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:28pm Folsom:

Was this A Little Bit South Of Saskatoon?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:29pm P-90:

@bobdoes: Good shot of Bardot! She had "lady eyes." Back then.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:29pm JeffHQ:

I'm hungry for Szechuan.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:29pm Danne D:

  Mon. 9/28/15 9:30pm cactus:

this Canadian couple sounds delightful
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:30pm JakeGould:

@F-berg: Maybe he likes to collect vintage teapots. Just saying.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:31pm Folsom:

Two words : security deposit
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:31pm bobdoesthings:

I was always under the assumption that Bardot was sort of just a pinup.. blonde bombshell type that could hold a tune and was pimped out by record companies.. am I wrong about that? I don't know why I think that..
Ohhh and from what I remember she is a known racist/white supremacist type..
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:31pm simcoe:

The dude who lives in my house just asked why I'm talking to the radio. Because it's GODDAMN DAVE HILL, ya feeb!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:31pm JeffHQ:

Red Moon Magic.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:32pm thecracker:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:32pm F-berg:

@JeffHQ: Szechuan sounds delicious.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:33pm Jaybone:

Little Cheap Trick action? I'll take it.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:34pm Deb:

@simcoe that "dude" needs to be schooled about Mr. Dave Hill and WFMU!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:34pm simcoe:

A to the MEN
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:34pm JeffHQ:

@Fberg: Pronounced SASS-katch-ewan there.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:34pm DaveHill:

Stab him, simcoe!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:34pm DanH:

Dave, congratulations on getting renewed! What are the qualifications for getting a show renewed at WFMU?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:35pm herb.nyc:

(Oh my, Dave was in...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:35pm Jaybone:

Used to be a Cheap Trick cover band called Big Eyes. They were cool, but I woulda called 'em Live at Budokan!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:35pm herb.nyc:

...my dream last nite)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:37pm Jaybone:

Best version of Goin' Down...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:38pm DaveHill:

Thanks, DanH! Um, I don't know what the qualifications are really. I just keep my fingers crossed that they don't ask for my keys back!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:39pm F-berg:

  Mon. 9/28/15 9:41pm JeffHQ:

2 years to go until the farm team
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:41pm Danne D:

201-209-9368 :) Shaina is nice and so is Dave - call and tell them what's what :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:43pm bobdoesthings:

Bettye Swann!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:43pm DaveHill:

Where is hola?!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:43pm JeffHQ:

@Danne: If I discover what's what, I'll send a courier pigeon in October. \m/
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:44pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: I think she’s fully into making teeth nowadays.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:44pm DaveHill:

You know it, bobdoesthings!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:45pm DaveHill:

What does that mean, JakeGould?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:46pm JakeGould:

@DaveHill: That’s her day gig I believe. Helping tooth people.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:47pm Danne D:

This Russian Youtube is great bed music Dave :) I endorse :)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:48pm Danne D:

Glen Ridge is where all the rich people are.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:48pm bobdoesthings:

can't believe I missed this blood moon..
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:48pm DaveHill:

Thanks, Danne!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:49pm bobdoesthings:

glen ridge isn't that fancy... it's no franklin lakes
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:49pm BenDoverMD:

this guy is nerding out over the moon!!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:49pm Danne D:

I went looking for this damn moon last night and couldn't find it :(

Tonight - of course I can see the moon...
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:49pm Crumb:

@danne, you are very right. i went into a house in glen ridge once. iw as invited. i felt like i shouldn't have been invited.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:50pm JeffHQ:

Don't get me started.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:50pm Ben Dover, MD:

I'm weary of this phone call
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:51pm Silvio:

Give us hola back and you can have BDMD
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:51pm Danne D:

Peter seems like a salt of the earth kind of guy
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:52pm cactus:

does anyone say "on-velope" as opposed to "en-velope"? I get criticized every time because I'm an "on-velope" person
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:52pm JakeGould:

FWIW, this is what I overheard in deep Brooklyn while watching the blood moon, “Why you smoking up for? Look up! Look at that shit! It’s all red! You don’t even care!”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:52pm bobdoesthings:

i shit ... I say on-velope too.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:52pm marc15:

I am gay and my ex-boyfriend is too
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:52pm Danne D:

The way he tells them, these jokes practically explain themselves
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 9:53pm steve:

on-velope is definitely classier sounding. im gonna start saying onvelope.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:53pm JeffHQ:

@cactus: Just dont say im late for dinner, amirite?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:53pm Danne D:

probably should be called an in-velope shouldn't it?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:54pm Danne D:

@Dave will a full transcript of Peter's call be available?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:54pm Crumb:

@Fberg. tea bag line killed me
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:54pm Danne D:

The bar has been set :)

Now raise it!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:55pm cactus:

I'm so happy I have "on-velope" support. I hate my friends.
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:55pm JimmyfromKearny:

Was that Pete the Killer who was Moe Black's brother?
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:55pm marc15:

The Air Awards
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:55pm JeffHQ:

  Mon. 9/28/15 9:57pm Supermeowy:

Danne!! leave the jokes to the professionals!!
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:58pm JeffHQ:

Why are we here? Because we're here. Roll the bones.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 9:58pm JakeGould:

I call envelopes, “In-villopes.”
  Mon. 9/28/15 9:59pm cactus:

dammit Dave! ON-VELOPE
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 9:59pm Jaybone:

I'm an AHN-velope guy, too...
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:00pm cactus:

f it. I'm not sending anything in the mail ever again
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:00pm JakeGould:

“Unseen pictures of Brigitte Bardot in a London pub” www.telegraph.co.uk...
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:00pm JeffHQ:

Free "Whitey" Bulger.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:00pm cactus:

ahn-velope sounds more erotic. do you draw out the "ah" part?
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:01pm JeffHQ:

Roll and vape. (Crash)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:01pm Danne D:

The 7-elevens of the future will be populated with teenagers failing trick after trick after trick on these "hover" boards. They are misnamed as they don't actually hover.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:01pm JakeGould:

Self Balancing, 2-Wheel Scooter: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:01pm Ken From Hyde Park:

EM-vuh-lopes (Yes, with an "m" in there,)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:02pm JakeGould:

“IO HAWK Intelligent Personal Mobility Device” www.brookstone.com...
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:02pm Supermeowy:

I'm a kale-velope kinda gal.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:03pm thecracker:

im with you on the video at shows. no good
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:04pm JeffHQ:

10/21 at Best Buy, 10/21 at Best Buy, 10/21 at Best Buy,, 10/21 at Best Buy...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:04pm steve:

agreed on video tapers... grrr
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:04pm JakeGould:

@steve: What about those people who make talkies at concerts. The worst!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:04pm Jaybone:

Of course Ghost played...the Pope (on the end of a rope) is in the country.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:05pm Doe:

Agreed! cell phones in the air piss me off. Just to post on some bullshit social network page.
I'm down to END it
Let's start something!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:05pm steve:

oh... even worse... being at a show where like, out of an audience of hundreds or thousands, like 5 people want to mosh and push around the 100 people in their immediate vincinity.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:06pm Supermeowy:

why don't the venues crack down on videos? they used to be so against recording and would beat down people w recorders, so why don't they beat down on video takers?
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:07pm Doe:

Wow. BYOC?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:07pm JakeGould:

Kith has a cereal bar thing happening: www.grubstreet.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:07pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:08pm Danne D:

This guy sounds sketch.

High Point is at the very top of the state in Sussex County btw, Dave.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:08pm Crumb:

this is very true. they used to confiscate your camera and rip your film out or if it was a disposable, just toss it. why cant they take your phone and hold it for the show. or is there some nonsense about personal safety and protection associated with always having a digital thingy
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:08pm Danne D:

Great Call Bob :) You brought the heat. Way better than my call :)
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:08pm JeffHQ:

Beetle jews.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:08pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm treating the Kardashians like S---h P----, just don't recognize their existence. It's not worth it, dudes.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey Dave and Hillraisers!

@Jeff: Tim Burton's 60s British-Hebraic stop-motion musical, I LOVE that movie too!!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:10pm Danne D:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:10pm Jaybone:

That Metal Show?
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:10pm JeffHQ:

Jimmy! Sing us a wee ditty.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Shaina! And I heard her voice behind the corner too!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:11pm bobdoesthings:

@ddanne - thanks man. you bring heat so consistently. dont kid yourself
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:12pm Rickwaukee:

She would love to hear herself described as "Irish chick with the shaved head."
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:12pm JeffHQ:

@Matt: It's primo!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:12pm Danne D:

Jimmy is amazing :)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:13pm Danne D:

Thanks Bob :) I try. Not sure if I quite brought enough tonight but you picked me up.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:14pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm not excommunicated, yet!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:14pm Danne D:

Really hard to collect the full set of sacraments
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:14pm bobdoesthings:

I never got confirmed.. .what does that mean? I just never cared by high school..
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:14pm Matt from Springfield:

I *guessed* he would sing THIS CCR song! ;)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:14pm Danne D:

  Mon. 9/28/15 10:15pm Supermeowy:

Jimmy that was magical!! I had goose bumps! very topical song, too!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:15pm JakeGould:

You had nice white dress and a party on your con-fir-ma-shunnn!!!!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:15pm Jaybone:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: It means you're an infant in the eyes of the Church!
If you cared you could get a "pope mitzvah" and become an adult...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:17pm Jaybone:

Slade! Noddy Holder! With the Bugger Grip sideburns!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: I wasn't counting on Dave, when I was counting on my Rosary--
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:18pm DaveHill:

You know it, Matt from Springfield!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Wooooo! Knowin'!
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:20pm JeffHQ:

@matt: gotta find you on the twitterwebs...
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:20pm cactus:

alright everyone, I have a terrific headache, so I'm gonna load up on meds and go to sleep. give Dave tons of emotional for me. g'night y'all!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:22pm DaveHill:

You stay put, cactus!!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@JeffHQ: Still not on there! Sometimes I think about joining, but mainly to subscribe to other's tweets!

You'll just have to seek me in the WFMUniverse!
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:22pm cactus:

dammit, you've inspired me. I'm in. I'm gonna celebrate national drink a beer day Instead of sleep
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Your fans send emotional cacti to you, Dave! :D
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:23pm bobdoesthings:

whoah... so when you get confirmed you get to add a second middle name?!!?!? as long as it's a religious name right?! maybe i'll get confirmed to get a sweet second middle name!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:24pm JakeGould:

Jake “Kielbasa King” Gould
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@bob: Pantaleon!
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:25pm cactus:

I was on vacation last week. the only channel I got in my hotel room in South Carolina was playing "Bruce Almighty" on constant repeat
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:25pm bobdoesthings:

is thomas a religious name... I could be rob thomas thomas. as my middle name is already thomas. so I am Rob Thomas.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:26pm Danne D:

@bobdoes - If I knew then what I know now I'd try to see if I could get away with a confirmation name of Elvis.

Note to self - Confirmation name probably is a good secret code for lost e-mails and stuff
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:26pm Danne D:

@cactus what more do you need?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:26pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah! Jobriath!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:26pm Danne D:

@bobdoes - yeah - Doubting Thomas.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:27pm cactus:

@Danne D - more beer if I'm gonna power through this
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: That's a good idea.

Sometimes I try to think of answers that aren't rational and hence can't be researched. You can answer those with another question, for example. Just as long as you've memorized WHICH other question!

"Q. Where did you graduate high school?
A. Led Zeppelin"
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:29pm Jaybone:

The Jobriath documentary is pretty cool. He ended up living in the Chelsea Hotel...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:29pm bobdoesthings:

oh man.. I don't believe in anything but I'll get confirmed if I can get that sweet second middle name..
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:31pm DaveHill:

Yeah, he lived on the top floor and died there, I believe, Jaybone. I lived there for a while, too. Not to brag.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Not to brag, BUT...all the cool people *have* lived there at some point! :)
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:33pm cactus:

you didn't die there
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:33pm Jaybone:

Dave, and he (Jobriath) was composing and playing piano to the end, no doubt...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:33pm Danne D:

You can read all about Dave Hill's time at the Chesea in his great book "Tasteful Nudes" - available at the finest face-melting booksellers.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Sabbath Assembly - wow, and it's not a Christian band, either!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

"Some Assembly Required" ... ya got that right!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh no, the Crime Blotter is back! (cower)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:37pm Jaybone:

How we find out about cool music...always interesting, Dave. Unless of course the story is "I heard this great band on the radio the other day. I think they're called The Beatles?"
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:38pm JeffHQ:

Needed chicken nuggets and a switchblade.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Geez - I wouldn't trust MY fellow employees with a wallet!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:39pm steve:

lol... this is a great crime blotter story
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:39pm marc15:

Oh it was guy who first phone the wallet
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:39pm pillow_out:

Hummus from walmart?
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:39pm marc15:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Parma ham, Ohio
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:40pm JakeGould:

Don’t brag about buying hummus.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:40pm marc15:

The same day as the Wallet Caper
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:40pm JeffHQ:

Walmart shoppers: Meatball parm charm.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:41pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm sure they didn't make that hummus - but some brands just suck. You gotta watch yo back, when it comes to Levantine mezze, sucka!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:41pm bobdoesthings:

people shit talk walmart but then go on amazon and buy their groceries, appliances, hardware, clothing, etc..
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:41pm marc15:

Athenos Hummus is the best
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:42pm JakeGould:

Hummus in 2015 is nothing special. I mean in 1985 you were radical for buying hummus but now it’s like earthy mayonnaise.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:42pm rsj:

people who buy hummus are weird
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I like artichoke & spinach hummus. Goes great with raw cauliflower.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:42pm Danne D:

I'm a few towns away from Lyndhurst NJ :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:42pm bobdoesthings:

I'm fun at parties.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:42pm Matt from Springfield:

"Mobile cage"??! Where's Sarah McLach when you really need her?!!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:43pm Danne D:

@bobdoesthing ah - but you can support WFMU if you buy your stuff on amazon - smile.amazon.com - choose Auricle Communications and FMU gets a kickback from your purchases.

I buy my groceries at Shop Rite usually FWIW
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:44pm marc15:

Spray paint?????
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Never had a Shop Rite near me, but still remember the jingle from WWOR commercials.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:44pm JakeGould:

Wanna impress me? Buy some Baba Ganoush!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:44pm bobdoesthings:

@danne- further evil permeating our commerce!
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:45pm JeffHQ:

These crimes hit close to home.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Who's up for a hummus party?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: Psst! I bought baba ghanoush just last month! ;)

(It's just "eggplant hummus"!)
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:46pm JeffHQ:

That joke stays west of the Mississippi.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:46pm pillow_out:

i missed a Jobriath song
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:47pm JakeGould:

@MattfromSpringfield: Hummus is just watery peanut butter made with chickpeas.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Hummus Party! I'm in, Ken!
Tribe hummus for me, in one of many varities. And we'll sing "Hummus Party" to the tune of Black Flag.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:47pm Danne D:

Vending machines kill 13 people per year:
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:47pm JeffHQ:

Slapshot hath not.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:48pm bobdoesthings:

hummus is amazing! put it on pita chips.. put it on toast with some protein and salad onion and tomato.. put it on crackers.. sandwiches!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Chickpeabutter and tabouli sandwich. And SESAME seeds! That stuff has insane mouthfeel, no matter how you prepare it!
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:48pm adam:

I was a sophomore and the soda machine in my building landed on my toe. I healed like it never happened.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:48pm bobdoesthings:

falafel and hummus!
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:49pm JeffHQ:

Coke's got 9 lives.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:49pm bobdoesthings:

"pepsi, does anyone even drink that anymore" - classic.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:49pm Matt from Springfield:

"I just wanted a Pepsi!"
(Suicidal Tendencies! :)
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:49pm Crumb:

a coke after not having a coke for a while is fan-tastic. refreshing and biting all at the same time.
and definitely a beverage that pairs well and can uplift a meal like a pizza or a burger maybe some fries
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm JeffHQ:

"Casual dining"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@MfS - "All I wanted was a Pepsi! And she wouldn't give it to me!"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm JakeGould:

Did he go to the bathroom in the bathroom?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, fortunate for you, adam.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm Supermeowy:

I'm with Jake - Baba Ghanouj > hummus
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm Rickwaukee:

Nobody drinks Pepsi anymore, it's always sold out. - Yogi Berra
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:50pm Jaybone:

I used to be a Pepsi guy...when I was a kid. But times change. People change. "Soft drinks" change.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:51pm Danne D:

@Dave you should refer this Arby's case to Jimmy.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Shoney's - they had one in downtown Springfield years ago, but now they don't. Makes ya think...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:51pm bobdoesthings:

very cold coke in a CAN (not bottle or plastic) is the best.. but I only have 1-2 sodas a year.. soda seems absurd to me now.. why would you have that?! maybe im getting old..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:52pm JakeGould:

I like Manhattan Special coffee soda.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:52pm pillow_out:

i only ever ate at a shoney's on the road when my family traveled to florida. do they still exist?
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:52pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:53pm Matt from Springfield:

I've always preferred Coke - in a glass with ice.
I drink Diet Coke at work mostly, clean caffeine cut w/o sugar and a bit o' bubbles for the belly. This position powered by Diet Coke!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Apparently "as of early 2011, there were approximately 230 company-owned and franchised Shoney’s restaurants in 17 states, stretching from Maryland to Florida in the east and from Missouri to Texas in the west."
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:54pm bobdoesthings:

I woulda picked Robert Anton Wilson.. or Tim Leary? or Buckminster Fuller..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:55pm JakeGould:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:55pm Matt from Springfield:

"Ironic" Yacht Rock Poseurs! Ugh!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:55pm pillow_out:

haha thank you matt
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:56pm Matt from Springfield:

No prob pillow! I look forward to returning to one, myself.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:57pm JakeGould:

I like real Yacht Rock. I just call it soft rock and enjoy it.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:57pm F-berg:

@bobdoesthings: My parents almost named me Buckminster Fuller. If I had been a boy.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:57pm Ben Dover, MD:

Not making fun of yacht rock

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:58pm Jaybone:

I like a Coke from a fountain setup, but the ratio of syrup to carbonation is critical, and so finding a great one is difficult. I try various gas station self-serve fountains to test their Coke kung-fu.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:58pm Deb:

Bucky is a great name.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:58pm Matt from Springfield:

"Any age is a nightmare. I can't wait for this to be over, life that is!" +4 Dave! Not a +10, I mean that's kind of a generalization. But that's pretty punk of you! +4!

Also pooping first then brushing your teeth. That's fair.
  Mon. 9/28/15 10:58pm Ben Dover, MD:

Forget it....can't comment via my phone
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 10:58pm JakeGould:

@F-berg: Your parents were minimalist design nerds?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 10:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Good gravy! Just saw a TV commercial for a Burger King "Halloween Whopper." The bun seemed to have black food coloring. www.foodbeast.com...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 10:59pm Jaybone:

Who brushes their teeth in the morning just before eating breakfast? Like school kids do on TV? Orange juice tastes awful just after you've brushed!
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:00pm Ben Dover, MD:

Goodnight all. Late night at the tavern last night
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:00pm Danne D:

Good night Ben!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Good letter, Ben! Good night!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:01pm Jaybone:

Bob Mould's "Black Sheets of Rain" is one of the angriest albums I've ever heard.
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:01pm Supermeowy:

if Ben is out, I'm out!
I'm sleepy. good night everyone! glad you're kale and/or safety-pin free Shaina!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:01pm F-berg:

@JakeGould: Yeah, I guess...sorta. Not huge. But they liked him and his philosophy a lot.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:02pm JakeGould:

@F-berg: All cool. Just saying.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:02pm F-berg:

Thanks @Supermeowy!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Curl up and purr, and sweet dreams, Meowy!
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:03pm P-90:

"Minimalist design" is NOT what Bucky Fuller was about.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:04pm JakeGould:

NEWS FLASH! “London zoo monkey-keeper and meerkat-keeper 'fought over llama-keeper'” www.theguardian.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:05pm JakeGould:

@P-90: Sorry if I got that wrong, but a geodesic dome is not really a “maximalist” idea.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:05pm Jaybone:

Bucky Fuller is the Spaceship Earth guy, right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:05pm pillow_out:

like the grocery store?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:05pm pillow_out:

oh it is!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jake: What a zoo WE live in! Amirite? Amirite!

Also, you can have fun with:
"A London zoo love triangle between...meerkats, monkeys and llamas led to bloody fight at a Christmas party, a court has heard." ;D
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:08pm Danne D:

Q For Dennis: Is he a fan of Joe Frank? This reminds me of his style a bit - really cool.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:09pm Matt from Springfield:

"Velocity Vomiting" - GNFAB.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 11:11pm steve:

yikes! so is this autobiographical?
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:12pm P-90:

"...the Grand Union". Do those even exist any more?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:13pm pillow_out:

Both Grand Unions in my hometown went out of business. i have feeling they don't
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:13pm bobdoesthings:

@f-berg.. seriously?! Buckminster Fuller!? he was a nut.. he came up with polyphasic sleepying.. where you sleep for one hour at a time 4 times a day to maximize efficiency.. haha
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:14pm Danne D:

@P-90 nope

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:14pm bobdoesthings:

@jaybone - yeah... he also came up with the axiomatic car.. a bizarre car that got great fuel efficency but was highly unstable..
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:14pm Matt from Springfield:

That was an engaging track - good delivery and background music, it IS like Joe Frank!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:14pm F-berg:

@bobdoesthings: that sounds like how I slept over the last 24 hours. One hour ever four hours.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:14pm JakeGould:

For the kids out there, “Grand Union” is an old school equivalent of “C-Town.”
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:16pm JakeGould:

The last 24 hours for me have been crappy sleep. It all started when I was figuring out breakfast yesterday and decided, “Why not have some simple pasta with pesto for breakfast? Why not?” 12 hours later… No comment…
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:16pm Danne D:

@Shaina that woulda been a cool name :) You had cool parents. I saw the movie on Buckminster Fuller with Yo La Tengo live accompaniment this summer
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:16pm bobdoesthings:

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Bucky -- about how he got the nickname"trimtab" ---- -- "Something hit me very hard once, thinking about what one little man could do. Think of the Queen Mary(a large cruise ship) — the whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder. And there's a tiny thing at the edge of the rudder called a trimtab.
It's a miniature rudder. Just moving the little trim tab builds a low pressure that pulls the rudder around. Takes almost no effort at all. So I said that the little individual can be a trimtab. Society thinks it's going right by you, that it's left you altogether. But if you're doing dynamic things mentally, the fact is that you can just put your foot out like that and the whole big ship of state is going to go.
So I said, call me Trimtab."
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:17pm Danne D:

Grand Union had its HQ in the town I grew up in. It was above one of their supermarkets. They moved the HQ but the upper floors of that building remained empty - above what was a very profitable store.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Cashmere-wearing junkies, now they was "fly"!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:17pm Danne D:

nj.com had a picture of it from Supermarkets of the past when A&P was in bankruptcy. It incorrectly said it was in Paterson.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:18pm Danne D:

Grand Union was a little better than C-Town Jake.

(Not much, but a little)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:19pm JakeGould:

I miss Waldbaum’s and aisles and aisles of canned food with Julia Waldbaum’s face on it. NYC Jewboy memory.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:19pm bobdoesthings:

I remember Grand Union.. the one near me became a Stop n Shop
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:20pm Danne D:

There also was a Grand Way - which later was replaced by (and still is) a K-mart.

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:21pm Danne D:

That wikipedia article is a great read. I never knew that it start out as sort of a civil war themed supermarket - with people dressed as Lincoln and everything.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:21pm JakeGould:

@DanneD: The C-Town’s in deep Brooklyn are actually decent. It’s the ones still in Brownstone Brooklyn that are sketchy.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:21pm Danne D:

The store's mascot was Abraham Lincoln wearing a deli apron, and most stores featured a costumed Lincoln to accomplish deeds, talk to customers, and proclaim the general splendor of the Grand Union, and to urge them to "Save the Union" when the company faced economic hardship.
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:22pm Rickwaukee:

didn't we all?
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:24pm Rickwaukee:

"I'm addicted to savings." LOLOLOL
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:24pm simcoe:

I can't even believe how good this chat with Dennis is. This is award-winning material.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:25pm Matt from Springfield:

I've never had crack - can you still even get that? Or nowadays some hipster "artisanal" crack cafe? Serving you lemon-ginger-kale crack inside a plastic baggie on a ceramic saucer?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:26pm Danne D:

Dennis not the only one to steal from Grand Union: "None of these ideas worked out, and once again Grand Union's finances reached dire straits. In addition to this, many of Grand Union's executives were found to have been stealing money such as Don Vaillancourt, who was eventually convicted of embezzling over $2 million from the company in 2002."
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:30pm Jaybone:

"It sounds great!"
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: You know how it goes - steal one thing from the store and you're a criminal; steal millions of things and you're a king..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:30pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 9/28/15 11:30pm steve:

WOW that is nasty. super fascinating but... so... ick...
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:30pm P-90:

One of the best scab stories I've ever heard on this show.
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:31pm Deb:

Heroin is not chic
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:31pm Jaybone:

If you're gonna get cut, this was the best way...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:32pm bobdoesthings:

it was the best of times...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:32pm Danne D:

Old Grand Union HQ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:33pm bobdoesthings:

Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:34pm Jaybone:

The market has since settled down. Grams in Cincinnati are about $60...not that I would know FIRST HAND!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Germans are weird compared to Americans. Everyone's weird compared to us, in fact.

Berlin is prob the funnest city in Germany right now though. I highly rec!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:48pm Matt from Springfield:

"Extra Virgin Mary" :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:50pm JakeGould:

I knew kids doing junk at 15 or 16 in the 1980s. So hey.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:50pm bobdoesthings:

acid is unrelated.. lets be honest.
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:51pm JimmyfromKearny:

Diggin' this Cat...
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:52pm simcoe:

Dave is the most amazingly not-judgmental host ever. He could host a talkshow for war criminals.
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:53pm simcoe:

NOT THAT DENNIS IS A WAR CRIMINAL! I'm just saying. Lotta confessing goin' on.
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:54pm Danne D:

War Crime Blotter?
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Late, AND on heroin! AND not bringing any for us!
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:55pm simcoe:

It could happen.
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:55pm Rickwaukee:

Marbs - more addictive than smack
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:56pm cee:

wild show tonight. fascinating interview
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:56pm F-berg:

Good night all!
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:56pm Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: But, only "amusing" and funny war crimes, like from Shaker Heights, Iraq (Tarik Sheikhar). Don't want to get too down..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:57pm bobdoesthings:

great show.. best part was when I called in.. thanks all. goodnight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:57pm pillow_out:

2 weeks in a row Dave. Great interviews
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:57pm pillow_out:

3 minutes left…...
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Time flies!
Thanks Dave and Shaina and Dennis and callers and commenters and everyone! Have a good night, everyone! :)
Avatar Mon. 9/28/15 11:58pm Danne D:

GREAT SHOW Dave and Shaina and Dennis and callers and commenters and listeners :) Until Next Time!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 9/28/15 11:58pm JakeGould:

Good night all!
  Mon. 9/28/15 11:59pm Rickwaukee:

  Tue. 9/29/15 12:00am simcoe:

Dayum, this show was unreal. Dave Hill is an incredible DJ and interlocutor.
Avatar Tue. 9/29/15 1:37am DaveHill:

Thanks for listening, everybody! Get tested!
  Tue. 9/29/15 6:44pm stay metal:

Here's a great page on the Grand Union up in Inwood on it's opening day. Folks lined up like it was the Apple store on iPhone day.


The Shaina Show is back!
  Tue. 9/29/15 10:11pm Dennis Driscoll:

That Grand Union opening day thing was great. That My Inwood site has lots of great stuff.
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