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Options May 4, 2013: Right Back Where We Started From

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Artist Track
Chandler Travis Philharmonic  Right Back Where We Started From   Options
Challengers, The  Secret Agent Man   Options
Pee Wee King  Ten Gallon Boogie   Options
Olympics, The  I'll Do A Little Bit More   Options
Dave Harris Trio  Night Club   Options
Magic Kids  Phone   Options
April Stevens  I Love How You Love Me   Options
Terry Fell  You Don't Give A Hang About Me   Options
Bull Moose Jackson  Big Ten Inch   Options
Kirsty MacColl  They Don't Know   Options
Buggs, The  London Town Swing (sic)   Options
George Jones  I'm A People   Options
George Jackson  I Smell A Rat   Options
Midnight Stars  Popy's Disco   Options
Miss Ludella Black  My Boyfriend's Band   Options
Catbirds, The  Leaving Here   Options
Everpresent Fullness, The  Darlin' You Can Count On Me   Options
Narvel Felts  A Little Bit of Soap   Options
Willie Mitchell  Take Five   Options
Bill Fox  Bird Of The World   Options
Chris Montez  Foolin Around   Options
Les Waldroop  Watergate Bugs   Options
Supremes, The  The Happening (demo)   Options
Esther Phillips  A Taste of Honey   Options
Dwight Yoakam  3 Pears   Options
Chandler Travis  INTERVIEW   Options
Catbirds, The  Changing Names   Options
Emitt Rhodes  With My Face On The Floor   Options
Cerro Verde  I Lost A Game   Options
Merle Travis  Ike Everly's Rag   Options
Shuggie Otis  Destination You!   Options
Sprague Brothers, The  I'll Do It Every Time   Options
Dennis Diken With Bell Sound  Standing in That Line   Options
Dan Penn  Come On Over   Options
Lefty Frizzell & Wayne Raney  I've Been Away Too Long   Options
Piano Red  It's A Sin To Tell A Lie   Options
Television  Venus   Options
Replacements, The  Everything's Coming Up Roses   Options
Peter Boyle  Joe   Options

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Listener comments!

  11:06am Paul:

Pledge $5 to get wfmu a new cd player
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:07am Stevel:

What an opener!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am G:

Step away from the haterade, Paul. That CD player is museum quality :)
  11:15am Hackensack Slim:

Had me fooled. Thought it was a Mose Allison song I hadn't heard before. Still good though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am jmd:

@Hackensack--That's exactly what my wife was saying when you posted your comment! Crazy.
  11:21am mark in toronto:

first ever (and last ever?) bagpipes in a pop/rock song?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:22am Mike East:

Definitely #1 hit weather today. Morning, Michael
  11:28am Adam:

bagpipes - It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll - not quite a pop song, but close
  11:35am mark in toronto:

@adam - yes, of course, i stand corrected
Avatar 11:35am duke:

To whom it may concern:
No F'n way
Harper Collins
  11:35am SeanG:

I love the Magic Kids
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:41am Mike East:

Always read the ny'er restaurant reviews, but much like the movie reviews, who writes it determines how annoyed I get. Your daughter should get a job there. I can't believe she used the word melancholy.
  11:42am mark in toronto:

Michael, shouldn't the April Stevens songs also credit Nino Tempo?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:44am Stevel:

Was "I'm a People" any sort of response to "The Monkey Speaks His Mind?"
  11:49am mark in toronto:

a perfect #1 song is "Don't Tell Me" by the Incredible Casuals
Avatar 11:50am Belinda:

Good choice, Mark!
Avatar 11:51am Belinda:

Aptly ferocious!
  11:54am Eddy in Australia:

Loved the pizzeria takedown. When is Junebug going to do record reviews on the show?
  12:00pm Paul:

Love me some Bill Fox. When is the next LP being reissued?!
  12:04pm mark in toronto:

@Belinda - thanks! no avatar?
Avatar 12:05pm Belinda:

Michael!!! Chandler is ready for the call! Standing by.
Avatar 12:07pm KP:

Good day, Michael
  12:15pm zoot:

Chandler Travis! Hooray! Still got all my Incredible Casuals vinyl and my cherished Travis, Shook, and the Club Wow. Keep doing what you do, Mr. Travis.
Avatar 12:17pm Belinda:

Steve Shook even had a record release party last night and reunited for a bit of Travis Shook, too!
  12:17pm drr:

Slap Shot has the correct music on DVD, but, yeah, the VHS version had music that was "like" the original...unsettling.
  12:25pm Betsy Nichols:

Hey Michael, this Emitt Rhodes toon sounds awesome!
Avatar 12:27pm Michael Shelley:

Thanks Betsy - as do your jingles!
  12:32pm mark in toronto:

@Belinda - is your avatar a 7" vinyl? what are the songs? what does Deke Dickerson do on it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:33pm Mike East:

just made some delicious falafel for lunch...so good. My wife says better than the place on St. Mark's
  12:54pm SeanG:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:55pm Julie:

Two guys is the Kinks, two girls is Heart, so why not?
Avatar 12:58pm Belinda:

@Mark - it is vinyl! It's my new record, Bubbles in the Think Tank presents Eponymously Entitled. It's a record about records made for Record Store Day. love.bubblesinthethinktank.com
Avatar 12:58pm Scott C.:

@mark in toronto: That avatar is indeed a 7" vinyl record all about records, just released on Record Store Day 2013. It's called Eponymously Entitled and features exclusive tracks by Deke Dickerson, The Catbirds, The Weisstronauts and more. All the info is here:
  1:10pm mark in toronto:

thanks Belinda and Scott, just ordered one!
Avatar 1:23pm Belinda:

you will love it!
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