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Southern inspirational dada.

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Options February 26, 2013: Miracle Nutrition with Hearty White

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Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:02pm heartywhite:

Welcome, everyone!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:02pm Mike East:

I could go for a colossal biscuit
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:03pm Mike East:

evenin' hearty!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:04pm Matthyou Springwater:

You're good quality Hearty, I'm comin' back for some more!

Evening Heartyfolk!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:06pm Matthyou Springwater:

Cat tattoos? Lizards are the fastest expanding market for tattoos.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:08pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Hello friends of all sorts, one and all, see-through and otherwise. Ghost people are trying to enter the building!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:09pm Matthyou Springwater:

No crazy readings of the Book of Esther tonight? Was that just a marketing ploy? Oh well...no way to lure 'em like Purim.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:10pm Matthyou Springwater:

Hi Mike! And hi Devin!
Do the Ghost People have money? It's Marathon time, you should be open minded if that's the case.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:10pm Matthyou Springwater:

Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:10pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Them Hamantaschen ain't so bad, if I can just find some without any wheat. Maybe I'm just looking for cookies with jam in 'em.

I used to drink Ensure...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:12pm Mike East:

hey Matt!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:13pm Matthyou Springwater:

Volunteering in the mornings? Nachum or his volunteers might have some gluten free Hamantaschen!
(Else, bring something gluten free and load jam on it!)
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:13pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Problem with ghost people is that they're always trying to pledge with cursed gold.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:15pm Mike East:

@Devin - I can't volunteer this year, but next year, if our shifts coincide, I will make sure whatever I prepare is gluten free. :)
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:15pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I think I have a bag of gluten free in my pantry. Now all I need is some jam!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:16pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Oh thanks, Mike! That'd be incredibly appreciated!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:16pm Danne Duckcaller:

Hi there Hearty Humans :)
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:16pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

By me. I, myself, would appreciate that.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:16pm Matthyou Springwater:

That's a drawback to recent anti-terrorism finance laws; it used to be relatively easy to launder cursed gold into okay sandalwood and resins. Now the government's closed almost all those avenues down.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:17pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Hiya, Danne!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:17pm Matthyou Springwater:

Hi there Mr. Duckcaller!
Whiskey V-8 for you? :)
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:17pm ken@empcollective.org:

Well, hello!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:18pm Matthyou Springwater:

ken@email! Hello!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:19pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Dim Mak!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:21pm Matthyou Springwater:

If you have the answer to all the world's problems, give it away! It's the nice thing to do, people will know you're genuine, AND at least 80% of the people will be happy! So you'll get all kinds of great free stuff over the rest of your life! :)
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:23pm nwehner01:

never heard of a bible with a zipper...hey that's some snappy music!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:23pm Mike East:

@Matthyou - I have the answer, but I'm withholding it because problems make the world more interesting. Trust me, its better this way.
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:24pm Grievous Monkey:

This music is rather intense.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:25pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Mike: Leibniz and others say that this is "the best of all POSSIBLE worlds", so I'll have to agree with you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:25pm Mike East:

mr. hooper!
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:26pm Grievous Monkey:

Matt, don't lizards look like they already have ink work on their skin?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:27pm Mike East:

@MAtt -Rex says the same thing of WFMU.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:27pm Danne Duckcaller:

Hiya Devin_G :) Hi Matthyou - I drink neither alcohol nor V-8 but thankee

do we think well have Pope Hearty I in a couple weeks time?

That would be Hilarius
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:28pm Danne Duckcaller:

(Hilarius is the name of a previous Pope, btw)
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:28pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Yes. Yes. Yes. Name's Gristlemancer, Devin Gristlemancer. I'm a private detective around these parts. Once I was a banana, now I pretend to be a Sequoya. Yeah, a tree, everybody's a tree these days but that doesn't mean you can trust them with your lasagna. Who eats that stuff anyway?
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:29pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Mike: Btw, from Chris T's list: Roy Rogers was started by a particular Marriott executive in the 60s, and after partnering with Hardee's and re-branding as them, then back again to Roy's, the chain was eventually sold to McD's in the 90s. The franchised Roys still remained, and that exec who first created them then took the reins for the remainder. They've expanded modestly from their low point since then.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:29pm Matthyou Springwater:

LOL Danne! :)
And YES, there's a reason Benedict steps down, shortly after Hearty White comes on WFMU! :D
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:29pm amEdeo:

@Danne: Are you volunteering during the marathon?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:30pm Mike East:

Thanks, Mattepedia.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:30pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Devin: There's your winning short self-description!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:30pm Danne Duckcaller:

@amEdeo yes sir, I am - I'll be doing 8 shifts.

Btw, here's more on Pope Hilarius
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:32pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Durn nurb it! I almost got through 30 minutes without messing up the name.

Well, mayhaps our paths shall cross!! I'm doing a few afternoon and evening shifts.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:33pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Mike: Roys Fan 4 Life! Privileged to have a few a short distance from me :)

@Grevious Monkey: True, but now, lizards are deciding "why stick with this same old pattern? I am the master of my destiny!" and opting for a variety of patterns nowadays.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:33pm Danne Duckcaller:

Yup, I'm mostly a nights and weekends person. Probably see you Tuesday night I'm reckonin'
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:34pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I suspect we will, I suspect we will.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:36pm Matthyou Springwater:

Be a witness.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:36pm Mike East:

power rangers were a crappy knockoff of voltron
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:36pm Matthyou Springwater:

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Wow. Memory sieve for me.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:37pm amEdeo:

Emotional Iron Man Marathon.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:37pm Danne Duckcaller:

I'll effort to make it there before the end of Hearty's proceedings (though it's a challenge with the commute). The 9p-12mid time-switch a couple years back was a blessing for me
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:38pm Danne Duckcaller:

amEdeo why do you have to steal Devin_G's avatar like that? Not very neighborly
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:39pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

I'm MCing Hearty's show during the second week. But I'll be in the phone room on Tuesday nights both weeks.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:39pm amEdeo:

This Devin character is positively sketchy.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:39pm Danne Duckcaller:

Mine has been subcontracted out from the original avatar owner to me btw
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:40pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

How very industrious of you.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:40pm Matthyou Springwater:

I think Devin's running out of underscores. Here, have some: _ _ _ _

In fact, better take a whole sheet: __________________________
Rip off what you need!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:40pm Danne Duckcaller:

Is Devin_G emceeing or amEdeo I'm now confuseled
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:41pm Matthyou Springwater:

@Danne: Do the NYC blogs have advice on sub-leasing avatars, by the way?
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:42pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

We will recite our existential power oath, and to merge into one very depressed person.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:42pm Danne Duckcaller:

@Matthyou - I seldom stray across the Hudsonwater so I dunno

@Devin_G I hope the ceremony is televised or at least blogged.

And where is the original Gristlecorn variety of Devin_G

Still confuseled
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:44pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Trendsetting the 3rd wave of Hearty playlist comment names. The 90s internet name wave.
Wave. Name. Name name. Happened a month or so ago, I think. Matthyou?
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:45pm Matthyou Springwater:

Gristlewater. Kettlewater + - x / Gristlecorn = Gristlewater
Both split from Kettlecorn, which recombined into Gristlewater, and transported into a digital-realm-only future as Gristlemancer.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:46pm Matthyou Springwater:

Yes, Devin! Jan 29, in fact! :)
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:46pm Danne Duckwater:

Heartical physics makes my brain hurt
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:49pm Danne Duckwater:

Lots of eggheads on the comments board today
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:50pm Danne Duckcaller:

Now it's happening to me!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:51pm Danne Duckcaller:

But I must carry on the Duckcaller name!

And I need to inform the owner the avatar that he needs to sue this Duckwater imposter for unauthorized avatar use.

And now MY brain hurts
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:52pm Grievous Monkey:

The squirrels are still pissed about the Black Walnut incident.

The monkeys aren't very pleased, either.
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:52pm Grievous Monkey:

Suffering exists!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:53pm Matthyou Springwater:

Don't worry Mr. Duckcaller, Danne D is a mighty commenter, and he will redeem that avatar once and for all! :)
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:53pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

Thanks, Matthyou!

So many ducks, so many callers and bodies of water.
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:54pm Grievous Monkey:

Suffering is caused by craving.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:55pm fleep:

The rocks in my stream of consciousness are all round and shiny
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:55pm Matthyou Springwater:

Where is Mrs. Kettlewater, when Hearty's talking about equating God and sandwich spread? (Mayo vs. Miracle Whip!)
  Tue. 2/26/13 7:56pm Grievous Monkey:

That means you are 'WINNING", Fleep.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:56pm Devin_Gristlemancer:

A good question! Eating sandwiches somewhere offline perhaps.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:57pm Matthyou Springwater:

Hearty needs that squeaky chipmunk sound to fill in for "generic other end of the line sound".
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:57pm amEdeo:

Alright friends, talk to you soon/later! Have a good night until then.
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:58pm Matthyou Springwater:

Verily. For, even if one does not prefer Miracle Whip to mayo, it is still a miracle: for helping you clarify what you want.
If only God, the Universe and Everything could be clarified so easily, what peace and sandwich eating there could be!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:58pm Mike East:

bye guys!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:59pm Danne Duckcaller:

Have a good night and ahoy me Hearties!

And to you Hearty thanks for another wonderful show :)

To the Marathon!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 2/26/13 7:59pm heartywhite:

Thank you, my great friends!
Avatar    Tue. 2/26/13 7:59pm Matthyou Springwater:

Have a good night, Hearty and all the great Heartyfolk on and off the board! Marathon-bound we go!!
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