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Playlist for 05 October 2011 Favoriting | Stealth Fundraiser Show #1 w/ State of the Station 11am-Noon. Make a Stealth Pledge Above!

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Jonathan Kane  I Looked at the Sun   Favoriting  

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Din A Testbild  She's So Nice   Favoriting German Punk & Wave 1978-1984, Vol. 1 (V/A) 
  0:13:54 (Pop-up)
HGich.T  Hintenanstellen 16bit 5   Favoriting Melodien Ohne Zweifel 
  0:19:05 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Organic Orgasm Remix   Favoriting Zoo- The Animal Hop Remixes - Free Music Archive 

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  0:22:52 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow   Favoriting Self-Titled 
  0:28:49 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Let It All Hang Out   Favoriting       0:35:04 (Pop-up)
BD594  Bohemian Rhapsody   Favoriting  
  0:39:54 (Pop-up)
  Whole Lotta Multitracks         0:53:11 (Pop-up)
Boom Bip  Pele   Favoriting Zig Zaj 
*   0:58:26 (Pop-up)
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Secta Nefaria   Favoriting Inri 
*   1:01:30 (Pop-up)
Sudden Infant  Dies Irae   Favoriting Psychotic Enzelkind 
  1:06:08 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Gangpol & Mit 
Browse at Night   Favoriting The 1000 Softcore Tourist People Club 
*   1:12:28 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Space junko 
        1:15:49 (Pop-up)
The Slew  Robbin Banks (Doin' Time)   Favoriting 100% 
  1:25:59 (Pop-up)
ADOR / Pete Rock  Let It All Hang Out   Favoriting       1:29:42 (Pop-up)
Frenchbloke & Son  Sexy Model   Favoriting       1:34:53 (Pop-up)
Station Mgr Ken  State of the Station   Favoriting  

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  2:02:33 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:05am λɯəɹəɾ:

Ken! long live wfmu. happy wednesday
  9:05am Dan B From Upstate:

A stealthy good morning to all.
  9:05am Vicki:

Morning Afternoon
  9:06am DetroitMac:

Looking forward to the Station Report. Morning all.
  9:06am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:07am other david:

Ahoy hoy
  9:08am Chris Christie:

I'm throwing my considerable size and support to WFMU and urge all my friends with big oversize pockets to do likewise.
  9:09am Lizardner Dave:

If all the Occupy Wall Street types would give WFMU the money they're spending on Starbucks for just one day the goal would be met. Just saying.
  9:10am λɯəɹəɾ:

i bumped it up to 3% w0000t!
  9:10am F0F0:

Hello, Ken, fellow listeners and commenters!
  9:12am Gah:

Well, twenty minutes of this song sure makes me feel like donating.
  9:12am Aaron in Minneapolis:

So it was at 23 percent before the show, what happened?
  9:13am Vicki:

yes I'm slightly confused by the 23% just changing to 6%
  9:14am Ken:

The way it was calculating the percentage was wrong.. I fixed it at around 830.
  9:14am other david:

Made a pledge to the station yesterday, hope I have the moolah to do so again before the end of Awetober.

Ken, I got a letter from the station in the post this morning about the the stealth fundraiser - but it cost a dollar to send since I'm in Ireland, could you guys cut some bills by not sending post internationally, or do you find it's more effective than e-mails at getting a response?
  9:15am 100% dc pat:

'lo evreebaaady
  9:15am Aaron in Minneapolis:

So were actually sucking bad?
  9:16am other david:

Damn I was really impressed with the 23%, 6% is awful :(
  9:16am Vicki:

Oh we suck! Ha ha
Open your purses, peoples
  9:16am Lizardner Dave:

Other David makes a good point - I get BOHA so there's no need to send me snail mail reminders. Is there a way to opt out? Not that I mind getting them, I just would rather save WFMU money.
  9:17am other david:

@Lizardner - exactly the same, I smiled when I saw the WFMU logo on the envelope, I'd just like to save them a few bucks
  9:17am hauswölf:

Din A Testbild! Finalich..
  9:20am annie:

hhmm, you know it may be easier for me if i DID get the snailmail reminders..
  9:20am Dan B From Upstate:

That rabbit doesn't look like is has that family's best interests in mind.

Here's another rabbit of questionable ethics...
  9:22am glenn:

the dude needs belly dancing lessons.
  9:22am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Can you play Just Dropped In (to see what Condition my Condition is in) in honor of that Gif?
  9:24am @ Dan B:

Another malevolent bunny:
  9:25am hauswölf:

Der kitten in das mix is incrediblich cute und, und..
  9:26am puzzled:

Wasn't the goal at 55 before? now it's 200?
  9:26am Richard:

Oh Ken,
I tried to stick with you but I'm heading to Spotify, later...
  9:26am anonymous:

QUESTION: What is the difference between pledging to a particular show vs the entire station? Thanks.
  9:27am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Richard did you at least donate?
  9:27am Harold M & the BN:

If you don't know your goat by now...
You ain't never never never gonna know it...
  9:27am Ken:

Yes Puzzled, the thermometer was looking at the wrong overall station goal which is actually 200 grand, not 55 grand. So the percentage was wrong.
  9:28am 100% dc pat:

huh, I was readin the Long Ships last night and they were feasting on goat. Made me want some goat but I haven't had meat in about 15 years...
  9:28am Ken:

Help me get over that downright embarrassing show total of 3%!
  9:29am Goat:

You don't know me like that.
  9:29am Cecile:

I donated Monday. I don't have much $ right now. But it was for Ken's show!
  9:29am Cecile:

hi, annie!
  9:30am Vivian:

Made my donation, scratch that off my to-do list for today...
  9:30am Ken:

aww, thank you Cecile!
  9:30am slab:

it is usually bacon that makes people eat meat again, not goat, unless goats have bacon on them. i am getting half a dozen pig heads this weekend to make head cheese.
  9:30am annie:

hey cecile, i only have 20 bucks this time, so that's what they get..
  9:30am Cecile:

Ken or annie, can you give Cheri Pi my email address? I just had a brilliant idea for a power metal concept album that she needs to help me with.
  9:31am annie:

i can cecile..
  9:31am Cecile:

Ha, I did half that. But I have been commissioning artwork for people for other stuff. My charity bux are spread thin.
  9:32am AnAnonymousParty:

My mind is free! Why is that donkey following me around?
  9:32am Cecile:

thanks! heee heee heee heee,, it's going to be amazing...
  9:32am still b/p:

WFMU...where power metal concept albums and head cheese are nurtured.
  9:33am annie:

  9:33am Cecile:

I love a good Indian goat curry. Amd jerk goat.
I just don't buy it from the local stores because I would be eating it all myself...
  9:33am 100% dc pat:

I ain't eating meat again, just noting a goat reference. I have fake bacon that works well enough for me...
  9:34am Richard:

@Aaron only Ken (& god) knows....
  9:34am Cecile:

Old school head cheese, slab, I love it. My ma-in-law makes a lovely one with pork knuckles and veal bones. More frenchy and refined but still awesome with mustard on toast.
  9:35am Cecile:

you can use the ears for an old-school soul sandwich. Or give em to a very happy dog.
  9:37am Cecile:

ADD, Ken. it's tough.
  9:37am paul:

that Randy guy called into the Best Show. Tom read that note over the air
  9:37am still b/p:

Area woman runs a Goat School and wrote same-name book, written up in the paper the other day. Goat world very popular now -- folks want in and she's a guru.
  9:37am listener mark:

What about replacing the ceiling tiles? And clean those glass things on the light fixtures.
  9:38am λɯəɹəɾ:

isn't noah's last show tonight at midnight?
  9:38am Parq:

@AnAnon, 9:32, clicking "like".
  9:38am glenn:

squirrel : the other white meat.
  9:38am Tom ( The Bactrian Support Network ):

Jack Daniels + Fire Arms == umm I'ts a no BRAINER !!!
  9:38am Cecile:

I left a whole pot of spaghetti sauce out overnight. UGH.

If I were 20, I would eat it. But my immune system is old. That would send us both to ER.
  9:39am Cecile:

if the econmy doesn't get better, I might have to get a pellet gun and learn how to clean squirrels. Or raise chickens in my backyard.
  9:40am listener mark:

I gave to clay pigeon on Irene Trudel's show on Monday.
  9:40am listener mark:

Bohemian Rhapsody ?
  9:40am Cecile:

I better pick my dad's brain about both those things before he passes on. That was his childhood.
  9:42am still b/p:

The spirit of Ernie Kovacs lives in such music.
  9:42am 100% dc pat:

ok Ken, the pledge is in.

Cecile - I did the same thing with a giant pot of chilli recently, had to dump the whole goddam thing...
  9:42am Cecile:

I could make tofu in my basement, too. It's soybean country here.
  9:42am Zombie:

Mmmm Brainzzzzz!
  9:43am Cecile:

Ugh, it's upsetting, isn't it dcp?

Anyway, I gotta step away. i'm hyperfocusing. see you back here in a bit.
  9:43am slab:

i wonder how often if at all cops get called to the wfmu station.
  9:44am Ken:

Yay DC Pat, thank you so much! I would love to hit 20% for my show today.
  9:45am Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, my 1951 edition of "The Joy of Cooking" has instructions and illustrations for how to dress (aka clean and prepare for cooking) hares, rabbits AND squirrels. Get yourself to a used bookstore, thrift store or rummage sale and you are bound to find an older "Joy of Cooking".
  9:45am Jersey City PD:

Some of that pledge money keeps us blocks away and blind.
  9:47am Wendy del Formaggio:

Yeah, the cops didn't even come when Ken and Andy (and some unnamed volunteers) were shooting dice in front of the station awhile back. That's GAMBLIN', folks.
  9:47am Cecile:

I have that one Wendy! I'll have to revisit it.
  9:47am other david:

that was glorious
  9:48am Wendy del Formaggio:

I mean, um, we.. no, THEY, they, they were only using Monopoly money. Nothing to see here. Everything's fine, officer.
  9:48am 100% dc pat:

I have self-sufficient gardening/farming books by John Seymour that will get me though--even shows you how to malt your own barley for beer.
  9:48am Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, in my 1951 edition, it's page 412.
  9:49am Cheri Pi:

I just emailed you Cecile (Thanks Annie)
  9:50am Lizardner Dave:

The wonderful restaurant Cochon in New Orleans has a poster with step-by-step squirrel prep instructions on the wall in the men's room.
  9:50am anonymous:

I just made a plege to your show, Ken! Thank you so much for your hard work and of course, thanks for all the other DJs and staff and volunteers to make WFMU my favourite station. :)
  9:50am still b/p:

This is kind of a Spartan Rhapsody, with noodles.
  9:50am slab:

the pig heads i usually get have the skin ripped off already. I need to use the trotters to get the sticky collagen which you would normally get from the skin on the head. otherwise you end up with pig head stock for soup. it takes the collagen to turn it into a loaf. but the pig heads do look gruesome with all the skin peeled off.
  9:51am Vivian:

Cecile, why not give beans a try? Al the time and energy spent killing and skinning rabbits seems not worth it. Besides, there is more protein in beans than a squirrel.
  9:51am glenn:

brunswick stew. made with squirrel.
  9:52am #K:

  9:52am Neg-huh-tor:

This busted up Bohemian Rhapsody reminds me of how amazing musically this song is. Did Freddie and the band write all the parts to this? So complex!
  9:53am Cecile:

Neg, you KNOW they did.
  9:54am ?:

is that The Wind Cries Mary on bass?
  9:55am Cecile:

Vivian, if the varmints don't work out, I might be making tofu in my basement.
  9:56am B&B:

I like how Brian May says he never felt he needed to ask Freddie what the song was supposed to mean.
  9:57am G:

Joy of Cooking still had those muskrat and other weird game recipes in there, near the back, till about 1990. Then they disappeared.
  9:58am F0F0:

Clyde Stubblefield IS also the Funky Drummer.
  10:00am Vivian:

I love tofu! Please keep us posted if you do! Another source of protein is seitan, which you can make in your kitchen. It's good as a meat substitute in texture and flavor, depending on the marinating sauce.
  10:00am Wendy del Formaggio:

G: Methinks they oughta bring 'em back, especially in light of our economic problems. People need to know how to prepare squab aka pigeon, and The Joy of Cooking can help.
  10:01am Ken:

OK, the Dude is in time with THIS!
  10:01am 100% dc pat:

wow, this Boom Bip tune is TOFU!
  10:02am F0F0:

The Dude is dancing in a way that could create a baby/fetus/alien. He should stop.
  10:02am λɯəɹəɾ:

just over $100 pledged in one hour? ken might start listening to spotify at this rate
  10:03am 100% dc pat:

i agree with everything said so far...
  10:03am Cecile:

Viv, I'm an unrepentant omnivore, but love vegetables and analogous proteins along with my meat. Also, if I get good at making tofu, I can get some $ #undergroundeconomy #optimisticapocalpyse
  10:05am glenn:

soy is far worse for people than meat.
  10:06am 100% dc pat:

don't agree with that. glenn that's bs..
  10:06am tofun:

What's the beef w/ soy, glenn?
  10:07am Cecile:

But you have to have both in Ma-Po Tofu!
dc pat, American soybeans havea lot of phtyoestrogens that are not good for, say, me to eat. (girl problems) I still eat soy, but not like I used to.
  10:08am Cecile:

this was a double post...
  10:08am Wendy del Formaggio:

If you don't mind a lot of extra estrogen in your bloodstream, soy is grrr-eat!
  10:10am Vivian:

@Glenn-what is wrong with soy?
  10:10am Wendy del Formaggio:

From some accounts I've read, humans should only consume fermented soy. Take from that what you will.
  10:10am Cecile:

that is exactly it, Wendy. I guess Asian soybeans are different...
  10:10am hauswölf:

Sudden Infant! Suddenly Ich feel a lot less far from home..
Sanks, Ken.
  10:10am G:

I have a 1980s Joy of Cooking, and read all those game recipes aloud to my significant other for a hoot when we noticed them.m First, catch your bear!

I think they pulled them so they could add more up to date ethnic and world recipes, and besides that I suspect those "take out the glands from the legs" etc. game recipes must have been skeeving out some suburbanites and generating a few complaint letters.

It's amazing how well cookbooks still sell, given how many zillions of recipes are on the free internet now.
  10:11am Cecile:

Wendy, I stick to miso and soy sauce with a little tofu now and then.
  10:11am F0F0:

There's some kind of science involved in that image about Music That Makes You Dumb. Here's some background information that I just copy pasted from original source:

"...Get a friend of yours to download, using Facebook, the ten most frequent "favorite music" at every college via that college's Network Statistics page on Facebook (manually -- as not to violate Facebook's ToS). These ten "favorite musics" are perhaps indicative of the overall intellectual milieu of that college.
Download the average SAT/ACT score (from CollegeBoard) for students attending every college.
Presto! We have a correlation between musical tastes and dumbitude (smartitude too)!
Music <=> Colleges <=> Average SAT Scores "
  10:12am Swami:

My Ayurveda guy says I gotta avoid fermented stuff. So soy is totally out of the question. Goat's milk, not so much. I'm such a lame vegetarian.
  10:13am chris:

Yea,every time I listen to Counting Crows I can feel my brain getting stronger; or maybe that is just an anger-induced headache...
  10:14am Vivian:

Just found some info. soy is a side item to my veggie/bean diet. May have to eliminate it completely.
  10:15am Cecile:

I learned in ED treatment that "no food is bad food, it's just matter of proportions."
  10:15am still b/p:

Woman stoppped me outside a store once to warn/lecture me about the load of soymilk I'd just purchased.
  10:16am 100% dc pat:

there's some thing wrong with everything. I was told years ago to stay away from avocados because of the fat. You don't eat tofu every morning like some people eat bacon which is bad for everybody. I'm more of a seitan guy anyway..
  10:16am Emily Litella:

It's always something.
  10:17am 100% dc pat:

cecile - exactly, couldn't have said it better...
  10:17am glenn:
of course, there is just as much pro soy info out there. i never touch the stuff anymore. i was vegetarian for 15 years, it just didn't work for me. plus, soy bean plants absolutely kill the soil. they suck every last living nutrient out of it, so they require way more fertilizers than other crops would.
  10:17am Cecile:

That's just bad sbp.
I like everyhing and I eat everything. Some things more than others
  10:18am 100% dc pat:

soy is bad for the soil if you're practice bad farming. and we do in the US, so your right there but meat production is WAY worse for the soil, water supply, whatever else...
  10:18am Vivian:

I usually grill a block of tofu per week, which I have as a side item for two meals. But even then, is it detrimental to my health?
  10:19am Vicki:

  10:19am 100% dc pat:

  10:19am Cecile:

No, I don't think so Vivian, as long as you're feeling OK.
  10:19am Vicki:

poor Home Depot
  10:20am Mark:

Home Depot don't do no buttons
  10:20am 100% dc pat:

..the way the US produces meat that is...
  10:21am F0F0:

*pledging for a WFMU buzzer*
  10:22am slab:

does the carpet look like fake carpet, just like all of home depots tiling and other such things are made of plastic and made to look like it is wood or granite or something. lots of ersatz at home depot.
  10:23am blacktooth:

That "home depot" episode that just went down was an epic tale of love, hope & courage, with a lesson for ere'body.
  10:23am AnAnonymousParty:

Don't listen to experts, they either don't know what they are talking about or are just trying to sell their book. Do you like it? Eat it. Do you weigh 300 lbs? Try not eating so much of it. People have been eating a lot of everything for a long, long time and despite what we're told, we seem to have figured it out.
  10:23am Vivian:

Thanks Cecile!
  10:24am Cecile:

I wish we could get the folks from our Home Depot out there to help you, Ken. I have a good one.
  10:24am glenn:

factory farming is stupid and unsustainable, no matter what you produce. when i drive through southern ontario and see nothing being grown but soya and corn, that tells me something's way wrong.
  10:25am Jersey City PD:

It's, "Home Depot" the door...bring down the payment for, hardware....stuff.
  10:25am Mark:

Hi Shelley!
  10:25am 100% dc pat:

glenn - totally agree.

I love shelly duvall
  10:25am F0F0:

Let's debate about religion, folks! Soy is so passé!
  10:26am Cecile:


Anyway. How about that Popeye movie?
  10:27am Vivian:

@AAP, true, I maintain the 'appropriate weight' for my height, etc. My aim is once I go to the grave, I have a small list of regrets. Which includes a small impact on the environment and animals.
  10:28am slab:

would be cool to mix that shelley duval track with jack nicholson saying here's johnny!!!
  10:28am Ken:

I eat Tofu everyday and i HATE it! HATE! HATE! HATE!
  10:28am Shelley:

The only word for this is transplendent... it's transplendent!
  10:29am Bronwyn C.:

Sorry I forgot the tramadol, Ken!
  10:30am Cecile:

The Slew is teh awesome
  10:30am chris:

woke up with this show on, dreaming about muppets and horatio sanz. thanks for that one, ken!
  10:30am 100% dc pat:

so do Amish guys style there hair to flip out on the ends??
  10:31am Ken:

Im so excited that Im up to 5% of my goal for the Stealth Fundraiser! Thanks to Cecile and DC Pat and anybody else who pledged! Im gonna see if I can get Home Depot to pledge.
  10:31am slab:

what do fancy stay in health cannibals eat? "toe" fu and "hand" burgers
  10:31am Cecile:

dcp, it's the soupbowl cut plus the permanent hat hair.
  10:31am F0F0:


There's a good remix song based on The Shining and has lots of bits of them (Duval and Nicholson). Ken once played it. I forgot who's the author. Perhaps John Schnall?
  10:32am Vivian:

Ken, I told my husband your David Crosby story. Now, every time we hear Crosby Stills Nash & Young, he turns to me with a smile and says Oh is that one of the bad songs David Crosby wrote?'.
  10:33am Cecile:

I would love to hear something from the Popeye soundtrack. Or any house record on Trax records. Or the Dirtbombs doing Cosmic Cars.
  10:34am Ken:

David Crosby wrote some bad tunes, but none of them were as bad as Graham Nash's "Our House."
  10:34am DetroitMac:

Jeez... I wish I the money to do a big give (but doing art that was outsourced to India and then back outsourced to me isn't enough to keep me afloat.) I would be happy to donate one of my paintings - to auction or whatever, (and they ain't crap) or my illustration/design skills to the station. Just tell me how!
  10:35am Swami:

The Amish are short!
  10:36am glenn:

what goes clip clop, clip clop, clip clop, BANG?
  10:36am Cecile:

Do it, detroitmac. And I donated but a pittance. It all counts.

I have a disc where Kraftwerk is played on 8-bit computers
  10:36am glenn:

an amish drive by shooting.
  10:36am Dan B From Upstate:

@Swami, that's most likely due to inbreeding.
  10:37am Lizardner Dave:

I would like to talk about these deplorable Home Depot deliveries.
  10:37am Vicki:

  10:37am still b/p:

Buggy-by shooting, or shunning?
  10:38am F0F0:

I feel He Needs Me is about to go, Hypno-Cecile. :)
  10:38am 100% dc pat:

Lizrdner Dave - it's THEE Home Depot, get it right.
  10:38am other david:

oh my dear god... haha
  10:39am Smelly Old Hobo:

I think Home Depot said he was standing outside the building.
  10:39am Andy in Nova Scotia:

This is a gripping drama!
  10:40am Neg-huh-tor:

Damn, Ken, the Home Depot drama is cracking me up. Mr. Depot needs a lot of assistance. Costing way more than $137.00.
  10:40am Dan B From Upstate:

The home depot saga here is radio greatness.
  10:40am slab:

is krampus in there on the second floor!
  10:41am Vicki:

this is fantastic
  10:41am blacktooth:

I've never heard of carpet being installed w/ such sinister backing music.
  10:41am Cecile:

I'm starting to feel like Professor Dum Dum just took over the mic.
  10:41am Neg-huh-tor:

  10:42am F0F0:

  10:42am Jenniqua:

There's gotta be a Halloween costume in there somewhere. Maybe a haunted house?
  10:42am other david:

I think Kens breakdown shows are my favourite
  10:43am Andy in Nova Scotia:

Is the home depot guy OK? I feel afraid for him.
  10:44am Parq:

They put carpet in the carpet in Brazil.
  10:44am slab:

if only now Kenny G would show up and force the home depot guy to drink a bottle of whisky and recite poetry.
  10:45am Neg-huh-tor:

Call Home Depot back! Get mr. Depot back on the air!
  10:46am Vicki:

This is great radio. Ken needs to go to the Home Depot for some chairs or wallpaper.
Has anyone NOT PLEDGED YET? Hmm? Time to name and shame.
  10:46am Listenter Mike D.:

We are rapidly approaching top 10 Ken shows of all time territory.
  10:46am F0F0:

All glory to Hypno-Cecile.
  10:47am Cecile:

  10:47am guido:

I hope he (home DePo) doese't loose his job...
  10:48am still b/p:

Warp and woof-mu.
  10:49am Smelly Old Hobo:

omg the drill noise!
  10:49am pangborn:

Home Depot Theatre presents Carpet Memoirs
  10:51am 100% dc pat:

when ever Ken starts hollerin, things get good...
  10:52am other david:

@pangborn - I was just thinking this is like a more terrifying modern version of Orson Welles Mercury Theatre - War of the Worlds

This needs to re-air on haloween, and HDG most probably needs therapy
  10:53am F0F0:

War of the Rugs
  10:54am slab:

order a zbar from Lowes and you have home depot guy and lowes guy together
  10:54am Neg-huh-tor:

You know, here in NC, we had a murder in a Lowes store. Do you guys have Lowes up there? They are a lot like Home Depot. Anywayz, this guy wants to kill his wife (typical) and he waits until she visits Lowes to buy sOme bulbs and goes inside and shoots her! Then he shoots himself. I comment to my wife, "Have all men felt this way at the 'Do it yourself' store
  10:55am Skirkie:

Is there a certain number of times you can mention Home Depot before it constitutes an ad?
  10:56am HOME DEPOT©:

@skirkie: NO.
  10:56am other david:

  10:57am Vivian:

This is a great lead in to Ken's State of the Station address. It's shows like this I have to listen to at home, If I turn it up now, my co-workers will give me that 'What in god's name ARE YOU LISTENING TO?' look.
  10:57am BSI:

[stumbles in, blinking at the light]
  10:58am Dan B From Upstate:

Thank god for archiving. A show like this would have me fumbling around all over the place looking for a cassette to preserve this piece of artwork.
  11:00am PMD:

@BSI, don't walk into the light!
  11:01am λɯəɹəɾ:

the light is on floor three! don't go there!!
  11:01am sAndy:

oh man, this home depot stuff is seriously cracking me up
  11:02am Dome Hepot:

I have never learned so much about so little.
  11:03am Dope Mepot:

wait what..?!
  11:03am kimmy cakes:

get that gwap, ken!
  11:04am βrian:

Can someone please do a Home Depot synopsis?
  11:05am PMD:

I'm just tuning in. Tried to go through all the comments up until now. Rough. But I agree with @other david, is there any way we can check a box that we don't want the mailing? You could cross check with whether or not they've contributed in the last year or two.. OK, I will email this to Ken too.
  11:06am F0F0:

Home Depot guy appeared from nowhere like a Deus Ex Machina. He's our pledge Saviour.
  11:06am Knotty by Nature:

Rug shop the
Hoooome Deeee Pot...
  11:07am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Then there was the Auction last year too...dont forget!
  11:08am Vicki:

I've heard people before say they don't need the snail-mailer - is it possible for people to opt out in the same survey that gets people on the mailing list in the first place?
  11:09am other david:

@PMD - yeah I haven't spotted a box or anything to check off to stop the snail mail, but it could possibly save the station some money
  11:12am Hardnosed Math Teacher:

So from Saturday till Tuesday (four days), nobody at all noticed that the overall goal listed near the top of the homepage was 55K instead of 200K?

Was 55K a weekly rather than a monthly goal?

Detention and more math practice problems for you.
  11:12am 100% dc pat:

can I just get some assurance that none of my pledge money will go to The Home Depot? thanks.
  11:13am Vicki:

there is an opt-out box for Home Depot
  11:13am 100% dc pat:

crap, missed that...
  11:15am Dan B From Upstate:

SOTS Question: Is there any plan to have the alternate streams have their own flash player? I can't listen to .pls files at work. Thank you!
  11:16am northguineahills:

I haven't been WFMU to listen to Ken in 3 months, and I get to hear the state of the station address!
  11:17am northguineahills:

(only have been around on Fridays, since I've been unemployed)
  11:18am F0F0:

Dan B,

Have you tried VLC media player?
  11:19am Hardnosed Math Teacher:

About snailmail solicitations -- wouldn't the problem be that there are in fact station contributors who do not listen every day or even every week? And how can they tell who will not happen to be listening during a given pledge period? So they send to everyone.
  11:20am Dan B From Upstate:

FOFO, no downloads allowed at work. It's pretty much flash only.
  11:20am other david:

Cool Ken, I don't mind the mail at all - it's just if it would help out you guys
  11:22am dale:

mr. ken - have you gotten any increased listenership at the mount hope transmitter over the years?
  11:22am 99%:

what are the chances of getting Glen Jones to actually write a playlist?
  11:22am PMD:

You should have a fundraiser to help get the poor people in rural areas who have to use dial up!!!
  11:23am Swami:

Yeah, I can opt out on the snail mail. Even the pledge notifications. My wife gets mad when she sees how much/often I donate.
  11:23am Dave B:

Any chance you can get the station listing on Blue Octy Radio (Chumby / Sony Dash) bumped up a few? You guys used to be in the 4th slot, and have since gotten shoved down to tenth...
  11:23am Hardnosed Math Teacher:

320k is three times the bandwidth and three times the storage of 128K. -- Triple one of the largest costs. Don't hold your breath, till bandwidth gets cheaper in the future, would be my guess.
  11:24am slab:

how about a HAM radio transmitter in the future
  11:24am Bad Ronald:

How/can we submit material to the FMA?
  11:25am PMD:

@99% - I agree! Though dont hold your breath
  11:25am F0F0:

Dan B,
Oh, I see. But can you play the audio streams?
  11:27am listener mark:

90.1 WMFU Mount Hope rules ! Woot !!
  11:27am annie:

i want to opt in to the snailmail reminders
  11:27am Dan B From Upstate:

Nope. The only stream that works is the flash (beta). Everything else requires a password that my employer has not issued to me.
  11:28am Can Dialectics Break Bricks?:

one less Joe Frank available! get yrs NOW!
  11:28am other david:

Ok, don't wanna add more complication - cheers Ken :)
  11:28am Dave B:

Hey - bring back the Listener Hour!
  11:28am Can Dialectics Break Bricks?:

(Joe Frank ticket)
  11:29am Chris Christie:

Ken, it's been a while since I've heard you talk about the 'FMU budget in general - for example, how much you generate from fundraising from foundations or grants v. how much is raised by the on air fundraisers and where those funds go. Additionally, I'd love to hear a breakdown if available of the listenership of WFMU - who are we? Where do we listen - online or over the air?
  11:30am blue octy:

@Dave B: I'll see what I can do once I overcome the shock that chumby was just mentioned :)
  11:31am Hardnosed Math Teacher:

I would imagine everyone is opted in to snailmail unless they ask to opt out. They just do a print run from their database of all recent and present contributors, and slap them on the mailings. In direct mail, it is normal for the mailing to way, way more than pay for itself with even a small percentage response rate. Some of the commercial or charity solicitation US mail that we all get makes good money on an only 1 or 2 % response rate.
  11:33am JP:

Does Ken have a message for the enemies of WFMU? such as Home-depot....
  11:34am Dave B:

yeah I know that Chumby's in the minority, but I have one of each and its pretty handy as a bedside and/or bathroom radio for them web streams!

Plus I cant stream the station from my Newton.

  11:35am channeling Clay:

Ken, do you have a message of peace and love for everyone?
  11:35am F0F0:

Dan B,

I see. Still the Accuplayer (Flash beta) plays a stream file. Perhaps your employer blocks file requests coming from RAM or PLS files, but fails to detect the embedded Flash file?
  11:35am maestroso:

My Android 128k stream just went dead as well.
  11:35am dale:

dave b: get a logitech squeezebox. much better sound and software.
  11:36am F0F0:

Dan B,

..If that'd the case, then an online flash player (say, residing in a website) could possibly play RAM or PLS files.
  11:37am Home Depot:

Did we sign a performer release? and do we get scale?
  11:38am Dave B:

I also have a Roku Soundbridge. The optical out goes to a B&W Panorama. Will look into the Squeeze box...

Dan B - what player are you using? You might be able to redirect to a different port that isn't blocked
  11:38am das:

This song sucks
  11:39am Home Depot Co-Founders:

We were willing to pay for Chris Christie tens of millions in campaign costs to run for prez. Now that all that money is freed up, we'll cover FMU's budget gap. That's a rounding error to us.
  11:39am maestroso:

Android stream is back.
  11:39am Michael:

1.) I think that woman awhile back was asking if shows that didn't raise enough money would be in dnager of being canned.
2.) Would two one-week drives do any better?...or are there people who will only give after being worn-down for a week?
  11:40am Michael:

  11:41am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Ken.
  11:42am don:

i would love to see the joe frank show return to the air.
  11:42am Marshall Stacks:

What happened with the Manhattan antenna project?
  11:42am XXLarge:

I want to buy WF-MU T-shirts. Help me out. (XXL: The American Way.)
  11:43am Dan B From Upstate:

I just click on the flash (beta) link on the live audio streams section at the top of the page. It loads a pop-up window and plays flash, right in IE. (I"m only using IE because I'm at work)
  11:43am 99%:

big props for Give the Drummer Some radio! Nice work, WFMU!
  11:43am Plan Q:

Are there plans for more web-only streams?
  11:43am dale:

i think you should have the 'home depot carpet hour'
  11:44am Lowes:

Lowes shoppers are Dems, Home Depot's are Reps. Just like Target is Dems asnd Walmart is Reps. You have gone over to THE DARK SIDE.
  11:44am don:

they do bear repeating!
  11:44am 99%:

any chance of a video stream from special events?
  11:44am Swami:

I thought this WAS a Joe Frank piece edited by Kenny G.
  11:44am Ray Ray:

Have many people actually donated used cars to the station?
  11:45am G:

Is one goal ultimately to have multiple fully 24/7 online streams that are not over-air at all?
  11:46am Marshall Stacks:

Dave B - I have two Soundbridges. They're excellent. I have 4 WFMU presets on each....

Unfortunately Roku has stopped selling them.
  11:46am Vivian:

What happened to Scott William's Beer show that aired on Fridays a few years ago?
  11:46am Skirkie:

Two words: liquor license
  11:47am Smelly Old Hobo:

The Balloon Thing was fantastic!
  11:47am Ike:

If you're replacing the 91.1 transmitter antenna, does that mean 91.1 will sound better? I'd love it if it sounded as good as 90.1. I still listen over the air at 91.1 a lot (although I use the streams at work).

Also thanks for putting DJ Lamin on the air because his show is brilliant!
  11:48am KevinfromBayRidge:

Any chance that there could be any FM boosters for other directions( perhaps eastward, thus pushing WSHU back where it belongs).
  11:49am Index Art Center:

Ken- Your state of the station is great- it's informative and inspiring! Just curious- What happens if a dj doesn't do a good job raising funds- does it mean the AX for them?

Thanks for everything!
  11:49am dale:

don't know what a soundbridge is. i love my roku boxes, tho.
  11:50am Bryant:

Oh yeah, WSHU is the suck. Get them off my 91.1 dial. It is kind of funny to drive on the interstate and hear 'FMU and 'SHU playing back basically simultaneously -- Toddophonic Todd talking over Vivaldi is trippy.
  11:50am F0F0:

Dan B,

Yes, but you are opening a licensed flash player custom made for WFMU for the benefit of it's listeners.


Do you think an online flash player (i..e. "on the cloud") could possible to play any type of audio file?
  11:51am don:

i could enjoy nardwar (sp?) more if his voice were less like emo phillips. he did a good interview with henry rollins, too.
  11:51am Kurt:

I've only listened to the on air signal once, in a car on my way from Chicago to Mass. Quite a treat since I've been a web listener for years.
  11:51am listener mark:

If they put hydrogen into the balloons instead of helium, there would've been a lot more publicity.
  11:51am trijsh:

Yellow plums or red plums?
Or oh, maybe some of those prune plums?

(Web only listener hour- hey yeah)
  11:52am Marshall Stacks:

Thanks, Ken.
  11:52am Dan B From Upstate:

Isn't hte HTML 5 player supposed to (eventually) replace the flash player?
  11:53am listener mark:

thanks, Ken
  11:53am PMD:

I sent an email! Refresh
  11:53am Kenzo:

For "security reasons," Flash players will tend to refuse to play audio from any servers, unless those servers have specifically allowed. Plus, if anyone's wondering, WFMU's live flash player isn't playing the same kind of stream file that is sent to other audio players. This one is made specially for Flash players.
  11:53am BSI:

I have nothing clever or serious to add. Just my undying love and adoration to FMU and all its agents (and cupcake dogs) worldwide.
  11:54am Julie:

All hail Home Depot
  11:54am john:

Hey Ken, 2 questions:
Total number of members (donated in the past year?)
Can we coordinate w/ someone at WFMU for a meet up in another city?
  11:55am Liz B.:

Ray Ray: about 100 people have donated their cars to WFMU since we began accepting vehicles a few years ago.
  11:56am Kenzo:

Hey Ken, I just kicked your Accu back on.
  11:57am F0F0:


Good point! Perhaps listeners could benefit from a forum within the wfmu site. That way we can organise meet ups, sell our used cars, trade soy, etc.
  11:57am Julie:

Kenzo kicked Ken's accu? OW
  11:58am Skirkie:

Bob W does a beer podcast, I kinda don't remember what it's called.
  11:58am F0F0:


Sheesh! I just noticed you! All glory to you and your flash player!
  11:58am Kurt:

Walmart shoppers are just desparate (like me)
  11:58am ken langone:

kiss my tile grout, lowe's!
  11:59am PMD:

Thanks for all your hard work!
  12:00pm Aaron in Minneapolis:

What about bedbugs in Lady Gaga Costumes?
  12:00pm other david:

Great stuff Ken, huge thanks to you, the DJ's and all the volunteers
  12:00pm F0F0:

wfmu, ken, staff, volunteers, kenzo, listeners, hypno-cecile, thanks you all!
  12:00pm Ike:

Yes that's true Ken, 91.1 DOES sound somewhat better, I think! Not as good as 90.1, but BETTER. I thought maybe I was imagining it.
  12:00pm 90% dc pat:

I don't go to any of those stores, does that make me a tea bagger?
  12:00pm Ike:

Re: BOOSTERS: But if you put one in an area WAY outside the current GOOD 91.1 coverage area, such as Long Island City, then it wouldn't interfere with your current coverage area, I suspect. Right?
  12:01pm Swami:

LOVE The show love the station!
  12:02pm blue octy:

rejoice! WFMU has been bumped up on the blue octy radio list. enjoy and thanks WFMU
  12:02pm alberto:

i am forever in debt to wfmu. this station is the best!!
  12:03pm 90% dc pat:

good thing you didn't say "gimme a fuckin second.."
  2:45pm Nordens fåglar:

wonderful music, komfortabel
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