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Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!

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Options May 5, 2011: Osama Is Dead - Reactions At Ground Zero

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Opening Jibber with Fabio and Julie
Kevin Ayres Terrorist Ties?
Patty Smythe Shoots Down the Walls of Heartache
Cecil McCartney = Neil Bush


No Seatrain mentioned ... Scaffold.

Fabio's Ayres
Patty Smythe and Scandal ----


Julie met Patty!!!
Spieler - I was correct ... Fabio ... wrong.
Prostate Update!
Fabio's Prostate History
Pat Smear


  Some guilt surfaces over my tasteless reference to the pap smear. Sincere apologies.
Fabio skirts responsibility while I change the subject quickly
Starcastle Discussion
Lull begins at 5:25 Exactly
America's Yes
Fabio Channels Dennis Weaver


Fabio's Sweating Problem
Deodorant Brands ...
Ban Marketing Meeting
Strong Enough for a Man ...
Aluminum Chlorhydrate!
McGear Update
Livingston Taylor


Two-Lane Blacktop


Chicken Wrestling
Cockfighting Moonshadow
Fabio Refuses to Take a Call
Salem's Lot - It Wasn't Warren Oates, it was Geoffrey Lewis
The Glick Boy!
Angus Third-Pounder!




Laurie Bird ... sad. :>(
Edie Brickell Mention!
Julie's Commerciality
The Legal
Awkward Silence
  For this episode, I went to Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center towers, after President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan. Most of the interviews you'll hear took place between 1am - 4am in the early morning ours of May 2, 2011. There are interviews later in the show (you'll notice them by the absence of crowd noise and the loudness of traffic noise) that took place the following afternoon at the same site. It was an exciting. strange, happy/sad event that I wouldn't have missed for anything. Come along.
George Bennette  Le Nombre Leger   Options Plays Messiaen, Helps, Del Tredici  Desto    LP  13:19 
Opening Salvo
Excerpt from Obama's Speech Announcing the Killing of Osama Bin Laden
Charles Ives  Chromitimelodtune   Options Calcium Light Night  Columbia    LP  13:43 
  For songs that I use repeatedly, I will attempt to list them once. After that, I will leave it up to the listener to recognize them.
Inner City  Unity (Reese North of Watford Mix)   Options   Ten  1990  12"  14:20 
Walking Towards Ground Zero - Crowds - Carhorns
Enthusiastic Young Marine (Who later climbed a light pole and exhorted the crowd to scream while waving a USMC flag!)
Inner City  Hallelujah (Tommy Munell 12" Mix)   Options   Ten  1990  12"  14:49 
A Shout-Out to the Marines! Oorah!


A Step Forward and a Nod to Bush
Former President Bush Vows to Bring Osama to Justice (Courtesy of CNN - 2002)
Crowd Chants, USA! USA!
Interview with an Unidentified Young Man Who Mentions the Royal Wedding
No Hope
Peter Thomas/Frank Ledlie Moore/Hartford Symphony Orchestra (Under the Direction of Fritz Mahler)  Excerpt - The Triumph of Man   Options The Triumph of Man  RCA Custom  1964  7"  16:23 --- A record made for the NY World's Fair by the Traveler's Insurance Companies 
Interview with Two Young Women and A Young Man (Names Unknown)
Fat Boy Slim  Going Out Of My Head   Options The Beat Burger EP  Astralwerks  1997  EP  17:05 
We Got Him
He Totally Disagrees
Jordan De La Sierra  Excerpt - Gymnosphere - Song of the Rose   Options Gymnosphere - Song of the Rose - Music for the Well-Tuned Piano  Unity  1977  LP  17:44 
An Enormous %#$@&* Difference
Drinkin' That Haterade
Obama 1 - Osama 0
Stryper  Soldiers Under Command   Options Stryper  Enigma  1985  LP  18:40


Interview with an Unidentified Young Man "Just Incredible, Man"
  I often grab LP's quickly to use as background music when I am assembling a show. While I should carefully log the music, sometimes in my haste, I forget to make a notation. At 19:26, music begins, and I can't recall or seem to track down what it is. I think it is either Santana from "Illuminations" or Mahavishnu Orchestra from "Apocalypse." I imagine I'll be sued to oblivion.
We Live a Free Life
George Bennette  Cloches D'Angoisse Et Larmes D'Adieu   Options Plays Messiaen, Helps, Del Tredici  Desto  ?  LP  19:56 
They Brought The War To Us
Then Senator Barack Obama Makes Campaign Promises to Kill Bin Laden on the Campaign Trail - 2008 (Courtesy of FOX News)
Crowd Chants, Yes We Did! Yes We Did!
Interview with a Disgruntled Nigerian Man
What Does This Solve?
Crowd Chants, USA! USA!
Psychedelic Scratch Bastards  Excerpt - Flow Beats and Long Noises (Track One - Side A)   Options Battle Brakes  Dirt Style  Not Listed  12"  21:10 
Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, Addresses the House Concerning the Killing of Osama Bin Laden (Coutesy of www.speaker.gov)
An Interview With Fred at Ground Zero
The All Star Inter-Conference Band  The Yellow Rose of Texas   Options Halftime USA  Somerset    LP  21:54 
Fred's Patriotic Shirt
Chick Corea  Ballad For Anna   Options Piano Improvisations Vol. 1  ECM  1971  LP  22:09 
Did You Think We'd Ever Get Him?
Giving Obama Credit
Neil Young  Alabama   Options Harvest  Reprise  1972  LP  22:49 --- Man, I need a new stylus. Sounds so dull and devoid of blissful treble. 
Obama Conceals The Osama Assassination Plan While Heading to Alabama (Courtesy of CNN)
An Interview With Tweeter, Kate Daley
Tweetin' From the Scene
Tweetin' And Tapin'
Hidin' Behind the Tweet
  I wanna get on Tweet!
Kate's Tweet to the World
  24:46 The church bells were recorded at Val Verzasca, Switzerland (Courtesy of BTOTHANDRAS - Youtube)
Interview with a Christian Man
He Will Deliver
  Bagpipers play and are joined by the crowd for an impromptu version of God Bless America.
Glenn Beck Speaks Concerning Obama and the Killing of Osama Bin Laden (Courtesy of FOX News)
An Interview with a Young Russian Woman
Maddening Glitch
Do You Love America?
Message Of Love
Bin Laden Speaks Briefly (Courtesy of Al Jazeera English)
Second Plane Hits WTC - 9/11/01 (Courtesy of NBC News)
George Bennette  Instants Defunts   Options Plays Messiaen, Helps, Del Tredici  Desto    LP  27:22 
Interview With A Young Man Who Lost His Father In 9/11
John Morris  Recapitulation   Options The Elephant Man (Motion Picture Soundtrack)  20th Century-Fox  1980  LP  27:42 
Finally ... Justice
Proud To Be American
Former President George W. Bush Visits the WTC Site in the Immediate Aftermath of 9/11 (Courtesy of AMERICANRHETORICORIG - Youtube)
Miklos Rosza   Battle of Valencia   Options El Cid (Motion Picture Soundtrack)  MGM  1961  LP  29:38 
An Interview With Lance the Marine
An Excerpt from Hostage!, Concerning the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis in Iran (Courtesy of National Archives.gov)
La Bionda  Sandstorm   Options La Bionda  Ariola  1978  LP  30:23 
Grateful - Joyful - Happy
Final Words of Peace and Love
Small Group in the Crowd Sings the National Anthem
Section 25  Looking From A Hilltop   Options   Factory    12"  32:25 
An Interview with Greg, a Flag Salesman
Do You Love That Flag?
An Interview With Johnny, Veteran and NASCAR Enthusiast
Crawling Into A Cave
Network Productions Music  Track 5b - Side A   Options Demo  Whisper Disc  1986  LP  33:46 
Warning Of Impending Retaliatory Action (Courtesy of Bloomberg)
Johnny has Bam's Back
Crowd Chants, Obama 2012! Obama 2012!
Cactus  Guiltless Glider   Options Restrictions  ATCO  1971  LP  34:32


President Obama from his Address on the Death of Bin Laden (Courtesy of Uptake Video)
Johnny's Message of Peace and Love
Who's Your Driver?
Who's Your Driver?
Jeff Gordon Wins in Phoenix (Courtesy of MRELCULVER2424 - Youtube)
Jimmy Johnson Wins 2011 Aaron's 499 (Courtesy of FOX Network)
Whiplash  Power Thrashing Death   Options Power and Pain  Roadrunner  1985  LP  36:19 --- Jersey Band! 
Interview with A Small Group of Young Men
Jan Hammer  Sixth Day - The People   Options The First Seven Days  Nemperor  1975  LP  36:42 
USA Baby!
Devolving Conversation
Details of Bin Laden's Burial at Sea (Courtesy of ABC News)
Muslim Seaman
Prepare To Bury The Dead - Chaplain Aboard USS Carl Vinson (Courtesy of Santa Barbara Arts TV)
The Beach Boys  The Lonely Sea   Options Surfin' USA  Capitol  1963  LP  38:24 
Jamey Aebersold  6/8 Modal Blues   Options Nothin' But Blues Vol. 2  JA  Circa 73  LP  39:27 
An Interview with Retired Firefighter, Chris
From Crying To Happiness
Larry Coryell - Philip Catherine  Home Comings   Options Twin-House  Elektra  1977  LP  40:13 
Christmas Minus 343 Men
Glen Scott  Sylk 130   Options Heaven  Giant Step  1999  12"  41:07 
The United States Wasn't Kidding - Richard Engel (Courtesy of NBC News)
Focus  Eurdice   Options Moving Waves  Sire  1972  LP  41:22 - It's difficult to tell exactly what track this is, so title may be incorrect. This is one of those records with songs that have several sections. 
A Flag In Front of the House
America  Sandman   Options America's Greatest Hits  Warner Bros.  1975  LP  41:52 
A Short Interview With Schlomoe From Muncie, NY
Crowd Sings America The Beautiful
Walter Cronkite on the Tet Offensive in Vietnam - 1968 (Courtesy of CBS News)
An Interview with Jimmy, A Vietnam Vet
In Country
Happy as a Pig in %$#$!
Mahavishnu John McLaughlin  Peace One   Options My Goal's Beyond  Douglas 9  1971  LP  44:03 
The Pakistani's Knew
Jimmy Has A Problem With Muslims
Lightin' One Off
John Williams  Slave Children's Crusade   Options Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (soundtrack)  Polydor  1984  LP  46:47 
Announcer Mentions Pro-Gaddafi Forces Advancement in Libya (Courtesy of Al Jazeera English)
With All My Heart
Tim Story   Glass Green   Options Glass Green  Windham Hill  1987  LP  47:16 
The Whole Thing Is Political
John and Jane Doe
An Account of the SEALS Raid in Pakistan (Courtesy of CNN News)
Larry Coryell  Spaces   Options Spaces  Vanguard  70's?  LP  49:27 
A Man Near The Former WTC Site (Next Day) Speaks On People Who've Lost Loved Ones On 9/11/01
Mike Oldfield  Ommadawn (Part 1)   Options Ommadawn  Virgin  1975  LP  49:58 
An Interview With Firefighter John of Fishkill
The Oldest Probie
John's Air Force Days
Douglas Trowbridge  The Farewell   Options Meadowlark Records Sampler 1985  Meadowlark  1985  LP  51:30 
The Second Tower Falls at the WTC - 9/11/01 (Courtesy of CNN News)
An Ideology
Crowd Chants USA! USA!
Sweetbottom   Excerpt - Amazon Ritual   Options Angels Of The Deep  Elektra/Asylum  1978  LP  53:04 - I use this little accent all the time. It appears at the very end of the song. This fusion band was popular in Milwaukee in the 70's. 
An Interview With Dorothy at Ground Zero
Jan Hammer  The Seventh Day   Options The First Seven Days  Nemperor  1975  LP  53:10 
A Little Closure - A Little Flag
Neil Armstrong  Excerpt   Options Lunar Landing - Man on the Moon  Doubleday and Co., Inc.   1969  7"  53:42 
One Small Step For Man
Make A Statement
Jan Hammer  Oceans and Continents   Options The First Seven Days  Nemperor  1975  LP  54:34 
Dorothy's Message Of Peace and Love
Stop The War
Donovan  The War Drags On   Options The Real Donovan  Hickory  1966  LP  55:16


Interview with the Man Standing Next to Dorothy
Physically and Mentally Injured
It Is What It Is
What's Our Thing?
Absolutely Proud
Fish Food
Nut Case
Larry Coryell - Philip Catherine  Twin-House   Options Twin-House  Elektra  1977  LP  58:27 
Dorothy Interjects
Fish Food II
THE TAPE TURN (Julie, what's this record???????)
An Interview with Annie, a 9/11 Tour Guide
Climbin' The Poles
  Sadly, and as usual, I found myself running out of time at this point, it probably being 4:45pm onThursday afternoon, and me needing to leave for the station by 5:10. So the production goes out the window and the tape just rolls. One of these days I'll plan ahead and do a FULLY produced show ... or not.
No Sweet Revenge
658 People
A Big Dark Force
An Interview with Mark (Navy) from Rhode Island
Our Nation's Treasure
the HISSssssss
Patriotism and Pride
A Victory for the World
An Interview with Barney from Queens
Another Mad Bastard
What Do You Question Most?
Trump ... the Carnival Barker
24-Hour News Cycles
Bye Barney
Sonny Greenwich  Time-Space   Options Evol-ution, Love's Reverse  PM  1979  LP  1:06:40 
Back Live In The Studio
  I don't know what this background music is. Julie? She lent me the LP.
Fabio Sit Down
Julie's Two-Cents
Viral Cartoon
The Kicker
21 Pink Pigs
The Legal
Stepping on Julie
Triple Duel!
Dead Air ... Resultant Panic
Julie Shuts' Me Off!
  That's it for this episode of TDS everyone. Hope you enjoyed it. Yes, it was kind of a grim topic, the death of Osama, but covering the event at Ground Zero seemed right up my alley. Had to do it. Was it wrong to celebrate? Probably. Did I? Yes, a little.

Don't forget, next week, THE DUEL! Julie and I will invade Fabio's Strength Through Failure Show next Wednesday, May 12th, at 3pm EDT. Should be a stone gas and we'll be looking for you! Until then, take care and ... always remember.

Clay Pigeon


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Listener comments!

  6:12pm Clay:

Hello. Here if anyone cares to comment.
  6:13pm Alex in Astoria:

Clay, are you on the Facebooks? Got a page I can 'like'?
  6:13pm John McCabe in L.A.:

hi Clay how is NY today
  6:13pm Clay:

No Facebook, Alex, but I'm considering Tweeting.
  6:13pm hamburger / london:

hello clay! just back from checkin' bennet4senate's gig.son done good!
  6:14pm John McCabe in L.A.:

or NJ rather
  6:14pm Clay:

Hi John. NYC is great! I miss LA, though. Pink's Hot Dogs!
  6:15pm Clay:

Hello Ham. Hello London. Hello Cleveland!
  6:15pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I'll eat one for you!
  6:15pm Alex in Astoria:

Tweeting is for mooks like Charlie Sheen.
Well...then again, so's the facebooks...DON'T HIDE BEHIND THE TWEET!
  6:16pm Clay:

I read that Sheen was a Navy Seal?!
  6:17pm dave:

is thatsound in the background the sound of people celebratinng osama bin laden?--peace and love and that
  6:17pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I saw this movie called CATFISH i wouldn't give it away but its a good reason to stay off facebook
  6:18pm G:

Charlie S. had a role in a movie called Navy Seals, probably as close as he came :-)
  6:18pm dave:

his DEATH that is
  6:18pm fleep:

Sheen was in the elite Team Seven Gram Rock
  6:18pm Clay:

Yes, Dave. I was at Ground Zero.
  6:20pm hamburger / london:

I heard today that negative thoughts decrease your brain activity by 50%.... so by the Charlie Sheen #WINNING philosophy, you benefit, somehow :)
  6:20pm Ike:

The 140-character limit per tweet is awful. I'm too wordy for that. Some ppl, esp. some comedians, send out really funny tweets though. Clearly many tweeters are more concise than me.
  6:20pm G:

  6:20pm dave:

i thought the iraq invasion was the justice?
  6:20pm John McCabe in L.A.:

Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead that leaves more Clay Pigeon for the rest of us.
  6:21pm Clay:

John ??????
  6:21pm Marmalade Kitty:

They keep saying justice is done.. justice etc..
  6:22pm hamburger / london:

can we switch the topics to pets?
  6:22pm Alex in Astoria:

If I can't promote Clay Pigeon on the facebooks, the terrorists win.
Hamburger, my cat agrees.
  6:22pm Ralphine:

Who's your favorite pirate?
  6:23pm John McCabe in L.A.:

just a space and time perspective
  6:23pm Clay:

Pirate Radio - 97X Tampa
  6:23pm dave:

george w bush is my favourite pirate
  6:23pm G:

The location of these interviews means they will mostly be people celebrating OBL's demise. It's documentary.
  6:24pm hamburger / london:

either blackbeard or bluebeard, sorry for the beard bias :)
  6:24pm fleep:

Captain Crunch
  6:25pm G:

Jean Le Foot, the Barefoot Pirate
  6:25pm Ralphine:

There used to be a great station called 99X in Atlanta. Not so great any more. Don't think it had a pirate affiliation.
  6:26pm John McCabe in L.A.:

Bartholomew Roberts is supposed to be the most successful
  6:26pm Clay:

I realize you guys are probably fatigued by the Osama story. I had to do it, though.
  6:27pm John McCabe in L.A.:

too bad for Obama everyone if going to forget about this by Nov 12
  6:28pm G:

This episode's a good slice of exactly what I would have figured people would be saying at that place and time, good job.
  6:28pm Clay:

Thanks, G.
  6:28pm dave:

you did have to do it--an excellent document
  6:29pm Ralphine:

No Captain Morgan fans?
  6:29pm Clay:

Danke Schoen, Dave.
  6:30pm John McCabe in L.A.:

Clay are you a fan of Cinema Verite
  6:30pm Alex in Astoria:

*snicker*....muslim seamen....
  6:31pm Clay:

Honestlt John, I don't know what it is, other than hearing about it over the years. Think there's some new version out now.
  6:32pm hamburger / london:

I don't get the huurah about a dead osama.
  6:32pm Marmalade Kitty:

It seems incredibly foolish ignorant desperate to celebrate death..
There is always cause for celebration, ..!
Clay is on the right track, peace and love.
(Fred Flinstone was interviewed at ground-0 by Clay..?)
  6:33pm Karolus:

it would be wonderful to mix some wolfenstein-ingame-speaks with it.
  6:33pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I'm taking a documentary film class right now it's the doc films of just interviews
  6:34pm Clay:

Hi Marmalade and Karolus.
  6:35pm Marmalade Kitty:

Peace and love Clay! :)
  6:36pm John McCabe in L.A.:

what should i have for dinner? any suggestions
  6:36pm fleep:

Superficial patriotism, like we're a sports team. It's cathartic for some, and knee jerk for others, and we are listening to a mix of both, people who have valid reasons for feeling vindicated, and mindless yahoos.
  6:36pm Ralphine:

  6:36pm Clay:

  6:37pm hamburger / london:

Why the craze over a dead Osama? He was just some hype-'d up scapegoat no?
  6:37pm Alex in Astoria:

I still find it sketchy that they buried him at sea so quickly, out of respect for the Muslim community... those who would appreciate that move are already on the offense against the US, and most Muslim who didn't support him wouldn't care and wouldn't want their religious identities affiliated with him anyway.
  6:38pm dave:

burial at sea has nothing to do with islamic tradition
  6:39pm Alex in Astoria:

Dave, the key part was "so quickly", not the sea part.
  6:40pm dave:

islamic thing is to be buried quickly--within 2 days in a white robe in the ground--as far as i understand it Alex
  6:41pm Maggie in Rock Tavern:

Clay, could you email me a list of the music on tonight's show?
  6:42pm dave:

i know what you mean though Alex
  6:42pm Alex in Astoria:

I get that - point is, most non-terrorist faction Islamic people would hardly be offended by the US not observing this tradition with this individual.
  6:42pm Maggie in Rock Tavern:

oops, my email is wrong - omit one S
  6:43pm hamburger / london:

what's to celebrate about the death of some retard, when there be many more angry peoples?
  6:43pm Clay:

Mags ... I'll do a playlist later and list most of it. If it was that beautiful sad song that floated alone there for a moment, it was Tim Story - Glass Green, an incredible new age, Windham Hill, mid-80's LP.
  6:44pm dave:

symbolic...figurehead---someone to hate
  6:45pm Maggie in Rock Tavern:

Thanks Clay!
  6:46pm Clay:

Sure thing, Mags.
  6:46pm Karolus:

@london:osamas death will not chance the world. harrsiburg has not chance the us.
  6:47pm Anthony:

I'd love to follow Clay's tweets. It's painful the show is so short. But imagine getting real time updates from interviews which were unused, etc. Or after-show reflections...Do it!
  6:47pm Ralphine:

Why do they pronounce Cairo Illinois like Karo Syrup and not Cairo Egypt?
  6:49pm Clay:

It's a Mid-Western thing, Ralphine.
  6:49pm hamburger / london:

just saying, a dead osama don't mean crap, only because he was only worth just that...
  6:50pm Rhetorical Question:

Commenters:What's your message of peace and love toward the people Clay interviewed for this show? Or are they just "someone to hate"?

Human nature is not that different from person to person. Just the specifics change.
  6:50pm ScottC:

Ya see Dusty- you missed a chance to ask people how Osama got all that nano-thermite into the buildings. This is really embarrassing that so few people have really studied what happened that day
  6:50pm Anthony:

It's a great irony, arguing the quality of the question "Do you love America?" a few weeks ago. Ridiculous coherence now. Unforeseen set up.
  6:51pm John McCabe in L.A.:

whats your message of war and hate to the world?
  6:51pm Gail:

Reminds me of crowds at a 17th Century Hanging
  6:52pm hamburger / london:

a dead osama don't mean shit. he ain't worth shit. so why celebrate some dead moron?? something else underneath eh....
  6:53pm Ike:

I don't know why I bother but ScottC you're just nuts if you think massive amounts of jet fuel were not enough to bring down those buildings. That stuff is amazingly flammable. The perfect flying bombs. Anyway, people blab too much for a conspiracy of such scale to ever work successfully. Can't keep that many people quiet. Just not possible.
  6:53pm Karolus:

im european, from berlin, and i think its just red herring. im not good in english. Google say me thats an "red herring". in german its a "ablenkungsmanöver". at least i think its a energie question, its much more expensive for the society to chance energie industrie sector. So say said ( reelection, etc) "Let us kill Osama, so we win time") Osama is like Linux to Windows. It doesnt play a interessting role.
  6:54pm Marmalade Kitty:

I think the people of New York have for a long time, yearned a reason to celebrate.. The death of OBL was like a huge release of latent fervour.
  6:54pm Ralphine:

You can't close the leads you're given? You can't close shit, you ARE shit. Hit the bricks pal, and beat it, 'cause you are going OUT.
  6:55pm Clay:

Sorry if I'm absent. Fabio and Julie are burning my ears in here. Now Betsy just showed up. I love them all so.
  6:55pm hamburger / london:

closure for what????????????? seriously...?
  6:55pm Ike:

I agree MK. I think people just really wanted to celebrate. To celebrate ANYTHING. Makes me a little queasy to celebrate anybody's death but....
  6:56pm fleep:

@hamburger our equivalent of The Blitz
  6:56pm Clay:

Thanks for listening everyone.
  6:56pm dave:

delivering freedom
  6:57pm Karolus:

its sad for Den Haag. i would say. It was a chance for america.
  6:57pm ScottC:

@Ike Study the issue man. unreacted NONO-THERMITE found in abundance
at the site. Evidence of reacted NANO-THERMITE also found by FEMA. Iron microspheres.
  6:57pm cheri:

clay please tell julie i sent her some e-mail,,,thnx clay
  6:59pm hamburger / london:

dead osama = fuck all
  7:00pm Ike:

Ha ha ha ScottC! According to whom? Nutjobs at WBAI or something? Please. Nano-thermite? Sounds like something that supposed alien abductees claim to find embedded in themselves.
  7:00pm Marmalade Kitty:

It's Propaganda!
  7:00pm John McCabe in L.A.:

I'm going out for sushi see ya
  7:01pm G:

Hey ScottC, try "Coast to Coast AM"
  7:01pm ?:

@John: If you find a piece of turban in your sushi, watch out.
  7:01pm Ralphine:

I heard they built the World Trade Center with dynamite.
  7:02pm glenn:

further proof that religion should be abolished.
  7:02pm Ike:

@ralphine ha ha ha! Good one! Love it.
  7:02pm david:

triple duel on
  7:03pm Alex in Astoria:

Hamburger, maybe in London you can't really appreciate what it means for us, especially in NYC to have that guy taken out of the planet. Your "fuck all" is kind of a pissing on the fire. For those of us who lost people, who watched the towers fall with naked eyes, it means something. For my part, it's not hsi death that I celebrate, but the fact that he's finally not the goddamned boogeyman that we can't find. Of course he's just one man out of god knows how many. If you're stuck on that, you've missed the point.
  7:03pm Pantagruel:

Good show, Mr Pigeon.
  7:04pm Marmalade Kitty:

or rather , a reaction to propaganda..
  7:04pm ScottC:

@ Ike. Study the issue. This stuff has been found in numerous same day dust samples. The evidence of this reactive stuff was called by the NY Times "the greatest mystery of 9/11" It was there and it was used to bring the buildings down. You are in for a big surprise.
  7:07pm Karolus:

@alex and thats what i seen in german television, pleople thinking like you.
thats frighting. hey you dont like in iran. and the winers are paying for it. ;0)
  7:08pm Karolus:

you are not in iran, i mean. you are not of this women that are crying. uf. sorry.
  7:09pm Ralphine:

Can we please get back to talking about pirates?
  7:11pm hamburger / london:

ho-kay ralphine: stump leg or hook arm?
  7:13pm Ralphine:

Eye patch.
  7:16pm hamburger / london:

it ain't no good for reaching stuff tho, perspective be all disfigured an stuff
  7:18pm fleep:

The eye patch was used to go below decks, one eye would already be accustomed to the dark. Pirates did not get one eye poked out as a habit.
  7:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

This is mental..? Clays show just doesn't end :)
  8:09pm G:

Like Monica (for example), Clay doesn't close his episode archive till he's updated the playlist to his satisfaction. He said he'd put in song titles (and presumably his own descriptions of segments, as he often does).
  6:50pm Al:

hola amigo
  1:08pm PMD:

Great show!
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