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Playlist for 11 March 2009 Favoriting | Marathon Show Two with Hot Rod

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Artist Song Album Approx. start time
Delphi Financial  Goat Entrail Derivative Swap   Favoriting   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Omo  Oversized   Favoriting Kalk Seeds: Karaoke Kalk Compilator No 2 (VA Comp)  0:05:02 (Pop-up)
Christine Lautenburg  Erika's Alptraum   Favoriting The Rough Guide to Yodel  0:08:55 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  God   Favoriting   0:17:31 (Pop-up)
Lee Rosevere  Corn Weenie Dance Mix   Favoriting   0:21:38 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone / Postal Service  Little Girl Blue   Favoriting   0:36:10 (Pop-up)
RIP Slyme  Nettaiya   Favoriting   0:41:38 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup  0:56:37 (Pop-up)
John  Corn Weenie Cyrus Mix   Favoriting   1:00:43 (Pop-up)
Yoko Ono  Wal;king On Thin Ice   Favoriting   1:05:25 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Sis   Favoriting Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's show  1:20:08 (Pop-up)
Larry  A Marathon Message from Larry   Favoriting   1:22:03 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  The Crystal Cat   Favoriting Spiderman of the Rings  1:24:12 (Pop-up)
New Radicals  You Get What You Give   Favoriting   1:28:34 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Fur Immer   Favoriting   1:32:54 (Pop-up)
Steinski  excerpt from Nothing to Fear   Favoriting   1:43:32 (Pop-up)
Tricky  Puppy Toy   Favoriting Knowle West Boy  1:51:37 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash / Pete Rock  Folsom Prison Blue   Favoriting   2:08:51 (Pop-up)
Roky Erickson  Dont Slander Me   Favoriting   2:14:37 (Pop-up)
Aguaturbia  Wonder Who   Favoriting   2:14:51 (Pop-up)
Andy Lewis and Betty Lavette  Love Ever After   Favoriting   2:17:23 (Pop-up)
Edwyn Collins / Dave Krooshoff  Never Met a Girl Like You Before   Favoriting   2:22:19 (Pop-up)
Le Tigre  Deceptacon   Favoriting   2:35:58 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  Bells   Favoriting   2:40:27 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Favoriting   2:44:22 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  8:57am Vicki:

  9:00am HotRod:

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaahhhhhhhhh
  9:02am Parq:

The entrails thing sure makes sense to me!
  9:04am nicky andrews:

hey ken, the mouse pledge has eaten my cheese-pledges.
  9:04am cribley:

Does he have good teeth? Can he pull my rickshaw?
  9:07am Ken:

His teeth are the best! AND, he loves ponies!
  9:08am BSI:

CRAP! I missed something with ENTRAILS in the name?!?!? Curse the late 11th street bus!
  9:10am Vicki:

Erika's Alptraum is my favourite yodel song ever
  9:11am Ghengis Jung:

So... How bad is it?
  9:12am Cecile:

I love this comments section. What wackiness has Ken been talking about.'s Wednesday. Iz business time.
  9:16am BSI:

Who wouldn't accept the Velvet Spector??!!?!? I would've chewed my own face off to get that sumbitch! I blew the bank on last week's pledge! Waah!
  9:18am Vicki:

erm, I don't think that's Bart's CD.... Rough Guide came out a couple of years ago :)
  9:18am Parq:

Ken, I need the interior of my car redone. Could The Boy handle that task?
  9:19am Ken:

Doh! What is Bart's CD called?
  9:19am dei xhrist:

I DID IT --- FAH JAHNNIE!!! Well, actually, I pledged for Larry. And for Courtney, and People Like Us, and Fatty, and Irwin, and Kenny, and Ergo, and Clay, but not for Andy. If I made a handsome living myself, then maybe I'd pledge something for Andy.
  9:21am jan:

"God" by Wax is a great example of the brilliant audio art and music
that can be heard on WFMU.
  9:22am Bronwyn C.:

Hey, Ken--How's the sound card today? Good luck! Raise money!
  9:22am dc pat:

this is masterful...
  9:23am claire:

the god thing just before

it friggin rocked
  9:24am Hugo:

Bart did the Rough Guide.
Look here:
  9:24am dei x:

Does The Boy come with his own dish, leash, and shoes? Does he need any special food or meds? ...Is he fixed?
  9:25am chris:

But would you sacrifice a goat for the Velvet Spector?
  9:25am Vicki:

ah sorry, it's just he's doing a new one... and this is the older, but never mind :)
  9:30am John from Oslo:

Häppü Märäthön
  9:30am BSI:

chris... you kiddin'?
I'd have the goat sacrifice ME, if I could at least be buried with the Velvet Spector...
  9:31am Paterek brothers:

What's up with the corn wennie obsession.
  9:31am joshua K:

the jews would revolt if you got rid of the 90.1
  9:32am -max-:

Also, we lost an hour with daylight savings time.
  9:33am Ken From Hyde Park:

I done took and pledged. I feel great this morning.
  9:35am Otis:

Pledged this morning and it is amazing, my wallet grew tri-fold, my cat fed herself and the acoustics on my broken stereo in the kitchen came back to brilliant clarity. wfmu you are amazing! Pledge people pledge. This message is Robert Tilton approved.
  9:39am John from Oslo:

Pledged last Wednesday. Have been eating tuna from tins for a week, but HEY! It is worth it! (I wish I could afford a corn weenie)
oh, hi otis!
  9:40am Cecile:

Ye Gods.
took me long enough to get connected.
I'm sure I have missed every good thing about this show.
  9:41am Parq:

'Cile: au contraire!
  9:41am Laurie:

I always set a limit to myself for pledging to WFMU each year, and I always wind up breaking it every year. That's how much I love WFMU.

Addendum: I even went over my limit of how much I told myself I was going to go over after my pre-marathon pledge. It's not as crazy as last year, but I'm trying!
  9:42am Otis:

Hi John! Cheers mon ami.
  9:42am Cecile:

rrrerrr! rrrrerrr!
  9:42am Cecile:

Good point Parq.
  9:43am Doug:

I really really don't want the boy ... suppose I could donate him to a charity.
  9:43am PMD:

I'm doing it bit by bit. And as I told Ken via email, I will give more after the marathon once I know I still have a job (I find out next week).
  9:44am Doug:

Does the boy come with a tax receipt?
  9:44am PMD:

Doug, the boy DOES your taxes. Ken neglected to mention.
  9:45am John from Oslo:

Otis! that new Bran Flakes song "Van Pop" is grrrreat - cant wait to listen to the rest : )
  9:46am Bono:

Eh, if anyone needs counsel on how to avoid taxes shoot me an email.
  9:48am Otis:

Thx John. the new album is "name your own price" along with girl talk and steinski from illegal art. so money can be thrown into other things like oh, w f m uuuuuu.
  9:50am PMD:

Oh, I'm sooooo excited!
  9:51am Laura L:

Ken, My goodness, can it be we passed through the entire winter season with not a single Grove's emulsified nose drop? Sniff! Just pledged--thank you, thank you for Wunderbar Wednesdays!
  9:55am claire:

promise Ill pledge this night-- im out for today, 6 am here
cheers from mexico, animo, ustedes pueden!
  9:59am PMD:

I'm pledging one more time this morning, but will also ask now if there's only one soaking for Andy during the marathon. I couldn't make last week, and wanted to contribute tonight.
  10:02am Ben who pokes and gets poked:

Ken, I'm going to up my pledge during 7SD but I won't be able to listen in real time. Any prediction on when my pledge will be of the greatest benefit to WFMU &/or incur the most indignity to Andy?
  10:02am Laura L:

Ah, thank you for the emulsified droplet in that last mix, Ken!
  10:04am JCityJensen:
  10:04am BSI:

Can I dig it?
Hell, I dig it like a champion!
but afterwards, I need a few emulsified nosedrops to repair the damage...
  10:06am Kenzo:

Bono, I think you should bring the tax avoidance discussion onto the comments.
  10:07am Bigmouth Mickey:

Is listener John who did the Cyrus cornweenie mix the same John who was answering phones for Ken last week?
  10:14am chris:

So the corn weenies may contain some filler?
  10:15am dei x:

I heart the corn weenie!
  10:16am Cecile:

can we get a track listing for the corn weenie?
  10:17am ben:

ha ha, I remember Bigmouth Mickeys...
  10:17am Bono:

For starters, find yourself a good loophole, Kenzo.
  10:17am Listener James from Westwood:

The first-born premium is tempting. I could use an intern around here. Filing, light typing, cold fusion, that sort of thing.
  10:17am Pearly Sweets:

I am happy to hear that someone else likes the bird splatter shirt.
  10:17am John from Oslo:

I wish Ken would play my Corn Weenie remix, oh the fame, the girls, the drugs the lush life oh my oh my....
  10:17am Paterek brothers:

Chatham nj loves the corn wennie as it also loves wfmyou
  10:18am Cecile:

THE U.P. in the House!

I lived in Marquette. John Sinclair was in jail in Marquette.
  10:19am wha?:

The white WFMU t-shirt is also perfect for tie-dying...if anyone even does that anymore. Well, that's what I'm planning on doing with mine, anyway.
  10:19am Doug from DC:

I'm still not sure which of the t shirts I want, they're both cool.
  10:20am BSI:

Doug: a mouse-pledge would solve that dillemma!
  10:20am Cecile:

remember spin-art, wha?
  10:22am dei x:

Fantagraphics Books did a fundraiser cruise years ago - all those comic book artists boozed up and cornered by fans. Could be a blast, could be 12 hours of Scharpling's regulars.
  10:22am dc pat:

I have so many freakin' black t-shirts, I had to go with white. Better design anyway.
  10:25am Laurie:

I love Larry!
  10:26am BSI: sounds like the locked-groove lp is still in the laboratory? When you reckon that sucker will be born?
  10:29am paul:

  10:30am Cecile:

  10:30am wha?:

Spin art. Woo-hoo!
I'd pledge for a WFMU spin-art / tie-dye party before I'd pledge for a booze cruise any day.
Maybe that's just me.
  10:30am Laurie:

You know, when I realized my iPod of several years got smashed beneath a monitor/leather cube combo @ the King Khan/Jacuzzi Boys party, I was driving to work the next day. On a Sunday. And since there's no WFMU in Miami, I tuned to NPR and was crushed to realize the only thing on the radio was Prairie Home Companion. A poetry reading on the Prairie Home Companion. A poetry reading about the pink faces of newborn baby mice. Epic fail.
  10:30am Carmichael:

This music is dreamy. Makes me want to smile and stare.
  10:31am Pearly Sweets:

Whatever happened to Gregg Alexander?
  10:31am Cecile:

wha?, there's always next year!

He is doing a lot of production work.
  10:32am Tristram in Brooklyn:

Morning all...
  10:32am Cecile:

Ken, I hate to be asky, but do you have any Todd Rundgren floating around there, this is like the perfect mix of Todd and Hall and Oates to me. In the best possible way.
  10:32am JCityJensen:


[unsaid lyrics from liner from the New Radicals]
Championed by a soulless media misleading
people unaware they're bleeding
No one with a brain is believing
It's so sad you lost the meaning
Never knew it anyway
Human natures so predictable
I'm a fool to do your dirty work whoa, whoa
  10:34am dc pat:

I got in an email-argument with one of my friends yesterday about the virtues of donating to FMU. I have a renewed opinion of his intelligence.
  10:35am Cecile:

wheee! you said my name right!
  10:35am Pearly Sweets:

If you guys didn't have one working cassette deck, there would be no Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon!
  10:35am dei x:

Yay Cecile! Are you going to get the travel-sized Ken too?
  10:35am Lizardner Dave:

OK I did it. Too busy at work to do much commenting. Busy is good, it means I'll be able to afford my pledge.
  10:35am Carmichael:

Todd is God. The Hermit of Mink Hollow is one of the best studio albums ever.
  10:37am Cecile:

Not to mention the bottomless awesomeness of the Runt albums.
  10:37am Carmichael:

I just noticed I missed Nina Simone, dammit. But on the positive side, I also missed Yoko Ono.
  10:38am Cecile:

no dei, I'd rather let someone else get in on the fun!
  10:38am dc pat:

Neu, pronounced "fyoor eemmah"
  10:38am Carmichael:

And Adventures in Utopia is very bright and shimmery.
  10:39am dc pat:

  10:39am Doug from DC:

What's this Doug from Fairfax stuff? I gotta represent!
  10:41am Doug from DC:

Yeah, voting rights! And experimental music! Tonight at DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan.
  10:42am Vicki:

What about Doug from Canada?
  10:42am dc pat:

Doug, any other DCers: did you make it to Mi Ami at the Velvet? I've been sick as a wf-dog so slept instead
  10:43am -max-:

We already pre-paid a mouse, but after hearing Larry we will be doubling our pledge. $30 per month is not a real hardship. I encourage everyone (especially those of you who show up on these comments page) to look to the future, open their hearts and donate some part of their future earnings.
  10:44am PMD:

Dave! Great!
Doug-where can I find more about the DC arts center thing?
I'll pledge again and try and get them to understand district comment.
  10:44am chris:

Oh crap, was Mi Ami last night? Slept on that one figuratively.
  10:44am Doug from DC:

Mi Ami rocked. The Lounge was packed, too. Too bad I showed up late and missed Lexie Mountain Boys.
  10:45am BSI:

Pat; I couldn't make the Velvet Lounge last night, & might not be able to get to DCAC tonight... waaay too busy. But Alexei Borisov at the Pyramid on the 21st... that's a must.
  10:45am Doug from DC:

Go to and check the calendar. Many awesome things this week, like my band playing The Lighthouse this Saturday.
  10:46am chris:

Ooh, thanks for the plug.
  10:48am bbell:

So, Ken, are you putting your first-born up because he is 14? eating like he has a tapeworm, and god forbid, listening to bad music?
  10:52am Doug from Canada:

Sorry, Vix, I was out tooling my snowmobile around Lake Manitoba.
  10:53am Laurie:

If you listen to 7 Second Delay, you know that The Boy refers to his father as "Ken," which I find endlessly amusing for some reason. I also call my father by his first name more often than not.
  10:53am The other Doug from Canada:

Hey, who is this "Doug from Canada"?
  10:54am Vicki:

he's the one tooling on Lake Manitoba if you want to make something of it.
  10:54am postmanpaul:

T R I C K Y ! ! !
salutations ken&hotrod, aficionados and city slackers!
  10:55am dc pat:

it's getting confusing in here with all these "Dougs"
  10:56am Vicki:

as far as I'm concerned there is only one Doug. As there is only one Vicki. Apart from that fat one on Little Britain who we don't like to talk about.
  10:56am chris:

We're all Dougs now
  10:56am Dig Doug:

I feel like tunneling.
  10:57am -doug-:

Why, is your name not Doug? Mind if we call you Doug, just to keep things straight?
  10:58am Dougcile:

I'm in.
  10:58am dc doug:

I don't know what you all are talking about...
  10:58am Dougcki:

please just put what colour jumper you're wearing then it's OK.
  10:59am Dougela:

Me too (PMD by another name)
  10:59am steveroo:

so everyone got the email!
  11:00am Sir Edmund Hillary:

I declare this site to be a Doug-free zone henceforth. My climbing mate and secret ladyfriend when no one's around, Tenzing Norgay, can attest to this and many other statements and rumours.

Right. Now on with the comments. I'll climb back here if I have to.
  11:01am Vicki:

that was definitely written by Doug of Canada.
  11:01am Cecile:

Sir Ed, do you put a wig on Norgay and spoon him when you get lonely?
  11:02am BSI:

hally-lou-ya, it's rainin' dougs!
  11:04am Doug of Canada:

What did I write? Don't mess with the national name of Canada folks ...
  11:05am Vicki:

you wrote everything.
  11:05am Cecile:

You're welcome, Ken!
  11:05am Sir Edmund Hillary:

Due to my dominant personality and borderline monomania, at the top of the world in the middle of the night I am proud to be the spoonee.

And "Norg-Norg" has fabulous hair of his own.
  11:06am Tenzing Norgay:

I never got my song royalties for co-writing "Spooning Your Sherpa In A Khombu Crevasse".
  11:07am Doug of Canada:

That isn't out of the question ... in fact, I've been writing everyone's comments.
  11:07am Dougela:

You know, now that Ken knows the guilt works, does that mean we'll get more?
  11:07am JoeSteele:

Oh Tricky. I know his bass player.
  11:07am risky!:

  11:08am BSI:

didn't anybody adopt turntable no.2 yet?
  11:08am chris:

What is that music bed?
  11:09am GP:

Seeing a lot of new names on the last..still mostly a newb myself, but hopefully we are adding some new donating members to the station....keep it awesome Ken.
  11:09am Carmichael:

I'm seriously considering adopting the 19th century water system.
  11:09am GP:

last = list
  11:09am Dougcile:

So Tenzing has it going on. Not in a gay way, of course.

Tenzing, I will call BMI and have them get on that.
Hee, get on that. Hee.
  11:13am Cecile:

yay! Roky!
  11:14am Bono:

Lordy does this sound like a twisted CCR!
  11:16am HotRod:


  11:19am JJZ:

What would that take?
  11:21am Mr. Answers:

Glad you asked, JJZ. The answer to your question is by stopping what you are doing and donating money.
  11:21am Doug from DC:

I walk away for a few minutes and suddenly everyone is me.
  11:22am JJZ:

I guess I was thinking more specificially.
  11:22am BSIdoug:

Doug no.1:
there's a deeply psychedelic experience in that, methinks...
  11:23am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:24am steveroo:

sweet song
i lost breath and reps at the gym when it came on
doing my whistle "remix"
  11:24am Dougela:

I hopefully got the district represented...
  11:25am Doug from DC:

I know you know what you know, but you should know by now that you're not me...
  11:25am dc pat:

SEX BOMB BABY!! ok, I officially cannot pledge any more money. I'm all out...
  11:28am Dougly Sweets from DC:

What's goin on, homeboys?
  11:28am mike:

that's not true, it's on the wiki
  11:28am Ghengis Jung:

Near the top of the Wikipedia entry it says: "WFMU is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States."
  11:28am Steve:

WFMU is indeed on the freeform list, all is right once again in wikiworld
  11:29am Leland:

This is the wierdest music ever. Okay, aside from what usually happens on Wednesday. It's that kenny guy. But what you're playing is not off-pissing, it's just wow strange, fun, lovely, yah, more more! (Okay, I love Kenny too!)
  11:29am dc doug:

I was gonna say...
  11:29am B Z:

From the so-so Wikipedia entry: WFMU is currently the longest running freeform radio station in the United States
  11:31am Pearly Sweets:

Kenny is only 30 miuntes away. I can't wait!
  11:31am Leland:

They gave Robert Kraft a baton? Why? Give him an arc welder, he'd be more use that way. Love.
  11:32am BSI:

Kenny G is my co-pilot.
...which probably explains a lot about how my life has gone, of late.
  11:32am Cecile:

I wanna win sumthing.
  11:33am dc doug:

OUCH....missed the buddha machine again...I guess I'll have to buy one.
  11:33am Cecile:

BSI are you, as a friend of mine once described a particularly odd drama critic of our acquaintance, "living your life like it's your own personal game of Clue?"
  11:35am BSI:

Almost. I'm living life like it's my own personal tube of glue.
...everything is very sticky and emitting hallucinogenic fumes...
  11:36am dei x:

reiterate the terms of the Spector
  11:38am Ken:

Phil SPector painting eligibility is a $180 pledge during this show,
  11:38am HotRod:

The BOOSTER ($3K) pledge will allow you (the very generous listener) to join WFMU for our staff booze cruise!!!!!!!!!!! KILLER OPPORTUNITY!

Only about 20 minutes left to be part of Corn Weenie history!
  11:41am dc pat:

Le Tigre is just one band I CANNOT get behind...
  11:41am Doug of Canada:

That Phil Spector painting is one of my favourite velvet paintings ...
  11:41am Cecile:

your own game of glue, BSI?
  11:42am listener L:

is there a drawing for the $75 level?
I missed the announcement
  11:44am BSI:

Forget the booze cruise:
let's get a GLUE CRUISE going!
I'll invite cupcake dog.
it'll be a massacre of awesomeness!
  11:44am Pearly Sweets:

I've been waiting to donate the rest of my money to Kenny G.... but your damn prizes! YOUR DAMN PRIZES!!
  11:45am GP:

Has cupcake dog wandered into any of the prize package giveaways?
  11:46am dei x:

I want that painting so bad I can feel it. Oh wait, that's my lunch.
  11:46am HotRod:


  11:47am listener L:

I hope someone with deep pockets helps break that record!
  11:47am Cecile:

no, GP, and that might have to be remedied...
  11:50am Cecile:

ken, a black velvet painting of cupcake dog?
  11:53am bats eyes:

well hello, thaler
  11:54am GP:

ha ha Cecile...that would be insanely cool. Wish I had the talent to do that...we will see...we will see.
  11:54am owen:

right. done my pledge, now i REALLY need a job.
  11:55am paul:

if christopher in new orleans is brother christopher from the trifecta and you happen to be reading this, HI!!!!!!!!!!
  11:56am Danne D:

Mouse Pledgers can pick up a buddha machine from the prize warehouse!
  11:57am dc pat:

You guys are slow!! I pledged half an hour ago--but I don't care if I win anything. cheers.
  11:58am Cecile:

I want a buddha machine. i pledged mousee-style and also this AM.
  11:58am BSI:

Prize warehouse! that's where I found my buddha machine. can't wait for that...
  11:58am GP: velvet corn weenies? I see a new art trend developing here, i.e. "it was painted in the style of The black velvet internet meme school."
  11:59am Cecile:

Prize people, can I change my swag to get a buddha machine? Let me know

Exactly, GP
  12:01pm PMD:

Cecile, write to Joe
  12:01pm owen:

wow! thanks guys!
  12:01pm Freddy:

Please everybody Pledge, Pledge, PLEDGE
  12:03pm Ken:

Thank you Everybody!!!
  12:03pm Lizardner Dave:

Thank you Ken. I wish one of us in FMU land would win Mega Millions. That would solve everything. Well, everything financial.
  12:03pm Cecile:

thanks, PMD
  12:49pm joe:

b-b-b-b-bob s-s-s-s-sucks, he,s d-d-d-d-driving me n-n-n-n-n-nuts!!!!!
  12:49am Kevin Kiley:

The Andy Lewis/Bettye LaVette song was made without her knowledge or blessing and she would like EVERYONE to know it. AND she doesn't get a DIME from it.
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