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From the streets of NYC and also in-studio, a unique, pleasantly insane talk show about pop culture, food, technology, the mysteries of the universe, and a whole lot more.

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Options February 20, 2009: the first show

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Listener comments!

  11:02pm Frank:

  11:03pm mannythemailman and mikethemonkey:

Hey Frank, sounds great
  11:04pm C.B.:

audio sounds great
  11:05pm titfos:

nice. good stuff
  11:05pm C.B.:

http://www.theovernightscape.com/ find out more about Frank on this page.
  11:06pm john nora:

Here we go! Love stories about AC. I've never been there.
  11:07pm mannythemailman and mikethemonkey:

Frank can you wish Mike a happy 15th birthday. "How can I come out of a dog dying then do a birthday dedication."
  11:08pm snarky:

Right on Frank - first show...
you go!!
  11:09pm tommy two-arms:

wow. i am confused. is this live?
  11:09pm Chad / titfos:

limo's usually suck, smell like booze, cigarettes, or vomit
much rather just have a nice car service
  11:10pm C.B.:

its a mixture of live, and pre recoded live,
  11:10pm chad / titfos:

Tommy, Frank is live at the studio but is playing a recording at the moment, he'll be back live between bits
  11:10pm mannythemailman:

This part is pre recorded
  11:11pm Frank:

I will be on live in a moment.
  11:13pm mannythemailman:

This sounds like an Oscar preview.
  11:13pm chad / titfos:

Franks voice is being broadcast into the ether, forever traveling away from earth at the speed of light.
  11:13pm Escapist From LA:

Sounding pretty good so far.
  11:15pm Escapist From LA:

His cold is making him sound "well rounded".
  11:17pm John:

Take Spirulina. You won't gey colds.
  11:17pm C.B.:

nyquil knocks you out great stuff
  11:19pm mannythemailman:

sounds good Frank
  11:19pm C.B.:

You sound great 100 percent good.
  11:20pm tommy two-arms:

i remember drinking tons of cough syrup with a few friends and then playing risk, lord of the rings style. about an hour later, my one friend summed up what everyone else what thinking: "all i know is that my stomach hurts like hell, and i feel stupid."
  11:20pm Jittery Obsessive-Compulsive Editor:

Chad, the plural of limo is "limos." No apostrophe!

Pseudoephedrine always made me feel like my head was floating way above my body, but not in a particularly good way. No wonder they restricted it. But that weird sensation did distract me from the cold symptoms.
  11:20pm J. Wiz:

Sounds great, Frank!
  11:21pm Carrie:

Sounds great, although you sound like you've been sucking helium.
  11:21pm Joe:

Not just psychedelic... a psychedelic dissociative! With non-linear effects!
  11:21pm overniacin:

Glad to hear you on the air again...I missed you on ATBM, but now you are live! Congrats!
  11:21pm DayTripper:

You sound like a Frank Nora impersonator, but the show's great!
  11:22pm John:

Spirulina, super food, blue-green algae, I'm tellin' ya.
  11:24pm C.B.:

If this is first time hearing Frank. He normally has a deep voice. Sounds like Alan Alda
  11:26pm Harvie Krumpet:

Sounding GREAT FEN!
  11:27pm DayTripper:

Can't wait for the next ONS. You'll be telling us how you slept for 92 hours after this broadcast! You're the hardest working man in show business.
  11:27pm brad maloney:

wow, yr cough syrup sounds like Moxie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moxie
I actually like this stuff, it's not a cola, more like root beer & agastora bitters.
  11:28pm mannythemailman:

Hey, Harvie Hows things in Sidney
  11:29pm carrie:

hi from Texas, manny! :)
  11:29pm harviekrumpet:

hi mtmm, things are great,how's NJ?.FEN sounds really good as a the new Gene Shepherd!
  11:30pm Spooky:

Hi everyone...again
  11:31pm Spooky:

Hi Carrie, Im in Texas, too!
  11:31pm Denice:

Yes...hello again too
  11:32pm harviekrumpet:

hi Spooky - what do you reckon of the show so far?
  11:32pm John:

Hey Carrie!
  11:32pm mannythemailman:

Hi carrie. This is very cool. Im listening to Frank on my radio.
  11:32pm Dave from England:

Hi again, posting in the proper chat room! Doh!
  11:33pm Spooky:

So far, so good. We were on a parallel universe chat!
  11:33pm John:

Hey Denice!
  11:33pm Denice:

I'm glad I wasn't the only one Dave!
  11:33pm Harviekrumpet:

Hi Denice,Hi Carrie,Hi John, so how do you all feel to have your husband,brother in law, brother as a DJ?
  11:33pm mannythemailman:

Hey Denice, you husband is sounding great!
  11:33pm Mad Mike:

Frank, two years since we've spoken directly, and yet the person that "discovered" you is still here supporting you. Given what I've heard before you, they should give you a Stern-esque contract for what you bring to the table. What? No history of where and how you got started? When you started on the bachelor party story, I thought you were going to bring up the adventure that was mine which was even crazier if you remember. Weren't you there? Big shout out to Manny, Escapist, Carrie, John, and the other ABM Show listeners from the past...let's take bets to see how long it is before Frank refers to an old ABM adventure...and Frank...I'm sick, too...thanks a lot for putting your usual whammy on me...
  11:34pm Denice:

Hey John!
  11:34pm tommy two-arms:

hey rampler people...is the rampler internet show also live? do you also have a live chat while listening to that show?
  11:34pm John:

I am good at math.
  11:35pm mannythemailman:

Hey Mike, Your discovery is doing well tonight.
  11:36pm Escapist From LA:


Where's my t-shirt dude?

(just kidding)
  11:36pm Dave from England:

Hi Mike, long time no chat. Things good for you?
  11:36pm Murray Van Creme:

I think Marilyn Chambers is the woman who played Barbie
  11:36pm carrie:

I wrote on all of Denice's barbies when we were kids and lost all their shoes. Hi Denice
  11:37pm Frank:

Hi everybody!!!
  11:37pm mannythemailman:

Frank has a forum and we also converse on twitter
  11:37pm harviekrumpet:

Mad mike - I am sure FEN will give YOU the praise you're looking for soon enough.Perhaps not tonight, there maybe no time for that.Just congratulate Frank and be happy for him!
  11:37pm Kat77:

oh, there you all are
  11:37pm Denice:

Hey sis!
  11:38pm C.B.:

http://twitter.com/ons follow Frank on twitter
  11:38pm mannythemailman:

Hi Kat
  11:38pm Mad Mike:

Yeah, Manny, he's always been good at what he does...we've spent many an hour on the air together. Good to hear from you all...Things are good, Dave...miss being on the air...Escapist, just let me know what shirt you want...Harvie, couldn't be happier for him...no praise needed.
  11:39pm Denice:

tommy two-arms ... the rampler isn't usually live and there isn't a chat...this is fun!
  11:39pm texas scott:

i reckon this show is fittn
Spooky ,Keller? Really?'
  11:39pm tommy two-arms:

i would say that this is great!
  11:40pm harviekrumpet:

all of Franks shows are on his website http://theovernightscape.com or you can subscribe to his feed http://onsug.com/feed
  11:40pm Spooky:

TheAndyKaufman Rampler live wfmu.org less than half hour away! about 1 hour ago from txt
From Twitter
  11:41pm Dave from England:

I have wake up juice, coffee with vanilla syrup. Tommy, The rampler on the net is a podcast, best way to keep up with everyone is on Twitter, though Frank does have his own chat room. http://s7.invisionfree.com/The_Overnightscape/index.php?showforum=1
  11:42pm Escapist From LA:

My Arbitron backchannel indicates that WFMU and The Rampler are poised to change the nightime airscape of radio Market #1.
  11:43pm C.B.:

Dave will have to try that soon. Coffee and vanilla syrup
  11:43pm Brandon:

hey frank things sound good so far, I'm listening on my phone at work feels weird... LOL anyway good show and if you need some background music you know where to find it... LOL jk
  11:44pm Kat77:

I didn't know frank had a chatroom. thanks for the info!
  11:45pm Dave from England:

Sorry Kat77, I meant forum.
  11:45pm Mad Mike:

This brings back memories from where we started...it sounds like the same people only about 23 years later...some things never change. Frank...I have two words for you: "Chinese Medicine"...you'll be well again in like 48 hours without any further brain damage.
  11:45pm Spooky:

Its a fun Forum, go reply to the one word story thread!
  11:45pm Kat77:

*waves to manny* :)
  11:46pm C.B.:

My dad had that installed on his station wagon. it looked awful. large corded thing.
  11:46pm mannythemailman:

I used to listen to truckers and taxi drivers on my old walkie talkies
  11:47pm C.B.:

they would tell you were the cops were. was a cool pre cell phone world.
  11:47pm Spooky:

Redbull Cola? Any good?
  11:47pm carrie:

I'm going to see Bruce in Texas... it'll make me feel closer to Jersey.
  11:48pm tommy two-arms:

i enjoy using walkie-talkies while hiking and listening to the all of the other channels that people on the mountain are communicating on.
  11:48pm Escapist From LA:

Hate to admit I was a CB freak back in the day. I actually belonged to the local CB Club attending many "breaks". I stil have my old Johnson base station with the D104 power mic.
  11:49pm Spooky:

Bye Bryce!
  11:49pm mannythemailman:

I was with Brice and Frank at the Andy Kaufman press conference.
  11:50pm C.B.:

Escapist. very cool
  11:50pm Spooky:

You should invite Andy to call in!
  11:50pm Spooky:

No, Thank you, Frank!
  11:51pm harviekrumpet:

now I want recognition! G'day from Down Under, you missed me FRANK!!!!!
  11:52pm mannythemailman:

Andy Kaufman Press Conference video http://video.yahoo.com/watch/3903020/10625899
  11:52pm Ike:

Holy crap! You were on WMNJ? I was there from 1993-97. What a mess.
  11:53pm Tom Shad:

Frank..I thought that was you !... i had the internet wfmu stream on .. and i walked back in .. i thought i guess i have overnightscape on ... BUT NO !!!... congrats brother
  11:53pm Kat77:

lol @ the andy kaufman press conference. :)
  11:54pm evan:

frank's voice is dropping out every 5-10 seconds on my stream happening to everyone else?
  11:54pm Spooky:

Oh no!The Andy Kaufman Press Conference!
  11:54pm tommy two-arms:

my stream is fine
  11:54pm C.B.:

my stream has not stopped once. 100 percent good.
  11:55pm Dave from England:

Now have a cat on my lap, hope he doesn't step on the keyboard and mess it all up. Evan must be your stream, seems to be ok on mine.
  11:55pm Carrie:

my stream is good too!
  11:55pm evan:

i think i fixed it sorry
  11:55pm Spooky:

mine too
  11:55pm kat77:

my stream is excellent too.
  11:56pm overniacin:

hey frank, 4 min to top of the hour!
  11:56pm Sherman:

Sounds great Frank. Loved your cough medicine review. Always fun to hear you. The quality is even better than your normal show. Listening from New Zealand
  11:56pm harviekrumpet:

my stream is good using itunes to stream the pls file
  11:57pm johnny joy:

less than 3 minutes to top of hour
  11:57pm mannythemailman:

  11:58pm harviekrumpet:

Sherman - which part of the land of the long white cloud are you in?
  11:58pm John:

Hello New Zealand. You are far away.
  11:59pm harviekrumpet:

FCC requirement "G'day from Sydney, Australia"
  11:59pm texas scotty:

spooky tunes.
  11:59pm Dave from England:

One minute to the hour. Good thing I got this cat on my lap, he's keeping me warm, the heating isn't set to come on till 6am.
  11:59pm Escapist From LA:

And CUE station ID.
  12:00am harviekrumpet:

time for your FCC requirements - station ID!
  12:00am Mad Mike:

Now that was a night! I remember it vividly. We were nearly hauled away by security before they decided we were "safe". Just picture what we came across as...two adult men barging in on two hapless teenage girls, alone at night in an otherwise empty studio. We start doing our routine, and the next thing we know they're friends from all over the campus start showing to "help". And in typical Mike and Frank fashion, we get them to abandon their show format and try their hand at comedy. Needless to say it was a disaster. Thanks for the mention, Frank!
  12:00am kat77:

sinbad = persian
  12:00am mannythemailman:

Frank Midnight
  12:00am Spooky:

  12:01am John:

Station ID!
  12:01am Spooky:

Twelve and forty seconds!
  12:02am C.B.:

and http://www.theovernightscape.com/
  12:02am johnny joy:

58 minutes until the next ID
  12:02am texas scotty:

this is wfmu,east orange,wfmu .org
  12:02am harviekrumpet:

it's been Saturday here in Sydney for the last 16hours! Nope it's 00:00 hrs not 24:00
  12:02am mikethemonkey:

Hello Frank, from Mannys son.
  12:03am Spooky:

Lol, Scotty.
  12:03am Sherman:

I can see Kapati Island from my house, which is near Wellington at the very southern area of the North Island. It's definitely tomorrow here btw.
  12:03am texas scotty:

wxhd,mount hope
  12:03am Escapist From LA:

00:01:30 is where I logged it, not 24:01:30.
  12:03am Mad Mike:

Well, it's now official. WFMU has DJ that actually has a personality with talent.
  12:04am Spooky:

Woohoo, Happy Birthday Mike!
  12:04am Denice:

Happy Birthday! Mike!
  12:04am Dave from England:

  12:04am carrie:

happy birthday mikethemonkey!
  12:05am mannythemailman:

Happy Birthday son
  12:05am John:

WFMU- Don't deface it! It's a perfect arrangement!
  12:05am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

Happy 15th mikethemonkey
  12:05am kat77:

happy birthday mike. :)
  12:06am mikethemonkey:

Thanks everyone.
  12:06am texas scotty:

drink one for me mikey.
  12:06am Escapist From LA:

I agree Mad Mike. Compared to the others I've been sampling on WFMU, Frank actually comes across.... human. He's doesn't have that dry NPR-ish aura.

And Happy B-day Mike The Monkey
  12:07am C.B.:

please don''t spill on the stuff.
  12:07am Ike:

So, Mike, WFMU's other DJs don't have personality and talent? Is that what you're saying? Sheesh.
  12:07am Dave from England:

Denice, when Frank does his regular shows at home late at night, does he keep you awake or do you manage to sleep through? I always wondered this. :-)
  12:08am Mad Mike:

Sorry, Ike. Only going on what I heard earlier.
  12:08am Denice:

I can sleep through anything
  12:08am kat77:

lol...u were made for each other. :)
  12:08am Tom Shad:

Hi Denice
  12:09am Sherman:

Frank is one of the few people I can listen to for extended periods, not only because he has a pleasant voice but more because he's enthusiastic and inquisitive about the world, not to mention very knowledgeable. I find myself nodding to his thoughts even if I disagree -like the vegetarian thing...
  12:10am carrie:

"now lets get back to the paperweights" ... teehee
  12:10am Denice:

Yeah, I guess we were Kat! Hey Tom!
  12:11am Ike:

Dry?!?! NPR-ish?!? Have you listened to (Station Manager) Ken? Trent? Bryce? Billy Jam? HotRod? Mike Lupica? (Not related to the sportswriter.)

Mike, I think Pseu is great, but maybe not for everyone. She is a very distinct personality and was unusually low-key tonight. Normally she is more... thorny. In a good way. If you like that kind of thing.
  12:11am Dave from England:

BTW, congrats to Manny and Family on just moving into their new home. Settling in ok? :-)
  12:12am Denice:

owls and mushrooms are pretty popular again
  12:13am Spooky:

Wow, he even has music!
  12:13am Mad Mike:

Sherman, I agree. You have to be interested, enthusiastic, and truly love what you do. For all of our faults, we always LOVED doing radio. He's a natural...even if I'm still trying to figure your out half the crap he does.
  12:13am tommy two-arms:

CC-licensed is the future!
  12:13am Dave from England:

Owls never go out of favour, do they?
  12:13am John:

Tom Scharpling, Dave the Spazz, Rex. This station has been my lifeline,
  12:13am Denice:

Yes, congrats on the new home Manny!
  12:15am mannythemailman:

Thanks Dave and Denice, we are 75% in. Tomorrow we will finish the task.
  12:16am Mad Mike:

Okay, Frank, I'm coming down to Jersey City. Unlock the door for me...
  12:16am Escapist From LA:

Ike, I obviously need to take a broader sample of the WFMU air staff.
  12:16am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

need coffee, must go get coffee.Frank do you want one too?
  12:16am Dave from England:

Frank you kick ass, they should definitely give you a regular time slot.
  12:16am Kat77:

tomorrow can't come soon enough but then you'll have sunday to relax and enjoy.
  12:16am Frank:

Yes Harvey I need coffee!!!
  12:17am Spooky:

Anyone who lives in Texas has seen coyotes on the blvd...lol
  12:17am Denice:

Great Show Honey!
  12:18am mannythemailman:

Check out some great music from Franks sister in law Carrie Engdahl at http://www.carrieengdahl.com/
  12:18am Sarah Thornton:

Wow! John emailed me, at 9:50 to say that your show would be on in ten minutes; happened to check my mail, at exactly 10:00 (synchronicity!), and was able to tune in...

I really dig the show... Congratulations!-- can't wait 'til the Rampler has a regular (weekly?) slot!
  12:18am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

espresso coming up!
  12:18am tommy two-arms:

something about you people...
  12:18am overniacin:

I vote Frank a permanent time slot. Live Rampler/chatroom rocks.
  12:18am Dave from England:

Time I got another coffee too, currently 5.18am! Eyes are heavy.
  12:18am I need coffee:

2 from kat77
  12:19am texas scotty:

COFFEE and COYOTES.....i'm bored.
  12:19am Mad Mike:

Yes, Dave they should, but he needs a sidekick. The car's warming up...Frank, you letting me in when I get there or what?
  12:19am mannythemailman:

Frank, its going great. thanks for Mikes Birthday shout out, he was impressed to have it go out over the radio.
  12:19am John:

We have coyotes in NJ, too. Though rarely seen.
  12:20am Brandon:

sounds great good to hear you on the air
  12:20am Spooky:

Im a Carrie fan. Frank recommended I listen one night on the Andy Kaufman chat. )
  12:20am Escapist From LA:

I usually see coyotes in my neighborhood most every evening/early morn. I even do an occasional SoCalCoyoteReport on Twitter when I see or hear them.
  12:20am carrie:

thanks for the plug manny! I agree with you guys! The Rampler needs a weekly spot! Let's write a petition.
  12:21am John:

Sarah, you are in the.. Central time zone? You are in the Central time zone.
  12:22am tommy two-arms:

i love coyotes, escapist. when i was very young, i (a new jersey child) saw a coyote and i thought they were just outstanding.
  12:22am mannythemailman:

I was watching the local cable station for my new town and they posted a coyote warning. In freaking central NJ.
  12:22am Sarah Thornton:

Yes I am.
  12:23am rmzak:

The medium may be the message to some, but your approach to broadcasting holds up just as well on the airwaves as it does on the "netwaves". Great job, Frank. Keep it up.
  12:24am John:

Sarah, glad you were up. This is the good stuff.
  12:24am Dave from England:

I gotta get some of those stones one day, sound like a great idea. Whiskey is pleasure in liquid form.
  12:25am Sarah:

John- where are you?- at home? (I'm at home.)
  12:27am John:

I'm at home in Brooklyn. Listening about the stones.
  12:28am Frank:

I wonder if Mad Mike is really coming over here??? Should I let him in???
  12:28am Denice:

Lock the door!
  12:28am Spooky:

Not if he really is mad!
  12:28am C.B.:

hell no. this is your night to shine.
  12:29am Sarah:

I made a Venus of Villendorf (sp?) type statue out of soapstone, once...
  12:29am Dave from England:

NO! Keep him out, he mustn't be allowed to steal your thunder.
  12:29am texas scotty:

don't let him in!! make him wait.
  12:29am carrie:

no way! do your thing.
  12:30am Mad Mike:

Frank, as much as I think it would be a blast, I would never crash your party without an invite. So everybody calm down...
  12:30am tommy two-arms:

i love it all. good night.
  12:31am mannythemailman:

Mike, you are almost as popular as George W Bush.
  12:31am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

FEN - the studio is your responsibilty tonight.DONT let MM in even if he is your freind.It would be the last time you get a show there if you did!!
  12:32am texas scotty:

sorry Frank.I just got caught up in the music,
you rock.
  12:32am Dave from England:

I work with diamonds all day long, and yes I lose some form time to time. Not big ones though.
  12:33am John:

Goodnight, Mr. Two Arms.
  12:33am Mad Mike:

Frank, just was messing with you. Just hearing you on RADIO again makes me long for it...you're doing great. Maybe someday..."W"...ouch, Manny, that hurt!
  12:34am mannythemailman:

Dave, do you get patted down when you leave work.
  12:34am C.B.:

Dave...you still have my address right. Maybe you could send me some samples from your work.
  12:36am John:

Mad Mike, I love ya.
  12:36am mannythemailman:

Sorry, Mad Mike, i was just responding to all the posts. I enjoyed your ABM shows.
  12:37am Sarah:

How do you broadcast from the street?
  12:37am Spooky:

Tootsie rolls are caramel and choclate-y chews!
  12:37am Mad Mike:

Hey John, I love ya, too. Give my best to Julie. Manny, I know, just busting your balls. I'm so misunderstood as an artist, Manny.
  12:38am Frank:

I use a portable digital recorder, the Edirol R-09.
  12:38am Dave from England:

It's possible that sometimes I have diamonds on the soles of my shoes. I don't get patted down, that could be fun. :-)
Mad Mike knows where we're all coming from.
  12:38am John:

The street stuff is prerecorded. He's live inbetween.
  12:39am Dave from England:

From what I've heard the Edirol sounds way better than the Zoom H2.
  12:40am Frank:

Yeah the Zoom is a lot cheaper, but I love the sound quality of the Edirol.
  12:40am Mad Mike:

You're correct, Dave, I do...which is why I'm not there right now, tempting as it may be.
  12:42am Carrie:

Hey Denice - Tonight is the last Conan show - make sure the DVR is set for The White Stripes!
  12:42am Mad Mike:

Frank, were you really worried that I'd just show up? C'mon, you know me better than that. However, it would have made for some interesting material...
  12:43am texas scotty:

tootsies rock.
i'm pre-recorded so ,pay no attiention
to the
  12:45am Sarah:

John- cool...

Frank- have you ever tried a Zero bar? It's my new favorite candy....
  12:45am Denice:

Thanks! It wasn't recording. It is now.
  12:45am John:

Oh man, I love Conan. I only have internet. Have to check it out on Hulu. I'M LISTENING! ELECTRO BROADS!
  12:45am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

Frank would have to have rocks in his head not his glass to let you in the studio tonight.This is the start of his big break.If you're a TRUE friend, you'll let him have the success that is coming his way and just leave him be!!
  12:46am carrie:

Hey John - it'll be up on NBC.com too!
You can stream all the episodes. I'll have to do it to. I'm sure this last week was great. so sad it's over - I hope he stays quirky on the tonight show.
  12:47am texas scotty:

I think the playlist is stuck....no sound....what's ZUP?
  12:48am C.B.:

streaming on web all working perfect.
  12:48am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@texas scotty try using itunes to stream the audio - no probs here using that method
  12:49am Sarah:

John- Did you hear Conan had to get rid of the masturbating bear, 'cause he's moving to a later time slot? So sad... I loved that bear...
  12:50am Spooky:

Ten minutes till ID!
  12:50am Mad Mike:

Harvie, your angst is unwarranted...and if WFMU ends up being Frank's big break, I'll become his agent and work for free...let's not get carried away...and just for the record, if I "left him be", I can tell you that all that you love about Frank would have never have come to be...so easy
  12:50am Sarah:

John- didn't you get a TV/cable yet?
  12:50am John:

Carrie... I'm sad, too... even though I haven't seen the show regularly in about a decade. I know he was funny.

Sarah- loved that bear, too.
  12:53am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

have you got the mad player in the studio?
  12:53am C.B.:

mad player is cool. glad you brought it along tonight
  12:53am John:

Just cable... but you have Youtube! Hulu!... He's back.
  12:53am Dave from England:

Testing the stream on my ipod touch too, all working good but it's lagging behind the realtime stream. Cool though.
  12:54am Spooky:

Five minutes till station ID!
  12:55am John:

It was real. I lived there. Saw that tower being built, FROM the light rail.
  12:55am texas scotty:

I love the nite life,i like to boogie...
  12:57am Escapist From LA:

Between me on the West Coast and WFMU's server at Traceroute shows there is some intermittent IP packet traffic congestion the last frame mile on the East Coast.
  12:57am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

don't forget it will be 01:00 not 25:00 :P
  12:57am John:

Station ID alert! In a moment...
  12:58am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

that's not an invitation for mad mike to go down there
  1:00am Escapist From LA:

  1:00am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

FEN 1259 is 00:59
  1:01am C.B.:

1200 am chicago il
  1:01am Sarah:

J & F- my radio keeps cutting out... may have to sign off, in a bit-- I'll try reloading, and see what happens...
  1:01am mannythemailman:

now my older son Joe is listening with me. Mike has gone to sleep.
  1:01am Escapist From LA:

As an FCC liscened broadcaster, yI need to advise you to amend your log to properly reflect the correct time of the station IDs (single line through the incorrect entry, and initial the correction.
  1:02am C.B.:

stream works entire show perfect
  1:02am Spooky:

Its only cut out on me once.
  1:03am mannythemailman:

Rampler marathon
  1:03am Dave from England:

Don't worry about the streaming, that's peoples own problems with their isp. My feed is great And I'm all the way across the ocean.
  1:04am Spooky:

Five hours, Franks voice would be toast!
  1:04am Dave from England:

HAha, it wouldn't be you if something didn't get destroyed! :-)
  1:04am John:

Didn't mean to destroy the log...
  1:04am Denice:

sounds pretty toastie already
  1:05am mannythemailman:

Don't strees out over the log. The show is going great.
  1:05am C.B.:

had cool advertisements in the back
  1:06am mannythemailman:

Frank, can you do a little Marlon Brando as Don Corleone, for us.
  1:06am Sarah:

hmmm... it magically started working again-- sounds great!...
  1:06am Escapist From LA:

Yeah, his voice sounds like toast with Vegamite on it (say, where's Rebenerd anyways?)
  1:07am Spooky:

Id hate to hear him tomorrow. Better get the tea ready.
  1:08am Dave from England:

How you doing for Marmite btw Frank? I have to send you another batch some day.
  1:09am Escapist From LA:

  1:10am Spooky:

Why are Japanese snacks so complicated?
  1:15am Kat77:

chocolate flavored cardboard and he likes it...lol...doesn't sound like a "gotta have it"
  1:15am Jr:

Galbo chips are the new undetectable steroids in Major League Baseball.
  1:16am Brandon:

I'm going on 2 hrs sleep and have to work till 7am you are making my night just thatmuch more enjoyable thanks
  1:16am Escapist From LA:

Soppky, Japanese snacks are more than nourishment, they are inheirantly entertaining by design.
  1:16am John:

That chocolatey-flavored cardboard chased with a black coffee flaor is always the way.
  1:17am mannythemailman:

Sounds like a Guns and Roses cover band
  1:17am texas scotty:

tea is ready!
  1:17am Kat77:

ask joshua norton aka captain kangaraoo aka the andy kaufman to give you a call.
  1:17am Escapist From LA:

I have to stop trying to type fast on the iTouch. Sorry Spooky.
  1:18am Jerry in SoCal:

WFMU supports direct streaming to the iPhone at iphone.wfmu.org. Very cool !
  1:18am kat77:

i just said 2+2=5 too much coffee or not enough?
  1:18am Spooky:

No problem Escapist.Yes Frank, ask Capt Kangaroo to call you!
  1:18am John:

I'm living the night life.
  1:18am Sarah:

  1:19am Escapist from LA:

Jerry! How the hell you been? Enjoyin' da show?
  1:19am Spooky:

Hi Brandon, only six more hours to go, eh?
  1:20am Frank:

We all live the night life. We all love the night life.
  1:20am Sarah:

John- is the show over? :-(
  1:20am Jerry in SoCal:

Hey Terry ! Of course I'm enjoying the show ... what I have heard. Got in about an hour ago.
  1:21am C.B.:

your almost their Frank. Glad your toughing it out.
  1:21am Frank:

The show is still going. Until 2 AM.
  1:21am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@ sarah show's still going
  1:21am Frank:

I ate all the Galbo Chips.
  1:22am John:

No Sarah. The night life goes until 2.
  1:22am mannythemailman:

Frank, remember Roel, you and me walked by that steam explosion site. All the businesses were blown out.
  1:23am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@jerry in SoCal Welcome - nice of you to join us :)
  1:24am Brandon:

I was just talking about one fish two fish ahhh the synchronicity
  1:25am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

hey - where is roel?
  1:25am mannythemailman:

Hi Jerry
  1:25am Sarah:

:-) my radio cut out, for a sec, and when it cut back in, that heavy metal night song was playing, and I thought the show was over...
  1:25am Jerry in SoCal:

@Krumpet - Really enjoying my evening. Rampler + Wild Turkey 101 = :o)
  1:25am Dave from England:

Roel is on his way in, so Hi Roel.
  1:25am Roel:

Hi everybody
  1:26am Frank:

Hi Roel and Jerry!!!
  1:26am Escapist From LA:

  1:26am Denice:

Hi Roel!
  1:26am mannythemailman:

Hey Roel, I just mentioned you on the chat.
  1:26am Spooky:

Hi Roel! : )
  1:26am John:

  1:26am Jerry in SoCal:

Hi Roel !
  1:26am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@jerry in socal - have one for me :) @roel you made it!!
  1:27am Sherman:

Any more live stuff? Hope your voice gets better soon Frank.
  1:27am monkeythemuleman:

hi roel!
  1:27am C.B.:

Roel. very cool. glad you made it
  1:27am Roel:

Just started listening 30 mins ago,
  1:27am Escapist From LA:

Wild Turkey 101... I think I remember taking that class in college.
  1:27am Dave from England:

My brain hurts, I've tree google chats open plus this room and I'm tired which means I need another coffee. Shame there's only half hour left, all went too quickly.
  1:27am Sarah:

  1:28am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

i wonder if the wfmu comments board has been this busy before for a nighttime show
  1:29am Roel:

@Harvie better showtime for you in sydney
  1:30am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@roel it's a great time for me - sat afternoon :)
  1:30am mannythemailman:

I cant imagine them getting this much traffic. This will help convince them to bring Frank back as well as his show is great.
  1:32am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@mtmm I certainly hope so, same time slot works well for me :D
  1:32am Spooky:

He needs a real spot!
  1:32am John:

I doubt it. Something special tonight. Regular slot here we come.
  1:32am ?:

Reaing back @Denice,Harvie Dave Frank, CB Manny Mike Escapist and everyone else i forget Hi !!!!!!!!!!!
  1:32am mannythemailman:

slowly falling asleep. 130am for me. Its also that time for Frank, stay awake Frank.
  1:33am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@John you gonna be doing another slot on the ONS with Frank soon?
  1:33am C.B.:

stream is of great quality. glad that this station provides it. now a web cam would make a perfect mix.
  1:33am mannythemailman:

Hi ?
  1:34am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@? hi who are you?
  1:34am Roel from the Netherlands:

Hi was me, forgot to put in my name
  1:34am Sherman from New Zealand:

Actually this seems appropriate for a time for the rampler. You know that feeling like you're drugged from not going to sleep but you can't stop surfing or playing another round of tetris? That's my favorite brain state for listening to Frank. That's a compliment btw.
  1:35am John:

I would love to do ONS again. Really enjoyed last time.
  1:36am Escapist From LA:

You know what would be great John? Frank, you and your Dad doing a segment on the ONS.
  1:37am Kat77:

there better be a next time!
  1:37am Spooky:

There needs to be a next time for sure!
  1:38am Jerry in SoCal:

WFMU donations here: https://www.wfmu.org/marathon/pledge.php I am sure that this will help get Frank back.
  1:38am Sarah:

You guys did a show together? (don't know what ONS is... you kids, with your hipster techie terms!!)
  1:40am texas scotty:

do this.
always makes me laugh.
next time...
Holla Spooky.
  1:41am Spooky:

THANKS FOR THE PLUG FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1:42am Spooky:

Order it from Spooky, she works for Clinique!
  1:42am carrie:

Spooky! I used to work for Clinique! I still use it and love it!
  1:42am Sherman from New Zealand:

ONS=Overnightscape Frank's other show. More of a show like Frank's live stuff he's doing right now. The rampler used to be interspersed in ONS but now is it's own entity.
  1:42am Spooky:

Bye Scotty.
  1:43am Spooky:

Carrie, Im a counter education manager. Its the best stuff ever!
  1:44am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

the last 1/4 hour :(
  1:45am texas scotty:

  1:45am Denice:

I love Frank, he is sooo good! Good Job Honey!
  1:45am Dave from England:

15mins, darn. You've done a great job tonight Frank. You're bound to get another slot! :-)
  1:46am Sherman from New Zealand:

Just bribe him with chocolate flavored cardboard and you can go all night(morning)Frank.
  1:46am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@ Denice well done to you for being such a good support!
  1:46am Sarah:

oh... duh!- of course!- I listen to ONS! (ouch!... I read somewhere, that blister packs are the #1 cause of emergency room injuries, in the US...)
  1:46am John:

Cough... Sarah.... cough.... ONS=The Overnightscape.com.... My show is way back... I'll let you know if I ever am on again... I gotta contribute to WFMU.
  1:46am Spooky:

Great job, Frank!
  1:46am Roel NL:

I will put the wfmu pledge link n the next supportmail, and say to comment the pledge is because of the rampler
  1:46am kat77:

frank, excellent job...the time went by too fast!
  1:48am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

Message to WFMU. Give FRANK a regular slot!
  1:48am mannythemailman:

Great job Frank, I had a great time on the chat also. Hope this happens again soon.
  1:49am Denice:

@ Harvey and everyone well done to all of you for also being such a good support! Frank appreciates it! This was a fun night!
  1:49am C.B.:

WFMU this man has heart and soul. Give him a slot and you will not regret it. He will draw people to your station as you see tonight.
  1:50am Sherman from New Zealand:

Twitter was instrumental to getting me here. It's great to be here.
  1:51am Roel NL:

@Manny do you have gtalk?
  1:51am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@sherman who are you on twitter? I am @krumpet
  1:51am Dave from England:

Tonight was a blast, we all really hope there can be another.
  1:52am mannythemailman:

Not yet, I will have to get it.
  1:52am Escapist From LA:

Good job Frank, you should be very proud of yourself. WFMU would do their listeners and supporters right by giving you a regular air slot. Again, good job and congratulations buddy! Now sign off that program log in 7 mins and get some rest for your voice.
  1:52am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

Woohooo well done FEN! GREAT show!!!!!!!!!
  1:52am Dave from England:

I' am @DaveWares on Twitter
  1:53am jerry in SoCal:

I wonder if the next host is local. Maybe they have him set up for remote broadcast.
  1:53am Roel from the Netherlands:

I am @roel247 on twitter
  1:54am Sarah:

I used to own the complete set of Viewmaster reels, for the 70s movie, 'The Shaggy D.A.'... it was great!

(Awesome show! Best of luck-- i'll be writing the station, to lobby for a regular time slot for The Rampler!)
  1:54am Escapist From LA:

And for anyone interested, I am GreatEscapist on Twiter.

Cio! Cio!
  1:54am Dave from England:

RAMPLER RUUUULES111111, Come on WFMU give Frank a slot.
  1:55am overniacin:

Frank, thanks for the show! You're awsome, as usual. Good night.
  1:55am C.B.:

congratulations Frank
  1:55am Mad Mike:

Great job, Frank. They better give us, I mean you a show.
  1:55am Kat77:

@Kat77 on twitter and various other weirdo places online
  1:56am jerry in SoCal:

Woohooo well done FEN! GREAT show!!!!!!!!!
  1:56am Mad Mike:

Good to see you on here, Roel.
  1:56am Kat77:

*gives frank a standing ovation*
  1:56am roel from the Netherlands:

Great show frank, will have to catch the beginning from the archives though
  1:56am mannythemailman:

Frank, it was worth staying up late. Great show.
  1:56am Dave from England:

Well done Frank, safe journey home and get some sleep.
  1:57am John:

WFMU- Frank= A Winner!
  1:57am Sherman from New Zealand:

@Denice and Frank, It's so great you two making these shows happen. I know it can't be easy and lots of sacrifices made by both of you. Thank you for all your efforts, they show and are appreciated.
  1:57am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

*on feet clapping* take a bow FEN!
  1:57am Spooky:

Great job!
  1:57am mannythemailman:

Good night everyone, I have to get some sleep.
  1:58am Denice:

Good Night All!
  1:58am Escapist From LA:

YEA! The final Station ID was logged correctly!
  1:58am carrie:

good night! great job, frank! you rule!
  1:58am Mad Mike:

Frank, how 'bout a call on the way home? I'm obviously up...
  1:59am Dave from England:

Good night Denice.
  1:59am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

@Denice you got the Champagne on ice for him when he gets home?
  1:59am Spooky:

Goodnight Denice!
  1:59am ?:

station id?
  1:59am harviekrumpet from Sydney Australia:

Night FEN - well done
  1:59am kat77:

goodnight everybody...nice to meet up with you all here to listen to the rampler. :)
  2:00am ?:

good night Frank, John, & everybody! sleepy-time theatre! (zzzzzz....)
  2:03am Sarah:

that wuz me, Sarah T. (forgot to put my name)
  2:04am Sarah:

nighty-nite! loved the show!
  6:30am Neal Ireland:

Yay! Rampler on the airwaves!
  3:08pm Chris:

I'm listening to the archived stream...should have been here live, sounds excellent.
  6:34pm Andrea:

I wish I was here to listen live, but it's still awesome :) You did an amazing job, Frank, and I know it can only get better!!
  6:05pm Andy Kaufman:

The Rampler is
  5:00pm hootie1233:

the rampler is the best.Frank is awesome
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