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The Inaugural Poem Remixes

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Artist | Song

> People Like Us + RIAA | A Golden Induction Is A Gust of Brown Air Favoriting

> Volunteer Gordon | Inaugural Poem (Whimpy Version) Favoriting

> Babs Toyfish | I Need To See What's On The Other Side Favoriting

> Fatty Jubbo | Histrionic Inauguaral Poem Favoriting

> Cy Kottick | Cy Kottick Channels Jackie Mason Channelling Elizabeth Alexander Favoriting

> Big Kitty | Praise Sawing fer ther Day Favoriting


> DJ Bidet Spret and Rokhausen | Praise Songsmith Slumber Ball Mix Favoriting

> Brian Joseph Davis | The First 10 Words Favoriting

> Daniel Konig | Elizabeth Alexander = Log Lady from Twin Peaks Favoriting


> DJ Man Rich | Praise Sitting in a Room Favoriting

> Dogwater | Last Minute Speechwriter Favoriting

> Dogwater | Praise Song All About Us Favoriting

> Easy EW | Praise Song Praise Song Favoriting


> Gwilly Edmondez | Inaugural Poem Two Favoriting

> The Jazz Kissingers | Poetry Society of America Mix Favoriting

> Giant Pygmy | Inaugural Poem (This National Grievance) Favoriting

> Fatty Jubbo | Riveting Inaugural Poem Favoriting


> I Am A Robot | Poem Favoriting

> R. Stevie Moore | The Lariat Wressed Posing Hour Favoriting

> Sick To The Back Teeth | ake Out Your Boom Favoriting

> Godxiliary | Mikrosophst and Cassettegirl Make Love Favoriting


> Robot | Praise Song for the Day Favoriting

> The Old Codger | Praise Song for the Day Favoriting

> Pflaphpschoen | Sparklesharp: The Movie Favoriting

> James Urbaniak | What If Favoriting

> Jonathan Wall | Some Someone Someone Someone Something Somewhere Favoriting


> The Ubu Orchestra | Inaugural Poem Revisited Favoriting

> Babs Toyfish | Reconsider Favoriting

> A Small Child | The Child Sings Some Words Favoriting

> gerardo figueroa | elizabeth alexander training in the chilean bush of ghosts Favoriting

> Paid in Puke | Liz Alexander - Beat Poet Favoriting


> Nat Rowe | song of a praise Favoriting

> Godxiliary | 0 Cliffnote-Sum Favoriting

> norelpref | A Side of Ham is Love Favoriting

> Nick The Bard | Inaugural Poem (Heavy Metal Version) Favoriting

> Godxiliary | Cassettegirl-Ko Favoriting

> norelpref | Wait A Minute Favoriting

> People Like Us | An Induction Is A Draft Is A Gust Of Air Favoriting


> Raging Horn | The Swearing in Poem (Burnt Bacon Right Remix) Favoriting

> Gwilly Edmondez | Inaugural Poem Three Favoriting

> Godxiliary | Cliffnote - Synopsis Favoriting

> Rokhausen | The Most Powerful Two Words Favoriting

> phav nosnibor | grandpa's humping the lettuce again Favoriting

> Chris Videll | Praise Song for Noise Favoriting


> Jazz Kissingers | Auld Lang Praise Favoriting

> mikrosopht | sndrec32 at work Favoriting

> Pflaphpschoen | All About Us Is Noise Favoriting

> Rockhausen | Praise Song For Tomorrow Favoriting

> Sick To The Back Teeth | All At Once Favoriting

> People Like Us | Adjournment Poem Favoriting


> Rev Dr Hellbound Alleee and Joseph Bard | Inauguration Poem/America The Beautiful Favoriting

> TriFocal | Praise Song For The Day (Cinderblock Dumbbell Mix) Favoriting

> norelpref | someone is trying to make music somewhere Favoriting

> Suzie Crews | Inaugural Poem Favoriting


> Gwilly Edmondez | Inaugural Poem One Favoriting

> Webhamster Henry | Roses Favoriting

> Fatty Jubbo | Elizabeth Claire Prophet Inauguration Favoriting


> Diz Willis | Frenchy Favoriting

> Frankie Howerd With June Whitfield | Up Je T'aime Favoriting

Listener comments!

  12:17pm BSI:

Fatty Jubbo for president of everything.
  12:17pm Negator:

  12:18pm Bad Ronald:

hey ho let's go!
  12:18pm risky!:

morning fellow americans and listeners!
  12:18pm GP:

This is the best thing I have possible least for today.
  12:21pm Cecile:

thanks, Kenny!
This is far better treatment than that doggerel deserves.
  12:22pm Cecile:

some live by "take no prisoners"
others live by "kill 'em all, let God sort out the rest"
  12:24pm still b/p:

Yeah, no cupcakerels for that inaugural doggerel.
They shoulda let some reaonably poetic kid deliver something from the podium last week instead.
  12:27pm mike in brooklyn:

stop mocking obama!
  12:28pm Cupcake Dog:

I live by "Nooooooo, someone be takin' my cupcakes away from meeeeee"
  12:28pm risky!:

i love rock n roll, put another inaugural speech on the juke box baby!
  12:30pm Kenny G:

I still have room for an hour more of these. If you want to get an mp3 to me, put it up on a server or use to kg at wfmu dot org. THanks!
  12:35pm RSTVMO:

stop bocking yo mama!
  12:35pm Dog the Cupcake Hunter:

That poem's like something I'd find and roll around in out in the yard, brother, 'cuz it's so stankerrific.
  12:37pm John McCain:

Keep Mocking Obama!
  12:39pm Dr. Doolittle:

If I could mock to the Obamanals....
  12:41pm RSTVMO:

Bock is dead!
  12:43pm Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  12:45pm Cupcake Dog:

All around us are snacks. All about us are sandwiches and cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles, each of our cupcakes on our tongues.

Someoone is baking a cupcake, frosting a cupcake, leaving it on the countertop, not watching it while it cools.

Say it plain: that many have died for this pastry. Howl the names of the dead that brought us these cakes. Brought out the mixing bowl, preheated the oven.

Picked the wheat, gathered the eggs and milk, baked cake by cake the spongy desserts, that they would leave to cool while I jumped the counter.

Some live by do unto others, then split,
others by no harm done or take no more
than will be noticed. What if the mightiest word is cupcake?
  12:46pm rok:

praise song for corn weenies... say it! (plain)
  12:46pm BSI:

DJ MAN RICH's rendition was a jewel. But I wonder -- if he had kept degrading it, would it eventually re-form as recognizable english, and be a DECENT poem?

Parallel universe stuff! Groovy!
  12:47pm Sean Daily:

  12:48pm Other Cupcake Dog:

Cupcake Dog poet, I play bow to your genius
  12:48pm RSTVMO:

Bach's cutter! Drinking Cutty Sark!
  12:49pm still b/p:

A biscuit! A biscuit for Cupcake Dog!
Who's a funny author..? Make mummy daddy laugh! Whooizzit? Yes, whooizzit? Whowoowoowooyesyesyes!!
  12:54pm Cecile:

RSTVMO, don't be sad, bock will be back in the spring.
that's why it's called maibock.
  12:57pm Jason:

that Giant Pygmy was funny

  12:58pm Beery Dan:

and drink it again...
Beer tasting round by round...
  12:58pm Ike:

Making love on an oil drum?! That would be uncomfortable, no? And awfully industrial. And possibly greasy.
  12:59pm Cecile:

and that doesn't even get into the ick factor of familial love
  1:01pm WinstonSmith:

This shit is fucking brilliant! I have to go now as I need another tissue to dry my eyes due to laughter!
  1:01pm Sean Daily:

What if the most powerful words are ".357 Colt Python loaded with hollow point bullets"?
  1:01pm RSTVMO:

Glenn Bock?
  1:01pm paul:

so did anyone actually do one with a cello, boom box, voice, and wooden spoons and an oil drum?
  1:02pm Ed Zeppole:

The mightiest word is indeed business and that is the root of the problem!
  1:02pm Cecile:

Read Cupcake Dog's poem, Kenny!
  1:04pm paul:

when PBR is sworn in are we gonna hear an inaugurable mayubenatorial poem remix show?
  1:05pm RSTVMO:

poetry slam. damn!
  1:07pm risky!:

  1:07pm Frank Footer:

What was the background music during your break?
  1:07pm Sean Daily:

You know, I'd expect an effort like Alexander's from a second year English major, not from someone who was doing the fricking poem for the fricking Presidential Inauguration.
  1:08pm still b/p:

Somebody should run the full text of the dingus through Babelfish and share the delicous fruits of the result. I cain't do it just now.
  1:08pm Mark:

Word, Sean
  1:08pm Lleyton:

A woman and her son make love on the kitchen table. great!
  1:11pm Tip O' Gore:

Elizabeth Barrett Browning vs Carrie Underwood
  1:12pm chris:

Take Out Your Boom. I love this one.
  1:13pm Sean Daily:

Ah, I was wondering when we would get to the techno remixes.

"The system is down..."
  1:13pm RSTVMO:

  1:15pm risky!:

hahahaha... these are hoppin
  1:15pm chris:

Nice, if not quite safe for work.
  1:16pm Ghengis Jung:

Godxiliary was amazing!
  1:16pm Frankie Valli:

Thematically, I tie this sucker up neat , vis a vis your oil drum and your mightiest word, because, remember "grease" is the word...
  1:17pm Sasha Fierce:

Kenny G for Chief of Staph!
  1:25pm Mark:

The edifices bit had me slapping my head in astonishment first time I heard too.
  1:26pm Uncle Floydian Theory:

Vis a vis?
  1:31pm timotato:

Thanks for replaying this. It's priceless!
  1:32pm Me To You:

Spider: This must be the end of the world! All the people turning into pigs and ponies . . . I can't let it happen to me!

Senator Exon: What is the reason for these hearings in front of the Commerce Committee?
FZ: Sex!
Senator Hawkins: Well . . .
FZ: Sex!
Senator Hawkins: Thank you. I think that statement tells the story to this committee.
Rev. Jeff Ling: "Listen you little slut, do as you are told"
Senator Exon: What is the reason . . .
FZ: Sex!
Senator Exon: For these hearings in front of the Commerce Committee?
FZ: Sex!
FZ: Bondage!
Rev. Jeff Ling: Listen you little slut
Rev. Jeff Ling: Listen you little slut, do as you are told
FZ: Sex, and lots of it
Rev. Jeff Ling: Fixed her good.
FZ: Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! . . .

Senator Hawkins: I'd be interested to see what toys your kids ever had.
FZ: Why would you be interested?
Senator Hawkins: Just as a point of interest in this . . .
FZ: Well, come on over to the house. I'll show 'em to you . . . Really!
Senator Hawkins: I . . . I might do that.
  1:34pm Frankie Valli:

So, I put no accent mark above the 'a' in 'vis a vis'...but you know, vis a vis...c'est le guerre.... par adua et alta...quo vadis...ich bin ein Ferlin Husky...
  1:41pm Sean Daily:

"A Small Child" is now my favorite person in the world.
  1:43pm ArthurAvenue:

Yo Frankie Valliant, exactly what the hell you talkin' about?
  1:43pm paul:

this reminds me of Suburbanal Cuts. aka Petey before he discovered drugs
  1:45pm risky!:

that A Small Child track was excellent! I agree, deff would liek to hear from him!
  1:49pm gigantor:

Strangely, I am really enjoying this show today.
  1:50pm Kenny Jeez:

  1:50pm gerardo:


being played after a small child is an honor!

another xclnt show for the archives, ken
  1:50pm pip:

scibbidity bop, do bop.
  1:51pm A Small Child has arrived:

  1:52pm re: Small Child:

"A Small Child" was actually done entirely by one small child in one spontaneous, fast take. He's one of my favorite people in the world as well. ; )
  1:57pm Sean Daily:

That's who I want reading the poem at my Presidential inauguration: Nathan Explosion. That would be, like, so metal.
  2:02pm some. jerk.:

Wow that people like us version was actually like a milion more poetic.
  2:05pm chris:

Yeah, it actually turned it into a decent poem.
  2:11pm BSI:

All roads lead back to Corn Weenie!
...and thereafter, to Cupcake Dog.
The universe is indeed a circle.
  2:12pm Sean Daily:

Yes, BSI, the student has become the master. The circle is comm-pleet.
  2:12pm Cecile:

yes. complete the circle, kenny.
Read cupcake dog's poem...
  2:12pm chris:

oh, this one is awesome
  2:12pm rok:

corn weenie in 2012
  2:14pm Jason:

wow, this phav nosnibor into praise song for noise is great
  2:15pm Webhamster Henry:

I'm so full of praise.
If I get any more praise I'd have to vomit first
Sometimes I get two or three praises in a single day.
I love praise.
I'll get every praise in New York City.
I can't even go to inaugurations anymore because I'll get all the praise.

  2:15pm chris:

My bad, that one's mine. Thanks for playing!
  2:16pm Babs Toyfish:

That one was great. Need to know who!
  2:16pm jan:

praise song for noise- is good
  2:17pm doctor-b:

I have got to know who did that "Praise Noise" thing!

Great show, too!
  2:18pm woofwoof:

Kenny, can you end the show with a sensitive reading of Cupcake Dog's hilarious poem? Your audience deserves to hear it.
  2:18pm chris:

Gee thanks! Dang, can't believe I didn't label that thing.
  2:19pm rok:

cupcake dog sees what's on the other side
  2:20pm Sean Daily:

I'm just waiting for someone to mash up Alexander's poem with the "In Hea-vun everahthing is faaaahn" song from "Eraserhead". It just seems a fit, for some reason.
  2:26pm Kenny G:

Praise Noise was claimed by one, Chris Vitell
  2:26pm jan:

telstar! can we hear the karioke version, so that we can sing the lyrics
  2:27pm Negator:

Best show since, "Cake" G. You really should receive a Pulitzer or something.
  2:28pm Chris2:

I wish I knew about this earlier, would have made something. This is so great
  2:28pm Webhamster Henry:

Since the words are so distinct and read with nearly equal emphasis, almost any reordering will work great.
  2:30pm RSTVMO:

Visa V?
  2:36pm paul:

marky mark!!!!!!!
  2:38pm Kenny G:

Yeah, the next group of commissioned pieces will be Bubble Blower Remixes... coming soon..
  2:39pm Sean Daily:

I'm sorry, but I have to say this: Doesn't this poem sound like something a college student would pull out at Open Mike Night at the campus coffee house?
  2:40pm andy:

Sean- it was written for americans
  2:40pm paul:

hey wait. this isnt the obama over the rainbow remix contest
  2:41pm texas scott:

o m g o m obama
  2:43pm detroitdave:

This guy seems focused.
  2:43pm Gigantor:

Praise song of the Cylon Centurions?
  2:43pm Laura L:

Kenny G, will you also do One Big Area Remixes? Let 'em fight it all out!
  2:46pm Kenny G:


What is One Big Area?
  2:47pm WinstonSmith:

"From: andy

Sean- it was written for americans"

This is quite the case. It can easily explain why the poem has all the edginess and imagery of a commemorative postage stamp.
  2:48pm BSI:

Bubble Blower remixes now? Egad! I'm still wrappin' my head around Ken's evil Corn Weenie project.... ever try wrapping your head around a corn weenie?

I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT... not without tranquilizers.
  2:49pm Laura L:

It's the Jim Roche piece with the catapults, knives, greazy slickies and Mickies--you know that piece? You put them all in one big area and let 'em fight it out. I have it on a cassette tape...
  2:49pm RSTVMO:

A blanket with sleevies!
  2:51pm BSI:

Corn Sleevies!
  2:53pm Cecile:

Cupcake dog poem! Can you imagine writing that without opposable thumbs?
  2:53pm texas scott:

  2:53pm Kenny G:

Ah, yes, Fight it Out. It's too dirty. Couldn't play it or any remixes on the air. By the way, the MP3s of Jim Roche's record are on ubu:
  2:54pm still b/p:

  2:55pm Vicki - People Like Us:

just got in from Newcastle - sorry to pipe in right at the end - will listen to the archive as soon as it's up! Ms Us.
  2:55pm Joe G.:

"Ah, yes, Fight it Out. It's too dirty. Couldn't play it or any remixes on the air."

Isn't it great to be in Amerika, the nation that has fallen off the map of the world?
  2:59pm Laura L:

Yes, I guess One Big Area has too many intolerable words. Still, an excerpted version could be awfully good.
  2:59pm Frankie Valli-a-valli:

Ooh la la! Je t'aime! Vis-a-vis! Mais oui! Allonze! Fait accompli!
  3:00pm Joe G.:

Intolerable words=banned thoughts.
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