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Options December 22, 2008: Loves the planet. Just hates all the people on it.

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Artist Track
Earl Hines  Pianology   Options
The Happiness Boys  That's a Lot of Bunk   Options
John Kirby Orchestra  Dawn on the Desert   Options
Johnny Marvin  Magnolia   Options
Alphonso et Son Orchestre Typique Antillais  Mettezi I Dero   Options
Sophie Tucker  Conversational Man   Options
Adrian Rollini  Minuet in Jazz   Options
Victoria Spivey  How Do They Do It That Way?   Options
Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra  I Like That   Options
The Mills Brothers  Swing Is The Thing   Options
The Original Dixieland Jass Band  Bow Wow Blues   Options
Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys  I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket   Options
Ambrose and His Orchestra  Deep Henderson   Options
Ambrose and His Orchestra  Medley of Hebrew Dances   Options
Roy Smeck  Shuffle Off to Buffalo   Options
Rosa Henderson  I'm a Good Gal   Options
Irving Aaronson and His Commanders  You Ain't Done Right By Nell   Options
Cab Calloway and His Orchestra  A Chicken Ain't Nothing But a Bird   Options
Fred Rich  He's So Unusual   Options
Vaughn De Leath  Banana Oil   Options
Tom Crowley Orchestra  Doc O'ligy   Options
Julia Lee and Her Boyfriends  Decent Woman Blues   Options
Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra with Bix Beiderbecke  A Good Man Is Hard to Find   Options
Walter Gross  Improvisation in Several Keys   Options
Jimmy Liggins  I Ain't Drunk   Options
Lionel Belasco and His Orchestra  Juliana   Options
The Bonzo & Delbarton Doo-Dah Cricketeers and Marching Band  Jollity Farm   Options
Horrie Dargie and His Rocking Reeds  Twilight in Turkey   Options
Ruth Etting  Ten Cents a Dance   Options
Raymond Hitchcock  Mr. Hitchcock's Curtain Call   Options
Coot Grant and Kid Wesley Wilson  Take Your Hand Off My Mojo   Options
Cozy Cole  The Beat   Options
Milt Herth Trio  Scatter-Brain   Options
Red Norvo  Hole in the Wall   Options
Jimmie Rodgers  Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues   Options
Louis Jordan and the Tympany 5  We Can't Agree   Options
The Duke of Iron  Kockeemoonga   Options
Lloyd Glenn  Ugh   Options
Lillian Harvey & Willie Fritsch  Ich Wollt Ich War Ein Huhn   Options
Bessie Smith  Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight   Options
Harry Reser  The Cat and the Dog   Options
Joe Daniels and His Hot Shots  Mr. Drummer Man Goes to Town   Options
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra  Daybreak Express   Options
Count Basie & His Orchestra  Mama Don't Want No Peas 'N' Rice 'N' Coconut Oil   Options
Hartman's Heartbreakers with Betty Lou  Oh Sweet Daddy Oh Pshaw   Options
Wilmoth Houdini & His Royal Calypso Orchestra  The Welcome of Their Majesties   Options
Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys  I've Got a Heavy Date   Options
Helen Kane  Dangerous Nan McGrew   Options
Brox Sisters  I'm Lonely   Options
Bix Beiderbecke  In a Mist   Options
Jimmy Forest & His All-Star Combo  Bolo Blues   Options

Listener comments!

  Mon. 12/22/08 12:06pm Sean Daily:

Vice, corruption... sounds like a swinging place.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:08pm another old man:

Even through all that beautiful surface noise, they do sound happy.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:16pm monica:

The Codger's an old coot but he's OUR old coot and we love him! Even though he's tight with a dollar and refused to tip the nice lady waitress at the Flamingo the other day. Told her to bet on Flossie's A Goner in the third race at Belmont or some such nonsense...
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:21pm A lawyer:

I advise Liz Berg to plead Lox Nova Philadelphia - offer the judge a bagel and a schmear and hope for the best.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:27pm Sean Daily:

I recommend that Liz pull an Al Pacino in court: "YOU'RE out of ordah! YOU'RE out of ordah! This whole trial's out of ordah!"
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:30pm Chico:

Plead the Sanity Clause!
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:32pm Groucho:

The party of the first part...
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:37pm Ike:

I want to hear more about the vortex of turpitude, graft, timeslot-peddling, and the oiled DJ palms!
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:38pm Middle Aged Codger:

The OC's having a party? Perfect timing! Walmart is having a sale on jugs of Gallo.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:49pm Harpo:

Honk honk honk!
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:51pm Zeppo:

Don't forget about ME. Everyone always does. Damn. I used to be a Hollywood heavy. They referred to me as Led Zeppo.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:51pm Md. Ag. Cdg.:

Make that three hardboiled eggs.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:52pm Gummo:

As for me, I really was a Marx brother, and not just a film by Harmony Korine.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:53pm Skid:

Nobody ever talks about me. I'm the brown sheep of the family!
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:54pm Karl:

Those boys were tools of the capitalist Hollywood star system.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:55pm Karl:

The means of hilarity should be held in common by all the workers.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:55pm Margaret Dumont:

  Mon. 12/22/08 12:55pm Rufus T. Firefly:

Hey, I resemble that remark.
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:55pm Jerome Howard:

Woobwoobwoobwoobwoob...oh, wrong family...
  Mon. 12/22/08 12:56pm Karl:

Sorry, I stutter.
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:02pm Otis P. Driftwood:

I can see you standing in front of a hot stove ... but I can't see the stove.
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:06pm Jerome again:

I was trying to think but nothin' happened!
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:06pm Captain Spaulding:

My name is Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding. I bet you don't know what the T stands for.
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:09pm Moe:

Oh boy! Bologna and whipped cream! My favorite!
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:10pm Md. Ag. Cdg.:

Is it just me, or does anyone else think she sounds like Judson Fountain?
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:10pm S. Quentin Quale:

Lulubelle, it’s you! I didn’t recognize you standing up.
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:24pm GP:

O.C. this is a wonderful show but how are we to know when to expect you next ( 1st time hearing this show). Do we just follow the car with the turn-signal for 30 minutes until it FINALLY decides to turn into the FMU parking lot?
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:31pm GP:

Go Bix go
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:39pm David Hasselhoff:

That Jimmy Liggins really speaks some sense. Yeah, that's the ticket. I wasn't drunk either.
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:40pm Jazzfman:

Sounds like Banana Oil to me!!!!!
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:52pm Laura L:

No punk better mess around with Molly or Pop Serriano, or they'll have the Old Codger to answer to! AAAIIIEE!!!!!
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:53pm Mugsy:

You don't scare me! I'm the Old Codger! D'y'hear me? I'm the Old Codger!
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:57pm another old man:

She's worth every dime!
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:58pm Epic Idle:

Loyal rebel slave #1: "I'm Old Fartacus!"
Loyal rebel slave #2: "I'M Old Fartacus."
Loyal rebel slaves #3 - 120: " " " "
  Mon. 12/22/08 1:59pm detroitdave:

So Liz's was sellin her time slot and the Old Codger bought it?........and now she's gonna burn for it? The old man won't give it up. Go daddy fer all it's worth!
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:00pm another old man:

Did Courtney sell any ad time this week?
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:05pm detroitdave:

He don't have to... he's got people out collectin for him, see..........
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:05pm annie:

no one sings the naughty songs like the old codgers..
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:05pm Inquirer:

Who's buried in Grant's Coot?
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:16pm jack:

  Mon. 12/22/08 2:17pm annie:

keen!!! swell
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:18pm GP:

Must buy a keen Olvatine shaker..must buy
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:18pm detroitdave:

So OC.....where do I find a dealer with a new 48 Pontiac? I'll tell em you sent me.
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:19pm Linda Richman:

Join Mildred on Coffee Talk..call us we'll talk
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:21pm detroitdave:

OC the climate change occurs 4 times a year
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:22pm Md. Ag. Cdg.:

The climate in Lunitunistan is lovely at this time of year. Clear cold air, marred only slightly by ocasional goat farts.
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:26pm dc pat:

jezus! That Jimmie Rodgers can whistle too! Never heard him do that..
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:29pm ~L:

Where can we send contributions to the Liz Berg Defense Fund?
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:30pm detroitdave:

Hey OC, did Liz leave any of her records behind? Put em on the victrola!
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:44pm Trixie V. M.:

Courtney, you make my goddamn day.
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:46pm detroitdave:

Funny show OC, God Bless..........have a good holiday!
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:47pm Sean Daily:

Surface noise stirs me, Courtney. It stirs me so much that I had to tell my friend Ralph about it on the porcelain telephone.
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:49pm detroitdave:

THAT ISN'T A PHONE SEAN....put down the lid and just walk away
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:53pm Inquirer:

Codger and Krampus ever seen in the same room at the same time...hmm?
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:59pm dc pat:

ah, calling Earl on the Big Phone, eh Sean?
  Mon. 12/22/08 2:59pm Parq:

This has been a wonderful show, and I would be happy to call the OC and tell him so, if I could only remember his phone number. Was it 4? 7? Aw, man....
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:00pm GP:

I was born 40 years too late. Thanks for making this a great day. I'm glad I was able to listen today.
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:01pm Bad Ronald:

Now get off his lawn, dagnabit!!!
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:03pm GP:

Parq, have Maisey switch you through. The number is OXFORD-38, but don't listen too long on the party-line it is rude.
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:04pm detroitdave:

bigger question here...who is keeping up the playlist???
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:04pm Mac:

Muriel's treasure meets the old codger? Groovy.
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:09pm GP:

I'd Like to hear Bjork cover this.
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:14pm Bad Ronald:

I'd like Bjork to cover me!
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:16pm Trixie V. M.:

Bolo Blues....now I have to take my clothes off
  Mon. 12/22/08 3:19pm GP:

10-4 Bad Ronald!
  Mon. 12/22/08 7:48pm Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau:

A section of the ending of Dawn on the Desert by the John Kirby Orchestra (9:24 to 9:38 of this archive) has the same melody as the chorus of Henry Mancini's It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera) from The Pink Panther (http://www.wfmu.org/listen.ram?show=12705&archive=15844&starttime=2:02:52).
  Wed. 1/7/09 3:38pm Ruy Silva:

I know you are a Codger, but I deeply think that the accrued effort would be minimum if you could post at least the year of each wonderful recording that you show. This is the first time I hear your program although it was a very long standing aspiration. I'm your most humble colleague from Listener Hour and from Brazil. Do put that damn year, Codger, please, so that we could evaluate the records even better. Anyway, what a hell of wonderful program I've just discovered and I've already downloaded a dozen of them.A hubba-hubba-hubba, mighty smoky over Tokyo, all those foolish things...
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