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Playlist for 04 November 2008 Favoriting | Electile Dysfunction '08!

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Artist Song
Red Shadow (The Economics Rock & Roll Band)  Free Market Election Day   Favoriting
rx  My Name is RX   Favoriting
Wax Audio  God   Favoriting
National Lampoon  Magical Misery Tour   Favoriting
Girls At Our Best  Politics   Favoriting
DJ Excel  Obama is a Mack Dady   Favoriting
Paris  Sheep to the Slaughter   Favoriting
FMB  Vote Obama   Favoriting
The Masked Avengers  Sarah Palin Prank Call   Favoriting
Scott Carpenter and LBJ  LBJ and the Helium Filled Astronaut   Favoriting
The Hello Dolly Male Chorus  Hello Lyndon!   Favoriting
Popeye  Vote for Popeye or Blutto   Favoriting
  Bad Marriage Mantra  
  Palin Song  
Elton & Betty White  If I were The President   Favoriting
Little Jo Ann  My Daddy Is President   Favoriting
Cassette Boy vs DJ Rubbish  George Bush is An Islamic Fundamentalist   Favoriting
K Rock Announcer  Pavement Stage Announcement   Favoriting
Porest  Let's Roll   Favoriting
  Superman Vote Protector Five  
King Missile  America Kicks Ass   Favoriting
Du Tels  Obama   Favoriting
Janet Greene  The Hunter and The Bear   Favoriting
Kris Jensen  Torture   Favoriting
Bill Hicks  Patriotism   Favoriting
Popeye  Every State Is A Great State   Favoriting
Elroy  Republicans Suck   Favoriting
rx  Dick is a Killer   Favoriting
Sophie Tucker  Sophie Tucker for President   Favoriting
The Nixon Singers  Nixon's The One   Favoriting

Listener comments!

  1:02pm Lizardner Dave:

Waiting for Sean Daily to be first.
  1:03pm Vicki:

afternoon and evening Ken
  1:03pm Bad Ronald:

Sean's on the other list...
  1:04pm Ken:

Hi all! Feel free to curse a blue streak and I'll do the same.
  1:05pm JJZ:

Which side are you on?
  1:05pm Bad Ronald:

This RX kicks!!!!
  1:05pm Negator:

Go, Ken, Go! Tell it!
  1:06pm Lizardner Muthafuckin' Dave:

Fine, How do you fucking like that shit?

Hmmm..feels funny.
  1:08pm Bad Goddamn Ronald:

Yeah, that shit fucking feels fantastic!!!
  1:08pm Bad Goddamn Ronald:

Yeah, that shit fucking feels fantastic!!!
  1:09pm Vicki:

dog poo
  1:10pm Trtrissh:

streak? Does that mean there'll be some uncut David Cross on your show, today? I hope so.
  1:10pm Lizardner Muthafuckin' Dave:

Here's hoping Irwin plays "It's My Party" tomorrow. Know what I mean?

Will Larry curse?
  1:10pm paul:

ken on a tuesday? best week ever!
  1:10pm Bad Ronald:

Go Vicki go!
  1:11pm Jeff M:

Noooo! Please God make it stop!

(Fuck foxholes -- here are no atheists when threatened with having to hear "The McCain-Palin Tradition" again.)
  1:11pm Brian in OR:

What about the children??!
  1:11pm Vicki:

  1:12pm Bad Goddamn Ronald:

This God remix is all awesome and shit!
  1:13pm C:

i never realized i had so much in common with gw's beliefs
  1:15pm Bad Ronald:

Wanking git bugger!
  1:15pm Negator:

Getting this election done is like taking an Electrodecibel Dump! McCain't '08!
  1:16pm Bad Goddamn Ronald:

Mongolian Cluster Fuck!
  1:16pm Vicki:

tossing buggering poo pile
  1:17pm paul:

mc hellplop and dj carhouse
  1:18pm JJZ:

  1:18pm Vicki:

bad toilets
  1:19pm Negator:

  1:19pm vinh!:

Holy hell, that Wax Audio mashup was brilliant...
  1:19pm paul:

i forgot that the internet was a series of tubes
  1:19pm Big Red:

the God remix and Magical Misery Tour are super supreme.
  1:19pm BFR:

snogging yob tossers
  1:19pm Vicki:

  1:20pm JJZ:

These webonly broadcasts seem to always have volume issues.
  1:20pm Jackson:

Will Electile Dysfunction be ARCHIVED?
  1:20pm JCityJensen:

Give up atone-ing and just CHANGE!
  1:20pm Lizardner Muthafuckin' Dave:

I call the election for corn weenies.
  1:21pm frandy38:

bob barr? that Snidely Whiplash looking mofo? no way!
  1:21pm patrick:

dont jinx it for us Ken!!! turn your voice down a little on the mix!
  1:21pm Vicki:

Is it me or is this page taking ages to refresh? Think there may be a techy problem here Ken?

ps shite
  1:21pm Bad Ronald:

Axe wound!
  1:22pm paul:

really really. on the ceiling.
  1:22pm Ken:

Yes Vicki... something does feel off with the playlist today.... very slow...
  1:25pm Jeff M:

  1:26pm Jackson:

From 1010wins:
Voter records are being broken in New Jersey this Election Day.

The secretary of state says there are 631,512 newly registered voters. That sets a record of more than 5.4 million who can vote.

Of those, 134,158 are newly registered Democrats, 41,950 Republicans and 454,711 are unaffiliated. The remaining 693 registered under third parties.

The Garden State also has received a record 287,475 absentee ballot applications.

The secretary of state says voter turnout could exceed 80 percent.
  1:26pm Negator:

Snidely Whiplash
  1:27pm Bad Ronald:

Trouser Trout!
  1:27pm paul:

rod lee and dj technics would be proud! YEAH!
  1:33pm JCityJensen:

  1:34pm Negator:

Obama's mama is a snail-eatin' tramp! She eats escargot!
  1:34pm Vicki:

does John McCain have short arms? I'm not being funny - if he does have short arms it's OK with me. I would vote for someone with short arms if I believed in them. I was just wondering if he did have short arms. Btw everyone in the UK is talking about the US elections - far more than previous elections. It is on both major TV stations tonight. No one has mentioned his arms in particular, so I thought I would.
  1:37pm cribley:

good thing she has so many kids.
  1:38pm Marseille the guy with bread under his arms:

i'm voting for obama too!
  1:39pm Tim:

Ken you should play this
  1:40pm jason:

yay canada! i bet they're happy that we're not all going to contemplate moving there anymore.
  1:42pm TEngel:

Tim, that is by far my favorite Palin video. Good call.
  1:42pm Bad Ronald:

This LBJ bit is hilarious!

heh heh LBJ!
  1:48pm Bad Ronald:

  1:48pm JJZ:

For some reason Popeye reminds me that I have a "Fonzie for President" 45 somewhere.
  1:56pm Goyim in the AM:

I think I smell a Jim Roche segue coming up....
  1:56pm Ghengis Jung:

Who is Larry voting for?
  1:56pm GP:

Ken if Doron is there please let him know that when I click on the "WIndows Media Player" link on your show it defaults to the regular FMU stream and I am hearing Joe Belocks show...this problem is probably on my end only.
  1:59pm Vicki:

that's because it's Ken's "normal" playlist we're looking at, GP. The Electile broadcast link is on the FMU frontpage.
  2:01pm GP:

10-4.thanks Vicki
  2:01pm signalstation:

Who was the composer who came up with piano to accompany Sarah Palin's stumbling talking point delivery? I was surprised to learn it's much easier to suffer fools gladly if they're supported with music.
  2:02pm lipwak:

Little Jo An is a satire of Carolyn Kennedy.
  2:04pm Jackson:

"Today is the end of the 60's." - hahaha, what???
  2:05pm Ike:

No suspense left?!? REALLY?! You don't think that a LOT of the electronic voting machines might be rigged? I voted on a Sequoia AVC Advantage machine this morning. I forgot to ask for a receipt but I've read there is no paper trail. Of course they wouldn't dare try to steal NJ but there are plenty of those machines in other states.
  2:05pm Vicki:

he's just so compact
  2:06pm Bad Ronald:

I thought it was cause there were holes in his pockets...
  2:06pm JJZ:

Hm. Our electronic machines in IL had a paper trail, although not one that was actually given to us.
  2:06pm marseille the guy with bread under his arms:
  2:07pm Vicki:

I feel bad now

poor little man
  2:09pm JCityJensen:

set the tone ken - set the tone!
  2:12pm William:

What's radio Denmark? I am from Denmark and would like to know. <b>Thanks.</b>

Thanks for your coverage, the best sound to plunge back into the middle ages to or hopefully the sound of change.
  2:14pm dictater:

Holy fucking shit none of my comments crossed over from liz bergs commetns board. ehhhhhhh. Okay they were great but no I must start over.
  2:16pm ?:

Oh hell, where to start, first from out of the country. The election is HI-larious.... zipp coon versus miss alaska. WOW
  2:19pm William:

This MC provides for some powerful audio!
  2:22pm Ghengis Jung:

Who made the Palin Song?
  2:26pm Ghengis Jung:

This must be that Hank Williams Jr. feller...
  2:26pm Negator:

This King Missile song was the goal of the Moral Majority, right? Just said a different way...
  2:27pm moral barometer:

umm... no one's going to call out "?-2:16" on their racist language???
  2:28pm Brian in OR:

Palin -- the Neiman Marxist.
  2:28pm efd:

this would be a lot better if it were based on the Ram Jam version.
  2:28pm bb:

this is the worst...atleast the rainbow number is amusing twice or three times
  2:29pm adam in hp:

pavement guy i wish i heard it!
  2:30pm the ceiling:

loved to call but working!
  2:30pm freedom:

america kicks ass!
  2:30pm paul:

id call but im too busy working sorry. great show tho
  2:30pm VT voter:

Proud to be one of the twelve
  2:31pm Negator:

Listener No.4 present and accounted for, sir!
  2:31pm paul:

actually i wouldnt call anyway
  2:31pm adaminhp:

dutels plus corn weenie!
  2:31pm PMD:

I should call just to be able to swear...
but I'm asccared because I associate you with Andy, who is mean to callers...
  2:32pm ?:

zipp coon is racist, its a description, as in a character. Like some one acting like something they are not.
  2:32pm Negator:

Can't call because I'm too poor for a cell phone. What should I do now?
  2:33pm JCityJensen:

click on the curtain!
  2:35pm Ghengis Jung:

I like Claire and the Reasons.
  2:35pm Lizardner Dave:

Any chance we can hear "America, Fuck Yeah!" from the Team America soundtrack?
  2:35pm dictater:

Ken, can we skype in?
  2:35pm bb:

ken, what did you use to make this "soundboard"?
  2:36pm Jaylefus:

What's that call in number again?--Caller #9
  2:36pm Trtrissh:

I couldn't hold a connection to this radio stream for the first hour or so. Maybe others got the fucking boot, too.
  2:40pm Negator:

Palin question: Is she clean shaven (shorn) or hirsuite? Hitler, flying v, or landing strip? Brazilian? I say she's got custom devil horns and a tatoo of that Dennis the Menace character taking a piss on her axe wound. Anybody with me? Is she pierced?
  2:42pm Jackson:

Call in # should be 201.536.9368...
  2:46pm ?:

helll yea pailns got more coin in her purse then a hasid land lord
  2:46pm bb:

thnks for giving me more things to have nightmares about
  2:47pm Ghengis Jung:
  2:48pm seriously?:

i mean SERIOUSLY on these comments
  2:49pm dictater:

I heard her future secret service name was coin toss.
  2:50pm Negator:

Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
Dick is a killer!
  2:50pm JCityJensen:

this is rx's best track! I put the volume up all the way! Thanks Ken!
  2:53pm expat in canada:

This was a fantastic idea Ken! I'm enjoying almost every minute.
  2:55pm Ergo:

"Sophie tucker for President" is the best track I've ever heard!
  2:55pm Bad Ronald:

Dick's a mess!
  2:56pm paul:

hooray for women plumbers! joanne the plumber!!!!
  2:58pm expat paddy:

speaking of which, where's jolene 6-pack?
  2:59pm Lizardner Dave:

On the ceiling!
  2:59pm expat paddy:

Don't GO, Ken! Have another hour!
  2:59pm JCityJensen:

check out the sign in the back while these kids are signing!
  3:01pm paddy power:

You can vote however you like when you're dying of malaria, apparently.
  3:02pm Bad Ronald:

Fuck Yeah!
  3:03pm expat paddy:

just don't forget to dance like a spastic locked in a broom closet!
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