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Playlist for 10 September 2008 Favoriting | Tramadol Corn Weenies

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Current 93  Black Ships Ate The Sky (Matmos Remix)   Favoriting Title Track  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
100th monkey effect  Bouncy Bouncy   Favoriting Choking On Cufflinks 2008 WFMU Marathon Premium  *   0:06:30 (Pop-up)
Omo  Oversized   Favoriting Kalk Seeds: Karaoke Kalk Compilator No 2  *   0:09:36 (Pop-up)
The Divine Comedy  Middle-Clas Heroes   Favoriting Casanova    0:13:30 (Pop-up)
Flanagan & Allen  Underneath The Arches   Favoriting     0:18:53 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Learn To Speak Hawaiian   Favoriting     0:27:52 (Pop-up)
Frank Sinatra and Steinski  Sinatra 3 V22   Favoriting   *   0:32:12 (Pop-up)
Jorge Ben  Take it Easy My Brother Charles   Favoriting Jorge Ben    0:43:52 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  My Underwater Boy   Favoriting     0:46:33 (Pop-up)
T Raumschmiere feat Tim Vanhamel  WHat Are You Talking About?   Favoriting I Tank U  *   0:52:32 (Pop-up)
Tricky  Slow   Favoriting Knowle West Boy  *   0:56:05 (Pop-up)
Lee Scratch Perry  Fire   Favoriting Repentance  *   0:59:20 (Pop-up)
King of Good  Mixed Part 1   Favoriting     1:03:37 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Leland Stanford Junior Varsity Marching Band 
White Punks on Dope   Favoriting     1:07:34 (Pop-up)
Brian Wilson  Good Kind of Love   Favoriting That Lucky Old Sun  *   1:14:17 (Pop-up)
Stereolab  Chemical Chords   Favoriting Chemical Chords    1:18:07 (Pop-up)
Au  Are Animals   Favoriting PDX Pop Now! 2008 (VA Comp)  *   1:23:28 (Pop-up)
Melt Banana  We Will Rock You   Favoriting     1:27:46 (Pop-up)
Susuma Yokota  Golden Years   Favoriting Life Beyond Mars: Bowie Covered (VA Comp)  *   1:29:41 (Pop-up)
Schlammpeitziger  Von Dubtisten   Favoriting Schwingstelle Fur Rauschabzug  *   1:33:09 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Bad Restaurant Boogie   Favoriting     1:39:35 (Pop-up)
Tom Mathison & Herodes Falsk  Svex Machoon   Favoriting     1:42:26 (Pop-up)
Einsturzende Neubaten  Ich Komme Davon   Favoriting The Jewels  *   1:52:12 (Pop-up)
Fiery Furnaces  Track Four   Favoriting Remember  *   1:54:15 (Pop-up)
Archie Moore  Times Table with a SOul and a Beat   Favoriting     1:58:13 (Pop-up)
Julia Child & Ed Special  Grandpa Souffle   Favoriting     2:00:43 (Pop-up)
Bags of Money  Have Sexy Relations   Favoriting Excerpts from Thug Motivation    2:02:57 (Pop-up)
DJ Rupture / The Dream  Ditch That   Favoriting Porque Soy Sonidero y Voy a Muchos Lugares  *   2:07:35 (Pop-up)
DJ Rupture / Nasty  Je Reste Une Hard   Favoriting Porque Soy Sonidero y Voy a Muchos Lugares  *   2:09:42 (Pop-up)
DJ Rupture / Fused Forces  Fatal Fever, Cassidy - Hustler aca   Favoriting Porque Soy Sonidero y Voy a Muchos Lugares    2:12:07 (Pop-up)
Tricky  Puppy Toy   Favoriting Knowle West Boy  *   2:13:17 (Pop-up)
Cassette Boy vs DJ Rubbish  From the Block (G-Form)   Favoriting     2:16:24 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Not Canadien - Quebecois   Favoriting     2:19:35 (Pop-up)
Yacko Warner  Nations of the World   Favoriting     2:21:07 (Pop-up)
Celtic Frost  Danse Macabre   Favoriting Morbid Tales    2:31:37 (Pop-up)
Joe Carter  Harbour Symphony 02   Favoriting     2:33:54 (Pop-up)
Che Pizarro  piano 3 (K.I.M.B.A.L.L.)   Favoriting     2:40:55 (Pop-up)
Porest  Fist Dumplings   Favoriting     2:43:41 (Pop-up)
Anna Lisa Ingemansson  Frammande Lander (what's the name of this song??!)   Favoriting     2:46:01 (Pop-up)
Calexico  Writer's Minor Holiday   Favoriting Carried to Dust  *   2:47:49 (Pop-up)
Nurse with Wound  Ketamineaphonia   Favoriting Huffin' Rag Blues    2:51:59 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Bad Ronald:

Mornin' Ken et al!
  9:02am annie:

mornin' :)
  9:02am Lizardner Dave:

Mornin' zatumba.
  9:02am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:03am Torbjorn from Norway:

Earlier you we're saying that "50 year old man" from the latest The Fall album was about you .. Well, I saw The Fall in Stavanger just this weekend, and I wanted to ask Mr. Smith about that story, but alas, the chance never came up.
So please, tell us all the story about how "50 year old man" is about you personally .. or maybe it's all a hoax ?
  9:04am Ken:

I'm 49 & 1/2 so by the process of elimination, that song HAS TO be about me.
  9:05am JJZ:

Hm. I was going to point out which seems like mild fun, but it appears to be overloaded.
  9:07am Torbjorn from Norway:

Indeed-o-rama .. I was looking forward to some really seedy story about how you got Mark. E. Smith to write a song about you .. but maybe Radioland can't handle the truth ?
  9:08am Ken:

Sorry, no pictures today. I lost my spinal cord on SUnday and I couldn't do any prep for the show. I'm only here this AM through the miracle of horse tranquilizers.
  9:09am annie:

sunday must have been the day for that myself and someone else have disabled themselves due to bad judgement and mud..
  9:11am Bad Ronald:

I thought I saw your spinal chord on the side of a milk carton.
  9:11am dc pat:

interesting, I lost my rib cage last Thursday due to miscalculation on my bike.
  9:12am Parq:

I was gonna say, Ken, have you looked behind the sofa? Yes, middle age is gangs of fun.
  9:12am annie:

must be a week for that.. i'm still hobbling.. pass the tranquilizer
  9:13am Lizardner Dave:

Funny, I saw a spinal cord in my neighbor's recycling bin.

Horse tranquilzers are a fine way to mark the 30th anniversary of the passing of Keith Moon.
  9:14am Bad Ronald:

I lost my self respect but that was years ago...

Ah Moonie RIP!!!
  9:16am dc pat:

cheers to the greatest drummer ever.
  9:16am dei xhrist:

I was singing "50 Yr Ol' Mahyn" at my partner - he was setting up shows for this pretty 20-something tunesmith, but he was really worried that if he complimented her, he'd come off as a creepy old guy. Same age as Ken.
  9:18am Laurie:

Okay, I have to share this. So, on a messageboard, something horrible and trollish was said regarding the news that Wasilla, under Palin's leadership, was the only town in Alaska that would not pay for rape victims' rape kits. This guy said, "They can decline the rape kit if they want." Each comment he made thereafter was actually worse and more offensive. So a sensible person asked, "So you believe victims of crimes should have to pay for police investigative and forensic services?" And he said yeah! Because "firefightiing used to be a private enterprise." Apparently, that was a good thing? Idk. In response to this madness, someone donated $50 to the Obama campaign and took a screencap. In less than two hours, $850 was donated to Obama, I checked this morning. The total is now $1,350, with more pledging to donate soon in this jerk's name.

  9:18am Bad Ronald:

I just trashed my office and threw my desk out the window in Keith's honor.
  9:20am GP:

A desk from above nearly killed me! Where did that come from?
  9:21am gumby:

Spinal chords are overated anyway.
  9:21am Bad Ronald:

27th floor
  9:21am GP:

Spinal chords..yes
  9:22am C:

great to hear laurie. maybe fmu should have a "wassilan rape kit" pledge amount at the marathon this year?
  9:23am Bad Ronald:

And now for the cherry bomb down the loo...
  9:23am dei x:

This Palin thing is such a wag-the-dog... either really dumb move or a conspiratorial deliberate move. Anyways, I pretend to hear that the scent of white birch oil (Ben-Gay) and menthol (IcyHot) increase libido and ease stress.
  9:25am JCityJensen:

Morning Ken and Sweden! Ready to ATONE!
  9:26am GP:

Bad Ronald,
How do you type whilst performing all of that destruction?
  9:26am gumby:

But BenGay & Icyhot do not, I repeat, do not help with libido, if applied to the naughty bits.
  9:26am dc pat:

all the fault of australopithecus africanus
  9:27am PMD:

Don't start barking. We'll get concerned.
  9:27am Parq:

If Ken starts talking like "Mister Ed", we'll know we've turned a corner.
  9:27am Bad Ronald:

  9:28am Parq:

And Pat, I prefer australopithecus spiffarino.
  9:29am JCityJensen:

pork weenies must atone!
  9:31am Lizardner Dave:

"Tramadol is used to treat post-operative, injury-related, and chronic (e.g. cancer-related) pain in dogs and cats [2] as well as rabbits, coatis, many rodents including rats and flying squirrels, guinea pigs, ferrets and raccoons...... No data which would lead to a definitive determination of the efficacy and safety of tramadol in reptiles or amphibians is available at this time, and following the pattern of all other drugs it appears that tramadol can be used to relieve pain in marsupials such as North American opossums, Short-Tailed Opossums, sugar gliders, wallabies, and kangaroos amongst others."

So none for us Rush fans, I guess.
  9:32am Mu Receptor:

What the Vet Tech says:

There are many ways to inhibit pain. NSAIDs do so by interfering with the production of an enzyme known as "cyclo-oxygenase," or "COX," which is involved in inflammation (as well as many beneficial and essential organ functions). The class of drugs known as opioids does so by stimulating opiate receptors in the brain. Some opiate receptors are responsible for beneficial effects such as pain relief, while others can produce hallucination, sedation, and heart and respiratory problems. Tramadol works by stimulating the "mu" receptor, which provides pain relief without sedation and without addiction.
  9:33am GP:

Ohhhh, I am so sorry
The correct answer is " I Can't explain"
ba-dum-dum.. ziiiing
  9:33am Swami:

I just drove my car through the steno pool. . . KEEEEEF!
  9:35am Bad Ronald:

nice one!
  9:35am Ken:

I can attest to the fact that Tramadol works really well for us humans too. Better than Darvocet. Better than Perkoset. Mmmmm... I feel good.
  9:36am Thelma Blitz:

Corn Weenies is really arabic from, a great old AudioFidelity Belly Dance LP called Port Said. Mohammed El Bakkar, was the artist .Haun Meelee (Sway Here) was the name of the track. This LP was used a demo record for the new (1958) technology "High Fidelity." The satire is hilarious.
  9:37am Lizardner Dave:

Can you prove to us that you're human Ken? Maybe this is a sign.
  9:40am Ken:

So Kenzo and I are thinking about the next incarnation of these comment-enabled playlists.. I'd like people to be able to favorite songs, and then add info to a song page. I'd also like regular commenters to be able to register and get a profile page, and then they could be released from the tyranny of the math question. ANy other ideas?
  9:40am dc pat:

Moonie is #1, Ringo is #2, then George Hurley I guess
  9:42am dc pat:

I like the math quiz--separates the wheat from the chaff.
  9:43am gumby:

They fired up the doomsday machine in France/Switzerland and I'm still here, what the hell?
  9:43am dei x:

links to accounted commenters' "portrait" photos and a brief bio? I went to art school to avoid math.
  9:43am Torbjorn from Norway:

Ideas for KenzoDB ? Sure, use a Unicode character set, like UTF-8.
This would mean people could use international characters, and I would even be able to write my name; Torbjørn.
Short version: Use UTF-8.
  9:44am cribley:

Gumby, you're still here because they aren't colliding the two beams yet.
  9:46am gumby:

Well make with the beam colliding damnit. I want my black hole , NOW!!!
  9:48am Listener David:

I hope this doesn't happen to WFMU
  9:49am GP:

Gumby, They are just getting started with that thing...wait for the crossed beams then,
Heads up:
"Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!"
  9:51am gumby:

Was Keith Moon a Torg? Or a Slor? This beam thing really has me worried.
  9:51am Ken:

GP, watch your mouth. you're this close to talking about Klingons.
  9:53am GP:

All I'm sayin is watch out for the giant Stay-Puft Marshmellow man!
  9:54am annie:

that movie is so wonderful. they been playing at alot on teevee lately..
  9:55am gumby:

Collider, it sounds like something Moon would have really dug.
  9:57am Ken:

OK, I get it. We will let registered members post pictures of super-colliders on their profile page.
  9:57am randy in NC:

I like the way the math quiz is set up so you never have to carry the one.
  9:58am ..:
  9:59am GP:

I like the idea about being able to mark songs as favorites..Thats "Large Hadron Collider" ...please be careful with the pronounciation of the second word.
  10:00am Lizardner Dave:

Isn't Supercollider a Fountains of Wayne song?
  10:01am Lizardner Dave:

The math question for my last post was 911+2...creepy!
  10:01am Bad Ronald:

Actually that's how Keith referred to cars "colliders"
  10:02am dc pat:

so this favorite song thing, would the data be tallied and a page of most favored songs be posted?
  10:03am dc pat:

good one Bad. That made me laugh and then my ribs started hurting again. thanks.
  10:04am Parq:

My favorite math questions are the ones where the answer strikes symmetry -- like, f'rinstance, 875 + 3.
  10:09am gumby:

White Dopey Punks = Large Hadron Collider Scientists.
  10:12am GP:

Registration would be could so that the DJ's would not have to hover (AS MUCH) over the delete button in order to filter naughty comments

Math is a wonderful thing...math, math, math Math is a wonderful thing,
A spellign ,arrgh..spellin...frooosh...S P E L L I N G quiz would be good as well...oh don't forget to add the morse code identifier test....oh, also a color blindness test.
  10:14am gumby:

Actually I don't know nor should I speculate on the skintone of the Collider scientists, but for learned people they seem to lean toward anarchy in a proto-Keith Moon sort of way..
  10:14am GP:

What? "would be could"....make that "would be good"
  10:15am Mark:

poor Brian
  10:16am dc pat:

Yeah, how cool would it be to get paid to be a proto-Keith? Jeeze, ...Brian is scarin' me...
  10:16am Listener Mike in S. California:

OK, what am I missing here re: Brian Wilson. I just don't get it. This is the work of genius? Who GOES for this? This is bad boy band music from the 50's.
  10:17am Laurie:

Wow. Wha' happen, Brian?
  10:17am Bad Ronald:

I concur Brian is scary!
  10:18am Listener Mike in S. California:

This Wilson tune is one long string of tired cliches. Bad proto-poetry. Sad.
  10:18am GP:

do do dum dee, do do dum la la ..skipping about the room ( in my mind)
  10:18am sebastian in santiago:

hello alaska!
  10:19am Ike:

Seriously, ugh. But then I never really understood the appeal of the Beach Boys in the first place. I like my pop buried under massive squalls of noise.

GP: re registration: Also, an apostrophe test.
  10:19am Ken:

Ah, go easy on poor Brian. He sounds like he's having fun and the record is less self-conscious than others he's done in recent years. How much genius can one person give?
  10:21am baked alaska:

hello santiago!
  10:22am Vicki:

I just turned my firefox on, and did a google search through it and now it's giving me the Swedish Google, not American! Has that happened to anyone else? Ken, is this your doing?
  10:22am dc pat:

there should be a rock and roll test and if you get it wrong, you should be banished for EVER.
  10:25am Laurie:

Vicki, did you say, "HELLO SWEDEN"?
  10:26am Lizardner Dave:

"I just turned my firefox on" is far too much sexy talk for this time of the morning (US time, of course).
  10:27am gumby:

Vicki it's the collider. It's the end of claymation as I know it! No more toy shop, no more Pokie, no more things coming and going by magic with little popping sounds! Oh, the claymanity!
  10:28am GP:

Just the start of it...the Large Hadron is pulling everything towards Europe.and Switzerland..soon our language will be Swinglish ("Yea baby").Sweden is the first stop on the raod towards the event horizon centered somewhere near CERN.
  10:29am GP:

My math test just added up to: 666!

  10:31am Vicki:

I wonder what is going on? Looky:
Logga in

Avancerad sökning
Sök: webben sidor på svenska sidor från Sverige

Resultat 1 - 10 av ungefär 85 100 vid sökning efter why is my firefox search engine swedish. (0,04 sekunder)

How am I ever going to find anything again?
  10:33am GP:

Paste this in your address bar then set this location as your home page:
  10:34am dc pat:

...or just learn Swedish! Jeeze, what's the big deal??
  10:34am randy in NC:

Hey, without CERN, we wouldn't be able to listen to FMU anywhere in the world...
  10:35am Vicki:

oh no, my whole Firefox has gone Swedish!
  10:37am dc pat:

you should re-install. I had to do that for Firefox yesterday--it wouldn't start
  10:37am annie:

sometimes, without even eating garlic for a while, my hands smell like it.. is that delayed reaction?
  10:37am Lizardner Dave:

When I was in Sweden and Finland this summer I got google to be English by logging in as instead of Try that.
  10:39am Robert:

announcement for esteemed DJ: Senator R. Stevie Moore performing tonight at Coco66, Greenpoint, Brooklyn!
  10:39am Vicki:

Some more info:
  10:41am gumby:

If everything goes to Swedish, do we have to refer to the classic blues musician as Yelly Roll Morton?
  10:41am Vicki:

Thanks :) Blimey. Black holes.
  10:42am Negator:

Bad Restaurant Boogie! I love this piece. Nice work Vicki!
  10:42am Thelma Blitz:

Re:Swedish Firefox-- under Preferences > content> language choose English and OK ( save the change). If this doesn't work, red-ownload it. It's free.
  10:43am Ken:

Anybody know how to say "Sex Machine" in Swedish?
  10:43am A Gore:

Randy from NC, I dispute your knowledge and hereby challenge you to a duel. Oh wait, I think I was at CERN sometime then, must have been talking in my sleep and those dad gummed boffins stole my idea
  10:44am Ike:

Mmmm, garlic. Remember to buy U.S. garlic. Way stronger than the cheap Chinese junk.

Firefox is still the best. I tried Google Chrome. It's fast but it doesn't have any of the brilliant Firefox add-ons like Adblock Plus, NoScript, Flashblock, Web of Trust, etc.
  10:44am GP:

To you:
  10:45am stuart:

Swedish lesson. Sex = Sex. Machine = Maskin. For real. It's kind of a dopey language.
  10:46am gumby:

Swedish Sex Machine = Ingrid Bergman
  10:47am JCityJensen:

Dies ist ein funky Tracks für mein Senf!
  10:47am maria:

I would really like to see a live peformance of this Zatumba style 'like a sex machine'
  10:48am GP:

To you:
  10:49am GP:

Weird a double post..something is definitely afoot in the 'tubes this morning.
  10:49am stuart:

Ingrid Bergman = corpse. Yeesh.

(The "sk" in "maskin" is pronounced sort of like an "sh" in English except with a lot of lip rounding - it's one of those bi-articulated fricatives everybody's been hearing so much about.)
  10:50am Vicki:

I followed the Firefox instructions. Still Swedish though. I am also on the train with free wireless, in the north of England. Maybe the vicinity to Sweden is drawing me in.
  10:50am Alice Cooper:

I love the dead!
  10:51am maria:

chinese garlic has been known to have traces of arsenic, lead, mercury and other health -inducing heavy metals. Not highly recommended. I try to avoid it if possible.
  10:52am JCityJensen:

jump to the nine minute mark!
  10:54am Parq:

Should one assume that supermarket garlic is
  10:56am Bad Ronald:

As well as the garlic in Chinese food?
  10:56am annie:

i think it depends on your location and the time of year... in my opinion, the whiter it is, the worse it is.
  10:56am stuart:

Where to get non-Chinese garlic? Farmers markets are very expensive. I mostly don't like the way the Chinese stuff tastes - isn't garlic supposed to help with heavy metals, anyway? (Article in Slate yesterday said that some - not all - "organics" may contain higher heavy-metal content than non-organics, but Chinese has got to be heavier than everything else put together.)
  10:57am maria:

parq- yup its safe to assume that. you'd think that there'd be enough room to grow our own dambed garlic here i n the good old USo'A, but apparently not.
  10:57am Lizardner Dave:

It's not hard to grow your own garlic. Plant on Columbus Day, harvest around the following July 4 and store in a cool place. You can buy the stuff to plant on the interwebs.
  10:57am annie:

this is the time to plant your own!!!
  10:58am maria:

Yes! Grow yer own. that is what I'd like to do.
  10:59am annie:

there are alot of sources, especially for some of the better varieties.. maine has some good ones google: maine/garlic starts
  10:59am gumby:

In the pending black hole environment all metals will weigh the same. Therefore, the term heavy metals may (depending on the functioning of the collider) be inappropriate.
  11:00am Lizardner Dave:

Oh yeah, and don't forget to pull the scapes when they come up. Leave 'em in and your garlic won't grow as big, plus the scapes are tasty sauteed or in salads.

When buying farmer's market garlic, just bounce it in your hand - the garlic should feel heavy for its size. If it's light or has black spots or if the paper is shredding off don't buy it.
  11:00am Gigantor:

We grow plenty of it in the USA--Gilroy CA among other places. But of course the chinese garlic is cheaper, despite the shipping. It's harsh though, never mind the arsenic.
  11:01am gumby:

Although the garlic scent on ones hands apparently does not have a half life and will eminate from whatever black hole is formed.
  11:01am Gigantor:

Save the liver!
  11:02am FRANK: garlic from oregon yeah......
  11:02am annie:

that would be the stuff to plant... hhmm, garlic....
i love the smell of garlic on my hands.. has a half-life of two days..
  11:03am gumby:

Ken you are outdoing yourself today, I commend you on your chemically induced calm despite the impending doom.
  11:03am annie:

anyone watch the episode of julia at the press conference? her teeth fell out and she asked if there was a dentist in the house..
  11:04am GP:

Oh yeahhhh, S E X Y feeling..I gots it
  11:05am Mickey Mephistopheles:

We were destroyed by the supercollider in a different universe.
  11:05am stuart:

Does garlic grow in window boxes? Only things I grow now are mint and thyme and things like that. My roommate rips out flowers or anything that isn't edible.
  11:05am Listener John:

Notes on painkillers: Tramadol is also prescribed for humans. Generic name: tramadol hydrochloride. Brands: Ultram & Ultracet ER (which is tramadol with acetominaphen.)

But please be careful with that stuff, DJ Ken!

Everyone out here wants to be sure that you to live a long and healthy life.
  11:06am annie:

yeah, why not?
  11:07am annie:

stuart: sure you can.. plant them when the temps are colder...
  11:07am Lizardner Dave:

You can grow garlic in a window box, but you won't get much. Each head needs at least 6 inches of space to grow. Worst that happens is you wind up with small garlic.
  11:07am Ike:

Stuart, yeah, farmer's market garlic seems obscenely expensive at first, but it's so much stronger, so you use 3x-6x less than of the cardboard Chinese stuff to get the same taste.

Mickey, there was a Dr. Who episode like that in 1970, except the alternate Earth was destroyed by a giant DRILL. Not in Alaska, though.
  11:08am GP:

Julia was nothing but class. Totally unpretentious. She reminds me of my late grandma. It says something that her entire kitchen is now in the Smithsonian.
  11:10am Sean Daily:

Not even close to first comment! Woo hoo!
  11:10am bbell:

If your windowbox is outside, it will be exposed to freezing temps which will kill the roots and the rest of the plant. And, root vegetables and garlic need a lot of deeply dug soil to grow properly.
  11:12am annie:

how about a half-whiskey barrel? deep enough...also depends on where it's located, as per the city.... and zone.
  11:12am Lizardner Dave:

Good point bbell, I forgot to mention that if you're doing above-ground planting (which I do) you have to wrap your pots or boxes in burlap or some other insulation before the first frost. Again you can buy the stuff online, I order from Gardener's Supply.
  11:13am gumby:

I am in for the half-whiskey barrel!
  11:14am bbell:

is that a half-full whiskey barrel?
  11:14am annie:

best part is you have to drink the whiskey first... then plant with a jolly attitude....
  11:16am gumby:

As we approach the black hole I understand things get condensed, so will a 12 oz. beer become a 10 oz. then an 8 oz. etc. Because that is already happening to me. Oh, save us from ourselves, AAAAArrrrrggghhhhh!
  11:16am stuart:

Window boxes are inside (where the windows are - the outside is, actually, I don't know. Never been out there myself.) Does garlic need a lot of light-from-the-sky? What happened to the whiskey in the half-barrel?
  11:18am dei x:

does Child's preserved kitchen include the junk drawer with all the expired warranties for stuff she no longer had?
  11:19am annie:

you can plant in the spring, but they mature later. sun helps, yes. they won't grow well inside. you in nyc?
  11:20am GP:


too funny, I think I have TWO of those drawers as a bunch of dead lighters the previously were used to light the grille.
  11:21am nh_dave:

Segway to Celine (so quebec!) needed. Love the club super sex made it to the show
  11:21am Lizardner Dave:

As a regular visitor to Montreal, I love this track.
  11:22am Sean Daily:

"The legal drinking age is just a suggestion"? Well awright!
  11:22am gumby:

I have those warrenties too, right under the takeout menu's from restaurants that no longer exist.
  11:23am stuart:

Yeah, am in ny, so garlic would probably absorb heavy metals from the air.
  11:23am Gigantor:

Ken, you totally need to take tramadol more often--great show!
  11:24am annie:

i love this movie and this song... adam sandler that is...
  11:24am Laurie:

I think Ken should take some quaaludes.
  11:25am dc pat:

well I'm about to plant some leeks, spinach and arugula since we're talkin bout growin stuff
  11:25am Kenzo:

@Torbjorn from Norway: Thanks for the UTF-8 suggestion. Apologies for the international pain.
  11:25am Ike:

Ahhh, the drawer of takeout menus. (A.A. again, Gumby.)
  11:25am Laurie:

Annie, you thought Popeye was good? So you're the one...
  11:25am Thelma Blitz:

"Nations of the World" made me think of Tom Lehrer's The Elements and Dave Van Ronk's Cities in New Jersey (don't know the exact title.)
  11:26am annie:

well, i liked popeye, but punch drunk love had this song too
  11:26am JCityJensen:

"A Christian myth considers that after Satan left the Garden of Eden, garlic arose in his left footprint, and onion in the right."
  11:27am nh_dave:

Ken should do some saliva on air while it is still legal!
  11:28am Kenzo:

@stuart: If you live around Brooklyn, you can get inexpensive non-Chinese/organic garlic from the Park Slope Food Coop. None of the produce is from China.
  11:28am stuart:

Great Christian myth! I'm converting. Oh, wait - is Satan the bad guy?
  11:29am Parq:

The garlic thing is still going on? Well now, I endorse Ike's comment about how you get the same flaovr with much less quantity with local garlic. Me, I use the same quantity and go for the extra flavor, but I'm a little over the top when it comes to garlic.

Annnnd, for those who share my distinct tactile enjoyment of cooking with garlic, the local stuff is also much more pleasant to work with.
  11:29am JCityJensen:

satan can't be a bad guy - Rove is bad guy
  11:30am TT:

It's more Kah'-nah-dyennnn -- like the Habs
  11:30am annie:

parq-there is no such thing as too much garlic. eh?
  11:31am GP:

Hopefully the WFMU car service will be driving you to your house post for a go witht he numbers theme from earlier, do you have that "Nine is a magic number song"?
  11:32am HotRod:

  11:33am stuart:

Thanks to Kenzo for the food co-op suggestion - I'm off to a local co-op (not Park Slope, 4th St) to get garlic and worship satan.
  11:34am Raj:

Hope it works, Ken! I remember when you guys reunited all one iof the Cyrkle...
  11:35am Laurie:

Can the WFMU car service drive me to Jersey City during my vacation to New York next month?
  11:39am Parq:

Can you imagine if there actually was a WFMU car service? The driver would arrive in a cement mixer and insist that, before he takes you to your destination, you accompany him to "this really great drive-in burger joint in Port Washington."
  11:40am Ghengis Jung:

So, what's the deal with Larry? He seems to have incredible powers.
  11:40am giselle:

for more canadian humour like the quebecer thing...
  11:42am Ken:

Larry got into a bit of trouble. I hope to hear from him again soon.
  11:45am Negator:

I belive the song is 'Fist Dumplings', Ken. 'Fist my wife'.
  11:46am untel:

where's this porest song from Ken? fist dumplings?
  11:46am jeremy, the listener:

this is possibly the wierdest song i've ever heard. ever.
  11:47am Ghengis Jung:

What kind of trouble?
  11:47am baked alaska:

viva la porest!
  11:49am Ken:

Trouble with The Government Men, Ghengis.
  11:49am crowe:

hey wasnt that the tasty little thing you served @ the lake
  11:56am annie:

once again great show; wprth staying in my room til noon! the heck with the laundry
  11:57am Laurie:

When my mom was a college student, she wrote letters to the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 1965 speaking out against the US invasion of the Dominican Republican. Shortly thereafter, the FBI showed up at her dorm room and scared the shit out of her. Boo, G-Men.
  11:57am GP:

Oh ,that kind of trouble. For a second there I though you meant Trouble as in the show on Thursday...whew
  11:59am Sean Daily:

Really really, corn weenie.

Now, why can't you sing like that, Ken?
  12:00pm Lizardner Dave:

Corn weenies are a good use for garlic!

Last comment, whoo (?)
  12:00pm annie:

you win!!
  12:02pm dei x:

a korn weenie is a 15 yr old boyfriend.
  12:03pm GP:

eyes tearing up, sides hurt...stop
  12:07pm paul:

this is why i wake up in the morning.
  12:36pm Brian C.:

Really REALLY! Can you put mp3s of the Learn to speak Hawaiian on the blog? That would be… on the ceiling!
(full disclosure: I like the math question!)
  7:05pm Ne pas canadien:

The english-language version of Anna Lisa Ingemansson's "Frammande Lander" is "Far Away Places".
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