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Options July 22, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Bread Love And Dreams  Hymn For Sylvia   Options The Strange Tale Of Captain Shannon And The Hunchback From Gigha  Sunbeam  0:00:00 ()
Meic Stevens  Evening Comes Up   Options Outlander  Rhino Handmade  0:05:37 ()
James Blackshaw  Past Has Not Passed   Options Litany Of Echoes  Tomkins Square  0:10:01 ()
Soft Location  Let The Moon Get Into It   Options Diamonds And Gems  Senseless Empire  0:22:04 ()
Ride  In A Different Place   Options Nowhere  Sire  0:28:52 ()
Boogie Down Productions  $ucce$$ I$ The Word   Options Criminal Minded: Deluxe Edition  Traffic  0:41:15 ()
James Brown  There Was A Time (I Got To Move)   Options Funk Power  Polydor  0:45:36 ()
The Jewells  Lookie Lookie Lookie   Options The Godfather's R&B  BGP  0:52:29 ()
Joe Higgs  There's A Reward   Options Life Of Contradiction  Pressure Sounds  0:55:01 ()
Tony Joe White  Willie And Laura Mae Jones   Options Black And White  Monument  0:58:44 ()
Performing Ferrets  We Are This Way   Options No One Told Us  Hyped2Death  1:09:00 ()
Atlas Sound  River Card   Options Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel  Kranky  1:13:09 ()
Max Richter  On The Nature Of Daylight   Options The Blue Notebooks  Fat Cat  1:18:30 ()
Lukas Ligeti  Chimaeric Procession   Options Afrikan Machinery  Tzadik  1:22:55 ()
Jay Denham  The Long Way   Options The Truth  Disko B  1:32:08 ()
Santogold  Lights Out (Diplo's Panda Bear Mix)   Options Top Ranking Santogold: A Diplo Dub  Mad Decent  1:39:14 ()
Phil Seymour  Let Her Dance   Options Phil Seymour  Boardwalk  1:40:44 ()
Sir Victor Uwaifo  Talking Instruments   Options Guitar-Boy Superstar 1970-1976  Soundway  1:44:39 ()
Wes Lewis  I'm Telling You   Options The Birmingham Sound Vol. 2  Rabbit Factory  1:47:38 ()
La Otracina  Crystal Wizards Of The Cosmic Weird   Options The Risk Of Gravitation  Colour Sounds  1:57:54 ()
Iron Maiden  Falling   Options Downer-Rock Genocide  Audio Archives  2:07:08 ()
RTX  Badstreet USA   Options Split 7"  Volcom  2:14:22 ()
Kati Kovacs  Add Mar Uram Az Esot!   Options Well Hung  Finders Keepers  2:17:14 ()
The Gynecologists  Infant Doe   Options Hoosier Psychopaths  Gulcher  2:20:19 ()
Pram  Monkey Puzzle   Options Somniloquy  Merge  2:30:23 ()
Assagai  Cocoa   Options Assagai  Vertigo  2:36:56 ()
Prince Far I  Everytime I Hear The Word   Options Heavy Manners  Trojan  2:40:26 ()
Morris Wilson Beau Bailey Quintet  Paul's Ark   Options Spiritual Jazz  Jazzman  2:45:07 ()
The Gosdin Brothers  Love Of The Common People   Options Sounds Of Goodbye  Big Beat  2:51:42 ()
Phil Sawyer  Where Did Everybody Go?   Options Childhood's End  Guerssen  2:55:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 7/22/08 9:16am Parq:

Enjoying this quiet opening set, H.
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:25am fitejcitystyle:

agreeing quietly with parq - goes great with my coffee and the rain!
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:27am bwalker:

you are making me late! I am moving too sloooowwww - don't want to stop listening
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:29am Hatch:

If you ask me, coffee goes well with just about anything.
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:31am north guinea hills:

nice,,,, ride..... reminds me of high school
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:31am stone roses:

Ride were always better than us, don't know why we got so much attention.
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:35am maggie:

little hatchy!!!!
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:36am Jack:

Small Faces reunion!
Too bad Steve Marriott is dead; too bad Rod Stewart isn't...
And Ronnie Lane is/was the true heart of that band.
(downloading "Rough Mix" now...)
  Tue. 7/22/08 9:36am north guinea hills:

that album "nowhere" has one of my favorite album covers of all time. just bleak photo of the ocean w/ no info on it....
  Tue. 7/22/08 10:10am g:

holy wavering tempo, batman . . .
  Tue. 7/22/08 10:15am bb:

hey hatch, when are you and a certain mr johnson djing at legion..or did i miss that?
  Tue. 7/22/08 10:16am Hatch:

It did not happen. We are gonna try to do it elsewhere.
  Tue. 7/22/08 10:21am north guinea hills:

max richter, sweet!
  Tue. 7/22/08 10:42am owen:

that diplo track may be the most basic remix ive ever heard. really not convinced it works... (nice show otherwise!)
  Tue. 7/22/08 10:58am Profstevesteve:

Great to see Obama finally made it over there.
McCain's multiple trips never got this much coverage...
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:02am R. P.:

My fav Brooklyn band. These guys are so heavy live.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:03am Pete:

Nice to see that mocking the disabled is ok so long as they're old and/or Republicans. Ha ha ha, he can't lift his arm over his head, and he's old! Mighty sophisticated satire Hatch.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:04am prog guy:

I missed la Otracina live recently. Bummer.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:06am Kurt:

McCain isn't much but at least he's not Obama. I know the media really likes him. But then they figured Guilianni was a shoe in too. Go figure.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:08am Hatch:

You guys sound like my mom.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:11am Pete:

Clearly, your Mom is a very smart woman.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:12am Hatch:

Smarter than me, apparently.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:13am Profstevesteve:

Words outta my mouth Pete.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:13am paul:

sure this isnt iron butterfly?
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:13am Hatch:

At the very least, she'd know that I should have actually said "Smarter than I."
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:14am john:

Well, we have one picture of Sen. Obama touring in a helicopter deep in conversation with Gen. Petraeus on a bi-partisan trip with Sens. Hagel and Reed (or is Hagel not Republican enough for some of you?) and one at the same time of a couple elderly gentlemen (well, one gentleman and Sen. McCain) playing golf.

The best satire writes itself. I love golf and I've even got a bit of a soft spot for Bush 41, but in terms of gravitas,, which used to be a desirable quality in the leader of the free world (TM), there's no contest.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:14am Profstevesteve:

Ha, lovin the tunes Hatch.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:15am ?:

No, you were right the first time. It's "smarter than me."
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:18am Hatch:

Nope, it's "Smarter than I" as in "Smarter than I am."
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:19am Hatch:

It is the ORIGINAL Iron Maiden, whose name was stolen by the band we all know:

  Tue. 7/22/08 11:21am ?:

Ha, I think it can go either way; it depends whether you want to imply a left-off "am." Good show, by the way.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:22am ?:

How is the rest of that soft location album?
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:23am anna v.:

how about some flux of pink indians? this "infant doe" makes me think of "tube disasters"
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:25am Kyle:

Do you know whether the Gynecologists were from Indiana?
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:30am Kyle:

Thanks! There is a great archive of live recordings of Indiana bands on hoosierhandheld.com, FYI. They don't go back as far as the Gynos, though.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:33am Sean Daily:

I said during a McCain commercial last night, "Yes, John, you're a POW. What ELSE have you done?"

Which brings up an interesting, and wider, point. How is EITHER candidate qualified for the job of president? I mean, I like taking swipes at McCain, but even I have to admit that Obama is kind of a scrawny alternative. I usually vote for the lesser of two evils but come on! at least give me some kind of choice this November!
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:34am Pete:

Mocking McCain is fine (though it's better when the jokes are funny or oringinal) - but mocking him for being disabled is like mocking Obama for being black. It's not something he can do much about.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:35am Sean Daily:

I'm serious. What's to recommend EITHER candidate? Thoughts?
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:38am Hatch:

Oh boy... well, both of them are proposing lots and lots of policies. Look into it.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:39am john:

Pete, valid theoretical point, but the paths diverge in practice. MCain is in large part saying "vote for me because i'm a wounded veteran," and Obama is not saying "vote for me because I'm black." McCain opened the window, he's got to deal with what wafts in.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:39am Parq:

Mocking Obama for being black? You mean like calling his wife his "baby mama"? You're right, no one would ever do that!
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:41am Hatch:

Look, both of them are respectable and capable and qualified. The idea that there are fewer viable candidates than in 2000 and 2004, when Bush was on the ballot, is truly laughable.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:42am Profstevesteve:

Generally speaking, the one thing I'll say for McCain is he's as close to center / moderation as we've seen for some time. He has close ties with both liberals and conservatives in the Senate and most Hard Right Conservatives are threatening not to vote at all this year over voting for McCain. Obama on the other hand is running a very liberal campaign (though we'll have to see how much 'change' he could realistically bring about. Either way I'm psyched to see GW outta here!
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:42am C:

Not to get off topic here, but did anyone read the New Yorker article on Obama past the cover? It sheds some light on his Chicago days. It's clear that he's a great campaigner, but I still feel like I barely know anything about him.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:44am john:

And totally agree with Hatch's point. They both have policies on all the major issues, plenty to choose from, whichever way you choose.

The idea that McCain is a moderate/centrist and Obama a radical leftist is, however, intellectually dishonest to the point of being an insult to the intelligence. Obama's a mainstream Democrat and McCain is pretty much a mainstream Republican, particularly as he looks to shore up support on the far right.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:45am Sean Daily:

I know, Profstevesteve. Nice to know that Dubya'll be out of the Oval Office in less than six months (if I'm doing my math right, and since I'm an English major...).

I just don't want to replace him with someone as bad or WORSE. Doesn't matter what side of "the aisle" he comes from. If he's worse than Dubya, we're screwed.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:46am Hatch:

McCain is not and has never been a moderate. That's just the image that he's successfully created over the course of his career by speaking from the center and voting from the far right. Look at his record, he's a dyed-in-the-wool conservative when it comes to voting on abortion, health care, taxes, gay rights, war, everything. And he started off his whole career absolutely mired in corruption with the Keating 5 scandal, which is being completely ignored.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:49am Sean Daily:

And John, I think Hatch was telling me to RTFM on the candidates.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:50am johN:

Nice show. The music part is really good.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:50am john:

Oh come on Hatch, what's $112,000 in campaign contributions and 9 free trips, a $350K investment by your father in law in Charles Keating's businesses and interference with the Federal Home Loan Bank Board between friends?
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:52am john:

I'll give you this, though, the Keating 5 was a great example of bipartisanship; McCain was the only Republican in the group.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:53am Sean Daily:

True, john. He's also the only one running for president this cycle.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:55am Hatch:

Unless you count Bob Barr, of course.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:56am ?:

Oddly, the far left considers McCain to be too conservative and the conservatives generally consider him to be to liberal. Same thing works to some extent when viewing Obama. Both franky I consider 'neos' (neoconservative and neoliberal) which is pretty unsettling in my opinion.
  Tue. 7/22/08 11:57am Victoria:

Thanks for the tickets Hatch! I love me some daring French pranksters!
  Tue. 7/22/08 12:01pm left on man:

uh, neoliberals are not the far left.
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