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Options May 6, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Chris Bell  Psychedelic Stuff   Options Thank You Friends  Big Beat  0:00:00 ()
Tamam Shud  I Love You All   Options Goolutionites And The Real People  Radioactive  0:02:42 ()
Hojas  Un Buen Dia   Options Mis Suenos Piden  Lion Productions  0:05:58 ()
Instant Orange  The Visionary (Reactive)   Options Instant Orange  Shadoks  0:09:30 ()
Humble Pie  Alabama '69   Options As Safe As Yesterday Is  Immediate  0:13:01 ()
Ronnie Lane  The Poacher   Options Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance  A&M  0:17:55 ()
Peter Walker  Hot Fusion   Options A Raga For Peter Walker  Tompkins Square  0:27:32 ()
Robbie Basho  Cathedrales Et Fleur De Lis   Options Bonn Ist Supreme  Bo'Weavil  0:30:48 ()
Master Wilburn Burchette  Psychic Fire   Options Music Of The Godhead  Burchette Brothers  0:39:06 ()
Tyrannosaurus Rex  Frowning Atahuallpa   Options My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair... But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows  A&M  0:42:49 ()
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention  Who Needs The Peace Corps?   Options We're Only In It For The Money  Ryko  0:55:59 ()
Vincent Ahehehinnou  Ou C'est Lui Ou C'est Moi   Options African Scream Contest  Analog Africa  0:59:40 ()
The Discoettes  Yes We Can Can   Options Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing  BBE  1:09:09 ()
RZA As Bobby Digital  U Can't Stop Me Now   Options U Can't Stop Me Now  Koch  1:12:29 ()
General Echo  Self Praise   Options Teacher Fi Di Class  Equilizer  1:16:15 ()
Aerosmith  Lord Of The Thighs   Options Get Your Wings  Columbia  1:26:21 ()
Rockets  Oh Well   Options Starting With The '70s  No Label  1:30:01 ()
Revelons  Lover's Dilemma   Options Anthology  Sepia Tone  1:34:03 ()
Flaming Lips  Hit Me Like You Did The First Time   Options Hit To Death In The Future Head  Warner Bros.  1:38:01 ()
Fox  Magic Machine   Options Blue Hotel  Cherry Red  1:41:00 ()
23 Skidoo  I.Y.   Options The Gospel Comes To New Guinea  Illuminated  1:50:50 ()
Deep Chord  Vantage Isle (DC Mix III)   Options Vantage Isle  Echospace  1:56:28 ()
Nobody  Eyes Closed   Options Blank Blue  Ubiquity  2:02:24 ()
Nico Demous  Scarpion Granny   Options King Tubby On The Mix  Original  2:04:40 ()
Richard Bishop  Untitled   Options God Damn Religion  Locust  2:10:05 ()
Trader Horne  Sheena   Options Morning Way  Akarma  2:21:38 ()
Vetiver  Hook & Ladder   Options Thing Of The Past  Gnomonsong  2:24:10 ()
Pau Riba  Helena, Desenganya't   Options Dioptria  Anthology Recordings  2:27:28 ()
Fifty Foot Hose  Fantasy   Options Cauldron  Limelight  2:35:11 ()
Erica Pomerance  To Leonard From The Hospital   Options You Used To Think  ESP  2:41:07 ()
Gong  Other Side Of The Sky   Options Angels Egg  Decal  2:46:47 ()
Brainticket  Part I Conclusion   Options Cottonwoodhill  Hallelujah  2:52:14 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/6/08 9:10am jonathan:

thanks for the chris bell!
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:20am Parq:

Slim Chance! Haven't even thought of that album in decades. Let's hope the title is not prophetic.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:20am GUMBY:

It's a fine day for spinning sundresses and ptchouli power. Trippy set!
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:21am Bruce:

Thanks, Hatch. My cubible needs Instant Orange.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:36am proplox:

Any chance you have some Wilburn Burchette to make this a fingerpickin' trifecta?
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:39am Hatch:

Best request ever.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:40am Hatch:

Get out your Google fingers and find me some crazy LSD-fueled music to play later in the show, people. Pretend I'm Ken requesting YouTube links.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:41am Keith:

Props to proplox!!
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:47am Cecile:

Suishou No Fune. Play them
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:48am Cecile:

Lord Buckley might be good, too.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:48am Keith:

Is that Marc Bolan chanting "Hare Krishna"? That's not too comforting.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:48am Parq:

Bolan warbling "Hare Krishna". The wonder of it all . . .
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:48am trent:

how did you know this was my fave trex song
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:48am Hatch:

Just a hunch?
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:51am Cecile:

It's like Lemmy in Hawkwind and in Motorhead.
Can you choose between Silver Machine and Love me Like A Reptile? Should you be forced to choose?
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:54am Dickdong (UK):

Hearing Tyrannosaurus Rex reminds me of Medicine Head with Jew's Harpist Peter Hope Evans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f5RWNTPT1c
Mr Hope Evans has recently joined IoNAJHA, The Islands of the North Atlantic Jew's Harp Association dedicated to the promotion of playing the Jew's Harp in those islands to the west of the North Atlantic, i.e. mainly Britain and Ireland.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:55am fiteJCityStyle:

Hatch Bonjour!

Verifiez le bon film appele "Pas de Blade of Grass"


Hatch sejour awesome!
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:56am Dickdong:

I think I mean east - you're on the west.
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:56am Cecile:

Wasn't there a Jew's Harp virtuoso from Sweden who put out a record on NorthSide five or six years ago...?
  Tue. 5/6/08 9:57am Lang:

I love when you bust out with the hippie shows Hatch
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:00am Hatch:

Ceci n'est pas une hippie show.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:02am theloniouscrunk:

my hair IS getting really good in the back!
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:02am Cecile:

I'm getting the munchies just listening to it.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:02am Ken:

Cecile - You're thinking of Tapani Varis CD, "Jews Harp."
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:04am Lang:

it sounds like a hippie show !!!
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:04am Cecile:

I am, Ken! Thank you!
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:07am Dickdong:

Tapani Varis is Finnish. Incidentally the world's finest Jew's Harps are made in Norway by Folke Nesland.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:09am Hatch:

If only I hadn't already played the "Psychedelic Harps" EP by Screw.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:09am Cecile:

Thank you dd.
I should have guessed with the name "tapani"
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:10am Cecile:

This is 'FMU, you can do anything you want, Mr. Hatch.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:10am Ken:

Speaking of LSD and Jews Harp, why not play some Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band, Hatch! It's in the MP3 library. Try "Clootch Hunt" or "18 Nuns."
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:13am Dickdong:

Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band, "War Between the Fats and the Thins" circa 1971

This is the most exhaustive directory of the Jew's Harp on the web
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:27am Cecile:

  Tue. 5/6/08 10:28am Bad Ronald:

  Tue. 5/6/08 10:28am Lang:

Hatchy you love Aerosmith!!! I love that you do that!
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:29am Cecile:

*air guitar*
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:30am Frank Footer:

If we're doing Classic Rock this morning, can you play Taking Care of No Business by Jimi Hendrix?
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:30am Lang:

  Tue. 5/6/08 10:36am fiteJCityStyle:

Oh vous Hatch rock que New Jersey ambiance dont vous avez besoin de jouer que Billy euyer
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:36am Pat:

Hatch, for an LSD-inspired track, how about Venus by Television?
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:40am hector:

My discovery of the day on WFMU: The Revelons
What a great song, is it the rest of the CD so good?
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:41am jonathan:

i was just thinking of this flaming lips record this morning, walking to work. zoning in.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:42am Hatch:

Hector, only a handful of their songs are of that caliber. They were some dudes who played with members of Television and the Patti SMith Group.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:43am Jen:

is this the same fox that does "sssingle bed"?
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:45am Hatch:

Yeah Jen, same group.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:48am Cecile:

WOW, fox. I missed them
There was a wee bit of scandal around them - Noosha Fox was married to an Oxford don, and they kept it quite for a while, because pop singer was not the respected lifestyle it is now. (coughs)
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:50am Lou D.:

how about George Harrison's "Wonderwall"
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:51am Elias:

How about the radio broadcast of Dock Ellis's no-hitter allegedly pitched while tripping?
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:51am Frank Footer:

Butthole Surfers! I Saw an Xray of a Girl Passing Gas or anything off Hairway to Steven. They still have the trip or freak thing going on at their shows.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:52am g:

wasn't Funkadelic's "Free Your Mind . .. " record an attempt to make an entire record, start to finish, while on LSD? I remember the last track on there is pretty weird
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:53am proplox:

Hatch: Great show as always! Tho' it might be obvious, for acid-soaked, I nominate the leadoff track of the 1st Twink album, 1000 words in a cardboard box. Great for staring at the sun...
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:53am Cecile:

Elias - great suggestion
Barbara Manning wrote a song about it!
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:54am Frank Footer:

1000 Homo DJ's version of Supernaut with the "its fun to put acid in your veins" intro.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:54am Cecile:

If we're talking acid, we might want to talk acid casaulties. And if we are talking acid casualties, we need to play Skip Spence's "Oar"
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:55am MacNeill:

Music made under the influnce of Acid?
Any early SRC (Scott Richard Case)
It's all too much -Beatles (George H.)
I'll see if I can think of more ...
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:55am Ken:

How about some Brainticket for LSD fueled music.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:57am Brittani Killion-Mottola:

How about playin some flower travellin' band. as far as "trippy" goes they're pretty right on.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:57am Frank Footer:

STP not LSD - Angry Samoans. Though its more cautionary than anything and there is one bad word in it.
  Tue. 5/6/08 10:58am miles:

on the lsd tip, the holy modal rounders- indian war whoop esp-disk'.
steve weber was reportedly on lsd, peter stampfel on speed,not sure about sam shepard or the others involved.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:00am pietro:

GONG! Camembert Electrique? Butthole Surfers?
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:01am Elias:

I must find this Barbara Manning song!
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:01am Dickdong:

There was somebody called 'Tonto's Expanding Headband'. Don't know if they were any good but I always liked the name.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:02am Cecile:

they weren't, but Stevie Wonder hung out with them, and he was...
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:07am Oldereck:

Tontos Expanding Head Band. In the Silver Apples vein, but different.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:17am Frank Footer:

What condition my condition is in - Kenny Rogers!
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:20am oldereck:

How 'bout "On reflection" by Gentle Giant
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:21am oldereck:

How 'bout "On Reflection" by Gentle Giant
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:24am Rococo Pagoda:

There was a later Guru Guru song called Chicken Rock, about a farmer who takes acid and decides to set his chickens free. This was actually a low point in Guru Guru's career, but it's funny to hear once.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:33am Cecile:

I'll have to make note of that. I want to make the ultimate chicken song compilation.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:37am Mr D:

Please play GG Allin
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:37am fiteJCityStyle:

good druggiesss



  Tue. 5/6/08 11:38am Bad Ronald:

Set Your Chickens Free (R. Crumb):

  Tue. 5/6/08 11:39am Bad Ronald:

oops the art is by Gilbert Shelton not R. Crumb....
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:44am GUMBY:

Speaking of chickens, Erica seems to be channeling them here.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:45am Hatch:

Apparently, she was on LSD and also had the flu when she recorded this album.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:46am Rococo Pagoda:

The album was Guru Guru Mani Und Seine Freunde, from 1975. Despite the presence of Moebius, Roedelius, Champion Jack Dupree and members of Kraan and Karthago, this was a muddled attempt to go fusion that was practically being given away back in the late seventies. I think I got my copy for a buck, or free with another purchase.
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:47am Tsarone the Terrible:

"CHICKEN INSURRECTION" was either on a documentary (can't remember a title) about the "song poem" phenomenon or in the DVD extras of the film OFF THE CHARTS which was a feature film about the song poem scam business. Great song and fun film. I'd find more info for you, but I'm headed out the door. Good luck chicken compiler Cecile!
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:54am Cecile:

Thanks, tsarone!
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:54am proplox:

brainticket, perfect request ken
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:54am nh_dave:

This sounds alot like Mushroom. The organ is a nice touch
  Tue. 5/6/08 11:57am Bad Ronald:

Here's a couple of songs by a band called Chicken Edward:


  Tue. 5/6/08 12:00pm Cecile:

thanks, bad ronald!
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