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Playlist for 09 January 2008 Favoriting | Hung Upside Down

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Tomboy  Flamingo   Favoriting Munk Presents: Gommagang 4  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Deichkind  Prost (feat. Das Bo)   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd  *   0:03:08 (Pop-up)
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert  Frere Jacques   Favoriting Moog Acid  *   0:06:46 (Pop-up)
Nico Vs. Trance Groove  Reich Der Traume   Favoriting     0:10:47 (Pop-up)
Battles  Tonto (Four Tet Remix)   Favoriting Tonto+  *   0:17:51 (Pop-up)
Stephen Stills  Hung Upside Down (demo)   Favoriting Buffalo Springfield 1966-1967 Boxed Set    0:28:09 (Pop-up)
Fire on Fire  Amnesia   Favoriting Fire on Fire  *   0:32:16 (Pop-up)
Cobra Killer & Kapajkos  High Is The Pine   Favoriting Das Mandolineorchester    0:37:17 (Pop-up)
Rube Waddel  Metal Circus   Favoriting Hobo Train    0:40:59 (Pop-up)
Dengue Fever  Seeing Hands   Favoriting Venus on Earth  *   0:42:53 (Pop-up)
Johnny Moped  Johnny's Intro / Groovy Ruby   Favoriting The Johnny Moped Bootles Tapes Vol. 1 and 2  *   0:51:24 (Pop-up)
Plastic Idols  I.U.D.   Favoriting Singles, Demos, and Live Houston Punk '78-'80  *   0:55:42 (Pop-up)
The Girls  Vietcong Women   Favoriting The Girls    0:58:48 (Pop-up)
Destroy All Monsters  Bored   Favoriting Bored    1:01:42 (Pop-up)
The Momes  Friday   Favoriting Spiralling    1:05:46 (Pop-up)
Wire  Desert Diving   Favoriting Read and Burn Vol 3  *   1:08:00 (Pop-up)
Saint Dirt Elementary School  The Woman that Thinks like a Cow   Favoriting Fall (in love) by April  *   1:22:13 (Pop-up)
Henry Threadgill  I Can't Wait Till I Get Home   Favoriting Easily Slip Into Another World    1:26:42 (Pop-up)
Kahonda Style  Green Dream   Favoriting Green Tea and Crocodiles    1:31:19 (Pop-up)
Liedertafel Margot Honecker  Der Kleine Trompeter   Favoriting     1:35:54 (Pop-up)
Das Bierbeben  Steifheit   Favoriting Shitkatapult Strike 88cd  *   1:38:33 (Pop-up)
Kumisolo  Track Three   Favoriting Sugar Beats from the Chocolate Emporium - Ergo Phizmiz 2007 Marathon Premium    1:40:29 (Pop-up)
Marzipan Marzipan  Pony   Favoriting Straight Kick  *   1:43:02 (Pop-up)
Z-Rock Hawaii  The Meadow   Favoriting Self Titled    1:45:42 (Pop-up)
Noonday Underground  It's Alright   Favoriting On The Freedom Flotilla  *   1:53:12 (Pop-up)
Anna Elektronische  Wha Ha Ha   Favoriting Olakranon  *   1:56:40 (Pop-up)
Bertrand Burgalot  Tsom   Favoriting The Sssound Of Mmmusic    2:00:31 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles   Favoriting     2:03:33 (Pop-up)
The Barbed Wire Choir of Flora, Illinois  Is We Is? (The Prison Rap)   Favoriting Not Bad Meaning Good but Bad Meaning Bad (V/A)    2:13:00 (Pop-up)
Food For Animals  Shhhy   Favoriting Belly  *   2:15:00 (Pop-up)
DJ/Rupture & Andy Moor  Track 11   Favoriting Live in France  *   2:19:16 (Pop-up)
Headman  On & On   Favoriting Munk Presents: Gommagang 4  *   2:22:55 (Pop-up)
In Flagranti  In The Silver White Box   Favoriting Munk Presents: Gommagang 4  *   2:26:02 (Pop-up)
The Herbalizer featuring Latryx  Eight Point Agenda   Favoriting     2:28:58 (Pop-up)
Seksu Roba  Venus Mys   Favoriting     2:33:44 (Pop-up)
Lo Moda  Ready to Go (Gospel Song)   Favoriting Gospel Store Front  *   2:44:23 (Pop-up)
Jiyi Sust / Jiri Slitr  Sedmikrasky / Peach Tree Thieves and more...   Favoriting Daisies (Soundtrack)  *   2:48:06 (Pop-up)
Ennio Morricone  L'Estate Vicina   Favoriting A Compendium of Failures - Fabios 2007 WFMU Premium    2:54:18 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am nEGATOR:

Happy New Year, Ken! May the crystals in your ears reach for the stars!
  9:03am John from Oslo:

Happy New Year Ken!

I demand to have the right to vote, if the president is the leader of the free world!
  9:05am Ken:

Thanks John, thanks nEGATOR!
  9:06am Negator:

Where are these niggaz from? Dirty south Germany?
  9:09am listener jeremy:

how cool would it be if my name was Moog?
  9:16am Parq:

Ken, who was on trumpet on that Nico mashup?
  9:19am Ken:

Very funny, Parq! You just wanted to force me to type: Reiner Winterschladen.
  9:21am jonathan:

it's not your fault.
  9:22am Listener Dave:

Will Vickie and Bunny be making an appearance this morning?
  9:23am JCityStyleFiter:

nice set ken - go sweden go
  9:25am Listener Dave:

Awesome. Thanks.

  9:28am ?:

I heard that Mr Moog pronounced his name to rhyme with 'voque"
  9:29am dei xhrist:

thanks, Ken, for still making the herculean effort to come in to hang the airwaves upside down.
  9:29am ?:

"vogue," that is
  9:30am dei xhrist:

can't be, because the electric cow says moooog, not mowwg
  9:31am jw:

"Moog" rhymes with "vogue". I grew up in East Aurora in the 70s while Bob Moog was living there. I went through school with his daughter (didn't know her, but she was best pals with my brother). I went to a garage sale at his house (no cool oscillators).
  9:31am Ken:

Robert Moog says Moge, rhyming with vogue. But Jean Jacques Perrey says Moooog, and he says it with a cool French accent.
  9:35am Steev:

Moog -- Mogue -- Mog, who cares! the KEYTAR is where it's at.
  9:36am Negator:

Somehow "Mooooog" with an "oooog" seems to say, "Let's get kinky", than Mougue with an ougue. Is it just me?
  9:37am Ken:

Yes nEGATOR, It's just you.
  9:38am ?:

Anything with a French accent is superior, you've got a point.
  9:38am jonathan:

i saw a great documentary about moog. mooooog.
called, moog.
  9:39am jan:

like vogue- never mind that, though- great to have Ken back and loved Nico vs Trance groove
  9:39am Ken:

Bad news everybody, our field trip to see the new tATu movie is to be postponed. The movie premiers at Cannes in May, and then opens in the US in May or June. But this does mean that Lena and Julia from tATu will be at Cannes, and they will look fabulous.
  9:40am mouse:

Let's all go to Cannes!
  9:41am dei xhrist:

I saw that one too, with him as a Homer SImpsonesque cartoon. He also showed up in the Theremin biography and there was a great shot of his crammed work table.
  9:41am June From Oslo:

moʊɡ - I agree with Jan, That Nico thing was quite cute!
  9:42am Mouth From The South:

As long you pronounce it "the Kaan" film festival will they let Americans in. Welcome back Mr. K.
  9:43am Wes:

I'm in, as long as Ken promises not to wear a banana hammock on the beach
  9:44am Keith:

I lost my dignity many times being corrected on my pronounciation of the venerated inventor's name. Thanks for restoring my self-esteem Ken.
  9:46am Listener Dave:

Former NHL goaltender Andy Moog pronounced his name "Moeg" like "Vogue". Just sayin.

Will this Dengue Fever song summon Mothra if I crank it LOUDER?
  9:46am Wes:

Moog's are great of course, but I just picked up a Hammond T400 at a thrift store for 40 bucks, been having loads of fun with that
  9:52am Keith:

Maybe the Canadians pronounce it Moeg. They do that kinda of stuff you know.
  9:52am Parq:

"Hammond" is, of course, pronounced "HAY-mond".
  9:53am Ann Arbor Doug:

I would like to pronounce it "Murgh."
  9:54am Listener Dave:

But don't the Canadians go the other way on pronunciation? You know, like "aboot" or "the faceoff is ootside the zoone."
  9:55am Listener Dave:

Johnny Moped sounds like Lemmy.
  9:56am Rococo Pagoda:

And the Arp Odyssey is actually pronounced Oorp Awdessy, but only in Baltimore.
  9:56am pat:

Johnny Moped obviously invented punk rock.
  9:57am Negator:

Since your heading in this direction, might you play, 'Fan Club' by The Damned?
  10:01am m p:

johnny moped = sexton ming's older brother?
  10:02am pat:

OHMYGAWD, the Girls rule!! THis is geat!
  10:02am Ken:

Hey Mouth from the South - Thanks for stuffing the ballot box on Seven Second Delay last week! You rallied the anti-gum forces.
  10:03am Andrew:

Destroy All Monsters with Wayne Kramer and a Stooge?
  10:03am Negator:

That The Girls song is really informative, Ken, thanks.
  10:03am Doug:

Hey, DAM. He's been posting Craigslist ads trying to start a Christian Rock band around here. I almost tried out on drums but I heard he was kind of a tyrant.
  10:03am philthy:

Destroy All Mosters -- yay! How about the Avengers?
  10:04am Ken:

Ron Asheton, but no Wayne Kramer on this D.A.M.track.
  10:04am Parq:

The Girls always struck me as electric Wild Man Fischer. Speaking of the Girls striking me, they threw a chair at me at the Rat in '79. I don't think they were actually aiming at me, but who knows ...
  10:05am Ken:

Doug, are you saying that Asheton is forming a Christian band?
  10:06am Doug:

No, Larry Miller. I think he was in this band right?
  10:06am pat: did I miss the Girls?..
  10:09am Ken:

No, Larry Miller wasnt in this incarnation of Destroy all Monsters. Maybe he was in an earlier incarnation of the band. A lot of people passed through DAM. They were sort of the Menudo of Michigan punk rock.
  10:12am Bryan:

Great to hear Johnny Moped. I remember them on Live at the Roxy. Good stuff.
  10:13am Doug:

Yeah: "In 1976, Niagara and Loren recruited guitarist Laurence B. (Larry) Miller and saxophonist Benjamin (Ben) Miller." - wikipedia
  10:18am nEGATOR:

Nit-wit Mitt
  10:20am Rocket:

his name is MIT, i think that is very funny
  10:20am dei xhrist:

I deg to biffer - enjoy the comedy at
... and read the stuff at the Boston Phoenix about Romney ("it depends on how you define "I", "saw", "my", "father", "march", "with", and "Dr. Martin Luther King".)
  10:21am Vivian:

Don't forget Mitt's witnessing his father walking with MLK. Is a Mitt Mash Up contest in the future?
  10:22am Doug:

Mitt Romney's name is Willard!?? That's totally hilarious.
  10:22am dei x:

Shelly/Olive Oyl vs Zatumba
  10:22am Negator:

Sing it Shelly and Zatumbo! Nice duet...
  10:27am Ken:

Get out - is Mitt Romney's first name really Willard?
  10:27am Doug:

Threadgill? Rockin'. Ken you rule.
  10:28am Doug:

Swear to god, Willard Mitt Romney.
  10:28am hector:

More Threadgill, please!
  10:30am Ken:

Wow, lots of Threadgill lovers out there.. I haven't had a response like that since I played Primus.
  10:31am jojo:

just when you thought the democrats could put one nader 2008!
  10:34am batgirl:

wuzzzup ken,, HAPPY NEW YEAR,,did ya miss me?? i missed you,,,btw,,did you get that vid i sent b4 you left??? BEST WISHES IN 2008,,
  10:36am Negator:

I think we all should see Batgirl's video!
  10:38am mark:

after we hear some Primus
  10:40am Frank:

Ja die Margot hat Geschmack.....Wunderschön
  10:49am Parq:

Not only is "Willard" his real name, but someone on NPR yesterday asserted that he is not using it because voters will think it's too white-shoe ruling class. To which one can say only, "Oh, rats!"
  10:52am Bad Ronald:

He should'a went with Willy!
  10:53am Mark:

Jeez there's one seller for this Z-Rock Hawaii on Amazon and they want $300 for it
  11:01am dei x:

You think Willard Romney is schoolyard blues material, we once had a gubernatorial race between Judd Greg and Dick Swett.
  11:06am Kurious W in NYC:

Ken, good to hear you/your show back after holidays. I consistently notice how you always have way more comments (and hence logic would imply - more listeners) than any other show/DJ on WFMU. My question is for your listeners/ COMMENT makers out there. Is this because Ken's show is far the most popular on station or is it more "comment" friendly + if so why? Just Kurious. thanks!
  11:08am dei x:

we are lured in by the ever expanding power of ZATUMBA!
  11:09am Mark:

All hail Zatumba
  11:10am Jack:

you must be referring to Ken's Kulture o' Kommentary...
  11:11am John from Oslo:

Sometimes I picture me the WFMU studio with Ken behind an array of consoles, a couple of laptops, an Ipod, two record players, three CD-players, some Lexicon effects and something that looks just like a Telefunken U47, operating everything simultaneously - wearing a tin-foil hat...
  11:12am evan:

ZATUMBA '08!!!
  11:13am dei x:

... a moog...
  11:14am Andy:

Ken, you're forgetting that Huckabee used to cook squirrels in his popcorn popper!!!
  11:15am nEGATOR:

Choir of Flora is really The Residents aren't they?
  11:15am Mark:

I'm wearing tin-foil underwear
  11:15am jonathan:

i don't think i ever need to hear anything else again after this prison rap. GENIUS!!
  11:15am Doug:

That was amazing - here's the link to the Incorrect Hip Hop show
  11:19am Ken:

Kurious - I think it's because I make an active effort on the comments, I respond, etc... I slap down trolls... I try to make it work. I think many other DJs take a more passive approach to it.
  11:19am dei x:

(he pays us)
  11:20am Mark:

On the other hand a copy of the Z-Rock Hawaii cd is up for bid on ebay and the current bid is $10.50, so I think we could say the seller on Amazon is a rip off artist
  11:21am sasa:

Belly artist? Food for Animals album?
  11:23am dei x:

the show also coincides with a fairly slow office time for me, and the fact that Ken does refer and takes the time and energy to scream and talk funny just increases the conspiratorial humor. He does it for US, and we are entertained. Oddly enough, a percentage of the playlist overlaps with Go figyah.
  11:24am Ken:

Thanks Sasa! All fixed now.
  11:28am Bad Ronald:

Kurios: I have nothing better to do.
  11:30am The Framinator:

You gotta love WFMU. What other station would play a song with the word "potentates" in it?
  11:30am Ken:

Andy, are you serious about Huckabee? That actually doesn't sound too odd, especially for someone from Arkansas.
  11:36am Andy:

Was in a NYT opinion piece. Haven't found other verification yet:
  11:38am dei x:

sample from the author's reading of Wicked or Son of a Witch?
  11:39am Listener Dave:

Zatumba rules!

Here's a clip of Mike Huckabee looking smart on Rick Mercer's always fun "Talking To Americans" on the CBC. He's about 8 1/2 or 9 minutes in.
  11:43am Negator:

Kurious: I have listened to Ken's show for at least 9 to 7 years now. This comments thing is new and fun because I finally get to communicate with this funny person called Ken. I loved Charlie, too. But alack he is gone. Any word from him, Ken? Would be good to know how he's doing.
  11:46am Ken:

Charlie is doing well.. he has relocated to New England and may start doing radio up there. I also like the comments thread because it gives me a chance to interact with people who are listening right now, which believe it or not, I couldnt really do when I was relying on phones and e-mail for listener interaction. Most calls and e-mail had nothing to do with my show or the music.
  11:47am -max-:

K: We love Ken, and the alternate universe he spins into creation every Wednesday morning. We commune with each other in this little box because we can!
N: I miss Charlie as well.
  11:48am Negator:

Ken check out my write up of Wfmu for my friends new blog. Sorry about the 'testiclevage' remark
  11:50am bb:

minor point of order: inflagranti works here in brooklyn (also runs codek records) not germany...though i cant recall his ethnicity
  11:51am jk:

ken that bed music is more irritating than someone chewing gum. can you believe it? please can it.
  11:53am Ken:

jk, I speak for all FMU DJs when I say that anonymous comments like that only egg me on to do it even more.
  11:54am BillyJam:

hey Ken, great show as usual. And yo Negator. Just read your great article - For those you havent clicked on that link posted above yet here is an excerpt from what Negator had to write about WFMU: "Fuck all jack-ass blogs and bullshit MySpace pages. WFMU and their DJ's are the razor's edge of musical reality slashing time and space with a murderous intent. They assault and pleasure the aural senses like an Amsterdam Turkish hooker wearing a strap-on, carrying a wizards wand in one hand and a bag of herion mixed with cocaine in the other." - Negator
  11:55am a friend:

well i'll see you next week have a great one,
  11:55am Doug:

I totally miss Charlie. But in better news, I recently discovered the Professor's new blogs, and they are great. and, I believe.
  11:57am jk:

OK, If i include my email then you'll stop? Thanks b/t/w for the ssd funpack.
  12:34pm Ken:

jk - If I knew who you were, your criticism would carry more weight.
  3:17am j McMahon:

Ken I dont know if this is to late for you to read but I listen to your shows via the fabulous inter-wave being that I live on the banks of the river Kwai in thailand, here is the point of interest your wierd anomaly is the same as my mothers, she suffers from same same as the local would say here and everything she is told by doctors is conflicting and ends up being gibberish and guess work, what have you done, besides hanging up side down, my mom is 69, that is her age not her prediliction as far as I know. Any suggestions would be appreciated especially by me poor old mumsie. Root Hog.
  12:47pm kraftwerkout:

where can i get more Anna Elektronische?????
  4:04pm Jeff M:

One of the prominent sounds in that "Moog Acid" Frere Jacques will always put me in mind of a tune by Mr. Scruff, since that's where I heard it first. (Mr. Scruff of course famous for accompanying several seminal episodes of Weebl and Bob). Pie!
  4:37pm Jeff M:

It's interesting what we each consider sacrosanct, such that we get pissy when someone screws with it. I'm losing my diplomatic neutrality and am no longer above baiting smugly religious people more and more, the more annoyed I get with the way their obsession with their chosen superstition seems to be intruding in our lives; and if I'm doing a decent job of it, it must make them at least a little cranky. I have little sympathy, even though I presumably should. But then when something (I consider) truly of value is screwed around with -- say a great photo like the Steve McCurry Afghan girl, which someone's scribbled on, in which form Ken has used it for this playlist's top picture -- I find myself getting more offended than I'd expect to. I guess it all depends on what you care about. Or maybe I'm responding to the arrogance of someone who'd come across a great piece of work, attaining a sort of perfection in its original form, and see it just as a source of component parts he could "recontextualize" into his own inferior and snotty statement of... who knows what.
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