Irene Trudel's Happy Day

My husband Peter Keepnews and me on our (snowy) wedding day
February 16th, 1996

We met on the NYC subway on the way to filming a Gary Lucas video...

Here are a few other links I recommend:

Rotator Locator: An amazing list of over 600 Record/CD shops throughout the world.

Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending: An appreciation of the Incredible String Band past and present. Lots of historical band info, discography, past tours, info about related bands, etc.

Chalkhills: The official website for the discussion of the music and recordings of XTC (the band, and one of my favorite musical drugs). Pure fun for fans, with lots of news, discussion, pictures, FAQ's, song lyrics and guitar/bass tablature. The site is constantly being updated, so it's worth it to check back often. Good stuff!

East River Pipe: F.M. Cornog, along with Barbara Powers crafts some of the most beautiful, melancholic, pop gems delighting these ears. Several albums worth of these tunes exist, the earliest of which were formed on a living room in Astoria, NY on a 4-track. I think he's bumped up to more tracks, but the quality has always been fully formed with Fred's songwriting. Your music collection needs to include every one of East River Pipe's albums.

The Folk Project: Want to hear some live folk music? This thorough resource features listings and links to all the folk performances in the New Jersey / New York area. Around since my high school daze in the early 70's, The Folk Prokect has been supportive of local folk musicians, as well as those just passing through.

The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock: One of the great musical eccentrics of the pop world (and a darned good songwriter too). On the official Robyn Hitchcock website the index page states, "You will find all manner of facts, data, visuals, and archives of every stripe. Tour information is posted and is updated regularly. We are quite certain that you will find what you are looking for as well as many surprises."

Midnight Records: The online catalog for a famous, former NYC record shop. According to the Millenium Whole Earth Catalog, "Midnight Records: The world's largest mail-order vendor of independent and reissued rock 'n' roll CDs and LPs. Especially strong on fifties and sixties rock and new alternative rock."

Martin Newell The Wild Man of Wivenhoe: My favorite psychedelic gardener, musician and poet, founder of the bands Cleaners from Venus and The Brotherhood of Lizards, Martin Newell. Described as The Midnight Cleaner, The Illegible Bachelor, The Independent's Poet Laureate and the Greatest Living Englishman, he now has an official website.

Neblung Price: A wonderful little pop duo with Beatle-ish overtones by WFMU DJ Jim Price and his chum Rick Neblung (I helped with small bits of mixes). The first album, "The Savage Songs of Neblung Price" is the full bloom of their unusual minds, but "Darker," Jim & Rick's second, may be the "gooder" of them. Neblung Price's fourth, "Jewels of the Jetpack Malice," has just been released in 2013. Recorded in full-range Jimspeakneblungguitarwall.

Throw another analog on the Digital Fire and surf the Antelope Webway! "Not Insane," The Firesign Theatre site is streaming 24 hours a day for those who can't get their fill of Phil (and Phil and Pete and Dave). WFMU also aired and archived a few old episodes of The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour From June to September 2010.

R. Stevie Moore: According to Smithereen/ Biographer/ Music fanatic Dennis Diken, "Some of his fans are rabid in their quest for every uttered morsel he has plopped onto magnetic tape. Radio dial surfers have been mystified when stumbling onto some of his more wacked-out cuts aired on adventurous college stations. Then there are those who harbor a fuzzy recognition of his literary sounding moniker from dog-eared reviews or yellowing blurbs in the press. During his many years of unleashing his sounds upon the world, R. Stevie Moore has lurked and hulked in far-flung corners of mythical, musical godhead." Check this out for yourself!

Roy Harper, the brilliant British folkie, still keeps current on this website, which includes a fairly up-to-date blog, which he calls "Roy Harper's thoughts about life in general…". I can't trumpet enough praise about what a great singer/ guitarist/ tunesmith Harper is. Harper is one of the seminal folkies all others "stole/borrowed" from.

Sundazed: A specialty label devoted to reissuing classic and obscure rock'n'roll of the 60's. They call it, "Your one stop shopping center for all the coolest garage, pop, surf & psychedelic sounds that the fast-paced world of Sundazed Music has to offer."

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