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Gary Sullivan spelunks New York’s teeming immigrant-run shops collecting Abigbo, Bollywood funk, Cantopop, Nortec, Shibuya-kei and pure pop from Peru to Palestine—and all points in between. Grab the best of the booty at bodegapop.com … and shake your own booty with Gary here each week, live.

Wednesdays 7 - 10pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio (Info)
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Options August 2, 2017: Super Japan 1 | Super abject to super dusk.
Super abject, super acid, super Ainu, super ASMR, super avant-garde, super bad, super bass, super beatbox, super b-girl, super big, super bored, super brothers, super bubblegum, super cha cha, super child star, super chiptune, super cosmic, super cult, super cute, super dancin’, super dark, super desire, super dirty, super DIY, super DJ, super dream, super drums, super dusk. Super Japan!

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Bodega Pop 
Intro   Options Bodega Pop Live  2017     
Keiji Haino  My Refuge   Options Watashi Dake?  1981  Super abject  0:05:28 ()
Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.  Electric Love Machine   Options Univers Zen Ou De Zéro A Zéro  2002  Super acid  0:10:31 ()
Unknown Ainu Singers  Ainu Crane Dance   Options Ainu Music of Japan: Indigenous Sounds of Hokkaido Island  2011  Super Aino  0:21:01 ()
Kahimi Karie  All   Options It's Here  2010  Super ASMR  0:23:50 ()
Haco  Mosquito Illusion   Options Japanese Avant-Garde  2002  Super avant-garde  0:31:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Yellow Magic Orchestra 
Wild Ambitions   Options Naughty Boys and Instrumental  1983    0:35:18 ()
James Brown  Super Bad (Cornelius Remix)   Options CM3 - Interpretation Remixed By Cornelius  2009  Super bad  0:41:28 ()
Motoharu Yoshizawa  Inland Fish   Options Inland Fish  1974  Super bass  0:47:40 ()
Dokaka  HA TA GLI LA TO   Options Human Interface  2009  Super beatbox  1:01:52 ()
Coma-Chi  B-Girlイズム (B-Girlism)   Options Red Naked  2009  Super b-girl  1:04:29 ()
Vajra (Keiji Haino, Mikami Kan, Toshiaki Ishizuka)  アイ・ラヴ・ユー、OK (I Love You, Okay)   Options How to Be Big Play For E. Yazawa  1997  Super big  1:07:54 ()
Asakawa Maki  Strange Fruit   Options Blue Spirit Blues  1972  Super blues  1:12:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
勝手にしやがれ (Do It Yourself) 
Suicidal Swing   Options Decadence Pierrot  2003    1:19:17 ()
Kasagi Shizuko  Jungle Boogie   Options Queen of the Boogie    Super boogie  1:25:33 ()
Mu  Hello Bored Biz Man   Options Afro Finger and Gel  2003  Super bored  1:28:07 ()
Guitar Vader  Super Brothers   Options Die Happy!  1999  Super brothers  1:34:12 ()
Puffy Ami Yumi  Asia No Junshin (True Asia)   Options [their debut single]  1996  Super bubblegum  1:37:07 ()
Magical Power Mako  Cha Cha   Options Magical Power  1973  Super cha cha  1:41:35 ()
Misora Hibari  悲しき口笛 (Sad Whistle)   Options   1949  Super child star  1:44:42 ()
Saitone  Dazzle   Options Dazzle  2016  Super chiptune  1:47:25 ()
Space Machine  Δ   Amaterasu (A Musical Panorama Of Japan)  2003  Super cosmic  1:52:25 ()
Shintaro Sakamoto  Birth of the Super Cult   Options Let's Dance Raw  2014  Super cult  1:58:20 ()
Kiiiiiii  Dance Vader Biber Hill Pop   Options Kiiiiii  2005  Super cute  2:02:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dr.ドラゴンのテーマ (Dr. Dragon's Theme)   筒美京平 ウルトラ・ベスト・トラックス SOUL & DISCO  1998    2:05:33 ()
Non Band   Duncan Dancin'   Options Impossibles! / 80's Japanese Punk & New Wave  2002  Super dancin'  2:11:35 ()
Caroline  Pink Gloom   Options Verdugo Hills  2011  Super dark  2:14:26 ()
静寂 (Shijima, Silence)  始まりに還りたい (I Want to Return to the Beginning   Options You Should Prepare To Survive Through Even Anything Happens  2010  Super desire  2:17:52 ()
Ike Reiko  恋の奴隷 (Love Slave)   Options You, Baby  1971  Super dirty  2:27:23 ()
Yximallo  Too-Doo Bong   Options Oollamixy  1989  Super DIY  2:30:20 ()
Hoahio  DJ Kashimoto   Options Peek-Ara-Boo  2003  Super DJ  2:34:10 ()
Stigma  Last Japan Dream   Options Last Japan Dream  1981  Super dream  2:38:18 ()
Tatsuhisa Yamamoto & Muneomi Senju  Deca-Dance   Options A Thousand Mountains ~ Accoustic & Synthesized Drums And Percussion  2009  Super drums  2:45:18 ()
Takami  夕暮れ (Dusk)   Options ー天使行ーY. De Noir Ⅱ  1983  Super dusk  2:50:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Catrina Paslaru 
Hei La Bodega   Options Hei La Bodega - Carnaval!  2000    2:53:05 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 6:53pm geezerette:

I'm not here cause this hasn't happened yet.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 6:54pm Gary:

We'll be right back after we start happening, after ... this
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 7:06pm Polyus:

Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:06pm Gary:

Polyus! Geezerette! Welcome
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 7:09pm coelacanth∅:

hey Gary and all
- i'm actually still working but inside so i get to hear (sort of) and check in now and then.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:10pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:10pm Gary:

Don't let your coworkers hear this craziness
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 7:13pm northguineahills:

I spent nearly 7 months listening to two Keiji Haino albums a week from a download I got from a friend. His output is amazing,
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 7:14pm Polyus:

Going to be seeing Narita from High Rise in Chicago in a week and a half. Can't remember who his backing band is for the show, but I think they also supported a past Acid Mothers tour.
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:14pm hyde:

yay, Acid Mothers Temple!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:15pm Gary:

Sweet, NGH! Yeah, it's amazing how much he's put out ... yay, Hyde!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:16pm hyde:

so last week i posted on the wrong playlist and got scolded by Gary's mother. my aim is to do better this week.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:16pm Gary:

I'll scold you! But, I'm going to need an infraction of some kind
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:17pm Gary:

Oh, wait -- by "better" you mean *not* scolded, not *scolded more*
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:17pm hyde:

i'm sure i'll pull some screwup. it's what i do.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 7:17pm Dave in Vermont:

Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:17pm Gary:

Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:18pm hyde:

haha, yeah. i was a bit chastened by the mom scold ;)
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:18pm Gary:

That's why she's mom
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:19pm Gary:

I'll have you know, I *did* call her the next day ... her *birthday*, by the way (I had forgotten, until I called)
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:24pm hyde:

haha i hope you faked your way out of that one. and that she has your back is no surprise!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 7:24pm Polyus:

Mayuko played some Ainu recordings this past weekend with a little background. Completely new to me.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:24pm Gary:

Oh, thank you, Polyus -- I'm going to have to listen to that
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 7:25pm northguineahills:

The Aino chirping reminded me of Sten Hanson's tonal poetry pieces.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:25pm Gary:

I don't know those, NGH, and clearly I need to hear them!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 7:26pm northguineahills:

A lot of his stuff is on Fylkingen Records. Their Text Sound Comps are good place to start.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:26pm Gary:

OH AND BY THE WAY: Please feel free to REJECT any of my examples of each super attribute and / or toss your own alternative example out here for us ...
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:27pm Gary:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 7:28pm northguineahills:

This is more supra ASMR, IMHO, then super ASMR ;)
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:29pm Gary:

I'll need an argument for that, NGH!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:30pm Gary:

Although, I don't want to turn away bald assertion, either ...
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:39pm geezerette:

YAY !!!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:40pm hyde:

geezerette is getting little rowdy
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:41pm geezerette:

oops...( ! )
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:42pm hyde:

you spilled my drink, heh
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:44pm geezerette:

and i want azuki bean mochis.
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:46pm hyde:

there was one Cornelius album that i loved in the 90's....Fantasma. i listened to that a lot.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:46pm Gary:

I will have to find a way to sneak a track from that album in this month somewhere -- I have it, but haven't played it yet (not even to myself)
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:47pm geezerette:

amazing to hear a super-hot artist contradicted this way by resetting.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 7:50pm steve:

hey Gary
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:51pm Gary:

Super Steve!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:51pm geezerette:

Gary, this is a great idea.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:54pm Gary:

Thanks, Geezerette!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:54pm hyde:

another record from Japan that i have undying love for is the mysterious Brast Burn record from the 70's. But it's notoriously DJ unfriendly, as it's basically two sides that are 23 minutes long apiece. Worth looking for if you don't have it. Cray record. (I have it, but it's on my unavailable backups).
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:54pm Gary:

Oh, I have it :)
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 7:55pm hyde:

@Gary that record is amazing
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:55pm Gary:

Maybe I'll play it as "Super mysterious" ... [thinking icon]
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 7:56pm Gary:

Super inexplicable, maybe?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 8:04pm melinda:

hi Gary and group!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:04pm Gary:

Super Melinda!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 8:04pm hyde:

yay melinda!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:09pm geezerette:

kon-ichi-wa, Melinda!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 8:17pm hyde:

will there be a super depressing set this month? there's always those Morita Doji LPs i sent you years ago!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:18pm Gary:

I totally forgot about super depressing!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:19pm Gary:

Maki gives me chills
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:28pm geezerette:

Jungle Boogie! Raunchy!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 8:28pm hyde:

i love those Morita Doji records, but they are soooo melancholy. it sure doesn't help that i got them from a Dutch music blogger who died of cancer.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:29pm Gary:

Oh, right -- Doug talks about that guy ever now and then
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 8:33pm hyde:

@Gary it was heartbreaking. he posted a lot of great stuff (much from Japan) and then would occasionally say he was going for treatments. and then ultimately there was final post from his mother saying that her sweet boy was gone. the saddest blog thing i've ever seen.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:36pm Gary:

Man ...
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 8:37pm hyde:

it was rough. but i'm bringing down the chat! where is geezerette? is she swinging from the chandelier yet?
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:39pm Gary:

Super bummer comes before super chandelier swingin'
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 8:45pm northguineahills:

Nice appropriation of the Kecak Ramayana chant, and back in the early 70s!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 8:48pm northguineahills:

I found a bunch of Japanese flexis from the early 60s at a thrift store. I'm still scared to touch them as they're so fragile. (they sound great)

I wish I was into music when I was a kid in the late 80s. All I bought was MJ, Weird Al, Genesis and Guns & Roses when I was there.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:49pm geezerette:

I'm Super Mega Multi tasking! There used to be a huge Japanese Super Market a block from my workplace, part of a Japanese chain. I'd go there for a break and wander up and down the aisles reading translated labels and laughing. The candy and canned coffee drinks had the best labels. Still have an empty can of "Coffee Boss" in my studio.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 8:49pm northguineahills:

Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:50pm Gary:

NGH, you should digitize them!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:51pm Gary:

I'm a fan of the Coffee Boss, Geez
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:53pm geezerette:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 8:53pm melinda:

Space music always good.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 8:54pm Gary:

It's, dare I say it ... "the place"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 8:57pm northguineahills:

Still kicking myself for not discovering my favorite Japanese music while I still lived there. all of the concerts I could of seen (I left when I was 13). I did get to see some Kabuki performances (my idea).
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 8:58pm melinda:

Take me to your leader.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:05pm Gary:

Well, at least you saw the kabuki
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 9:07pm northguineahills:

oh, and everything in Kamakura, Kyoto and Nara. I dragged my family anywhere w/ historical significance. Luckily, my parents didn't mind so much, my younger brothers on the other hand...
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:09pm geezerette:

NGH, you have nothing to regret!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 9:10pm Polyus:

Yeah, that makes me want to kick myself for growing up in Michigan.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:10pm geezerette:

Your family was fortunate to be dragged!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:14pm Gary:

What everyone else said, NGH
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 9:17pm Ike:

Too busy reading apocalyptic news articles to comment, except to say: Hi!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:17pm Gary:

Super Hi, Super Ike!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 9:28pm hyde:

Ike Reiko was inevitable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 9:29pm Parq:

Dug that Shijima, Silence. I had an upstairs neighbor like that once.
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 9:29pm hyde:

i'm hoping the same for Kaji Meiko, i admit
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/2/17 9:30pm Parq:

I also had an upstairs neighbor like Ike Reiko. But that's another story.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:31pm Gary:

Super Parq! ... I wonder if I have any Kaji Meiko ....
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 9:37pm hyde:

i'm not really requesting, but if you don't have Kaji Meiko it should be out there, given the Quentin Tarantino soundtrack thing. mine is also alas on backups i won't have access to for a bit....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 9:40pm northguineahills:

I have to admit I might only have 1/3 of these bands records/cd/cassettes.

Busy packing, off to the store, I might be back before 10.
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:42pm Gary:

I'll do some research -- I still have another 12 hours to fill, so every suggestion helps!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:44pm Gary:

Following this show, starting at 10 PM EDT tonight, Larry Grogan's Testify! This week, Heroes, Villains and Wild Honey: wfmu.org...
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 9:45pm hyde:

dude, if every suggestion helps, then you'll find yourself playing the Gerogerigegege!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:45pm Gary:

Oh, I definitely plan to play them! Also Gaseneta
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 9:47pm hyde:

Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:53pm geezerette:

Thanks Gary! And shoppers!
Avatar    Wed. 8/2/17 9:53pm hyde:

awww, it's over. thank you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 9:54pm Jesse Kaminsky:

Thanks Gary!
Avatar Wed. 8/2/17 9:58pm Gary:

Super Jesse! Night everyone ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 9:58pm northguineahills:

Thanks Gary!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/2/17 10:07pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Gary! Great program! (that i only heard intermittently)
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