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Gary Sullivan spelunks New York’s teeming immigrant-run shops collecting Abigbo, Bollywood funk, Cantopop, Nortec, Shibuya-kei and pure pop from Peru to Palestine—and all points in between. Grab the best of the booty at bodegapop.com … and shake your own booty with Gary here each week, live.

Wednesdays 7 - 10pm (EST) (Web-only) | On WFMU's Give the Drummer Radio (Info)
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Options July 26, 2017: Stars from Another Sky Part 1
Divas, forgotten greats, icons, living legends, and one-hit wonders from the Arab world. Listen to Part 2 here (airs this Friday 9-noon)

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Bodega Pop 
Intro   Options Bodega Pop Live  2017     
Leila Mourad  Mahma Tal Illial   Options   195X  Egypt  0:05:36 ()
Abu El Leef  Khaleek fe Elnoor   Options Super Leefa  2012  Egypt  0:11:50 ()
Ahmad Adewaya  Ben Esultan   Options Best of Ahmad Adewaya  1995  Egypt  0:14:45 ()
Music behind DJ:
Omar Khorshid 
Guitar El Chark   Options Rhythms of the Orient  1972  Egypt  0:27:29 ()
Cheikha Rabia  Karima, Ya Naima   Options Ana Hak  1999  Algeria  0:34:14 ()
Latifa  Safar   Options Aktar Men Rouhi  1988  Tunisia  0:40:37 ()
Balsam Shafee  Khedr   Options Yalla - Hitlist Egypt  1990  Egypt  0:47:57 ()
Fairuz  Etab   Options Soiree avec Fairuz  1972  Lebanon  0:53:51 ()
Music behind DJ:
Bechara El Khoury 
Dabke (Instrumental)   Options Lubnanyat Zaman - Old Lebanese Pop Hits From The 70s & 80s    Lebanon  0:59:34 ()
Zeina Hamiyeh  Noss El Leil   Options Dalaly  1997  Lebanon  1:06:46 ()
Nagat  Leila mi-l-Layali   Options Sehran Ya Qamar    Egypt  1:12:55 ()
Kazem el Saher  Sallami   Options Fi Madrsat Al Hob  1996  Iraq  1:15:19 ()
Cheb Hasni  Sarahtek   Options Tehroub Omri    Algeria  1:20:52 ()
Asala Yousef  Addet Najmat Elsama   Options 2008  2008  Israel / Palestine  1:26:26 ()
Music behind DJ:
Majida El Roumi 
Overture (Instrumental)   Options 1982 Recitals  1982  Lebanon  1:30:33 ()
Cheb Khaled  Ilat Walat   Options Yal Malblia  1979  Algeria  1:36:16 ()
Hanan  Alb Honayan   Options Hanan Ala Bayaiin El-Enab  1975    1:44:20 ()
Ouled El-Bouazzaoui  Khoutna Ya l-Islam   Options Milouda    Morocco  1:49:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Cheb Mami 
Alaoui (instrumental)   Options Douni El Bladi  1996  Algeria  2:00:20 ()
Oum Kalthoum  We Marret El Ayam   Options We Marret El Ayam    Egypt  2:06:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Untitled   Options Misheet Wara Ehsasy  2007  Egypt  2:50:03 ()
Amr Diab  Rahel   Options Hala Hala  1986  Egypt  2:50:11 ()
Ruby  El Mane'a Khair   Options Misheet Wara Ehsasy  2007  Egypt  2:54:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Catrina Paslaru 
Hei La Bodega   Options Hei La Bodega - Carnaval!  2000    2:57:50 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 7/26/17 7:04pm Circo Americano:

Trafficking in CDs indeed! (My mantra and quest) Viva Le' CDs!!!!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:06pm Gary:

Circo! howdy!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:10pm Doug Schulkind:

Just starting in on my second lobster of the evening. Purchased from a boat that is floating about 200 yards from our house. Lovely soundtrack, Mr Sullivan!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:12pm Gary:

Oh, man -- my only experience of eating lobster in Maine was on a very chilly wet April day on the coast -- fun, but not exactly relaxing ... hi, Doug! Happy vacationing to you and yours!
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 7:17pm hyde:

whoa, i was posting in the future
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:18pm Gary:

Now when I call call attendance and you say "present," it'll have even more meaning, Hyde!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:19pm Doug Schulkind:

The sun is escaping and it's quite cool now. But the 30-40 lobster boats that are bobbing in the nearby water are all still catching the light, emanating warmth. That and the streaming corn.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:21pm Gary:

A lovely image
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:21pm Gary:

Here's the present singer, by the way, the man who popularized sha'abi: www.discogs.com...
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 7:37pm hyde:

@Doug sounds nice
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/26/17 7:42pm melinda:

hi everyone
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:42pm Doug Schulkind:

I meant steaming corn of course. You can take the boy out of the stream, but you can't the stream out of the boy.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:44pm Gary:

Stream on, Doug! Hey, Melinda!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/26/17 7:46pm northguineahills:

Doug, this is supposed to be a family friendly show!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:47pm Gary:

The family that streams together, NGH!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/26/17 7:48pm melinda:

Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:58pm glenn:

what up? besides the usual trump fuckup of the day, of course.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:58pm Gary:

Ha, hey Glenn!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 7:59pm tim abdellah:

Salaam Alaikum, y'all!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 7/26/17 8:00pm Nardo:

I heard you were streaming Korn over here, but I'm glad that I'm wrong about that.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:06pm Gary:

Nardo! Tim!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:12pm tim abdellah:

That Zeina Hamiyeh was kickin'!!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:14pm Gary:

I know -- I love, love, love that guitar
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/26/17 8:21pm melinda:

Great sounds.
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 8:23pm hyde:

@melinda agreed
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:24pm tim abdellah:

WTF!? This is the melody from Warda's glorious hit "Batwanes Beek". But this is Hasni singing Algerian rai lyrics over the melody, apparently. Whoa.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:24pm Gary:

Glad you guys are enjoying this stuff -- this is pretty much the music that changed my mind about ... everything
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:25pm Gary:

Whaaaa ? Tim, can you find a YouTube vid or other audio for me check out after the show?
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:29pm Gary:

Never mind, I found it: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:30pm tim abdellah:

www.youtube.com... One of my favorite pieces of music ever recorded.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:30pm Gary:

Thanks, Tim!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:40pm tim abdellah:

1) God I love this early Khaled!!
2) Yeah I have that Ouled Bouazzaoui on cassette. Good stuff.
3) It's worth listening to the full 13 minute version of "Batwanes Beek". The first YouTube link looks like an edit. The opening instrumental prelude is so lovely. play.anghami.com...
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:41pm Gary:

Will definitely give that a listen after the show
  Wed. 7/26/17 8:42pm Jill B,:

Hey Gary,

Checking in for a few minutes. How goes it? Please send your new address.......
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:42pm Gary:

Tim, do you need this whole early Khaled album DropBoxed to you?
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:43pm Gary:

Hi, Mom! So nice to see you! I owe you a call -- will try you tomorrow ... and of course will send address
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/26/17 8:47pm Ike:

Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:48pm Gary:

Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:49pm glenn:

you're supposed to let your mom know your address before you move, gary. everybody knows that.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:49pm Gary:

I thought I did, but ... *sigh*
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 8:52pm hyde:

she's probably not mad, just disappointed
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:55pm tim abdellah:

Gary - Thanks - I actually grabbed that Khaled off BodegaPop a while back. And stumbled on a $4 copy of this at Amoeba in Berkeley a few months ago. I believe it's the same collection of songs: www.allmusic.com...
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 8:56pm hyde:

@tim four bucks looks like a steal for that
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 8:57pm Gary:

Oh, nice! They translated the titles into French, looks like :)
  Wed. 7/26/17 8:57pm Jill B,:

I have learned that one just needs to be patient. Why get mad or be disappointed about something you have no control over. All will be well in the end.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:00pm Gary:

I'll call tomorrow!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:02pm tim abdellah:

@hyde - Yeah - I was stoked to find that!!
@Gary: Essaouira is actually pronounced like: Sweera
  Wed. 7/26/17 9:02pm Jill B,:

Gary, not to worry.....just send new address.
  Wed. 7/26/17 9:03pm Jill B,:

And to the rest of you, give Gary a break! After all he provides us with all of this wonderful music that we all have come to love and enjoy.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:12pm Gary:

Tim, the Moroccans share something with the French -- they like to build these big long words that are just one or two syllables
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:24pm glenn:

aw, we're just busting his balls because we love him.
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 9:24pm hyde:

@Jill B sorry! i was just messing around.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:25pm Gary:

I wonder if Mom is still actually listening to this incredible Oum Kalthoum track
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:27pm Doug Schulkind:

Oum sweet Oum!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:27pm tim abdellah:

Wow - that guitar sounds like the Stones' "Paint It Black"
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/26/17 9:28pm melinda:

@tim I thought it sounded familiar
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:28pm Gary:

Hah, it *does*!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:31pm Gary:

Larry Grogan returns with Testify! in half an hour right here on this very stream. Tonight's theme "Grazing in the Grass": wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:33pm Gary:

Somewhere, printed out, I have a full list of known Oum Kalthoum recordings, listing dates of either performance or publication and composer and lyricist ... but I moved (cf. Mom's comments above) and I am not sure where it wound up
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 9:36pm hyde:

it's in a box! some where.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:40pm Gary:

I FOUND IT! The song was written in 1970 by Muhammad Abd al-Wahab with lyrics by Ma'mun al-Shinawi
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 9:41pm hyde:

@Gary nice work
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:43pm tim abdellah:

Good sleuthing! I poked around online but wasn't able to find it. BTW, you know "Oum" means "Mother" in Arabic, right? Great if your Mom is still listening!
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:45pm Gary:

Wow, languages like "Mm" "oo" or "oh" or "ah" sounds for mom ... mom is amma in Hindi
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:57pm Doug Schulkind:

Wonderful wonderful wonderful show, Gary! In other words, just another BPL.
Avatar    Wed. 7/26/17 9:58pm hyde:

thanks Gary!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 7/26/17 9:58pm Parq:

Gary, been busy in the kitchen, but wanted to check in before you check out and say present and digging it.
Avatar Wed. 7/26/17 9:59pm tim abdellah:

Lovely set Gary - G'nite all you Bodegans!
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