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Gary Sullivan spelunks New York’s teeming immigrant-run shops collecting Abigbo, Bollywood funk, Cantopop, Nortec, Shibuya-kei and pure pop from Peru to Palestine—and all points in between. Grab the best of the booty at bodegapop.com … and shake your own booty with Gary here each week, live.

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Options February 10, 2016: Crazy Eighties
Obscure, arty, synth-rich tracks from a bodega's dozen albums of the 1980s.

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Bodega Pop 
Intro   Options Bodega Pop Live  2016     
Supersempfft  I See Stars   Options Metaluna  1982  Germany  0:04:39 ()
Supersempfft  Bubbles & Smoke   Options Metaluna  1982  Germany  0:08:47 ()
Supersempfft  Butterfly Baccanal   Options Metaluna  1982  Germany  0:13:11 ()
Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler  Side A, Track 1   Options Conrad & Sohn  1981  Germany | Self-released | There are no song / track titles, but I think Conrad wrote all the stuff on Side A and son Gregor wrote Side B  0:17:29 ()
Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler  Side B, Track 4   Options Conrad & Sohn  1981  Germany  0:21:11 ()
Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler  Side A, Track 3   Options Conrad & Sohn  1981  Germany  0:24:29 ()
Music behind DJ:
Public Image Ltd. 
Flowers of Romance (Instrumental)   Options Flowers of Romance  1981  UK  0:30:07 ()
Промышленная архитектура  Точки (Инструктор)   Любовь и технология  1988  Russia (SIberia)  0:37:20 ()
Промышленная архитектура  Нет бога   Любовь и технология  1988  Russia (Siberia) | Band name translates to Industrial Architecture | Led by Dmitry Selivanov, who I believe was earlier involved with Grazhdanskaya Oborona  0:41:04 ()
Промышленная архитектура  Речь сторонника   Любовь и технология  1988  Russia (Siberia)  0:44:13 ()
Headless Chickens  Agit Pop   Options Headless Chickens  1986  New Zealand  0:49:21 ()
Headless Chickens  Axe   Options Headless Chickens  1986  New Zealand  0:49:56 ()
Headless Chickens  The Slice   Options Headless Chickens  1986  New Zealand  0:52:09 ()
Headless Chickens  Hedge Song   Options Headless Chickens  1986  New Zealand  0:55:26 ()
Headless Chickens  Totalling Dad's Car   Options Headless Chickens  1986  New Zealand  0:58:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tim Maia 
Ai Qe Bom   Options Sufocante  1984  Brazil  1:00:35 ()
Amr Diab  Rahel   Options Hala Hala  1986  Egypt  1:06:33 ()
Amr Diab  Yis'ab Alyna   Options Hala Hala  1986  Egypt  1:10:26 ()
Amr Diab  Middi Eidik   Options Hala Hala  1986  Egypt  1:15:26 ()
Nagat  Ana Bashak El Bahr   Options Eyoun El Qalb  1980  Egypt  1:21:27 ()
Nagat  Fakra   Options Eyoun El Qalb  1980  Egypt  1:27:02 ()
Music behind DJ:
Claude Larson 
Pipeline   Options High-Tech: The Digital Sound of Claude Larson  1981  Germany  1:36:47 ()
Dizzy K  Baby Kilode   Options Be My Friend  1983  Nigeria  1:45:54 ()
Dizzy K  Feel Alright   Options Be My Friend  1983  Nigeria  1:51:01 ()
Dizzy K  Be My Friend   Options Be My Friend  1983  Nigeria  1:52:57 ()
Almodóvar & McNamara  Máquinas de Nueva York   Options ¡Cómo está el servicio... de señoras!  1983  Spain  1:57:54 ()
Almodóvar & McNamara  Monja, jamón   Options ¡Cómo está el servicio... de señoras!  1983  Spain  2:01:28 ()
Almodóvar & McNamara  Me voy a Usera   Options ¡Cómo está el servicio... de señoras!  1983  Spain  2:04:23 ()
Music behind DJ:
Rocket Man (Instrumental)   Options Cosmic Machine A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980)  1974  France  2:07:04 ()
Bülent Ersoy  Ruya Gibi   Options Beddua  1980  Turkey  2:13:00 ()
Bülent Ersoy  Bende Kulunum   Options Beddua  1980  Turkey  2:18:05 ()
Bülent Ersoy  Umitsiz   Options Beddua  1980  Turkey  2:22:51 ()
Demos Deniran & The Luko Resurgento  Agidi Malaja   Options LRCLS 24  1980  Nigeria  2:25:44 ()
Demos Deniran & The Luko Resurgento  Sege   Options LRCLS 24  1980  Nigeria  2:33:33 ()
Machizo Machida  機械がどんどん廻る廻る (Rapidly Revolving Machine ...)   Options どてらい奴ら (Doterai Guys)  1986  Japan  2:39:44 ()
Machizo Machida  ちゃんぽん部屋 (Chanpon Room)   Options どてらい奴ら (Doterai Guys)  1986  Japan  2:41:53 ()
Machizo Machida  六年寝る (It Sleeps Six Years)   Options どてらい奴ら (Doterai Guys)  1986  Japan  2:44:46 ()
Machizo Machida  続どてらい奴ら (Have Continued Doterai Guys)   Options どてらい奴ら (Doterai Guys)  1986  Japan  2:47:33 ()
Christian Marclay  Jukebox Capriccio   Options Records 1981-1989  1985  USA | Not sure when this comp was released, so dates refer to original releases of tracks  2:50:10 ()
Christian Marclay  Groove   Options Records 1981-1989  1982  USA | Switzerland  2:53:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Catrina Paslaru 
Hei La Bodega   Options Hei La Bodega - Carnaval!  2000    2:57:58 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:00pm ndbob:

Heya Gary and everyone!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:00pm Gary:

Howdy, Bob!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:01pm listener james from westwood:

Hang on, lemme get my slit sunglasses and skinny tie...
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:02pm Gary:

We'll hold, James
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/10/16 7:02pm Polyus:

Hello Gary. My heat is out, gimme a reason to move.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:04pm Gary:

Awrighty, Polyus!
  Wed. 2/10/16 7:04pm Dean:

Belle Stars, Décima Víctima, Killing Joke... Any idea where this photo was shot?
  Wed. 2/10/16 7:05pm Dean:

Voice Farm, perhaps?
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:07pm glenn:

that's not a good look, boys. *shudders*.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:07pm Gary:

Howdy Dean & Glenn! ... that's Pedro Almodovar in the tights there
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:08pm Gary:

Pretty sure the photo was shot somewhere in Spain, but I couldn't say where
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:09pm Tusalava:

@Polyus - it sounds like you've got LOTS of reasons to move.

Hi Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:10pm Gary:

  Wed. 2/10/16 7:14pm Dean:

On the ceiling at center: Polanski y el Ardor. Directly in front of McNamara: Esqueletos.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:15pm Gary:

Good sluething, Dean
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:17pm glenn:

oh, it is pedro. vote pedro!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:27pm Doug Schulkind:

Gary, my brother!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:28pm Gary:

  Wed. 2/10/16 7:32pm Dean:

Just above Almodovar's left big toe: Ángeles Caídos, which appears to be a name of a Spanish metal band, but has also been the title of other metal bands from outside Spain.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:32pm Gary:

Dang, Dean, how are you even able to see that!?
  Wed. 2/10/16 7:32pm Dean:

Correction: "has also been the title of albums by other metal bands..."
  Wed. 2/10/16 7:33pm Dean:

Good question. My vision ain't very good in the first place.
  Wed. 2/10/16 7:40pm Dean:

Directly above Almodovar's big toe, right of Ángeles Caídos, what I thought was a four-letter-word beginning with F followed by YOU --hmmm?--is actually I LOVE YOU | TE AMO.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/10/16 7:52pm Uncle Michael:

I have come for your chickens.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:53pm Gary:

You are just in time, then, Mr. Uncle
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 7:57pm hyde:

dangit, i wanted those chickens
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:57pm ndbob:

excellent first hoiur Gary! catch the rest on the archive
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 7:58pm Gary:

We've saved some for you, Hyde ... night, Bob!
  Wed. 2/10/16 7:59pm lydia cortes:

hola gary! feliz new years both western and east one...
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:01pm Gary:

Lydia! So nice to see you here :)
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 8:08pm hyde:

i'd like to hear a hootie and the blowfish set
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:10pm lydia cortes:

enjoying it...gracias y grazie...
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:11pm Gary:

Am I wrong and they're good? I seriously always thought they were the band responsible for that horrid Body Is a Wonderland song, but I looked it up the other day and see that some other spawn of Satan was responsible for it
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 8:12pm hyde:

haha no, hootie and the blowfish are *not* good
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:14pm Dean:

I always mix up H&tB with that Dave guy, but not because I'd recognize anything either of them performs.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:14pm Gary:

Okay, that's a relief, b/c I can't exactly play their YouTube videos at the moment to see, or you'd hear them over Mr. Diab
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:16pm Dean:

Matthews. Dave Matthews. And Blues Traveler. I have no idea how any of these bands sound, except that they play some species of rock.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:17pm Gary:

Wait, Dave Matthews -- *not* the Rockpile guy?
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:17pm Dean:

And what do you know? That "Body Is a Wonderland" tune is by a fourth musically non-descript singer/songwriter, John Mayer!

Lord, no, Gary. That's Dave Edmunds. Go wash your comment board out with soap!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:17pm Gary:

I saw Rockpile in the 70s? 80s? And they were pretty great. Which Dave is Mr. Rockpile?
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:19pm Gary:

Or maybe it was "Nick Lowe, with Rockpile" ... "Nick Lowe, with Dave *Edmunds*"?
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:21pm Gary:

LOL, sorry Dean. I knew Dave Edmunds hadn't written that horrible song. And, YES, John Mayer. Who I must be confusing with someone good, is there another John Mayal or or something like that? Who's good?
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 8:21pm hyde:

John Mayall is an OK kind of 60's white blues guy
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:21pm glenn:

john mayall. king of the british blues.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:22pm glenn:

really more regarded for his various and sundry guitarists through the years.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:26pm Gary:

We should collectively write a book of some kind that distinguishes clearly between all of the people whose names sound similar, but whose musics radically depart from each other, so this sort of thing doesn't happen in a live playlist ever again
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:27pm Dean:

Rockpile was Lowe, Edmunds, and one or two others from Brinsley Schwarz. A supergroup of sorts.

Confusing Mayer and Mayall, nominal similarities aside, is WAY OFF BASE.

Then there's Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and Johann Sebastian Bach. If you have to look it up, you'll never know.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:27pm listener james from westwood:

Lots to like in this set but this Nagat takes the cake.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:28pm glenn:

sebastian bach is very good in the gilmore girls, and a handy guy in a bar fight.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/10/16 8:28pm Uncle Michael:

The other two guys in Rockpile were Billy Bremner and Terry Williams...neither were in Brinsley Schwarz, though.
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 8:29pm hyde:

yeah, agreed with ljfw this is great. have you seen any of the Nagat films, Gary?
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:30pm Gary:

I'm desperately trying to find the composer, James -- I was thinking Baligh Hamdi, but I'm not finding anything online ... I haven't seen any of her films, no ... Brinsley Schwarz! I remember reading about them in CREEM
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:32pm Dean:

Why do I persist in making that mistake? Even to the point of celebrating Bremner in The Pretenders because he "was in Brinsley Schwarz" when he wasn't? And Terry Williams was in Man, of course.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/10/16 8:33pm Uncle Michael:

I do not know.
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:37pm Dean:

But Brinsley Schwartz was in Brinsley Schwartz, right? I didn't get that one wrong?
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:37pm Doug Schulkind:

Nagat is most lovely.
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:37pm Dean:

Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:38pm Gary:

There's another ridiculously great track from this album, but it's on my external hard drive, which isn't plugged in at the moment
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:38pm David:

Gary, where did you find
the Egyptian records?
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:39pm Gary:

I'll tell ya in a moment, David -- hi!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 2/10/16 8:42pm Ike:

I'll have to thank my cat for never attacking me.
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:43pm Dean:

Per YT, "Ana Bashak el Bahr": Lyrics: Abdelrahim Mansour
Composer: Hany Shenouda.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:45pm listener james from westwood:

The Keep?
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 8:45pm hyde:

The Keep!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/10/16 8:45pm Uncle Michael:

The Keep
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:45pm ifny:

It's called the Keep.
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:46pm Dean:

"Blazing Saddles"?
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:46pm ifny:

Sounds like a bunch of hungry baby birds in here. Keep! Keep! Keep!
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 8:46pm hyde:

i love those T. Dream soundtracks. The one for Friedkin's Sorcerer is the greatest. (so is that movie)
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:49pm Gary:

YES! Gold stars to everyone, it was indeed The Keep
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:50pm Gary:

DEAN! Yes, Hany Shenouda!
  Wed. 2/10/16 8:52pm David:

Thanks.. hi, Gary!
I know this Dizzy K track.
African Classics Radio
plays it often.. great station
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:53pm Gary:

I am so happy to live in a world where Dizzy K also exists. He's in London now, making gospel music, is what I read somewhere
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 8:57pm glenn:

london being a hotbed for gospel.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 9:00pm Gary:

London is the Gospel Capital of Southeastern UK
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 9:00pm Gary:

Now, finally, we're hearing the guys in the photo to the left
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 9:13pm Tusalava:

I've watched enough Project Runway to know they don't really have any rules either.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 9:17pm Gary:

  Wed. 2/10/16 9:54pm David:

Nice show, Gary.. arigatô!

"World Music Show" from 11p-2am
tonight on KPOO San Francisco
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 9:54pm Gary:

Thanks, David! I love how you can hear that little snatchette of Tainted Love in this track
  Wed. 2/10/16 9:59pm Dean:

The Atavistic Marclay comp is '97. Not sure it saw an earlier issue.
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 10:00pm Gary:

Aha! Thanks, Dean
Avatar    Wed. 2/10/16 10:00pm hyde:

thanks Gary!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 2/10/16 10:00pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks Gary!
Avatar Wed. 2/10/16 10:04pm Gary:

Night, gang!
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