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May 23, 2014 Options
Way out, deep into Spaceland
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Artist Selection Album    (Label / Recording date)
Theme Music:
Sarah Webster Fabio 
Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues   Options Jujus: Alchemy of the Blues
(Folkways 1976)
ECD  In Tempo   Options Major Force: The Original Art-Form
(Mo' Wax 1990)

Lonesome Pine Fiddlers  Twenty-One Years   Options b/w I'm Left Alone
(RCA 1952)
Colwell Brothers  Bluebonnet Lane   Options b/w Mountain Valley Blues
(Columbia 1952)
Wade Mainer & the Sons of the Mountaineers  Lonely Tomb   Options b/w All My Friends
(Bluebird 1938)
Al Jolson  Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers   Options Al Jolson, Vol. 1 (1911-1914)
Fess Williams & His Royal Flush Orch.  'Leven-Thirty Saturday Night   Options b/w I'm Feelin' Devilish
(Victor 1930)
Goofus Five (California Ramblers)  Go, Emmaline   Options b/w Hey! Hey! And Hee! Hee! (I'm Charleston Crazy)
(OKeh 1924)
Red & Miff's Stompers  Hurricane   Options b/w Black Bottom Stomp
(Edison 1927)
Bill Gaither  Do Like What You Want to Do   Options b/w New Pains in My Heart
(Decca 1938)

Talkover Music:
August Pablo 
Drums to the King   Options Blowing With the Wind
(Greensleeves 1978)

Don Azpiazú & His Havana Casino Orchestra
(vocal: George Owen) 
African Lament   Options b/w The Voodoo
(Victor 1931)
Conjunto Matamoros con Beny Moré  Que Te Estan Mirando   Options Conjunto Matamoros with Beny Moré
(Tumbao 1945)
Don Tosti y Su Conjunto  Mambo Del Pachuco   Options Pachuco Boogie
(Arhoolie 1953)
Tabaco y Sus Metales  Lino   Options Ni Poco... Ni Demasiado
(Top Hits 1979)
Alejandro Durán  Melba Maria   Options Trago Gorriao
(Polydor )
Totem  Orejas   Options Corrupción
(De La Planta 1973)
Los Pirañas  Hueles a Espiritu Joven   Options Toma Tu Jabón Kapax
(Vampisoul 2012)

Talkover Music:
Clifford Coulter 
Big Fat Funky Shirley   Options East Side San Jose
(Impulse! 1970)

Augustin Konan N'goran et l'O.F.I. de Bouaké  N'wla   Options Augustin Konan N'goran et l'O.F.I. de Bouaké
(Nikadi )
Sotho Sounds  Mobopong   Options Junk Funk
(World Music Network 2012)
Third Eye  Children's Song   Options African Music Today
(Truth & Soul )
Mamman Sani  Gosi   Options Taaritt
(Sahel Sounds mid-1980s)
Deadline  Makossa Rock   Options Makossa Rock
(Celluloid 1985)

Talkover Music:
Joe Claussell & Kerri Chandler 
Escravos De Jo   Options Copa Mundial Muzique
(Guidance 1998)

Murray Saul  It's Friiiiiiday!   Options
Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle & Mahendra Kapoor  Are Sun Bhai   Options Jaani Dushman
(EMI 1978)
Okko Bekker  Ganges Delta   Options Sitar & Electronics
(BASF 1971)
The Joe Thomas Group  You Can Bet Your Sweet Bippy   Options Comin' Home
(Cobblestone 1968)
The Swan Silvertones  If You Believe Your God Is Dead (Try Mine)   Options b/w He's Sweet I Know
(HOB Is Gospel )

Talkover Music:
Organic Grooves 
Gold Weave   Options Black Cherry
(AUM Fidelity 2002)

Art Blakey  Blakey's Blues   Options Drums Around the Corner
(Blue Note 1958)
Ab Baars Trio  Juba Stomp   Options A Free Step: The Music of John Carter
(GeestGronden 1999)
Gil Evans  Jambangle   Options Gil Evans & Ten
(Prestige 1957)
Anthony Braxton  Bongo Bop   Options Charlie Parker Project 1993
(Hat Art 1993)

Talkover Music:
Maceo & All the King's Men 
Maceo   Options Doing Their Own Thing
(Charly 1970)

Freddie Scott  Shake a Hand   Options Are You Lonely For Me?
(Shout 1967)
Darrell Banks  I Could Never Hate Her   Options Here to Stay
(Volt 1969)
The Lost Generation  The Young, Tough and the Terrible   Options Young Tough and Terrible
(Brunswick 1972)
Roy Lee Johnson  Ain't Nothin' Good About Bein' Lonely (demo)   Options
Renaldo Domino  Nevermore   Options b/w Not Too Cool to Cry
(Twinight 1969)
Tommy Hunt  It's All a Bad Dream   Options b/w You Made a Man Out of Me
(Scepter 1964)
The Jerms  I'm a Teardrop   Options b/w The Green Door
(Honor Brigade 1969)
Tony Hestor  Spaceland   Options b/w Tommy Neal: Goin' to a Happening
(Pameline )

Closing Theme:
John Lee Hooker 
Stand By   Options I Feel Good
(Jewel 1971)

Listener comments!

Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 8:45am duke:

Sun-Ra in a can. Time to stock up.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:47am Doug Schulkind:

SUn-Ra in a can beats Prince Albert in a can any day.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:48am Doug Schulkind:

Old Vermont farmer joke:
1st farmer: Think the rain'll hurt the rhubarb?
2nd farmer: Not if it's in a can
1st: farmer: What, the rain?
2nd farmer: No, the rhubarb
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 8:48am ausmanx:

i wonder if he did a full range of preserved products?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:51am Doug Schulkind:

This image would have made the perfect cover for Sun Ra's album "Nuclear War."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 8:54am Uncle Michael:

Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:56am Doug Schulkind:

Root, root, root for the home team, Uncle Michael. (I bet Sun Ra was a Cubs fan.)
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 8:56am hyde:

there's nothing like sun ra fungi
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:57am Doug Schulkind:

Sunrafungi forever!
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 8:57am holland oats:

happy birthday sun ra -- 100 years of sol-itude
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:57am Gary:

Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:58am ndbob:

morning Doug and everyone!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:59am Doug and everyone:

Good morning to you, ndbob!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 8:59am Doug Schulkind:

You sound like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Gary!

Happy day, holland oats!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:00am Gary:

I Khan haz mushi-mushi?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:01am davex:

Good day, Doug and everydrum.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:01am Doug Schulkind:

Danger: Haz-mat can of mushi-mushi!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:01am Alex In Illinois:

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are two artists on my list of artists I have seen performing, but are now no longer living.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:02am Doug Schulkind:

All the other artists you've seen, Alex, are hoping there is no correlation.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 9:05am Michael:

Morning all on this Friday before the long weekend.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:06am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings, davex! Welcomings, Michael!
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 9:07am hyde:

I warmed up for the show today by listening to Starday Hillbilly, so this transitions nicely
  Fri. 5/23/14 9:08am El Thatchmo:

Thatchmo in the Hizzie!
Be gentle with me today, Doug.
I want sweet aural from you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:08am Webhamster Henry:

Nice can of mushies you got there, Doug. D'you know most of the mushrooms used in the US from about 1930s-1960s came from right here in Ulster County, NY?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:09am Webhamster Henry:

Although if these as Sun-Ra brand, that are probably from Jupiter.
  Fri. 5/23/14 9:10am Mr C:

Heliocentric world trip today?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:11am Doug Schulkind:

Around the world and back for lunch, Mr. C!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:11am Doug Schulkind:

Howdy hyde, El Thatch, and Webhamster H!
  Fri. 5/23/14 9:12am Mr C:

Like they say at football games, " Ra Ra Ra"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:13am Webhamster Henry:

hey I have this 78!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:15am Webhamster Henry:

Oh wait, I have it with Billy Murray. Al is a somewhat less over the top and enthusiastic.
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 9:15am hyde:

I want this cookbook. How to Add Zest to Every Meal with Sun-Ra Mushrooms by Sun Ra Frozen Foods
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:18am Doug Schulkind:

Mystery, Mister Ra!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:19am Alex In Illinois:

@Webhamster Henry:
Wasn't Sun-Ra from Saturn? Oh, but I see, he would have harvested the mushrooms from Jupiter.

I once had a dream that extra-terrestrials were smuggling tomatoes from Earth because the tomatoes made them hallucinate.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:20am ausmanx:

how do you know that was only a dream, alex?
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 9:24am duke:

@Alex Those aliens may have been on to something "Tomato plant originates from the family of Nightshade plants (potato, tobacco, chili peppers) from Central America. It was domesticated around 500 BC by Aztecs and used not only as a food, but also as powerful (and dangerous) hallucinogenic."
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:24am ndbob:

excellent set Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:25am Alex In Illinois:

@ausmanx: I don't! The most certain way that I know that I am dreaming is if the characters try to convince me that Jello is really ice cream and then try to convince me that I am not in a dream and fail miserably
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 9:36am thedunkel:

Jersey City bids you a good morning Mr. Drummer other Drum-ites!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:37am Doug Schulkind:

Oops, I lied. This is from 1931.

Buenos días, el dunkel!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 9:41am thedunkel:

SunRa + Irwin (woofmoo) = 1956-1974 -->
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 9:41am holland oats:

v lovely sonic journey this morning
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:44am Doug Schulkind:

WFMU's Michael D. Anderson ("the Good Doctor") is the exec. director of the Sun Ra Archives. Along with Irwin Chusid's major assistance, they have helped revive and remaster key recordings from Sun Ra's catalog. Available on iTunes. Michael and Irwin will be live on Columbia University's WKCR today from 11a-2p as part of the station's huge Sun Ra Festival!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:44am Fernando M P:

Doing the Mambo all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:47am Artie:

Strictly speaking, that's only 3.36 Saturnian solar years.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:48am Doug Schulkind:

Greetings, Fernando M P!

Thank you for injecting some serious Saturnian solemnity into the conversation, Artie.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:51am Doug Schulkind:

Ladies and gents, please meet Mr. Durán:
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 9:52am holland oats:

^ love
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:52am davex:

Another fine set of discovery.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:55am Cecile:

Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:56am Doug Schulkind:

Hey, Cecile's here! Hey Cecile!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 9:57am Cecile:

hey doug!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:57am Gary:

This is hitting the awesome spot
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 9:59am Doug Schulkind:

Who are you kidding, Gary. You are one giant walking A-spot.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:00am earrie:

From the first bent bars.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:01am Dominick:

totally dig-able set!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:01am thedunkel:

Big Fat Ken Freedman
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:02am thedunkel:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:05am davex:

South of the border starts at Penn Station.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:07am Doug Schulkind:

You're very proud of yourself for that one, eh thedunkel?!

Hello earrie!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:10am earrie:

Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:12am Doug Schulkind:

Almost forgot to say, HI DOMINICK!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:16am Doug Schulkind:

Coming up next, a tune described thusly:

"Polyphonic analog synthesizers and drum machines interpret ancient Saharan folk ballads in an imagined science fiction future. A proposed relaxation guide, sonically lying somewhere between ambient library music and minimal wave."
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:18am Brian in UK:

Well that is better, just back from the osteopath. He is not ffom this planet. Hello folks.

Doug, that sounds like 'pataphysics music or 'patamusic.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:19am Van in DC:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:19am Webhamster Henry:

Sounds like my Prophet-600 . not a "fat" as a Moog!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:19am Doug Schulkind:

Miriam Makeba's cover: "PataPataMusic"

Steer clear of those osteopathogens, Brian in UK!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:20am Doug Schulkind:

Van in DC! Van in DC!

Here is the mindblowing cover art for Taaritt:
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:21am Brian in UK:

Bob Moog would have been eighty years old today. Sound like bleeding Google.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:23am thedunkel:

that taaritt cover is awesome!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:23am Cecile:

wow, I haven't heard this in a long long time.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:23am Doug Schulkind:

Bob Moog never knew how to pronounce his own last name. Poor fella.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:23am Doug Schulkind:

The drummer on this Deadline track is Philip Wilson, the original drummer for....

The Art Ensemble of Chicago
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:24am Brian in UK:

Now Bob Fairlight never had that trouble.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:25am Doug Schulkind:

Well you shant be cheated, Cecile. I'm playing the full 11-minute version, not the puny 4-minute edit!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:25am Cecile:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:26am Brian in UK:

Doug is Mr Wilson playing a Matisse or a Kokoschka? Hard to detect.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:28am Alex In Illinois:

I have this album on Vinyl somewhere. Down BY Law. One of those 1980's Bill Laswell projects.
  Fri. 5/23/14 10:29am Mr C:

no Arkestra my man?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:29am Doug Schulkind:

I had to Google Kokoschka, Brian in UK.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:30am Cecile:

I thought Curlew was Down by Law, but you would know as I don't have the album.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:31am Doug Schulkind:

Mr. C
WKCR is playing wall-to-wall Ra. Beginning in 30 minutes, my WFMU colleagues Irwin Chusid and Michael Anderson will be on WKCR spinning for three hours. Thought I'd let them have the floor:
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:34am Cecile:

Kerri Chandler is awesome.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:35am Brian in UK:

Think it is fair to say that FMU covers Sun Ra consistently and comprehensively.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:37am Cecile:

Rough Guides have good music but are pretty safe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:37am Uncle Michael:

I put on Putomayo every time I want to pretend I'm in a Pottery Barn.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 10:38am Andrew Waterloo:

good morning
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:38am Cecile:

they are a good starting point but aren't definitive.

hahahahaha Uncle michael
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:40am Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
Exactaly. I've always called those Putomayo comps, "Music to shop at Banana Republic to"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 10:41am Webhamster Henry:

Yow, Doug! What did he do on Thursday?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:41am Doug Schulkind:

At least Murray lived long enough to see pot become legal in Colorado.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:42am Gary:

Super love this Saaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuul
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:42am Van in DC:

Wait till he gets to Saturday
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:43am ndbob:

Putomayo comps are OK.. not adventurous as Cecile says, but not bad. Just think of what else Banana Republic or Pottery Barn might play without them.
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 10:43am holland oats:

gotta get down on friday
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:44am Doug Schulkind:

Good morning to you, A. Waterloo!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:45am Doug Schulkind:

Still the greatest Bollywood horror flick soundtrack LP cover ever:
  Fri. 5/23/14 10:46am El Thatchmo:

Murray is the DJ I want to be. Holy Cow! I just had a cow!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:48am Doug Schulkind:

@El Thatchmo
Did the cow come out of your chest, Alien-style, or out of your forehead, Zeus/Athena-style?

This is important.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:51am Doug Schulkind:

I think it's no secret that Okko Bekker was a member of the KKKK.
  Fri. 5/23/14 10:51am El Thatchmo:

I don't wanna say on a mixed board from whence it came ..
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:52am Doug Schulkind:

Ah, normal vaginal delivery then. It's OK, you're among friends.
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 10:53am holland oats:

anyway, that sun ra, huh people?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:55am bobdc:

I think the this picture of Herr Bekker at would make an excellent top-of-the-playlist picture.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 10:57am Doug Schulkind:

Crazy snap, bobdc! Hard to separate beard from rest of human form.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:07am Jeff:

Apropos of bumper stickers which used to be prevalent...

There used to be LOTS of bumper stickers which said:

I <heart> my <picture of a dog breed>

I really wanted to commission a square sticker of the appropriate width and height, which just had a line-drawing rendition of a wood screw on a white background, which I could slap on top of those hearts.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:09am Van in DC:

This is terrific
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:10am Doug Schulkind:

I remember back at one of WFMU's earliest record fairs—the ones held at the Elk's Lodge in Hoboken—Chris T sold a bunch of crazy crap including bumperstickers that read:

I ♧ My Dog
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:11am Doug Schulkind:

This same Art Blakey collection features an all-percussion version of Moose the Mooche!
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:12am Mr C:

Lee Morgan was such a burner..incredible! Lucky to have seen him at Slugs right before the incident...Benny Maupin and that band.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 11:16am Carmichael:

The drummer is giving ME some! Hiya, Doug and others of your ilk.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:16am Doug Schulkind:

I never saw Morgan perform, but I've read that he would look out over his trumpet at the audience while soloing. Very intense and disconcerting.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 11:17am Webhamster Henry:

@Doug Which is funny because you wandered around a later Rec Fair at Mary Help of Christians with a name tag that said "Dog".
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:18am Doug Schulkind:

Hey, Carmichael is awake! Hide the rum!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:20am Doug Schulkind:

@Webhamster Henry
Those were the days when I was running the WFMU Record Fair. At Mary Help of Christian's, the ladies room plumbing had a tendency to back up. The pipes would then leak and start gurgling up through the floor tiles, right under the record dealer (Davie "Ozie" Ozenbaugh) with the most overloaded tables that I had to crawl under to swab up the mess of.

Ah, good times.
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:22am Dean:

Aw, nuts. How am I supposed to settle into my morning when WFMU is playing Ab Baars and John Carter, and WKCR is round-the-clock Sun Ra?!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:24am Doug Schulkind:

Making life even tougher, Dean: The fellows playing Sun Ra on WKCR right now are Michael Anderson and Irwin Chusid from WFMU!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:26am Doug Schulkind:

Ab Baars sound like the name of a chain of fitness club/drinking establishments.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 11:26am Alex In Illinois:

@Jeff: I think someone actually did commission a screw mini-sticker to put over the heart part of the bumper sticker. I thought I saw an ad for them in the back of a magazine sometime in the 1980's. On someone's car, I actually saw the heart part covered by a sticker showing a picture of a spade.
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:27am Dean:

You are correct, Doug. (Oh, good lord. Now Braxton's Parker!) BTW, this might have shown up on another program's comments yesterday, Sun Ra lecturing at Berkeley:
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:30am Doug Schulkind:

Here's a little piece I wrote a few years back about that John Cage Meets Sun Ra record:
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:30am Van in DC:

HA HA HA, this piano is giving me the mental image of a cat jumping across the keys
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 11:31am Carmichael:

NPR did a nice but short piece on Ra, including a few old interview snippets. He had an interesting disposition.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 11:34am Carmichael:

Here's the link, BTW:
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:37am Hugo:

Hi folks! Checking in from Shillong. Look it up on the map!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:37am ndbob:

ty Carmichael
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:38am Jeff:

@AII: I've seen the spade stickers - I thought that was their original form, not the product of a mod, but those neurons are rusty.

Glad to hear somebody did the screw thing. It was an idea the zeitgeist was calling for.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:38am ndbob:

nice one here!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:40am Doug Schulkind:

Shilong time, no see!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:41am Van in DC:

I agree with ndbob!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:41am Uncle Michael:

Shilong...gotta beat it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:41am Uncle Michael:

I hope you will all join me in the next room:
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:42am Doug Schulkind:

Uncle Michael is up next on the Drummer Stream. Playlist (and a ton of musical fun) here:
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:42am Uncle Michael:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:43am Uncle Michael:

I'm doing my endzone dance.
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:44am Hugo:

No idea? OK. Northeast India. State of Meghalaya. between Assam and Bangladesh.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:44am Doug Schulkind:

When I Googled Shilong, I came up with China!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:45am Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
Show you the moneyyyyy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:45am Brian in UK:

Hey Hugo on the road to Lhasa?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:45am Doug Schulkind:

Could this Lost Generation track be an odd kind of answer song to Weldon Irvine's "Young Gifted and Black"?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:47am Doug Schulkind:

One of the great falsettos coming up next...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:48am Brian in UK:

Doug there are several semi autonomous states in China. Xian Jiang is still going through tough times. Feel for the Uyghurs.
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:49am Hugo:

@Brian: far away. Sikkim is closer. Actually an old hill resort during British times. About 1500 metres above sea level, so climate is quite pleasant for Europeans. Better than Assam in my view (and Kolkata). Similar to Kathmandu.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:50am Doug Schulkind:

The Uyghurs are being savaged.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:51am Brian in UK:

Sounds great, Hugo. Enjoy that clear fresh air & the tea.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:54am Brian in UK:

Hey Hugo What me jealous? Well YES. Have a great trip.

Super show, Doug. Have to catch most on the rebop.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:54am ndbob:

For sure Doug
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:56am Doug Schulkind:

Our next and last track is a tribute to the mighty Mr. Ra!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:56am ndbob:

excellent show Doug!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:56am Gary:

Thanks for making my time in Resume Rewriting Hell a bit less egregious this morning, Doug
  Fri. 5/23/14 11:56am Hugo:

Ah, never made it as far as Xinjiang. Got as far as Szechuan. Yunnan is quite pleasant, Especially Kumning. Yep, enjoying Assam tea here (and Fosters beer).

Only drawback here is that the traffic is terrible. Quite congested, but i do like this town otherwise. Great being up in the hills.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 11:57am Andrew Waterloo:

I'm so happy I got to see Marshall Allen and Pico lead an orchestra last week.
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 11:58am Doug Schulkind:

One of my nephews is in Yunnan right now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 12:00pm Uncle Michael:

Great show, Doug...I'm heading over...
Avatar    Fri. 5/23/14 12:00pm duke:

Thanks for the great show Doug
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 5/23/14 12:00pm davex:

Thanks, Doug!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 12:00pm Van in DC:

Kop kum mah kop Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 5/23/14 12:01pm Andrew Waterloo:

great show Doug!
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 12:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Thank you and you and you! I had a blast!
  Fri. 5/23/14 12:02pm Hugo:

That sounds thai. Yet another coup there, so what else is new?
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 12:03pm Van in DC:

Yep, Thai Hugo :)
Avatar Fri. 5/23/14 12:03pm earrie:

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