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Artist Title Album Comments Approx. start time
Hoodoo Gurus        0:00:00 )  
Fleshtones        0:03:59 )  
mc5      Todd-o-Phonic Todd - McONE!  0:06:11 )  
Nick Lowe        0:09:07 )  
sonics        0:12:46 )  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  my baby didn't come home   Options   PLEDGE NOW TO GET IN THE RUNNING TO WIN THIS GREAT ALBUM!  0:23:10 )  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Bread   Options     0:25:56 )  
The Fabulettes  Money   Options     0:29:36 )  
Lyres  Help You Ann   Options On Fyre  PART OF TODAY'S GRAND PRIZE - THREE new Lyres reissues on Munster!!!! pl;edge 75 or more to get in the drawing!  0:33:13 )  
King Salami and teh Cumberland 3  Do the climb   Options   we are giving away their other CD if you pledge now!  0:48:29 )  
Kinks  i need you   Options     0:48:36 )  
allen oldies band  nobody but me   Options     0:48:50 )  
Mighty Hannibal  I think we've met before   Options   hannibalsim 2 up for grabs right now!  1:03:37 )  
Mighty Hannibal  ain't that love   Options     1:06:00 )  
four shells  hot dog   Options     1:26:17 )  
staple singers        1:26:05 )  
eddie floyd  big bird   Options     1:24:22 )  
Eddie Floyd  Raise Your Hand   Options     1:31:06 )  
        1:42:20 )  
Giuda  wild tiger woman   Options     1:46:13 )  
lyres  dont give it up now   Options   grand prize - get in the drawing for the 3-pack !  1:50:08 )  
la la brooks  all or nothing   Options   PLEDGE NOW FOR THIS GREAT lp. THAT'S RIGHT, LP!  1:54:10 )  
Iggy & stooges  Search and Destroy   Options   HINT HINT  1:59:08 )  
rick and the ravens      on the premium!  2:18:29 )  
richard hell        2:18:36 )  
richard hell and the voidoids        2:20:08 )  
the blind shake  garbage on glue   Options   up for grabs right now $15 or more!  2:23:34 )  
vu  beginning to see the light early version   Options   up for grabs right now! pledge of 15 or more!  2:37:11 )  
grass roots  Where Were You When I Needed You   Options     2:40:34 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:02pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:04pm SmokinJ:

Love dem Fleshtones!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:04pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Joe, and good afternoon. Please observe all speed limits;)
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:05pm pierre:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:05pm Cheri Pi:

but throw all spending limits to the wind.
  Tue. 2/25/14 12:05pm Frank Above:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:06pm SmokinJ:

Wow! Brother Wayne!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:06pm common:

rama lama
  Tue. 2/25/14 12:06pm eamonn:

yeah, go boys. american sounding good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Tue. 2/25/14 12:07pm Brez:

Fleshtones -- great choice. Oh, yeah, MC5 makes me want to…want to… to DONATE BIG $$$ TO WFMU!
  Tue. 2/25/14 12:07pm Eric Baconstrip:

We've tuned in in Wurstville, UK! Kick out the spam!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:07pm V Priceless:

kickin' it Joe!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:08pm SmokinJ:

I got Wayne tales too Joe! :)
  Tue. 2/25/14 12:08pm geokopp:

The Mighty Five!!!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:09pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:09pm Tome:

Beloc yea Am G F !!!
  Tue. 2/25/14 12:09pm Brez:

Hit parade!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:12pm Cheri Pi:

Let's activate these clicky stars. I'm back-clicked.
  Tue. 2/25/14 12:12pm Frank Above:

Do not wait, DONATE!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:13pm Carmichael:

Todd can scream better than this.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:13pm Parq:

Revving my motorcycle to pledge to Joe and Todd! Okay, I've never even sat on a motorcycle in my life, but still ...
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:15pm Victrola Tom:

I don't know who screams louder Gerry Roslie or Toddaphonic Todd.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:26pm MissV:

how do i win the flask? how much do i hafta pledge?
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:27pm Whooda:

The 'Dream Team of Tag Team Marathon Radio" DJ Joe Belock and DJ Todd-O-Phonic Todd. I happily spread my love pledge to Three Chord Monte and YOU SHOULD TOO. Don't fight the feeling. Feel them up.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:27pm Carmichael:

When you said "Bread", I thought I would hear Baby I'm-a Want You.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:29pm Carmichael:

MissV, go here: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:31pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:32pm Cheri Pi:

what P@ said
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:32pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

when this album came out it blew the whole garage thing out of the water.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:33pm ! I X Key !:

A flask & rolling papers & band-aids sounds exactly like MY day--
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:33pm Joe non Papa:

I just pledged via the Web. Very easy.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:33pm Joe B:

PART OF TODAY'S GRAND PRIZE - THREE new Lyres reissues on Munster!!!! pl;edge 75 or more to get in the drawing!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:34pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

ha! got the Y and E backwards...See what happens when you're hollerin?
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:35pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

I mean E and R...Jeeezus!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:45pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:45pm Carmichael:

Gosh, those fellas sure can rock!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 12:47pm MissV:

Joe B with a side of screaming
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 12:52pm joe:

Are you kidding what a sandwich costs you at Katz's you could keep the station going for 6 months
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:01pm Rhody Chris:

Just jumped on during my lunch break to say, PLEDGE PLEDGE PLEDGE!
  Tue. 2/25/14 1:04pm eamonn:

  Tue. 2/25/14 1:06pm eamonn:

cross them alps, you mutha
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:10pm Rhody Chris:

On my way home I was listening to Jimi Hendrix talking about space travel on some weird outtake. Now this...
  Tue. 2/25/14 1:10pm eamonn:

blow it foul, lenny
  Tue. 2/25/14 1:10pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Todd-O-Phonic Todd: Nice, yes. Truthful? You decide.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:11pm herb.nyc:

i was thinking of LENNY RANDLE on sunday, when DAVE MANDL was on. tryna come up with a rhyme to post.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:17pm Husband Man:

Hey whoa don't be dissin Sportsy Talk!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:19pm efd:

Just don't do a remote from Five Guys! That place is pretty good!
  Tue. 2/25/14 1:19pm Anna Anabolic:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:28pm Victrola Tom:

Sure wouldn't mind swimming in a "Sea of Misery" this afternoon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:37pm Pat Byrne:

Do a remote from Maxwell's Artisan Pizzeria, PLEASE!
  Tue. 2/25/14 1:41pm SHIMMY:

hey-o! here's to another year of Three Chord Joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:41pm efd:

One special feature of this year's YLT show is that they need to make all song lyrics Red Sox-related.
  Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:43pm Ralphine:

I got a hug from Damo Suzuki at the WFMU record fair.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:44pm herb.nyc:

Red Sox - related songs by YLT ??!! i like it. (the Replacements did it, i heard. it was the BOB show. all the lyrics were about bob stinson: "take bob to the hospital", "sixteen bob", "fuck bob", ...)
  Tue. 2/25/14 1:50pm Jay:

Possible format change for WFMU: Play only songs called "Wild Tiger Woman"!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:51pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 1:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...one hand on the tambourine - other on the Vox organ dc pat...
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:55pm Joe B:

thanks everybody who has pledged so far or plans to pledge! appreciate it!

sorry comments can't keep up. 75 or more, you get the show premium Celebrities at the best Vol. 3 and in the running for the grand prize - the three Lyres reissues on Munster! On Fyre, A Promise Is a Promise and On Fyre!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 1:55pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

the third hand punching somebody if he gets too close to the organ (happened to my friend, fact)
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:07pm mike east:

I've been commissioned to drop some hamster wheel parts off at the transmitter.
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:10pm ronnie rumble:

(I'm) Stranded by The Saints! One of the first Australian punk bands!! If my paycheck was here already that would have gotten an instant pledge from me. Absolutely love the show, can't wait to pledge over some dosh.
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:13pm davey calamari:

When is the People's Champion and Todd-A-Phonic Todd book coming out? Comic book?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 2:18pm SeanG:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:20pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

  Tue. 2/25/14 2:21pm davey calamari:

Don't you boys know any nice songs?
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:21pm davey calamari:

Don't you boys know any nice songs?
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:22pm ᏧᏣ ᎮᎯᎱ:

Blind Shake! gotta see these guys.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 2:24pm SeanG:

Pledge or DIE!!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:26pm Parq:

Speaking of openly gay, these Richard Hell tracks are tweaking my soul, since I just finished reading Patti Smith's memoir of her affair with Maplethorpe.
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:29pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:30pm Parq:

Party at Cheri Pi's house!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:32pm Parq:

Aw look, her little friends are excited!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:36pm Cheri Pi:

I'm on fire!
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:36pm KP:

Want me to sign that Kriegel book for you
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:37pm KP:

Seventy percent! I'm beginning to see the light
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:38pm Joe B:

hey KP!
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:39pm KP:

I'm beginning to eat the slice
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:41pm Derek Mess:

Just donated 20 clams on-line, Joe! Keep cranking out the great tunes.
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:41pm KP:

Actually can't, just got out dentist, two hour tour
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:41pm Cheri Pi:

KP, I won the Pizza Box this morning scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net...
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:43pm davey calamari:

Wow! Callin' me out haha.
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:44pm KP:

OMG! Where's mine!
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:45pm KP:

Listen to Meghan, I made a mix cd with pizza guys
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 2:46pm steve:

Todd, you are an inspiration
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:47pm Cheri Pi:

Doug can eat a bag of country *i*k*
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:47pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 2/25/14 2:48pm KP:

This is Doug. Any messages for me?
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:48pm AP Mike:

I still can't believe Todd-o-phonic Todd mentioned Bruce Gates, a Bayonne icon.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 2:49pm Chingadera Con Queso:

I donated so you can tell more people to listen to another station if they don't like it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 2/25/14 2:49pm common:

love cisco pike!
  Tue. 2/25/14 2:54pm KP:

  Tue. 2/25/14 2:55pm Sissophonic Cheryl:

Going out to Guapo Grande!
Avatar Tue. 2/25/14 2:57pm Cheri Pi:

did someone say BEERS[ies]???
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