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Playlist for 27 November 2013 Options | Latex Toejam

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Bob Dylan  Idiot Wind   Options Blood on the Shmata 
People Like Us  Break Me, Break My Horse   Options Don't Think Right, It's All Twice 
*   0:07:51 ()
The Carla Bley Band  Drinking Music   Options European Tour 1977 
  0:12:07 ()
Fred Lane with Ron Pate's Debonairs  Rubber Room   Options From the One That Cut You 
  0:17:34 ()
Khlam  Every Night   Options Sverkh Novy Hund Sverkh Russkie 
  0:24:03 ()
Kim Fowley  Inner Space Discovery   Options Outrageous 
  0:32:42 ()
Workshop  Pillow Junction   Options Self-Titled 
  0:37:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Sis   Options Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's show      0:41:16 ()
Sudden Infant  Dies Irae   Options Psychotic Einzelkind 
  0:50:03 ()
Tuxeedomoon  Holiday for Plywood   Options Desire / No Tears 
  0:56:21 ()
Brown Whornet  Sweaty Freddy   Options Radio Ablum (sic) 
  1:01:14 ()
People Like Us  Crazy   Options Don't Think Right, It's All Twice 
*   1:05:17 ()
Sonic Youth  Superstar   Options  
  1:07:52 ()
Floaters  Float On, Ivy with Molly Roth   Options  
  1:12:00 ()
Go Home Productions  Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Your Everything?   Options  
  1:18:28 ()
Badfinger  Day After Day   Options Straight Up 
  1:21:00 ()
Strawberry Switchblade  Since Yesterday   Options       1:26:26 ()
Nina Simone / Postal Service  Little Girl Blue   Options Verve Remixed 3 
  1:26:56 ()
Nigo  Monster   Options  
  1:32:09 ()
Buttress O'Kneel  Girls Keep Swinging   Options Applied Metapop 
  1:35:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger 
        1:39:03 ()
The Late Bronze Age  Rehearsals for Fainting (Been False Accused)   Options Outside Looking Out 
  1:46:14 ()
Tino Contreras  Santo   Options  
  1:50:10 ()
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Walk Like a Giant   Options Psychedelic Pill 
  1:56:57 ()
Dash Rip Rock  Stairway to Freebird   Options  
  2:12:22 ()
Television  Aint That Nuthin'   Options Live at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco July 21, 1982 
  2:14:13 ()
Wooden Shjips  These Shadows   Options Back to Land 
*   2:20:28 ()
Jim Noir  Tower of Love   Options Title Track 
  2:31:35 ()
Tipsy  Nude on the Moon   Options Trip Tease: The Seductive Sounds of Tipsy 
  2:35:08 ()
William DeVaughan  Be Thankful For Cutting up a Chicken   Options  
  2:38:54 ()
Matmos  For The Trees (Return)   Options The Civil War      2:47:23 ()
The Teletubbies  Animals   Options       2:52:51 ()
Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animal   Options  
  2:54:37 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 6:26am Ken:

Guten Tag, pre-dawn playlist people!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 7:43am groucho:

Hello pre dawn folk. I'm from lunchtime. I'm eating Scampi. It's nice.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 7:49am People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:15am groucho:

youdoo or D.I.Y!
  Wed. 11/27/13 8:17am FF(:

Hola tutti und Goodjour povo!

I'm feeling international today.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:23am Ken From Hyde Park:

I assume this morning's programming will feature lots of barking turkey songs? Need the link to the barking turkey generator.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:27am Ken:

Vicki! Im listening to the new record right now!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:35am People Like Us:

oh good!
  Wed. 11/27/13 8:36am FF(:

Ken, please tell us about the aftermath of the FBI call you received last week. I know you are some sort of International Conspiracy Radio Man based on the fact that the CIA followed you around in Russia, but a Domestic Radioist Threat?!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:40am Ken:

f0f0 they never called back. I never did find out what that was about! It was some kind of telephonic phishing scam I think.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:42am People Like Us:

I wish that chicken's bum would go away
  Wed. 11/27/13 8:43am FF(:


Nov 29 – LONDON
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:46am People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:46am People Like Us:

yay! The chicken bum went away!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:47am People Like Us:

I wish for... I wish for...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:50am Ken:

what do you wish for vicki?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:56am People Like Us:

a big fluffy BUNNY dressed like Dick Whittington with little shoes with buckles and a felt hat with a feather in it
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 8:59am People Like Us:

failing that, some money please
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:00am FF(:


Yeah, chances are that it was a phony FBI call. But if it was a real one...I don't know but if I were you I'd encrypt all my giffery collection. Too many animated butts is a crime in New Jersey, I think.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:01am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Israel,World, Milky Way):

Hi Ken
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:02am davex:

That was a smooth transition - no Hatikvah today...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:02am Cheri Pi:

I wish my lunch could talk to me from the future, I'm thinking it has to be curry today.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:03am Roberto:

Ken not messin' 'round today!
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:05am FF(:

Nowadays when a radio show starts with a Bod Dylan song you kind of google to check his mortality status.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:05am Roberto:

...except with the turntable speed
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:05am Listener Mike D.:

KEN!!! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SAVING MY LOST iPhone at the Record Fair Friday night. WINGED MONKEY 4 LIFE!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:06am thedunkel:

Merry Turkey Ken!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:06am Roberto:

I think he's trying to sync it up with the accordion toilet guy jiff.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:07am Roberto:

We are indeed eeyidiots.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:08am Guido (Cologne):

Guten Tag Herr Freimann?
Gibt es eine zulässige Geschwindigkeit? (Is there a vilid speed?)
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:08am p.moss:

Amazing transition
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:09am p.moss:

Did somebody say BOD DYLAN??
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:10am common:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:10am People Like Us:

Blob Dylan
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:11am FF(:

Sorry, I meant to say Butt Dylan. Er..Bob Dylan.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:11am Guido (Cologne):

Left channel is Bert Kaempfert.
Main tune as well.
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:12am p.moss:

Bod Dylan is my stripper name now
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:12am Sem Chumbo:

Stranger in my night mare. Got it.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:13am mauri:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:15am Roberto:

Is the sexy horse jiff a reverse image of someone wearing a sweatshirt that says "TUMS" or a forward image of someone wearing a sweatshirt that says "SMUT" with a reverse S?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:17am dale:

hello bon vivants and ne'er do wells. ken, wondering if you have a special version of alice's restaurant. you know - special. like you do. maybe a klahm cover?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:18am thedunkel:

Someone call Louis 'Blod Dylan' Theroux - he needs to make a documentary on how ken finds his gifs
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:19am Polk Biggins:

Guten morgen Ken, everyone. I am Corporate Wage-Slave Boy.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:19am Roberto:

This is the French Toast Man guy right?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:20am Green Mountain Man Mark:

Hey, fuckers!! And I mean that endearingly.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:21am Sem Chumbo:

Count me endeared, GMMK.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:21am BDR:

Just finished listening to Sue's show from this morning, dying to know, who's going in that slot while she's taking a break?
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:21am Fuckers:

Aw, shucks!
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:22am p.moss:

Powdered toast man?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:22am Roberto:

Leave everything to me! No, French Toast Man. Totally different.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:23am dale:

did he say 'latex toejam?'
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:23am Cory:

I'm super-pumped about Mr. Dave Hill coming to Tuesday nights.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:23am Roberto:

So evacuate your bowels and have a hot lunch and don't be late for school!
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:25am p.moss:

Baby seals have what?
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:26am Turkey:

Hey, WTF is going on around here? Where did everybody go?
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:26am FF(:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:26am Ken:

He DID say latex toejam Dale, what of it?!!

Me too Cory! he is a funny and talented guy.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:26am bobdoesthings:

AHH! Made it just in time for Khlam!!!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:26am davex:

This one sounds like Auktyon, but even drunker.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:26am Marcel M:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:27am thedunkel:

!!KHLAM!! with cranberry sauce
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:27am Jeezy:

Ah, picked the perfect day to sleep in ....
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:27am dale:

nothin' ken - now i know what to ask for at xmas
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:28am Guido (Cologne):

@davex: you mean old Soviet undergrounders?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:29am Jeezy:

Especially since my boss accidentally ate a weed infused chocolate bar last night. He is NOT in a good mood!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:29am davex:

@Guido, yes, e.g.:
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:31am Polk Biggins:

@Jeezy "accidentally"
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:31am Lizardner Dave:

Good that Ken played "Idiot Wind" because now there's no chance anything from Dylan's Christmas album gets played today.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:31am fred von helsing:

i've got happy feet !
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:32am Guido (Cologne):

... allright, I see ...
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:32am Emile:

Damn this is good Khlam!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:33am Polk Biggins:

Thinking of a title for a potential Digital Age memoir, "Just Looking For The 'Unsubscribe' Button"
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:35am Ken:

Polk: better would be "searching for the unsubscribe button"
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:35am Planet Tyler:

You got some Lucia Pamela there somewhere Ken?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:36am kim (germland):

move or not move ? damn gif
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:36am Guido (Cologne):

"the main office of imperial records has the answer!"
... Kim when he still had a voice ...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:37am Cheri Pi:

It's not moving now Kim, unless I click on it. very weird. Maybe Gif-master Ken can assist.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:38am kim (germland):

thanks cherri
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:39am Ken:

which GIF you talkin bout Kim/Cheripi?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:39am amanda c:

this morning's playlist fits nicely with the rainy weather. i dig it.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:40am Cheri Pi:

Kim's profile gif, it was moving earlier now it has stalled.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:40am kim (germland):

hey ken, my avatar gif
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:40am Guido (Cologne):

Guess Kim's gif is not looped but only one rune of the frames.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:40am fred:

@Ken: Kim's avatar doesn't loop
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:41am davex:

@kim: Your gif is looping on your profile page.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:42am kim (germland):

only twice
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:43am Sam:

Ken, are you the eggman? Are you the walrus?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:43am Cheri Pi:

That Workshop song was great BTW
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:44am davex:

@kim: And now not at all. Strange...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:44am Roberto:

Yes. Please continue.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:44am davex:

Anger management? Works for me...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:45am Guido (Cologne):

  Wed. 11/27/13 9:45am Brendan:

Hello Junction, hello Ken... Junction I believe you've met Ken
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:45am amanda c:

tuberculosis for all!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:46am Green Mountain Man Mark:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:46am Dave B:

Morning Ken and Krew!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:48am Ken:

Kim, throw that GIF away and try another. Just like my Grandpappy used to say, Some GIFs dont loop.
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:48am Brendan:

There's a good Edward g Robinson movie about the guy go discovered TB
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:48am Guido (Cologne):

Sandy Nelson meets the creature from outer space.
But handsum!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:49am Guido (Cologne):

... i mean handspun ...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:49am kim (germland):

ken, it did loop earlier
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:50am Dave B:

Ken - I forgot to send you this GIF.

It's a "twerkry"

Happy Thanksgiving
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:51am SeanG:

holy moly!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:53am thedunkel:

!nice ken!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:54am Ken:

Interesting Kim. Another GIF or browser or resizer steered it wrong I guess. Try another.
  Wed. 11/27/13 9:55am Brendan:

How how how ... Zz top vibe
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:55am fred von helsing:

@daveB harsh :)
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:57am kim (germland):

yes ken, i'll try later, thanks all
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 9:59am Irene Trudel:

Truly disturbing, Dave B! I'm thankful that Ken has other GIFs up that can distract me from that image.

Speaking of Thankful, I'm truly thankful for Ken, Liz B, Scott, Brian, Jeff, Andrea, Tony and all the WFMU crew, and especially for WFMU itself. Where would my sanity be without you all?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:01am Dr. Goot:

Good Morning. Love the Creepy Red Carpet GIF.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:01am Ken:

Dave B, I saw that online and I passed because I A<M NOT A MONSTER.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:02am Thefan:

and I've long been thankful for Irene!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:03am Green Mountain Man Mark:

I got a couple of guinea fowl from a friend. Was planning to eat them for Thanksgiving but family things blew up and not happening with parents and other family. Just me and my awesome wife and kid. And very cool mother in-law. So I think I am going keep those guineas alive. They are very beautiful birds. But probably very delicious.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:04am dale:

this brown whornet feller has me clenching my you know what
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:06am Planet Tyler:

I step away for a moment and miss a yard on GIFs? Jeesh
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:06am Planet Tyler:

Yes I mean a yard of comments
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:08am amanda c:

i LOVE sonic youth's cover of this song! haven't heard it in so long!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:09am Green Mountain Man Mark:

Me too
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:12am Andy Plants:

Thank you ken
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:14am Brendan:

I hope this person does not own a firearm
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:15am pierre:

Bonjour Ken and listeners
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:15am FF(:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:15am Cheri Pi:

Thankful this year for my Gif that loops.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:16am Roberto:

More Bickle plz
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:17am pierre:

ça va les amis ? :)
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:18am davex:

Oui, ça va, merci! Et toi?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:18am amanda c:

i have a succulent on my desk that looks like it's slowing dying. someone told me they were hard to kill, but i have faith that i'll manage to kill this plant by the end of the year.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:18am Green Mountain Man Mark:

I today thought of a good idea. You know how they have tobacco shops? Well, they should have alcohol, tobacco and fire arm stores. And instead of an Indian statue they should have a real live Indian. A drunk one with a fire arm and wearing a t-shirt that says homeland security.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:18am pierre:

ça peut aller, mah, I've been away too long on the comment board… way … too… long…
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:18am Sam:

Don't kill it, that would succ.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:19am People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:19am fred von helsing:

whoa what planet is this
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:19am Sem Chumbo:

Pierre, pas mal du tout.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:20am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:21am Green Mountain Man Mark:

It would be neat to have fire arms. The ability to shoot fire out of your arms would be awesome.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:22am pierre:

but, hey, WFMU is like best friend, you can not see each other for a time and then, you know that it'll be like yesterday…
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:23am Andrew Waterloo:

I think it would be much better if we considered a man with 'firearms' to be someone nice to have around when you're lighting a bbq.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:23am Ken:

Mark, you should stay far away from firearms.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:23am amanda c:

punny sam
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:23am Sam:

This song was playing in the elevator of the hotel that Tony Soprano thought he was in when he was in a coma.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:23am James in ATL:

I love this song. For many years as a kid I thought this was the Beatles.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:23am davex:

@pierre: Well put.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:24am Sam:

Just before it cut to him looking out the window with Annie Lennox music.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:24am Ken:

Sam, I worked one summer at that hotel. Poolside.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:25am Ken:

James, not far off - George Harrison played and co-produced that track.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:26am tonyb:


is that barry white/beach boys mash
on one of your premiums?

  Wed. 11/27/13 10:26am Sam:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:29am Cheri Pi:

Pierre I was thinking about you this morning, and now here you are!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:29am Ken:

Tony B - haha Im not sure!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:29am davex:

Ken: I feel my anger slowly dissipating, thanks!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:30am People Like Us:

it is
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:31am pierre:

@Cheri PI : so was I ! :)
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:32am Jive Turkey:

Hi everyone. Sorry I'm late. For some reason a guy was trying to lure me to a stump. Then he chased me with an axe. Go figure ....
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:33am FF(:

Je e' bon!!! E toilette? (that would be 'I'm allright, and you?'). Excuse my poor French.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:33am Green Mountain Man Mark:

Firearmman would be a great super hero.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:34am Green Mountain Man Mark:

Like spiderman shoots webs out of his arms firearmman shoots fire out of his arms.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:35am Ken:

These are perfectly fine things tio THINK about, Mark.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:35am FF(:

Can this hero swim?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:36am Dr. Goot:

Sweet Bowie Track!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:36am Dr. Goot:

ha ha!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:37am Roberto:

Boys get cats too.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:37am Dr. Goot:

what? -
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:38am amanda c:

you should play "touch me i'm sick" since you have tb.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:38am tonyb:



al gori, who ran the merry-go-round at the record fair was in search of a copy.

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:38am davex:

Ken: How about a WFMU anger-management stream?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:39am Roberto:

oh my...that last jiff is going to force me to sign off. some of us are at the office today...
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:39am preacher man:

Dearly beloved .... We are gathered here
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:39am preacher man:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:40am Dave B:

Roberto - it's "art"
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:43am earrie:

re: Plantae - What's Lamarck got to do with it?
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:43am pierre:

@ff(: your french is always welcome here
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:45am FF(:

Aww..Merci beecup.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:45am Guido (Cologne):

Einzelkind : Child with no siblings
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:49am Sam:

Ok....THIS is fucking hilarious
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:52am FF(:

Trino y el Santo!

Let's see if someone here gets that.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:52am Brendan:

Take 5 for a bathroom break ken. I'll cover the board for u.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:54am Ike:

Beep beep!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:54am common:

you've outdone yourself today, ken!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:54am egal:

So this is where Manzarek got the riff for Light my Fire.
  Wed. 11/27/13 10:55am paula pc:

ken how can you leave us alone with this -- I'm scared
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:56am Green Mountain Man Mark:

I was thinking about making moonshine. But with my fire arms I am afraid about accidentally blowing up the still and causing huge damage to me, my fire arms, and to all loved ones and friends nearby.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:56am Ike:

YES! It's the stalling tape! My favorite!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:56am Guido (Cologne):

No, Light my Fire was ripped off a pre Strawberry Alarmclock-single (Theee sixpence)
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:56am Polk Biggins:

Thank you, HAL. Can I have some coffee?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:57am KP:

Hello, Ken.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 10:59am Skirkie:

Hi ho.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:00am Green Mountain Man Mark:

It is time for my medicine! Every day at 11:00.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:05am Emile:

I know it is meant to be a bathroom-break tune but this Neil Young tune is awesome...
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:06am amanda c:

neil young is my spirit animal
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:07am Ken:

It's my new favorite 16 minute long song, Emile! No more "Freebird" live for me!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:09am Dave B:

Curious - what are the specs for animated avatars (size/bitdepth/dimensions)?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:09am Polk Biggins:

@amanda c I think the civet is my spirit animal
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:10am amanda c:

i just had to google what a civet was.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:13am jan:

Ken- would you consider playing more of the breaking bad music?
I heard this great tune by Ana Tijoux that I'd like to hear again.There were many other tracks on the show that seemed well chosen.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:14am Roberto:

OK had to pop back in to comment -- two overplayed and overrated songs that go great together!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:14am KP:

What about "Free Bird/Baby I Love Your Way"?
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:14am FF(:

My spirit animal is Ms McWiggan's labrador.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:16am Skirkie:

I just bought a Television live at the Old Waldorf LP over the weekend though from like '78.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:17am FF(:

But hold on..what is a spirit animal?
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:19am Brendan:

If stairway and Freebird are played in a forest and no one is around , do they really make a sound? Anybody's guess but I bet the next day the trees are all fallen over and there are beer bottles strewn
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:19am Green Mountain Man Mark:

I think they mean spirit anal. Not sure. Don't know where the animal part of it came about. But I am pretty sure it is spirit anal. supposed to be.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:19am KP:

Television opens new Rough Trade venue/store Friday-Saturday in bkn. They only announced shows last week. No Richard Lloyd/
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:22am FF(:

Ooooh..Talking about Stairway..

Here's the reversed version of the video of the Dutch man singing 'Stairway to St. Paul's' played here last week:
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:22am Cheri Pi:

The Shjips have a distinct The Clean feel right here.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:25am pierre:

I agree Cheri Pi, going to see them live in Paris this week :)
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:25am xoe:

Thanks for the great music. I have had trouble getting out of bed these past few days, but you've got me up and be-bopping around.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:25am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

Just clicked to favorite this song. Feeling kinda weird as this is not the show that I usually do that.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:26am KP:

Wooden Shjips starting to sound like Wooden Ships.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:26am Dave B:

  Wed. 11/27/13 11:26am Brendan:

Greetings stargazers
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:27am Jack Horkheimer:

What? Am I on now?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:27am Skirkie:

I'm here in Philly already because I was promised a weather apocalypse. Nothing is happening. I cleaned up cat puke.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:28am Brendan:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:28am tidalene:

Everyone else beat me to the Star Hustler references. RIP Jack.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:28am Brendan:

Rip jack
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:29am Brendan:

This not my big Cadillac
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:29am Cheri Pi:

Oh I'm so jealous Pierre, I've never seen them.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:29am LJ:

"Be Thankful for What You've Got" by Love maybe?
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:30am FF(:

pierre, come to London to see PLU too!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:30am amanda c:

ken sounds super depressed today. but, in my opinion, the music selection has never been better.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:30am SeanG:

cracking me up Ken
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:31am Ike:

Ken, don't keep us in suspense. Are you pregnant? Also, why are you taking a pregnancy test in the first place? Have you been bad?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:31am Sean D. Daily:

I'm learning all kinds of things about you this morning, Ken... things I never wanted to learn and could have lived a long and fruitful life not learning, quite frankly...
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:33am FF(:

Tower of Love is on da house !!! Actually this song reminds me of pierre and/or Paris. Classy, sophisticated, cool chic. I love this song.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:37am Guido (Cologne):

MONSTERS on the plate!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:38am Andrew Waterloo:

This Tipsy album will forever be associated with walking in winter storms for me.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:38am Sam:

Did Tipsy and Wobbly ever work together?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:39am Matt W:

Here's another turkey GIF
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:41am paulWCBN:

why i'm thankful for being vegetarian
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:41am Dan B From Upstate:

My ears... I wish I wasn't listening on earbuds!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:43am Guido (Cologne):

I feel right in the inside of a raw chicken.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:44am p.moss:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:46am groucho:

I'm not crazy if i'm hitting my computer to try and get it to sound better, like an old radio, am I?
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:49am KP:

Do it without getting super drunk.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:50am Skirkie:

Don't tell me what to do.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:50am Mike East:

according to Andy Breckman, hickeys are a Thanksgiving tradition.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:50am egal:

Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:50am Green Mountain Man Mark:

I am a cowboy!
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:50am Parq:

Let them be doctors and lawyers and such. Well, maybe not lawyers.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:51am KP:

Thanks, egal.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:52am Brendan:

Cowboys like puppy dogs and rot hit whiskey and such
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:52am FF(:

Words of a DJ are words of wisdom.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:53am KP:

Not just any DJ ...
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:53am p.moss:

I was at the first bunga bunga party
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:54am Tinky Winky:

Teletubbies- Yaay!
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:54am Brendan:

Rot gut ... Why does stupid iPhone not know rotgut whiskey spelling.
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:55am Brendan:

It can certainly spell latte
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:57am FF(:

That's true KP. Also true is that this show is no more. Hasta la vista baby Ken, PLU, pierre, firearmman hero and my other fellow commenters!

It was a great show today.
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 11:58am KP:

Good day, Ken & all. Happy T-day
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:58am Brendan:

Thanks Mr Ken
  Wed. 11/27/13 11:59am peckedbythedoves:

Love the show !
Avatar Wed. 11/27/13 12:00pm Ken:

Happy Family Daze everybody! Travel safe.
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