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sound not broken, I fixed it... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo mix (CD-R)    
Options Astral Traveling   Pharoah Sanders  "Red Hot, On Impulse" (CD)   0:04:30 )  
Options McKenna   Terence McKenna Vs. Boards Of Canada  Leif Johnson remix (MP3)   0:10:19 )  
Options Wanna Be On Your Mind   Valerie June  stevesampling bootleg remix (MP3) *   0:14:20 )  
Options Invisible Empire   KT Tunstall  "Invisible Empire / Crescent Moon" Lp (CD) *   0:19:07 )  
Options Before We Run   Yo La Tengo  "Fade" (Deluxe Edition) Lp (CD) *   0:22:54 )  
Options Happiness Is A Warm Kitten   Kid 606  "Happiness" Lp (CD) *   0:29:08 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Tune / FMU Locked Groove   Tommy Daly  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   0:32:14 )  
Options I'm Dreaming   People Like Us  "Don't Think Right, It's All Twice" Lp (CD) *   0:36:27 )  
Options California Girls   The Move  "The BBC Sessions" Lp (CD) *   0:39:53 )  
Options Taste   Bardo Pond  "Peace On Venus" Lp (CD) *   0:43:39 )  
Options Never Run Away   Kurt Vile & The Violators  "It's A Big World Out There (And I'm Scared)" Lp (CD) *   0:47:40 )  
Options Busy Doin' Nothin'   Camping  "Caroline Now!" Ep (CD)   0:51:35 )  
Options Submarine Bells   The Chills  "Somewhere Beautiful" Lp (CD) *   0:54:51 )  
Options She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina   The Kinks  "Arthur, or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire" Lp (CD)   0:58:47 )  
Options Aunt Lovey   Calvin Keys  "Black Jazz Radio - with Gilles Peterson" Lp (CD) *   1:02:24 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Here It Comes/ FMU Locked Groove   Freddie Fresh  fxo mix (CD-R)   1:08:46 )  
Options You Keep On Asking Me   Marco Benevento  "Invisible Baby" Lp (CD)   1:13:33 )  
Options Orleans   David Crosby  "If I Could Remember My Name" Lp (CD)   1:20:52 )  
Options Our Prayer   Brian Wilson & Group + Jeff Beck  Live- 10/20/13 (MP3)   1:22:53 )  
Options Child Is The Father Of The Man / Surf's Up   Jeff Beck + Brian Wilson & Group  Live- 10/20/13 (MP3)   1:24:33 )  
Options Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Brush With The Blues   Jeff Beck + Brian Wilson & Group  Live- 10/20/13 (MP3)   1:30:35 )  
Options Rockaliser Baby   The Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band  "The Best of The Bonzo Dog Band" Lp (CD)   1:32:27 )  
Options Parade Of Silliness   Reggie Watts  "A Live in Central Park" Lp (CD) *   1:36:02 )  
Options I'm Bored   The Bonzo Dog (Doo-Dah) Band  "The Best of The Bonzo Dog Band" Lp (CD)   1:41:39 )  
Options Cool Calm Collected   The Rolling Stoves  Alternate Instrumental mix (WAV)   1:44:41 )  
Options Landlord No More   David Greenberger & Shaking Ray Levis  "Tramps That Go Think In The Night" Lp (CD) *   1:48:58 )  
Options J'Accuse (film made by Abel Gance-1919)   Gary Lucas  "Cinefantastique" Lp (CD) *   1:51:58 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Why?... and We Repeat... Why?   Taj Mahal  "Music Keeps Me Together" Lp (Vinyl)   1:58:36 )  
Options Katrina   James Blood Ulmer  "Bad Blood In The City-The Piety Street Sessions" Lp (CD)   2:03:48 )  
Options You Lie   Dr. John  "Locked Down" Lp (CD) *   2:07:30 )  
Options It All Came To Me In A Dream (featuring Blueprint)   RJd2  "More Is Than Isn't" Lp (CD) *   2:11:48 )  
Options Flying   Wiley  "Zen: Ninja Tune/ Big Dada Sampler 2013" compil. Lp (CD) *   2:15:04 )  
Options Aerial   Four Tet  "Beautiful Rewind" Lp (CD) *   2:18:01 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: King For A Day (I Dub Thee Sir Mix)   XTC  12" Ep (Vinyl)   2:24:38 )  
Options The Best Is Yet To Come   Shaheed & DJ Supreme  "Knowledge, Rhythm & Understanding" Lp (CD) *   2:26:36 )  
Options Tonight From NY Intro   Steinski  "Nothing To Fear: A Rough Mix" Lp (CD)   2:30:16 )  
Options Pick-Up   Nat King Cole  "Re-Generations" Lp (CD)   2:32:06 )  
Options It's Just A Move   Oddisee (featuring Bill Hicks)  Leif's remix (MP3)   2:35:34 )  
Options She A Go   DJ Rashad  "Double Cup" Lp (CD) *   2:40:33 )  
Options Time Flies   Porcupine Tree  "The Incident" Lp (CD)   2:44:05 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein (Score by Franz Waxman)" soundtrack Lp (CD)   2:55:44 )  
Options end theme(s)   Alfie Hitchman Vs. Nelson Riddle  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)   2:56:47 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:02am hip:

Love that change of program. Transition from old schedule ;-)
Alleluia, c'mon, get happy!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:03am fxo:

here we sit, it's cold out in Jersey City. Hows bayou?
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:05am hip:

Getting colder but probably not that much back here in Europe-Spain. With a heater under my computer table though. :-)
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:13am fxo:

hola, Sr. hip.
What's the time where you're at?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 6:22am Guido (Cologne):

Good Morning Frank, hello rest of the worldl!

Simply add your local NJ-time:
6 hours for the Central European Time (Spain to Poland)
and 5 hours for UK and Portugal.

0:23 PM; 6° C / 42° F outside, but still dry.
Chances for first snow annouced for this week in Germany.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:26am fxo:

Guido, good afternoon, and thanks for the time zone check, right now.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:33am Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Frank and good morning to you, hello to all. First snow of the year, 0C here.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:37am Davee:

Good Morning!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:40am Davee:

I wish I was dreaming now.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:40am hip:

12:39 now.

Sorry for the delay. I'm absorbed by my (home)work.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:41am hip:

Oh! Guido did it the German way ;-)
Much better. Morgen da! ;-)
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:44am fxo:

Life is but a dream, Davee.
Sem, good morning, stay warm.
hip: I'm hip, as well...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 6:45am Guido (Cologne):

... if I did everything the German way ...
Buenos días Hip!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:46am hip:

:-D Better to mix up different qualities! Mix is max!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 6:48am Guido (Cologne):

... and not forget to stir well!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:55am JD:

morning Frank and fellows.

Is there something wrong with the Left channel. For some reason it's quieter.

Don't think it's my headphones.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 6:56am Guido (Cologne):

STEREO here is allright.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 6:59am fxo:

the mix is all of the above. I'm trying to control the overmodulation. Sometimes it's the artist, sometimes its...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:00am maestroso:

G'morning FXO, listeners. Sounds great here... got a heater under my desk as well...
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:00am hip:

Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:01am fxo:

morning 'stroso. Is that heater loaded?
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:01am JD:

Maybe that's what I need, frosty office this morning in the Kink's London/
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:02am maestroso:

Ha ha, just with hot air...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:03am Guido (Cologne):

"Arthur" seems to become popular aming WFMU-DJs.
This must be a recent re-issue I guess.
Own an older luxury package already, but anyway what has the new one to offer?
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:06am fxo:

Guido, I'm not sure. The Kinks re-release has been out for a few years, with more tracks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:10am Guido (Cologne):

Then it is possibly the same edition as mine.
I just noticed 3 or 4 times "Arthur" in a week to be played on WFMU.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:19am fxo:

just to check, here in Jersey City (EST), the sun's up. Just to czech...
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:26am JD:

Have you listened to the Smile deluxe edition with all the outakes? Interesting in a nerdy way.

`wow only just realised it is a 2013 version...good enough
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:26am Sem Chumbo:

Mother have mercy, from Crosby to BW and Jeff Beck. Lovely change up, that, fxo.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:28am mauri:

Hey Frank! Hey good listeners! oujee!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:29am JD:

a bit sceptical at this point...most of the harmonies are done by The Group
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:31am fxo:

JD: I have the deluxe edition, minus the vinyl. Couldn't afford it. I have an autographed photo, signed by Brian (part of the 'sub'-deluxe package.
Sem: thanks.
Mauri, wazzup?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:33am Guido (Cologne):

... ah I see ... Mingus' tune ... just wondered
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:37am mauri:

All good. locals headman gave free drinks last nite. food time too! some snow in this part of finland at last. Hows it going there the otherside of the puddle?
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:45am Sem Chumbo:

Not enough ukulele and tuba in music these days. Just sayin'.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:49am Guido (Cologne):

main ukulele territory is YouTube!
but tuba?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 7:54am mauri:

ukuleles of halifax - country home. now thats a good cover.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 7:56am Sem Chumbo:

Guido: this is what I call good tuba www.youtube.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 8:05am Guido (Cologne):

Nice Tubas Sem.

Gary Lucas seems worth a try.
(Entry the shopping cart)
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:22am Cheri Pi:

Mornin FxO!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:23am fxo:

backatcha, Ms Pi.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 8:23am common:

morning everybody!
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:24am JD:

"Gonna be f-- onve you smoke that..." what?
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:25am fxo:

morning common, the group sez "hello".
  Mon. 11/25/13 8:29am david from ks:

,,sounds nice MrFrank
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:34am fxo:

thanks, from JC to david from ks
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:40am kat330:

Hi, Frank and fellow Franksters! This time of year leaves me little time for hobnobbing here, but while I'm cookin' or have my hands otherwise engaged, I'll often be listening.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:46am JD:

hello Frank...great show as always.

It's Just A Move   Oddisee (featuring Bill Hicks)  Leif's remix (MP3)  

Is that somewhere on the interwebs?
  Mon. 11/25/13 8:47am Sean in Bristol, UK:

Hey Frank,
Just tuning in and timed it to perfection, Porcupine Tree, lovely
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:47am fxo:

yo kat, happy hollandaize.

JD: I'll never tell.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:49am kat330:

Hi, Sean! Yes, good one this Porcupine Tree!

Thanks, Frank! (BTW, Check my SC this week for another Joni and next, hopefully, a holiday set. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 8:49am Brian in UK:

Hello fxo, computer been out the game for a while, trust all is well with you.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:51am kat330:

Hi, Brian! The UK's well-represented.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:52am Sem Chumbo:

Moment after exciting moment of fine sounds this am, Frank. Never fails to make my morning. See you again next week.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:53am kat330:

Tempus fugit, indeed -- ta-ta t'all
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:53am fxo:

goob afternoon, Sean. How you been?

always to hear from you Brian.
I like the song, but it's sounds a bit like "Floyd-ish".

kat, I'll look forward to it. Send e-mail: fxo@wfmu.org.
  Mon. 11/25/13 8:54am Sean in Bristol, UK:

Hey Kat, how you doin'. Hey Brian and Sem
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 8:55am Guido (Cologne):

the show was just perfect for me.
thanx Frank.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:55am kat330:

@Sean: Busy, busy, busy, but happily so. Hope you are doing well, too.

@Frank: Yes, the driving rhythm backs your ear. And yeah, will do the email.
Avatar Mon. 11/25/13 8:56am fxo:

thanks Sem, et al. I appreciate the comments. You'll hear from me, in a week, with a new webcast. Catch this archived webcast, if you want, in a few hours.
Peace in the valley.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 11/25/13 8:57am Brian in UK:

Hey kat & Sean. Feels like Friday on a Monday. Hey.
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