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Playlist for 23 October 2013 Options | Singles Going Steady 2013: Extended Play

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Artist Song Comments Approx. start time
Donovan  The Hurdy Gurdy Man   Options
0:00:00 ()
Prisonshake  Eisbär   Options
0:11:03 ()
Vogel  Arschloch   Options
0:14:05 ()
The Original Sins  Sugar Sugar   Options
0:17:27 ()
Daniel Johnston & Yo La Tengo  Speeding Motorcycle   Options

0:20:50 ()
The Pastels  Different Drum   Options
0:24:23 ()
Shirley & Company  Shame Shame Shame   Options
0:27:02 ()
The O'Jays  Love Train   Options
0:30:47 ()
The Osmonds  Crazy Horses at 33   Options

Click for the full size image
0:42:05 ()
      0:43:04 ()
Foom  Them Old Stanky Blues   Options
0:45:03 ()
Lary Seven & Jim Sharpe  Burlap Breaks   Options
0:49:13 ()
Ninian Hawick  Scottish Rite Temple Stomp   Options
0:51:38 ()
Eddie & The Hot Rods  Do Anything You Wanna Do   Options
0:54:29 ()
The Outsiders  Time Wont Let Me   Options
0:57:46 ()
Eddie Murray  Stepping High Blues   Options
1:00:26 ()
Joe Piscopo  I Love Rock and Roll Medley   Options
1:02:39 ()
Clarence Carter  Strokin'   Options
1:05:53 ()
Jimmy Castor Bunch  Troglodyte   Options
1:11:04 ()
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Magic   Options
1:22:14 ()
Inflateable Boy Clams  Skeletons   Options
1:26:37 ()
Harry Merry  Village Life in 1905   Options
1:30:04 ()
The Beach Boys  Here Today (backing track)   Options
1:33:08 ()
Rebby Sharp  Hollow Earth   Options
1:36:15 ()
Juanito Wau! One Mouth Band  Reverb Pool / Porron Beat!!!   Options
1:39:55 ()
Jud Jud  Side A Juds   Options
1:44:59 ()
Jimmy Riddle  Yakety Eeph   Options
1:49:01 ()
Wayne Butane  Dead Monkey Arcade   Options
1:50:35 ()
Rosko  Where Are You, Mama?   Options
1:55:14 ()
Jimmy  Spin the Bottle   Options
2:02:35 ()
Terry Jacks  Put the Bone In   Options

Click for the full size image
2:05:32 ()
Bobby Bare  Quaaludes Again   Options   2:07:57 ()
Phil Baugh  One Man Band   Options
2:10:17 ()
Musical Linn Twins  Rockin Out The Bloues   Options
2:12:25 ()
The Fugs  Kill For Peace   Options
2:14:36 ()
Heino  Blau Bluht der Enzian   Options
2:16:31 ()
Hall and Oates  Maneater (45 @ 33)   Options
2:20:46 ()
George Clinton  Atomic Dog   Options
2:26:55 ()
Hot Chocolate  You Sexy Thing   Options
2:30:43 ()
The Funktionaries  Deutschland Uber Disco   Options
2:34:04 ()
Ravi Harris and the Prophets  Thunderbird, Part One   Options
2:38:51 ()
Grant Green  Afro Party   Options
2:42:40 ()
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings  This Land Is Your Land   Options
2:46:29 ()
Various  Border Radio Flexidisc   Options
2:55:58 ()
Wendy Mae Chambers  Star Spangled Banner   Options
3:00:16 ()
Elmo Tanner  Whispering   Options
3:12:18 ()
Heino  Irgendwnn Sind All Gleich   Options
3:13:59 ()
Falco  Helden Von Heute   Options   3:16:46 ()
Girls at our Best  Politics   Options

Click for the full size image
3:20:52 ()
Au Pairs  It's Obvious   Options

Click for the full size image
3:23:42 ()
Art Bears  Rats and Monkeys   Options
3:29:25 ()
John Dowie  British Tourist (I Hate the Dutch)   Options

Click for the full size image
3:33:04 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 6:04am Ken:

Welcome to the pre-show, early risers!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 6:27am jeremy:

Greetings and calculations
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 6:50am jeremy:

Ken, in the event of an emergency, where is the nearest exit?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 7:02am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

((((( 4 ◯⃝ 5 )))))


Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 7:06am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...she's - erm - fond of the Blues
...follows the Left Hand Path...
  Wed. 10/23/13 7:31am ?:

i would like to request three solid hours of music by Heino. thank you.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 7:55am Ken:

I will see what we have in the way of Heino seven inches.
  Wed. 10/23/13 8:02am ?:

how about some singles by Hall & Oates? they had plenty of hits!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:16am Ken:

Found a Heino single, alas, there were no Hall and Oates singles. But in the "H" bin, I also found Ravi Harris and Hank IV!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:22am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Hank I - Kewl !!
Hank II
Hank III - Kewl.
Hank IV - ??...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:23am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...anything groovy by Rolf Shankar - ?...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:34am Station Mgr Ken:

No Rolf Shankar, but Shirley & Company and Rebby Sharp, YES!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...despite his opiate tolerance - Ken is mighty fond of the 'H' bin...

- My Horsie loves Haulin' Oats - esp. 'How Does it Feel to Be Back' - thinks it'd make a great cover for a guitar pop band...he does talk a blue streak...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:55am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Highway to Hell?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 8:57am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that's three 'H's in one...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:01am Jeezy:

What? Preshow commentary?!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:01am egal:

Sounds best at the wrong speed.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:02am Irene Trudel:

Slow Donovan!!! Are we going to be treated to 3 hours of slow 45s?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:02am Jeezy:

Sounds like Dono's having trouble waking up today, too...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:02am Mark S:

Hey is this slowed down?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:03am Aaron in Minneapolis:

You betcha Bootstraps Irene, and no your just high Mark
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:03am Sem Chumbo:

45's on 33 1/3rd: OK!
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:03am 3 toed sloth:

Sounds fine to me.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:04am Roberto:

This rocks at any speed.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:04am DCE:

nice and slow, man
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:04am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...myself isn't over here is it - ?!?

...urban myths as I've received them: Written for Hendrix (as was 'Sunshine of Your Love') - or *about* him, should say - or in reaction to him, what have you - ftrg. Jeff Beck & most of LEd Zeppelin....
...Slowed down, DJs don't have to change them quick 45s so foten...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

When I was a kid and still interested in such things, I have a tape recoreded off of the radio of Howard Stern singing Hurdy Gurdy Man at this speed.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:05am SeanG:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:05am Mark S:

That's what I thought
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:05am common:

oh yes.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:05am Ken From Hyde Park:

How come the off-speed records are played slow all the time? If you play them too fast, do you have to send payments to The Chipmunks?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:07am Jeezy:

Ah Howard... i myself had some on-air episodes back in the day with him as a mere lad! Has anyone heard the hilarious new disruption he has brought to the pro golf world?!
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:07am F◣F◣ (:

Good morning Ken and other early birds!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:07am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...if they're slow - does Satan get payments? Oprah?...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:07am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Alvin in a bitch with royalties man
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:08am Ken:

Mornin everybody!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:08am Ken From Hyde Park:

I thought Satan got the payments for the backwards songs.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:08am allan in germany:

some scratchy ones would be nice
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:09am diabetic dave:

How about a favorite if mine

William basinski "a red score in the tile"

You don't have to play the whole 45 minutes of it 10 good minutes of it will do
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:09am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Oprah then...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:10am Ken:

Everybody see that cow and dog over there to the left? The cow is $1 away from a MOO. Just sayin. ONE DOLLAR.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:10am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...45 minutes is a '45'...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:10am Sem Chumbo:

Hope is an egg with wings.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:10am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Ken cant listen have to be out the door to go to KFAI to interview some cat about Low Power FM coming to the Twin Cities area, best of luc
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:12am Asheville Jon:

Nice to hear the Original Sins on the radio. Not their best single, but hey, whatever.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:12am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...still listening to this stuff
- & still Single. Yup - works...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:12am Mark S:

Brother JT
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:13am Asheville Jon:

ah, the good old days of seeing The Sins at the Funhouse...........
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:13am diabetic dave:

The upgrade to iOS 7.0.3 made the FMU app crash on startup.

The app builder has some bugs to squash

Pass it along
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:15am Robert:

Ken from Hyde, as a child did you enjoy as I did playing 33 or 45 records at 78?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:15am KOTJ:

Sugar Sugar was sweet!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:16am Sem Chumbo:

So, twiddling a 45 on your fingers is a thing now?
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:16am Robert:

How much to make Mu Cow tip over on back & kick legs ecstatically in air?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:17am Ken:

Alright Chris! Thanks for making that bovine sucker bend and moo! My eleven stomachs thank you.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:17am egal:

dave: the app works for me after the upgrade.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:17am dale:

we had a grasshoppers rekkid, precurser to chipmunks. played it at 16 and it sounded like a barbershop quartet
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:17am Okasa:

Good Morning Count Ken, and a Good Morning to his coven of audio/visual slaves.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:18am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

dale: Have you not heard the slowed down crickets thing? Check last week's of this Program!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:19am Jeezy:

Wow those 50's style boobs with rotating 45 are surprisingly arousing...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:19am Ken From Hyde Park:

@Robert - I'm pretty sure that once we saw the chipmunks on TV, we sped up whatever we had in our collection.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:20am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: could probably play 78s w/ that pointy bra Madonna had...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:20am Andrew Waterloo:

@Jeezy, yes that is one fully reround 45.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:20am dale:

i still have our chipmunks doing beatles hits somewhere.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:20am dale:

i still have our chipmunks doing beatles hits somewhere.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:21am ?:

Killer Banksy gif!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:21am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...she'd open her mouth - & out would come real singing for a change ! - har har...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:21am Rev. Turnip Druid:

As confessed in J.Allen's show, I'm hoping to get my heart on (so to speak) by next week. I wanna see this performance space become a reality. WITH THOSE SOLID GOLD BATHROOMS WE WERE PROMISED.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:21am diabetic dave:

Potato chips
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:22am Robert:

Dale, I remember my joy as a child the 1st time Daddy recorded me on the Webcor at, uh, 3.75" (?) inches/sec and played it back at 7.5 when I realized that was how Chipmunk records were made. I must've been 4-5 YO.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:23am diabetic dave:

And orange juice doesn't make for a good breakfast
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:25am Robert:

I miss Kamikaze Diane's (or maybe another DJ's) weekly playing of a Slow 45. And which afternoon DJ used to play an entire half hour or hour of Backwards Symphony or Concert?
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:25am paulWCBN:

not used to hearing this song now without david lee roth
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:26am SeanG:

the Cain Train
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:26am Sem Chumbo:

Isn't "Rubberband Man" the natural companion to "Love Train?"
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:26am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...*Somewhere* in the FakeBeatles Blog there's Chipmunks :
...*you* find it!...I gotta Show here to dig...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:27am KOTJ:

Slow Rider
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:27am fred von helsing:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:29am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...good job w/ the train & van dood !
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:29am Okasa:

If one were to rank boobies by decade, the 50's must be at the top of the list. Mamie Van Doren!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:29am common:

love the slow rider. this sounds even stranger now. the 128k aint workin for me so i'm doing the 32k. sounds like everything is in a metal bucket.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:30am paulWCBN:

JIMMY! and PLU! and Terry Jacks! and slow Crazy Horses!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:30am common:

crazy horses at 33!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:31am Jeezy:

Ken! Aren't "Up on the Sun" and "You didn't have to be So Nice" amongst the songs with great emotional resonance to you as well?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:32am egal:

Cosmic Ken.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:32am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

..Osmonds truthfully Church of the Anti-Chipmunks...'Different Drum' actually written by a Chipmonkee...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:33am jeremy:

background music is really trippy
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Medical Disclaimer: Barry White backwards is no guarantee against pregnancy or STDS...altho' should be...
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:35am diabetic dave:

I hope not the "why can't we be friends" single, please NO.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:35am Mike East:

I was gonna guess Theme from Shaft...which is kinda close
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:35am Roberto:

Crankin' it UP
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

\M/_ (>L < 2))) -\M/
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:37am Ken:

Come on all you heartless bastards, make a pledge to our imaginary october fundraiser and get me to 70% - station's not even at 50% yet and there is just a week to go...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:37am common:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:39am Roberto:

Nipple clamps 'n' glue!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:39am Mike East:

check is in the mail, ken <3
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:39am Ken From Hyde Park:

I like where this is going (Foom).
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:40am dale:

gave my allotted love to hearty white this go round. i'm just a sucker for match game reenactments
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...nipple clamps...*&* glue...hmm...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:40am Roberto:

No way, Roberto is the king. Cheeks down.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:41am Ken:

Thanks Mike, thanks Dale! I heard that match game thang last night! incredible.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:42am common:

$ in nov. ken. sorry.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:42am diabetic dave:

I'd give but I still have my insulin to pay for this month
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:42am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:42am Roberto:

That gif's grammar is incredibly evil.
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:43am diabetic dave:

How about the "yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tummy" single
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: *that's* the kinda Bangkok tricks ahm talkin' about...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:47am Sem Chumbo:

Cloaca ping pong.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:51am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Outsniders !
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

Off they go to visit the Ministry of Silly Walks.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:56am Roberto:

Trying to get a bathroom break in here but it's nearly impossible.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:56am Mike Noble:

@Ken, did you see us discussing radio boss salaries on facebook late last night? i thought I should make a good ol' embezzlement joke, but I went safer with a reference to Breckmanian jealousy.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:57am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: see - budgets for Silly Walks just aren't what they used to be...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:58am Listener Bryan (the Professor):

Good God this medley is amazing.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:58am fred von helsing:

Joe Piscopo ? I tawt you wuz dead !
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

54% now....inching up. Good work!
  Wed. 10/23/13 9:59am jack:

fabulous medley, funny
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 9:59am Roberto:

That's it. I'm just going to go right here at my desk.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:00am amanda c:

i'm way too busy at work to comment, but i had to just say that ken is killing it today! i love singles week!
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:01am Listener Beverly:

Strokin' is prominently featured in the movie "Killer Joe".
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:02am Roberto:

Sounds as if Clarence is inching up as well.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:02am Jeezy:

This song is in very poor taste. Disappointed in you, Ken.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:04am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that's 45 r.p.m. for his 7"...what?? - what did I say - ??...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:04am Ike:

"Strokin'" is too NSFW even though I listen w/earbuds at work. Also it's TSFW (Too Silly For Work).
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:05am KOTJ:

Sock it to me.
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:05am Ralphine:

I just missed Strokin'. Did Clarence say "shit"?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:05am People Like Us:

PLU&Ergo Withers In The Waking
Stock, Hausen & Walkmen Buy Me/Sue Me
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:06am Ken:

Yeah, Strokin' is a big timeless hit in the south, but not up here.
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:06am Ralphine:

We like "Patches" down here, too.
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:07am Sam:

I will sock it to you, oh dark master.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:07am Andrew Waterloo:

Strokin' was pretty popular in Northern Ontario
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:08am Ike:

OTOH, today's GIFs are freaking amazing. Especially the Banksy one. Now that's art.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:08am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I thot this was the Bar-Kays! - must've seen Wattstax too much...
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:09am SLHalper:

Wow- haven't heard Bertha Butt since grade school. Would've scared the hell out of me at this speed. Shades of Tubular Bells...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:09am MD:

  Wed. 10/23/13 10:11am ?:

Hey PLU!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:11am Ken From Hyde Park:

You're going to need plenty of GIF files for that matter, too.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:11am Listener Bryan (the Professor):

Wait, people complain about noise on WFMU?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:12am People Like Us:

The Stock, Hausen and Walkmen is a LOCKED GROOVE Ken
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:13am Douglas:

born bad
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:15am People Like Us:

oh look
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:15am slater:

They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! by Napoleon XIV
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:17am Michael:

'Does anyone need more help than Piscopo?'---prophetic.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:19am Ken:

Another $26 pledge will make that number move to 55% - anybody?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:20am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: this the Stereolab soundtrack to 'My Little Pony' - ?...
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:20am Michael:

I could never make out many of the words in the second verse of "Scottish Rite Temple Stomp" ('...mouth/Loaded up his bagpipes...South/?') from earlier archives; I'm hoping that those were from a CD or previously-encoded MP3, so maybe a session with good headphones and _this_ archive will clear that up.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:22am People Like Us:

I did pledge btw, but I seem to have no <3
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:23am Michael:

Ken: have you tried offering seat plaques in exchange for pledges of a certain amount---if there is any permanent seating? (Incidentally, to me the best moments in "The Yiddish Policeman's Union" were jokes about pledge plaques in unexpected places...not quite 'This iron maiden made possible by a pledge from Jonathan and Malin Hirschfeld' but getting there.)
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:24am Ken:

That's odd Vicki - did you pledge just now?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:25am Wretch:

My feet are living leg ends.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:26am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...*my* magnum opus is 'I Ain' Got No ♡Heart 'til Payday' - a dreadful travesty of a CountrySong from *me*, you may be sure....
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:27am tim from champaign:

Ken, is is true that Chris Christie reconsidered his marriage equality stance because he has fond memories of his intimate moment with you last fall?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:28am People Like Us:

I pledged a couple of nights ago, maybe because I wasn't logged in or something. It doesn't matter anyway, I know I have a <3 :)
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:29am Ken:

Thanks Vicki - I looked it up, I see the issue - will email later.
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:30am Michael:

That gif reads 'Begin! This is Fukuppy.'
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:33am Okasa:

(shameless plug) If you are a fan of Rocky Horror, and/or Hitchcock, and/or The Outer Limits, then there is a page on my site that is for YOU.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show can be seen as an incredible mashup of a classic but obscure Hitchcock film, a classic but obscure Hitchcockian episode of “The Outer Limits”, some fantastic original music, the Frankenstein and Dracula stories, and just a little cross dressing.

Intrigued? Click on my icon to visit my site for all the details. (/shameless plug)
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:34am Okasa:

The winged egg is saying "Nice to meet you. I am Fukuppy".
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:36am Dave B:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& older family members used to berate me for 'fuzzmouth' (the vocal counterpart to air guitar)...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:39am still b/p:

Whut....kinda....Fukuppy is this...?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:39am Jim Devoid:

Haven't heard Jud Jud in years....
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:39am xoe:

Yay!!! Jud Jud!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:40am SeanG:

this is what I needed today
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:40am common:

this is the shit.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Today's Moral: Jud Not that ye be not Judded.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:41am Owlex:

The guitarist for the Juds is simply fantastic
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:41am Jim Devoid:

Oh, the harmonics!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:43am fred von helsing:

  Wed. 10/23/13 10:43am dave:

jud jud b/w eephing. my morning is complete.
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:43am Neg-guh-tor:

Terrence and Phillip!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:44am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...somehow - Benny Hill made it past the Eef C.C. ...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:45am Owlex:

Does anyone know any good songs about the UN or diplomacy in general
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:45am Roberto:

I tried to play the Wayne B. Christmas montage in the car last summer. My family shut me down. There's just no pleasing some people.
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:47am paulWCBN:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:47am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I haven't heard 'Flying Saucer Invasion' - the classic early montage thang - since the 20th Century sometime...
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:50am Neg-guh-tor:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:54am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: we see in this gif - Rothko always achieved much w/ just a few colors...
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:55am Marmalade Kitty:

I pledged with love to JA, but this is really to entire station!
  Wed. 10/23/13 10:56am paulWCBN:

best song
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:56am Ken:

Thank you Marmalade Kitty!!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:58am Dan:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:58am Michele:

Oh Jimmy. So so dark.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 10:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

If you play Kanye West, will he buy the station a nice diamond ring?
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:00am paulWCBN:

cue out of tune backup singers!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:03am ᏠЄႶႶỊѺµЄ:

I love how the whole crowd is cheering for quaaludes. You could argue that this song is ripe for being played at the wrong speed.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:03am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'cause yer wanted by the poh-leece
- & mahy wahf thinks yoor deaaad....
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:05am dandy suncan:

Ken freedman be a very great radio man.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:06am KP:

Terry Jacks woke me up, slowly.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:07am KP:

Nice Dano.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:07am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...they wuz all peakin' ohn aceed - & that Jimi hadda make it sound like a dying angel probed by a starship invader w/ a hydrogen bomb...jus' anutha day @ the office...'What Me Worry?'...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:08am amanda c:

the fugs!!!!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:08am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

..near or middle or very far east...feeels so good...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:08am jmd:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:09am Greg from Bloomfield:

Thought they were saying "Kill Puppies!" WHEW...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:09am Sean D. Daily:

Ah man, I thought this song was "Kill Puppies"! THAT I can get behind.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:09am Mark S:

Did Johnny Pissoff do any 45s?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:10am Dan:

me too
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:10am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...that puppy kooda beena suicide bomber man...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:10am People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:10am Asheville Jon:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:11am Carmichael:

C'mon everyone, let's MARCH!! Guten Tag, Kenneth and happy listeners.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:11am Ken:

Let's get to 70% and raise Heino from the dead!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:11am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Ya Ya
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:12am People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:12am Ken:

Not necessarily in that order.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:12am Sean D. Daily:

So THIS is what Heino sounds like. I thought he'd sound like Andy Warhol.
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:12am Laura L:

Hoopla! Heino singt wieder!
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:12am Neg-guh-tor:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:12am aaron in chicago:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:13am KP:

Has Dean Reed, the American turned Soviet folk singer, graced these waves?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:13am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...dig them hot Heino heinas!...that's three 'H's...
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:14am Neg-guh-tor:

Heil yes!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:15am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'Dean Reed' - he doesn't do 'Distort Jersey City' - ??...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:15am DCE:

now that's a good idea
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:15am paulWCBN:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:15am tim from champaign:

Hall N Oatzz Chopped n Screwed Tussin Mix.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:15am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...well - Oprah might eat *anything*...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:16am Ken:

Eight dollars away from 64 percents!!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:16am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Haulin' Oprah....
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:16am Ken:

And by 64 of course i mean 63.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:17am KOTJ:

Mama always said, "chew your men slowly."
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:17am northguineahills:

Nice one, Tim....
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:17am Carmichael:

This sounds like Teddy Pendergrass.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:17am KP:

There's a bubble gum machine in bar on Lower East Side that dispenses Hall and Oates buttons. Actually it's Hall OR Oates and it's all Oates! I found out the hard way.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:17am Rich in Washington:

Gary Numan's Cars @ 33 1/3 RPMs makes it sound like a cover by Grace Jones.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:18am Douglas:

listen up boys
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:20am dandy suncan:

Sax solo commence!
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:20am dandy suncan:

Systems activated
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:20am jt:

  Wed. 10/23/13 11:21am Music Cops:

It is our sworn duty to kick ANY jukebox having the gross misfortune to play Hall and Oates.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:22am KP:

Let alone dispense only Oates buttons.
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:23am dandy suncan:

I wanna hump kens leg
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:23am Carmichael:

You must now give equal air time to songs about other radioactive pets.
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:23am dandy suncan:

It's a great radio station leg
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:24am Mark S:

What if they replaced Oates with Gary Dell'abate
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:25am fred von helsing:

The rest of this album was crap but at least they got *one* right.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:26am Carmichael:

Or with Brian LaFontaine.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:29am Sean D. Daily:

"Where Every Day is Sex Day." And they say that like it's a bad thing.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:30am tim from champaign:

Did I just hear the lyrics "chasing after goyem boys"?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:31am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'for young middle-class English boys of the era, there were places worse than Hell - & for the Rutles, Hamburg was one of them'...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:31am Sean D. Daily:

@tim from champaign: There's so much that's icky about this song, I wouldn't be surprised if you did.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:31am fred von helsing:

Tansenraum !
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:32am northguineahills:

Home sick today from work. Never was able to shake the bug I had. At least I can WFMU in my pyjamas.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:33am northguineahills:

Yes, WFMU can be a verb.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:34am aaron in chicago:

and an interjection
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:35am KP:

Did Banksy make that gif for you.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:35am Okasa:

I have always thought that the world was unkind. Cheese and Onions.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:35am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...deffo an interjection...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:35am KP:

Choosy mothers choose Gif.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Banksy made that interjection @ an intersection...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:36am fred von helsing:

What do juicy muthers choose ?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:37am KP:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:37am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...milf ?...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:37am northguineahills:

@aaron: *snert*
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:38am dandy suncan:

This is a great 70s porn soundtrack
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:39am Ken:

I bought that GIF from Banksy in Central Park for $60.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:39am tim from champaign:

Ken, how'd you get that gif of my mother playing drums?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:40am Carmichael:

Do I have to spell it out??
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:41am northguineahills:

Nice Woody Guthrie cover......
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:41am northguineahills:

oh, there's woody.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:43am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Woody - such a Punk ! Beautiful.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:45am KP:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:45am Listener Bryan (the Professor):

Hey, my mailing address may be in New York, but I'm sitting in Abu Dhabi right now.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:45am steve:

Put The Bone In should be banished from the earth for all eternity
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:45am Listener Bryan (the Professor):

But you're welcome anyway.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:46am KP:

Steve it's unbelievable that was flip side of Seasons in Sun.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:49am steve:

oh my god yes KP. if Put The Bone In had never been released, i would probably be saying the same thing about Seasons in the Sun. lets collect all of them and melt them down in a Disco Sucks style ritual
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:49am Mike East:

I have that woody guthrie pic hanging up in my office at home (which is also the baby's room)
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:50am Marmalade Kitty:

Joe Strummer!
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:50am Michael:

Who did that mash-up of "Gold Digger" and ? a few years back?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:51am KP:

I paid $6000 for my Banksy gif but it's the real thing.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:52am Rich in Washington:

I remember Imus used to play this clip on his show.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:53am Revolution Rabbit Nov63: this the life you chews?...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:54am aaron in chicago:

standing at my desk saluting right now
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:54am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...oh pardon me...always happens when I stand up to say the Pledge...
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:55am speck:

Where can I get myself a copy of this Border Radio Flexidisc
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:55am SeanG:

jud jud jud
  Wed. 10/23/13 11:55am F◣F◣ (:

64% raised! Great but not great (if you know what I mean!)

Anyway, good luck and have a nice rest of the week, Ken and everybody! Missed the show due technical problems (thank goodness show's gonna get archived!).

Adios amigos and amigas!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:56am northguineahills:

Thanks Ken!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:56am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...horn if you're a honky...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:56am Okasa:

Thanks for the show, Ken. Mata raishu!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 11:57am Listener Bryan (the Professor):

I'm dying to listen to these in traffic.
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:00pm dandy suncan:

As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red
again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a
bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way.
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:01pm Marmalade Kitty:

X-ray burns & Jones?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:03pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...are we still here? Yellow light?...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:03pm KP:

Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:08pm Hugo (NL):

  Wed. 10/23/13 12:08pm Laura L:

Noch ein Schlager! Ausgezeichnet!
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:09pm dandy suncan:

It is time for tales from topographic oceans on 7"
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:09pm dandy suncan:

On 7 inch
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:09pm F◣F◣ (:

Thanks Duane for giving us the opportunity of having more time to listen to a live Ken!
Avatar    Wed. 10/23/13 12:09pm Michael:

One channel ken?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:09pm Okasa:

Push the button, Frank.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:10pm G:

Rock Me B-sideo
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:10pm F◣F◣ (:

'Yes', indeed, dandy suncan!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:11pm steve:

that Heino b side did suck
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:11pm G:

I see Duane needs another "lecture" about white man time.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:11pm Ken:

After Hours pledges anybody? All I need is three new t-shiort sized pledges and I will be at 70% which was my goal for today. And of course if you want some item of swag in place of the shirt we are always happy to accomodate.
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:12pm F◣F◣ (:

Heino was heinous.
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:13pm buck dharma:

Time everlasting
Time to play B-sides
Time ain't on my side
Time I'll never know
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:13pm Ken:

Nice "Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer" reference, Okasa! Scariest movie EVER.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:18pm Okasa:

Wait, what?! "Push the button, Frank" was the sign off every week for MST3K. Was it used in "Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer"?!
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:18pm Laura L:

Heino can be nicht Schlager, it's true. Duane sure is tardy today.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:18pm Ken:

Only two more T-shirt sized pledges! Who has a cigarette? Where is DUANE??!
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:19pm backson jowne:

Oh won't you stay...just a little bit longer. (The union don't mind)
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:20pm Ken:

Oh damn! I got it wrong Okasa! In "Henry" it was "Plug it in, Otis"
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:22pm Mary Wing:

Maybe someone could give Duane a call and find out his ETA?
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:23pm People Like Us:

oh look, you're still here
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:24pm Roberto:

Wow, I went to lunch and came back to more Ken. Must be my lucky day!
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...*love* this ☿Mercury Rx - Retrograde !!
...dunno if my browser can handle this *&* Amanda Nazzario though...
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:25pm Roberto:

Hey, I like Duane and all, but he has an unfortunate tendency to play music that doesn't suck.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:26pm People Like Us:

er, more Heino?
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:26pm F◣F◣ (:

According to my soothsayer Duane called Ken to let him now he was going to be on time for the end of Ken's show (but the Seven Seconds Delay one)...
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:27pm Hal 2000:

Call Duane? I'm sorry I'm afraid I can't do that, Ken. Why don't you stay and get comfortable.
Avatar Wed. 10/23/13 12:27pm Hugo (NL):

haha thank you Ken. :)
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:28pm Hal 2000:

I've been talking to the mixing board and we'd like you to stay
  Wed. 10/23/13 12:30pm Station Mgr Ken:

Hey we made it to 70%!!!! Thanks everybody !
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