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Playlist for 19 June 2013 Options | Marching Poodles Go to War

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Hookworms  Form and Function   Options Pearl Mystic 
*   0:00:00 ()
Klaus Dinger and Japandorf  Sketch No. 1-b   Options Self-Titled 
*   0:06:16 ()
Pink Floyd  The Nile Song   Options Relics 
  0:10:26 ()
Parzival  1314   Options  
  0:13:37 ()
Voivod  The Nile Song   Options  
  0:17:02 ()
Sigh  A Sunset Song   Options Imaginary Sonicscape 
  0:20:50 ()
Colonel Bruce Hampton  Arkansas   Options Title Track 
  0:35:53 ()
The Ex & Getachew Mekurya  Ethiopia Hagere   Options Moa Anbessa 
  0:39:43 ()
Zoogz Rigt  M'buglu   Options Water II: At Safe Distance 
  0:45:51 ()
KDAY Promo+ Latin Alliance feat War  Lowrider   Options This is for LA Raza: Hip Hop From A Lighter Shade of Brown (Marty McSorley's 2012 Marathon Mix) 
  0:50:56 ()
Los Rakas  Camisetas Borda   Options Chancletas y Camisetas 

Click for the full size image
*   0:57:05 ()
Control Machete  Asi Son Mia Dias   Options Solo Para Fanaticos 
  1:01:01 ()
Philemon Arthur & The Dung  Men Va Fanken   Options Self Titled 
  1:21:52 ()
Khlam  Every Night   Options Sverkh Novy Sverkh Russkie 
  1:25:46 ()
The Large Veiny Members feat 90 (Noventa)  Sans Moi   Options Godspunk Vol 12 
  1:33:35 ()
Marzipan Marzipan  Love Song   Options The Trees Open Their Eyes On Us 
*   1:38:58 ()
Like a Team  The Lonely Sea   Options Self Titled 
  1:41:32 ()
Beach Boys  Lonely Sea   Options Surfin' USA 
  1:44:08 ()
JC Hopkins  Athens By Night   Options Title Track 
  1:46:33 ()
Jim Noir  Tower of Love   Options Title Track 
  1:50:31 ()
Tenniscoats  Shinjitsu   Options All Aboard! 
*   1:53:22 ()
Tricky  Valentine   Options False Idols 
*   1:58:23 ()
Nathan Michel  A to B   Options Sonig Exp/Hop/DVD 
  2:11:46 ()
Camera Obscura  I Missed Your Party   Options Desire Lines 
*   2:16:17 ()
The Pastels  Wrong Light   Options Slow Summit 
*   2:20:31 ()
My Bloody Valentine / The Pastels  Cycle (My Bloody Valentine Remix)   Options  
  2:25:38 ()
Phil Hendrie and Irving  Deplorable Plane Crashes Remix   Options  
  2:32:51 ()
Tim Wilson  Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa   Options  
  2:37:09 ()
Slim Whitman  Tumbling Tumbleweeds   Options  
  2:40:25 ()
Sally Timms  Tumbling Tumbleweeds   Options  
  2:43:14 ()
Clothesline Revival  Down in Arkansas   Options Long Gone 
  2:45:55 ()
Black Oak Arkansas  When Electricity Came to Arkansas   Options  
  2:50:04 ()
The Melvins  Black Betty   Options Everybody Loves Sausages    *   2:53:03 ()
Music behind DJ:
ZZ Top 
La Grange   Options  
  2:55:53 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:01am Dr. Goot:

Phuckin Phil!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:01am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

That art at the top is phenomenal. I need that in my house.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:02am Theydon Bois:

hello ken
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:02am common:

i love the way he sings the word "crazy" in this hookworms tune. good stuff.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:03am common:

phil, what you up to over there?
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:03am bill:

I love Phil Collins! No wait, I can't stand that fking prick. Damn you Ken!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:03am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- HeyMr.TambourineMan
...all yours no problem...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:03am Sem Chumbo:

Wearing my new Khlam-diggers today. Hiya, Ken and other Khlam-unists.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:03am doca:

hey ken and khlemaniacs!
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:04am Cecile:

  Wed. 6/19/13 9:04am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Su-su-ssudio Ken & everyone!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:05am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- he can feel it comin' on the air tonight awlright...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:05am Windy City:

Good morning Ken!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:07am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...PhilCollins don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:07am Rick from SC:

How about some Flaming Youth? Looks like a very young Phil
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:07am Ken:

Morning everybody! Requests! I neeeeds EM! How does this happen to me each and every week? WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:09am bobdoesthings:

I request some KHLAM! but something tells me that's in the small stack already..
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:09am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:10am Jim Devoid:

How about some Hawkwind or Marillion??
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:10am Rev. Turnip Druid:

requests you say?
MOBILE LINE by HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS is the greatest tune ever, by anyone.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:10am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Piss off, Neil.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:10am common:

i request tightrope walker by...whatever that guy's project is called.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:11am bobdoesthings:

Les Rallizes Denudes - Night of the Assassins! It's super long!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:11am Jim Devoid:

@Rev, you got the reference!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:11am Rice Dream Girl:

Inner Tube!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:11am Cheri Pi:

  Wed. 6/19/13 9:11am bill:

request: Edith Massey
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:12am KOTJ:

See the drummer get widked
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:12am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Neil is my spiritual leader. Vyvian is my co-pilot.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:12am Cheri Pi:

Judas Effing Priest!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:13am Jim Devoid:

My punk rock past forces me to only acknowledge the NECROS version of the Nile Song, fortunately or unfortunately.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:13am Cecile:

Priest! Priest! Priest!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:14am Rev. Turnip Druid:

"Mobile Line" by the 'Rounders into "Painkiller" would be a weird thing.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:14am Cecile:

Hahaha Jim.
That was from that LP where the lead cut quoted liberally from Roadhouse Blues.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:15am Cheri Pi:

or JP related Flying Hat Band!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:15am KevinfromBayRidge:

GooMorning Khlamatics, one & all. Howza'bout Beefheart-The Old Fart was Smart.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:15am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:16am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- The Deviants.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:16am Cecile:

Damn, Ken, I hate it when you hang out with Dum Dum. ;)
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:17am f◕‿-f☌ (:

There's a band from Russia called Khlam. I don't know if you guys have ever heard of them.

Anyway, these are some other request ideas:

- Bands suggested by Cecile
- Tropicalia protest stuff to show our solidarity with the povo and Senhor Testiculo in Brazil!
- More from the Melvin's new album!
- Nini Raviolette / Prince-O-Rama !!!!11!11
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:17am Cecile:

Hampton Grease Band.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:17am Glenn m:

takako minekawa kangaroo pocket calculator
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:17am Neg-guh-tor:

Morning, Ken! Listening with both ears.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:18am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:18am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Hell yes Hampton Grease...
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:18am Cecile:

I <3 you fofo.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:19am Cecile:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:19am Ken:

Great requests! Coming up...
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:19am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Oh. Little I knew Voivod also made this other cover from the Floyds!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:19am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:19am Jim Devoid:

This ain't too shabby.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:20am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:21am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- New Sabbath (??)
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:21am ?:

Necros have a nice cover of this also...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:22am Dan B From Upstate:

You know... I was just about to say it's been too long since you've played something by Sigh.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:22am crazyandy:

Yes! One of my all time favorite songs.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:25am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Cheri Pi,

Do you like Voivod? I'm still not sure what's your position with this band.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:25am f◕‿-f☌ (:

We love you Hypno-Cecile!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:26am Green Mountain Man Mark:

I am here today, live. It's been a long time.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:26am Cheri Pi:

They're ok...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:26am Ken:

Brian's hiding the new Sabbath in his orifice.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:26am Ken:

Welcome back Mark. Good to have you back!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:27am Detroit Mac:

Just saw the Children Medieval Band's Rammstein covers...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:28am Stevel:

Saw this one coming.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:29am bill:

What a set of pipes!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:29am MD:

This Guy is "THE GROOVY!"
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:30am Dr. Goot:

Ken, speak to us with your voice.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:30am Billy Jam:

you had me at "Hello Sweden" - good to be tuned in live to your show - Ken.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:31am Sam:

Hey Billy Jam! Much respect.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:31am Mark S:

which orifice?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:31am Cheri Pi:

he becomes a regular-it's mandatory!
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:32am Cecile:

Hey, Billy.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:32am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...HomerSimpson re AdamWest: Back away slowly - don't make eye contact - keep the children behind you...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:32am Billy Jam:

thanks Sam. hello Cecile. hi Cheri Pi
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:33am Cheri Pi:

Billy JAM!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:35am AnAnonymousParty:

Big deal. These days, who doesn't have a tambourine down there pants.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:35am Cecile:

We should have a remix contest for the list.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:35am I X Key!:

OMG Mr. Station Mgr. Ken! One of my biggest heroes!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- report suspicious activity - such as sweaty tambourines down yer sweatpants...
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:37am Cecile:

  Wed. 6/19/13 9:37am f◕‿-f☌ (:

There's a video of Sweden guy somewhere in the Interwebz where you can see him singing live in the HELLO SWEDEN persona (an one-arm 80's metal-hair rockstar). There's actually a bizarre TV-series where he portrays that character.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:37am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:38am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Oddly, the only Hampton I know is the Grease Band release. This is effing BENT.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:38am Rev. Turnip Druid:

...yet it makes perfect sense.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:38am bill:

not sure where this is going...?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:38am Rick from SC:

I miss these guys.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:39am mb:

We need more Col Bruces in this world.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:40am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...nobody plays ZoogzRift makes me all sulky & pouty...
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:40am f◕‿-f☌ (:

This is the good Colonel!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:41am tim from champaign:

Hey Ken, how about something off the new Sabbath record?

Hey Billy Jam!
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:41am Caryn:

Quick check-in before leaving work. No time to sign in or do a gif check, apart from the Marx Bros. movie "The Big Store". I'll be back when I get home from my commute.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:41am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Well if we're going down that route, we'll be needing Root Boy Slim before long...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:41am Vivian:

Love this morning's gifs - kudos Ken!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:43am Dan B From Upstate:

The dogs fit this track really well!
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:43am f◕‿-f☌ (:


What's your take on Alex Jones?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:43am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...??- I never saw that episode of Dr.Who...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:44am KOTJ:

Work it out puppies.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:44am Cheri Pi:

EX!!!! getachew!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:45am Greg from Bloomfield:

I would straight up go back to church is the hymns sounded like this...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:45am Vivian:

My Favorite is the Yet Another F'in Music Festival. Spot on!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:45am Ken:

Alex Jones is less entertaining than Michael Savage. And also less accurate.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:46am Andrew Waterloo:

Ok.. I love the dancing dogs
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:46am Detroit Mac:

Happy Birthday Moe Howard.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Simply Saucer. NewYorkDolls...something nice & uplifting...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:46am Stevel:

Marching poodles are a bad omen.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:49am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- 60s NY Psych band Morgen!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:50am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- surprisingly 'musical' & straightforward for the Zoogz...I learn something...
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 9:51am Michael:

Morning Ken. Mekons please. Never enough Mekons.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:52am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Oh, yes. Michael Savage IS the king. I still can't believe you took over his soul and somehow managed to share that with us. And talking about channeling, It would be great if you could do Phil Hendrie.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:56am Cheri Pi:

I'm low riding in my office chair.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:56am Andrew Waterloo:

I love how Not another Fucking Music Festival lists "The Lumineers"
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 9:56am dc pat:

thanks Detroit Mac, missed that.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:57am Billy Jam:

N2Deep - Vallejo
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:58am f◕‿-f☌ (:


I'd pay anything to go to the Yet Another Fucking Music Festival to see the "How Come this Guys are still Relevant" band act.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:58am Cecile:

Hell YAH
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:58am Cecile:

Hell YAH
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 9:59am Billy Jam:

reppin da Bay today Ken - I like it!
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 9:59am dc pat:

^ What she said.
  Wed. 6/19/13 9:59am Michael:

Dr Miles' "Nervine" turns out to be bromides---literally, and by 'literally' I literally mean 'literally'...guy could have at least favoured us with a bit of chloroform with some cocaïne to cut the low....
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:01am Vivian:

Fofo- I'm with you! I'll sit at my computer for 3 hours attempting to purchase an early bird tix for the yet another F'in music festival, only to be gouged later on. Whoops site crashed, sorry! Anything for that generic folk band and $10 miller lites!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:02am Dr. Goot:

Hey Billy Jam did you see this collection of Joe Conzo's pix? -
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:03am Cecile:

Got Orishas?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:04am tim from champaign:

Hey Ken, how about some Lancelot Link & the Evolution Revolution?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:06am Billy Jam:

had seen some before - but not in this format - thanks for the link Dr. Goot!
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:08am bill:

are these the bands at the YAFM fest?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:08am Mark S:

Bubba the love sponge?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:08am Dr. Goot:

np - I got it from here -
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:09am Paul:

How about Happy Flowers, I Want To Watch Cartoons
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:09am dc pat:

Gave the cat some acid!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:10am davex:

Hey Ken and everyone! Coming in for a brief visit today...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:11am Dan B From Upstate:

Ninja is on that list? Oh, those poor juggalos.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:15am Dave B:

Howdy Ken!
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:17am dc pat:

delved into for using "the"?
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:17am dc pat:
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:18am common:

scary shit.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:18am Dave B:

If yer still takin requests, in no particular order:
Amon Duul II
Chrome Hoof
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:18am Stevel:

The red dog rides at midnight.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:19am dc pat:

I don't think this list is real. "the" is actually on it.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:19am bobdoesthings:

salsa can be a dangerous thing ken..
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:19am Stevel:

The red NERD rides at midnight. Prepare the salsa.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:19am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Wed. 6/19/13 10:20am common:

just recorded a song called scary submarine. should i change the title before i post it on sound cloud?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:20am AnAnonymousParty:

So ... if was bombed while sweeping up at the Sears Tower I shouldn't be mentioning it?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:20am Dan B From Upstate:

keep posting inconsequential bs on the internet, as per the request of the lord and master of the winged monkeys.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:21am Lewis:

its true - I have driven by that exit and wondered "What the Hell?"
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:21am Dave B:

In other news,
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:21am KOTJ:
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:22am mr x:

that sign is for the exit to the NSA offices, not some mystery city - sorry.
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:22am f◕‿-f☌ (:


Just change the title to something less suspicious like "The Rachel Scully Talent Salsa Nerd Austin club"
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:23am Ken:

Sorry Mr X, I believe James Bamford, not you.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:26am dc pat:

I admit I'm a little slow on the uptake but can someone explain why this NSA "wire-tapping" is such huge news right now given we've known about it since 2006?
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:27am dc pat:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:28am doca:

when KHLAM will play live on wfmu? do we need to start a silent marathon for it?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:28am Stevel:

Khlam before the sturm.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:28am tim from champaign:

True story...I took radio broadcasting classes in high school in the late 80s. One semester the radio broadcasting class was in charge of putting together a school dance. The class got Bubba The Love Sponge to DJ that dance. At the time, he was a popular DJ in the local radio market.
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:28am f◕‿-f☌ (:

The owners of the weird colourful dogs..those people should be the ones we should be care of and/or to be spied on!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:29am davex:

This Khlam track is a bit like Auktyon played at the wrong speed.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:29am doca:

this khlam gif looks like it was made by faye
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:32am neither:

When I Look at those Ken Pics Sometimes I think about the thin line between Photoshop and Life.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:33am Rev. Turnip Druid:

back now. Resume the WTFery.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:38am Ken:

Where the hell is Pierre when you need him?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:39am βrian:

"Without me, you would not exist."
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:39am dc pat:

forget Pierre, what the hell is this song about??
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:39am G:

Pierre was on Radio Redundancy's board a few hours back...
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:40am Sam:

It's some sick shit about dominating somebody
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:41am r i s k y:

CAN WE EXERCISE KEN? KEN WE? Pretty please with cheddar cheese?
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:42am Sam:

At one point he said "I didn't turn my weapon on myself that day, I didn't want to get the walls dirty." That line was a little pretentious.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:42am tim from champaign:

That gorilla's gonna give you 5 across the lip!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:43am Dave B:

English Translation of the lyric is on YouTube...

just hit the SHOW MORE button under the coyright info
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:43am f◕‿-f☌ (:

This song is so damn good that I'm forced to go:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:43am βrian:

Its the enigma about Icarus. If you approach me, I kill. But without me, you would not exist.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:44am dc pat:

great cover. prob my fave Brian Wilson tune.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:45am dc pat:

oh Yeah!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:46am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- the most difficult request: play something beautiful.
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:47am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Oh shi- First time I hear the original.
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:47am Sam:

Ken, can you and Andy sing Lonely Sea as a duet some time?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:47am G:

define beautiful :p GO!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:48am neither:

Like a Team was like genius - better than beach boys
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:49am Sam:

Maybe with Nick the Bard and Quinn to make it a quartet.
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:49am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Revolution Rabbit Nov63,

Robbie Williams - Something Beautiful
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:50am Dave B:

I know I've seen the film that the Beach Boys GIF comes from.

Where's Caryn?
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 10:51am dc pat:

is it tyme for stump the Caryn?
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:51am f◕‿-f☌ (:


Another FANFUCKINTASTIC SONG! Tower of Love!!!!
  Wed. 6/19/13 10:53am jan:

@f◕‿-f☌ (: I'm with you- great music.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:56am Dave B:

@dc pat - I got her last week with a GIF I sent Ken. Let's see if she can get the one I sent that animates the Klaus Dinger and Japandorf track....
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:57am neither:

Tenniscoats, before the hypnagogic pop
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:58am amEdeo:

Love those underwater pianos, Kenneth.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 10:58am AnAnonymousParty:

I'm-a gettin' dizzy . . .
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:04am G:

The great dilemma: Play nice music ---> Nowhere to go but down!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:05am Stevel:

Camouflaged dead gay Chinese opera, to you!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:05am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- sampling Chet Baker of course...

- sometimes just gotta take a sharp left turn...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:06am MD:

I beat them with my Peg Leg!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:06am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yes he did lay a hand: he deafened Brian Wilson in one ear.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:07am Stevel:

You Don't Have to Touch to Torture: The Murray Wilson Story.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:10am Mike East:

so glad the Joe Frank episodes are archived. I caught up with it last night. Great stuff.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:12am DJ Niko:

That SSD idea sounds great—Ken vs. Andy shows are the best!
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:12am Bw:

Can't you just run a repeat of the last time you did that show?
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:12am Bw:

Can't you just run a repeat of the last time you did that show?
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:12am Robert:

You used to draw a distinction between "premise" and "topic" on 7SD shows like that.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:13am Dave B:

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention Ken.

Could you repeat that?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:14am Ken:

Highly conceptual BW, I would almost think that you INTENDED to post your comment twice.

Highly conceptual BW, I would almost think that you INTENDED to post your comment twice.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:15am Bw:

Using the iPhone
I think this is a repeat bug
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:15am Cheri Pi:

weird blend of Ali Ag Amoumine electric guitar sounds in this pop song, eh?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:16am Lizardner Dave:

Ken vs. Andy doing "Deplorable Plane Crashes".
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:16am Roberto:

Breaking news: Jimmy Hoffa still missing. Gotta love CNN.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:17am Lizardner Dave:

"Using the IPhone
I think this is a repeat bug
Burma Shave".
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:18am Rev. Turnip Druid:

That idea for 7SD leads to another song request, since you just put it in my head as an insidious EARWORM: "repeat repeat" by Peter Baumann.
...some robot dance party stuff...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:20am Carmichael:

Good morning, Ken.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:20am tim from champaign:

Man, I had a goddam .38 Special song stuck in my head for 4 days so caught up in you, little girl...I mean 4 days straight last week.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 11:20am dc pat:

I am NOT on board with the Camera Obscura trend at WFMU...but it sounds nice...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:20am Dave B:

@bw -

The thing with the iPhone app is sometimes you cant see the "busy pinwheel" and inadvertently submit things twice.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:22am Ken:

Did somebody say "Deplorable Plane Crashes?"
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:22am Roberto:

In recognition of this earth-shattering news, perhaps Ken should play that song about the guy whose ex-girlfriend says she'll get back together with him when they find Jimmy Hoffa. You know which one I mean.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:24am Robert:

Any of you guys think "Khlam" is etymologically related to "acclaim" & "clamor"?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:24am Ken:

BW, did you say something?
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:24am Sam:

That ex-girlfriend must be sitting on pins and needles right now!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:25am G:

Can't you just run a repeat of the last time you did that show?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:26am G:

Uh, BW is distributing repeat virus through the board :p
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:26am Ken:

What was the date, G?
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:27am Cecile:

Where's Dr. Bootygrabber when you need him?
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:33am jan:

Cycle (My Bloody Valentine Remix) - another fave of mine!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:33am Lizardner Dave:

It wasn't even an anti-request.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:33am KOTJ:

11, it's not even funny.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:33am common:

this poor guy...why does he keep going?
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:34am f◕‿-f☌ (:

PHIL HENDRIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:34am G:

Every single date.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:34am jmd:

KOTJ! YOu beat me to it!
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:36am Sam:

How in the hell did this guy fall for it so many times?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:36am Carmichael:

Hey Ken, Slim Whitman died today. How about a rousing tribute?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:36am Danne D:

RIP Slim Whitman :(
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:36am KOTJ:

jmd....great minds....grate minds.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:37am Andrew Waterloo:

This feels like a reverse prank phone call.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:37am βrian:

Torture in Miami Beach. Oy.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:38am Rich in Washington:

Now I have to search WFMU's blog to see if anyone's done an epic Jimmy Hoffa song post.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:39am MD:

As a Union Man this is my new favorite song!!!!
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:40am f◕‿-f☌ (:

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared the day fofo was born! So I'm sorry, world for that bad deal you got into!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:40am Listener Okasa:

Ken, how is tonight's SSD show going to work? Will you tell your listeners about the repeat contest? Will it be a secret?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:40am Andrew Waterloo:

that was brilliant
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:41am Danne D:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:41am tim from champaign:

Didn't they find Jimmy Hoffa in Geraldo's vaults on the Al Capone show?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:41am KOTJ:

colonel potter....this is my favorite part.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:41am Cecile:

Meat puppets do a funny version of this.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:42am Rich in Washington:

RIP Slim!
Honestly, I thought he was already gone. Apparently not.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:42am Detroit Mac:

Your diggin' in my backyard mister?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:42am Carmichael:

Thank you, Ken. And a fond farewell to the yodeling Canadian.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:42am Cecile:

Meat puppets do a funny version of this.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:42am Rev. Turnip Druid:

...and yet Slim Goodbody (presumably) still walks this earth, a free man. There is no justice.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:43am Danne D:

Slim Whitman (which in my youth we basically knew from those commercials for his albums) was sorta the go-to name when you wanted to dog the other kids on the playground as square (what are you listening to - Slim Whitman?). Showing the cynicism of my generation from a young age as all the man was was a sincere and wonderful performer. Thank goodness for the ability to grow up a little :)
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:44am Sem Chumbo:

The late pop singer Michael Jackson cited Whitman as one of his ten favorite vocalists. Wikipedia.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:45am Cecile:

Slim had a serious set of pipes.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:46am Rich in Washington:

I remember those Slim Whitman commercials. Seems like he was even in them, pitching his compilations, if memory serves.
I also remember playing some of his records at the wrong speed and the yodeling sounded funny. I was overjoyed to see the use of his music in Mars Attacks. I wonder what he thought of that.
Avatar    Wed. 6/19/13 11:47am dc pat:

I'm getting ready to really like Clothesline Revival.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:48am Dave B:

He had a serious moustache too...
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:50am Dave B:

@Ken -
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:51am Stevel:

O.M.G. BOA. I am 13 again, and loving it.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:52am egal:

Black Betty.
  Wed. 6/19/13 11:52am David Lee Roth:

Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:52am tim from champaign:

Was this recorded live when electricity came to Arkansas?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:54am egal:

Again, Ken scores
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:54am Rev. Turnip Druid:

wheeee! Betty!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:54am G:

The first electricity known in the state went to their recording studio
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:54am Rich in Washington:

I need this album.
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:56am Carmichael:

Is Electric Lady's dress giving me the double finger?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:56am tim from champaign:

I love this Endless Boogie jam!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:56am βrian:

You're swaying my beard, Ken!
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:57am rsj:

sometimes i feel like I have the exact same musical taste as Ken
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 11:59am βrian:

I remember back when they were still called "jiffs."
  Wed. 6/19/13 12:00pm f◕‿-f☌ (:

Excellentiquefantfunkantastic show Ken! Many thanks!

See you next episode! Till next time peoples!
  Wed. 6/19/13 12:01pm subba:

no jiff for the black betty?
Avatar Wed. 6/19/13 3:49pm Caryn:

Dammit, Wednesdays better not be like this! Missed the whole show! So, gif roundup:
-Dave, oy. Dunno, first I thought it could've been from "The Man Who Causes a Storm", but that's not Yujiro Ishihara, so no. Actually, the drummer looks a lot like a young Takeshi Kitano, but he didn't have any young roles like that, so no again. I could see this being from a film of Hasebe, Nishikawa, Deme, Fukasaku or even Suzuki, but can't think of a specific one.
-Anyhoo, as I've said, "The Big Store"
-Bardot in "Babette Goes to War"
-hmm, not sure about the legs. Immediately brings to mind early Polanski, like "Knife in the Water" or "Cul-de-Sac", but I don't think it's either of those. Also reminds me of those island-bound Bergman movies, but probably not that either. And I ain't gonna start googling this stuff, so...
-"The Golem"
-okay, just had to go google the Chinese opera pic. Couldn't help myself. Apparently, it's a North Korean and Chinese soldier embracing in 1971's "Raid on the White Tiger Regiment". Hah! Apparently, the opera includes the rousing aria "Defeat The Imperialists, The Vicious Wolves." Isn't that a Khlam track?
-the fabulous Mabel Normand from her 1917 comedy with Fatty Arbuckle, "Fatty and Mabel Adrift"
-the seaside graves are from "Nosferatu"
-"Dream Twister" video from "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri" video game
-and finally, Coleen Gray in the carnival-based fabulousness that is "Nightmare Alley". Highly recommended!
  Wed. 6/19/13 7:27pm Robert:

The marching poodles are from "Babette Goes to War"? Anyway, I was more interested in how that was done technically than where it came from. It appears to be clever editing of a shot of real dogs with people in dog suits.

The Batman one I recognize from Web site SuperDickery.
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