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wowzee!, thanks... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo dub mix (including the "Little Voice" soundtrack) (CD-R)   0:00:00 )  
Options Let's Go Away For Awhile   Bullion  "Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee" - WFMU/fxo 2011 Marathon Premium (CD)   0:06:06 )  
Options Fearless   Marco Benevento  "Ephemera-2011 fxo/fmu CD premium" Lp (for the archives) (CD)   0:09:46 )  
Options Pennies From Heaven (Count de Money remix)   Billie Holiday   "Billie Holiday- Remixed & reimagined" Lp (CD)   0:14:55 )  
Options Lucky You   Speed The Plough  "Shine" Lp (CD) *   0:18:55 )  
Options Eclipse   Roland P. Young  "Istet Serenade" Lp (CD)   0:22:37 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's (Looney)Tune   T Daly/ FMU Locked Grooves  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   0:28:22 )  
Options Song For Ro-He-Go   Big Blood  "Dark Country Magic" Lp (CD)   0:32:44 )  
Options About A Girl   Sex Mob  "Solid Sender" Lp (CD)   0:39:25 )  
Options Leave It All Behind   J Boogie's Dubtronic Science  "Soul Vibrations" Lp (CD)   0:43:26 )  
Options It's Just For You   The Herbaliser  "Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion" compil. Lp (CD)   0:48:38 )  
Options Ready Ready   Scanner & David Rothenberg  "You Can't Get There From Here" Lp (CD) *   0:55:25 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: FMU Locked Groove/ Here It Comes   Freddie Fresh/ FMU Locked Groove  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   1:00:30 )  
      1:00:33 )  
Options One Track Groove (Living Stereo)   The Warm Digits  "Keep Warm With..." Lp (CD) *   1:04:54 )  
Options Sweet California Girl O' Mine   RIAA  "Sounds For The Sun-Set" Lp (CD) *   1:12:48 )  
Options We Finish Third   Young Adults Against Suicide  "Ninja High School" Lp (CD)   1:16:14 )  
Options Sheets   Aziz Ansari  "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening" Lp (CD) *   1:19:05 )  
Options Little Pad   The Ships  "Smiling Pets" compil. Lp (CD)   1:21:36 )  
Options Humoresque   The Hartz Mountain Players  MP3 (MP3)   1:24:18 )  
Options We're Always On The Wrong Side of Sunrise   Head Like A Kite  "Dreams Suspend Night" Lp (CD) *   1:26:25 )  
Options Can't Stop The Music / Is It A Star   Hall & Oates  "War Babies" Lp (Vinyl)   1:29:07 )  
Options Backstab Me One More Time (Britny vs. O'Jays)   Go Home Productions (prod. by Mark Vidler)  MP3 (MP3)   1:36:33 )  
Options Holiday Inn: Cambodia   RIAA  "Sounds For The Sun-Set" Lp (CD) *   1:40:08 )  
Options No Language In Our Lungs   XTC   "XTC: BBC Radio 1 sessions" Lp (CD)   1:44:36 )  
Options Aural Conversation (portion)   Glomag vs. fxo  MP3 (MP3)   1:48:15 )  
Options The Burning   Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey  "The Race Riot Suite" Lp (CD) *   1:51:07 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: FMU Locked Groove/ Here It Comes   Freddie Fresh/ FMU Locked Groove  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   1:55:48 )  
Options Afternoon Tea   The Kinks  "Something Else By The..." Lp (CD)   2:01:10 )  
Options Seasons   Steve Miller  "Snooki Pickled Your iPod!-Pseu Braun's 2011 WFMU Marathon Premium" Lp (CD) *   2:04:21 )  
Options Tracks 6, 7, & 8   Madlib   "Greetings From Nittyville" Lp (CD) *   2:08:38 )  
Options Melody Infringement   Amon Tobin  "Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion" compil. Lp (CD)   2:16:44 )  
Options A Love Supreme   Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin  "Montreux - 7/2011" MP3 (MP3)   2:23:34 )  
Options Coming Home, Part III   Big Blood  "Dark Country Magic" Lp (CD)   2:33:51 )  
Options Too Many People   Dave Depper (featuring Joan Hiller)  "The Ram Project" Lp (CD) *   2:39:50 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Lift   808 State  12" Ep (Vinyl)   2:43:42 )  
Options Track 14   Madlib   "Greetings From Nittyville" Lp (CD) *   2:46:22 )  
Options Audiowhore   Archers Of Loaf  "Icky Mettle" Lp (CD) *   2:50:35 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein - Music by Franz Waxman" Soundtrack Lp (CD)   2:55:05 )  
Options end theme(s)   Alfred Hitchcock melted into Nelson Riddle's Song  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   2:55:55 )  

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/19/11 6:05am fxo:

it is now, wassup?
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:07am T-Zero:

Morning. I be here, what is now?
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:07am jamesie:

oh yes.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:08am abby:

hi!! this is nice music....
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:09am fxo:

it's 6 or 7 minutes after the hour...
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:10am T-Zero:

Ah! I thought you meant the Beach Boy covers.

Missed you the last week or so. Glad I'm hearing you this morning.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:13am fxo:

dare I say? everything is goin' great! how are you-all? It's dark in my neck o' the woods.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:15am T-Zero:

Still dark here as well, for at least another hour or so. Maybe more as they're saying it'll be a rainy day. Good day for radio listening.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:16am abby:

here the sky is white, and the time is noon. the math questions are challenging.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:17am fxo:

as "Barry the Fish" would say: NO RAIN!
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:22am pierre:

Bonjour FxO, i'm soon going out for the lunch, then i'll be back, and continue to listen to your show, because i love it.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:25am jamesie:

Hi Frank, any RSTV planned today?
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:26am T-Zero:

Well, FxO, as long as it's still dark you can waltz in the moonlight.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:28am fxo:

bon appetit,
for all: bon edification.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:30am hamburger:

present / howdy hey
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:35am hamburger:

I got a spare ticket to see Adele tonight but *really* don't want it to end up being sold to a ticket tout :S any London listeners keen? (sorry if this is inappropriate to ad)
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:37am jamesie:

Adele? you mean, that tax-avoiding woman?
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:39am hamburger:

that be her!
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:41am jamesie:

I'm off to the Opera tonight at the London Coliseum...
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:41am fxo:

great voice, eh?
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:45am hamburger:

  Mon. 9/19/11 6:49am T-Zero:

What are they performing, jamesie?
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:55am T-Zero:

Nevermind. I checked their web site.
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:58am jamesie:

The Passenger by Mieczysław Weinberg, first night preview cheep tixket
  Mon. 9/19/11 6:59am fxo:

sans Iggy?
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:01am Jack:

The new "Passenger" with Eddie Argos
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:10am Staś Wiatrowski:

Listening in Brisbane Australia, 9pm. This is as good as radio gets, thanks for the amazing selection of utterly hypnotic weirdness. Superb.
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:15am fxo:

from where I sit, "Sunzup!"
Stas: is this last night?
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:20am Robin The Fog:

I am deeply digging today's show. Haven't heard that Herbaliser tune in a decade and it's scientifically impossible for a record called 'Ninja High School' to disappoint...
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:33am Jack:

Hall & Oates, produced by Todd Rundgren; one of their best.
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:34am Staś Wiatrowski:

Hey, it is Monday night here in Brisbane IN THE FUTURE...
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:37am pp:

The old stuff was an FM staple
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:39am fxo:

the world keeps turnin', 'ight?
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:46am T-Zero:

I listen to Triple J once in a while, Stas.
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:47am Dave B:


XTC is the goods for a Monday morning. Andy Partidge is currently recording with Mike Keneally.
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:50am Staś Wiatrowski:

He T-Zero, Triple J is a national broadcast treasure, but try 4zzz from my home town, or FBI out of Sydney. Both also freeform independents. Some other good Aus stations are 3RRR (Melbourne) and 3D Radio Adelaide.
Seriously, how good is it to be able to enjoy great radio from all over the world like this!
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:56am T-Zero:

Thanks for the tips Stas. I'll check those out. The others I knew of were 3Joy and 2GLF.. I also check into b FM and Radio One New Zealand, depending on the time of day.
  Mon. 9/19/11 7:59am postmanpaul:

Anyone seen my jacket? My mobile's in it.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:01am Staś Wiatrowski:

Thanks T-Zero, will try those stations too. Must say I have been particularly obsessed with FBI radio lately. And also this one. How good is this music!
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:04am T-Zero:

Stas, I listen to WFMU the most. Not only are the DJs and music great, but so is this web site with the playlists and archives. Wish more stations were set up similarly. I'm glad to have your tips as I was floundering trying to find other stations in Australia.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:05am jamesie:

Love the Steve Miller
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:08am T-Zero:

Stas, just an FYI. b fm is Auckland University (music is more like Triple J) and Radio One is Otago (dj's heavy into house and dubstep).
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:09am Staś Wiatrowski:

Gotta go to bed. (I am so old) In fact I remember when Waterloo Sunset was a new hit on the radio. I was a teenager when XTC put out Life Begins at the Hop, and it was AWESOME.

postmanpaul: sorry man, I borrowed the jacket, the fit was so nice. You have a freaky ringtone.
T-Zero: I do agree that WFMU is extraordinary for the quality of announcing and all that the site offers,
And FxO, you have taken the word 'eclectic', scraped off the verdigris, and polished it into something shiny and wonderful. Thank you!
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:14am postmanpaul:

Found it... in the cupboard under the stairs Stas, you borrowed someone elses dooooood!.
Hey Frank and Stas, we must establish a little age-hierarchy here. I tip the scales at Sept '54.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:16am T-Zero:

May '56
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:17am Staś Wiatrowski:

Feb 59. Just a kid!
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:17am jamesie:

@postmanpaul, your a kid. June '54
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:19am fxo:

I'm an amnesiac, somewhere in the middle on the 20th Century.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:21am Jack:

Jan 1953, my parents almost named me Eisenhower.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:23am postmanpaul:

Hey Jamsie!!! You rule - enjoy the Coliseum, fu'in beautiful example of theatre design.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:25am jamesie:

yeah thanks I hate opera, being dragged there by wife
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:33am jamesie:

His wife's attending an orchid show, she sqealed for a week to get him to go...
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:34am postmanpaul:

This 'discovered' piece by Weinberg is highly rated jamesie; the set design should be pretty cool too. Your wife has prob'ly drawn your attention to the story-line...

...Waltzes go out of step, now and again a twelve-tone row falls apart What a find! The Bregenzer Festspiele […] discovers a 24-year-old opera of grandiose power, sweep and completely unique beauty and brings it to the stage in truly consummate manner. This music is present every single second, always eloquent, but never superficially sensational; it is subtle, just like Weinberg’s purely instrumental music. This opera is a masterpiece. And David Pountney bows before it.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:36am jamesie:

I prefer Steve Miller and R STevie Moore.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:37am fxo:

don't cha get this?: we enjoy all sorts of art.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:39am jamesie:

jus' kiddin
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:39am glenn:

i prefer jerry miller.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:39am T-Zero:

Exactly, fxo! I don't know much contemporary opera, but some opera I really like. Musicals I have a like/hate relationship with, excepting individual songs. And for years I avoided heavy metal and noise rock like it was plague, but now, as with other forms, I find some things I really like and appreciate.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:41am fxo:

but certainly NOT Dennis Miller!
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:43am postmanpaul:

Windy Miller did it for me.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:44am glenn:

come to think of it, i prefer buddy miller.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:45am fxo:

at Miller's Crossing?
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:46am glenn:

my fave, and definitely the most underrated coen brothers film.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:48am postmanpaul:

You're funny fxo :) have a good week son.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:49am T-Zero:

Heh, Dennis Miller is something of quizling

Windy Miller probably is a bit fond of cripple cock.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:50am glenn:

ummmmm..... cripple cock?
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:51am T-Zero:

it's a cider
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:51am postmanpaul:

It's a cider, I believe, glenn.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:52am postmanpaul:

...just missed that mr T.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:53am fxo:

a righty zealot?

you're all as crazy as me. Thanks, have a really great week. Seeya next week, 'ight?
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:54am T-Zero:

Farmyard Scrumpy to be specific. No problem postmapaul. I wouldn't have known excpet the topic came up on another program here the other day lol
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:54am glenn:

oooooooooh. i love me some good cider. magner's is okay. strongbow is way overrated. there's some good ones here in ontario.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:54am hamburger:

fun show - as usual!
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:55am postmanpaul:

As usual indeedy.
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:56am jamesie:

  Mon. 9/19/11 8:57am T-Zero:

take care, fxo

The Cripple cock discussion stemmed from Joe McGasko playing Crippled Dick
  Mon. 9/19/11 8:57am Staś Wiatrowski:

Great show! And guest appearance by Alfred Hitchcock!
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