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sometimes I feel like Almond Joy... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Approx. start time
Options Get Happy (didn't make it, this morning!) / MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   0:00:00 )  
Options Well Water   Big Blood  "WFMU-FMA 2011" compil. (CD) *   0:02:56 )  
Options That Disco Feel   Ergo Phizmiz  "Ergo's Disco Van Too" Lp (CD) *   0:06:37 )  
Options Definitely Beachy   Air Miami  "Me, Me, Me" Lp (CD)   0:14:08 )  
Options Moonbeam   John Doe  "Keeper" Lp (CD) *   0:20:31 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's (Looney)Tune   T Daly/ FMU Locked Grooves  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   0:23:42 )  
Options Ride A White Swan   Ashtray Navigation  "Your Song, Your Foot - Daniel Blumin's 2011 Marathon Premium" compil. Lp (CD) *   0:28:31 )  
Options In The Flowers   Animal Collective  "Merriweather Post Pavilion" Lp (CD)   0:32:54 )  
Options What Time Is It   Ken Nordine  "Word Jazz" Lp (Vinyl)   0:38:15 )  
Options Come On-A My House   Julie London / Hot Toddy remix  "EMI Remixes" compil. Lp (CD)   0:42:53 )  
Options Pet Sounds   The Schramms  MP3 (MP3)   0:47:35 )  
Options And So Is Love   Kate Bush  "Director's Cut" Lp (CD) *   0:50:02 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: FMU Locked Groove/ Here It Comes   Freddie Fresh/ FMU Locked Groove  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   0:54:11 )  
Options Stuck (original mix)   Peven Everett  "DJ-Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble" compil. Lp (CD) *   1:00:21 )  
Options Spandau Filet/ Don't Miss The Great Snatch   The Evolution Control Committee  "Plagiarhythm Nation" Lp (CD)   1:08:51 )  
Options Come Out   Doo-Dooettes  "Your Song, Your Foot - Daniel Blumin's 2011 Marathon Premium" compil. Lp (CD) *   1:13:30 )  
Options Are You The Favorite Person Of Anybody?   Marco Benevento  "Invisible Baby" Lp (CD)   1:19:12 )  
Options Ruby Tuesday   Rotary Connection  "Rotary Connection" 1st Lp (Vinyl)   1:25:14 )  
Options Forget Me Not   Joi  "EMI Film & TV Soundtracks" compil. Lp (CD)   1:29:29 )  
Options Ruby Tuesday   Sex Mob  "Solid Sender" Lp (CD)   1:35:56 )  
Options I Walk On Guilded Splinters   Cher  "Delta Swamp Rock" compil. Lp (CD) *   1:39:57 )  
Options Electric Slim & The Factory Hen   T. Rex  "Tanx" reissue Lp (CD) *   1:42:38 )  
Options Detroit Tonight   Necessaries  "Pop For Cats-2011Bob Brainen/fmu CD premium" Lp (CD) *   1:45:12 )  
Options Whirlagig   Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters  "The Ordeal of Civility" Lp (CD) *   1:48:06 )  
Options Torture Tapes #10   Granda & Munder  MP3 (MP3)   1:50:30 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: FMU Locked Groove/ Here It Comes   Freddie Fresh/ FMU Locked Groove  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   1:53:50 )  
Options Velvet Sugar   Go Home Productions (prod. by Mark Vidler)  "This Was Pop, 2002-2007" Lp (MP3)   2:00:54 )  
Options When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game   Jerry Garcia  "Garcia" Lp (Vinyl)   2:04:51 )  
Options Bonnaroo / Something Cool To Say to M.I.A.   Aziz Ansari  "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening" Lp (CD) *   2:07:12 )  
Options Bang (single version)   M.I.A./ Rye Rye F.  "Bang" CD (CD) *   2:09:42 )  
Options Get Around To It   Tracey Thorn  "EMI Remixes" compil. Lp (CD)   2:12:53 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Give It Up   Public Enemy/FMU Locked Groove  12" Ep (Vinyl)   2:18:47 )  
Options Love You To Life (dub)   Grace Jones  "Hurricane" remix Lp (CD) *   2:22:29 )  
Options Far Wells, Mill Valley (CD malfunction!)   Charles Mingus  "Ah Um -50th Anniversary" Lp (CD)   2:31:27 )  
Options Blue Moon (CD malfuction!)   People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  "The Keystone Cut Ups" MP3 (MP3)   2:33:02 )  
Options Toy Suite #2   Little Bang Theory  "Toy Suites and Themes" Lp (CD) *   2:36:19 )  
Options Far Wells, Mill Valley (CD recovery!)   Charles Mingus (recovered)  "Ah Um -50th Anniversary" Lp (CD)   2:41:40 )  
Options Blue Moon (CD recovery!)   People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  "The Keystone Cut Ups" MP3 (MP3)   2:43:16 )  
Options Toy Suite #2 (return...)   Little Bang Theory  "Toy Suites and Themes" Lp (CD) *   2:48:19 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein - Music by Franz Waxman" Soundtrack Lp (CD)   2:51:16 )  
Options end theme(s)   Alfrie melted into Nelson Riddle's Song  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   2:52:27 )  

Listener comments!

  Mon. 8/15/11 6:07am fxo:

I'm here! are you?
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:07am hamburger:

morning fxo!
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:08am Marmalade kitty:

I'm here!
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:10am T-Zero:

Morning. Here until I *must* sleep.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:12am hamburger:

man I wish big blood would cross the POND..

@T-Zero - yea. I usually only sleep if it's ABSOLUTELY neccessary too :)
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:13am fxo:

ah, together, we are here. If you're going to sleep...
remember, this will be archived. Everyone one, else, tighten the seat belts. 'ppreciate y'all.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:17am torsten bengtsson:

tuning in from gothenburg, were getting ready for a shave, but stopped in my tracks hearing Music
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:17am T-Zero:

Heh, the problem with the archives is I can only listen to them when there's nothing else I won't be missing. Which is usually the time slots when I try to sleep. lol But, seriously, the archives here are truly a blessing.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:17am Elwyn:

Hey Hamburger, Marmalade Kitty.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:19am hamburger:

yo Elwyn - any luck with the autotune voicebox thing?
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:19am fxo:

nice to hear fum you. I'm wit' you!
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:21am Marmalade kitty:

no time to sleep T-Zzzzzz!
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:23am T-Zero:

Indeed, MK.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:25am T-Zero:

Loven this John Doe
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:26am Marmalade kitty:

we spend more or less half our life asleep, which is great but it would be handy if you could put Time on Pause/hold.. maybe not
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:30am T-Zero:

@Mk. Yep! Especially for the obsessives. lol
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:30am Elwyn:

@Hamburger: had no time. been at work all day
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:31am Looms:

Hello Frank, Kitty and fellow listeners!
Doing very fine listening to the show on this "Assumption of Mary" holiday.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:31am Marmalade kitty:

T-Z, try sleeping with the radio on.. It can be trippy I tell ya!
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:33am fxo:

don't try to assume, 'cause...
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:33am Marmalade kitty:

Bonjour Looms!
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:34am T-Zero:

@MK: Ya know, because of my erratic hours, I've been thinking I should check with my neighbors to see if the constant playing bothers them. Well, only one neighbor really, because where I listen abuts their bedroom.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:34am Marmalade kitty:

Elwyn, it must be early evening where you are?
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:37am fxo:

no abuts about it (always wanted to use that phrase)
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:38am T-Zero:

Glad I could provide an opportunity. ;)
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:47am T-Zero:

Thank you for that Nordine, fxo. That was brilliant.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:51am Marmalade kitty:

I've notice Paul McCartney getting more than his fair share of wfmu plays. Is it possible, can we have some Ringo starr?
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:54am fxo:

MK, for the time being, this'll have to suffice.
  Mon. 8/15/11 6:56am Marmalade kitty:

just fighting Ringos corner ;)
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:00am burp:

burps bigurps bluruurrp
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:04am fxo:

jeez, I forgot about Kate Bush. DOH!
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:09am Ringo:

Cheques in the mail..
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:10am fxo:

thanks Richie, mr. MBE
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:11am hamburger:

just went to get a cup of tea - show's all weird now !
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:18am Marmalade kitty:

smashing up a sax..?
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:19am T-Zero:

@MK: Soundtrack for "Fly Away Home" lol
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:21am hamburger:

I think it's a sped up recording of people squeaking around in chairs in retirement home or sumptin..
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:24am Marmalade kitty:

Haha :D
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:40am hamburger:

woa I like this trumpet-ness
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:52am T-Zero:

@MK/hamburger: Meant to ask... Have things finally quieted down in you areas?
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:54am T-Zero:

Oh wait. Hamburger, you in the UK or Hamburg, Germany?
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:57am ?:

#10-what great track to start the week with-
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:58am Marmalade kitty:

yes, TZ, things have calmed down thankfully!
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:58am hamburger:

I'm in London - I just like hamburgers. Things seem calm now - everyone's trying to make sense of it all.. issues people!
  Mon. 8/15/11 7:59am Kevin:

sweden, fyfan!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:00am T-Zero:

@MK: Oh, good. I'm glad to hear that. I was concerned.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:00am postmanpaul:

Hey Frank! Hey commentators! Everything's settling down here in the UK; 'trouble-makers' are being shipped off to Australia in leaky wooden barges.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:02am T-Zero:

@hamburger: Ok, I thought you wer ein London, but wasn't sure. Good luck trying to make sense of it. Seemed pretty senseless to me.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:04am hamburger:

yay! VU!!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:04am T-Zero:

@postmanpaul: Chanelling the Spit Enz?
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:06am fxo:

chaos+senselessness+ ...
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:07am Marmalade kitty:

those leaky barges full to the brim with looters, gov'nt officials, police officers and other miscellaneous riffraff
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:08am hamburger:

funny lil article re the riots: http://bit.ly/mXDGNi
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:13am andrew (finland):

hey, extra good show this week! thanks...
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:15am Marmalade kitty:

hamburger: your link directed me here..
Bakery Review: The City Bakery (New York, NY... Flatiron)
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:16am T-Zero:

@hamburger: I like the last paragraph suggestion. :)
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:20am T-Zero:

@MK: It was the Guardian's Brooker opinion piece from Sunday.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:24am postmanpaul:

Sociologically, something big happened here. Personaly I'd have the madding crowd securely fastened in some hastily prepared ye olde merry England wooden stocks, in the streets they trashed. Then we'd see how clever they were in getting nicked.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:26am postmanpaul:

Just saying, cor blimey.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:31am hamburger:

cor! blimey! indeedy
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:31am T-Zero:

@postmanpaul: Yeah. I don't know what to say, pretty sad situation.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:34am hamburger:

@MK - yea that's weird / have had issues with that bit.ly..

does look like a decent bakery tho! http://www.honeywhatscooking.com/2011/03/bakery-review-city-bakery-new-york-ny.html
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:35am Andrea on the M62:

erm, im not sure if it sposed to be but is the skipping intentional?
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:35am ?:

sounded like a possible #11
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:37am fxo:

I'm workin' on this snafu.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:40am T-Zero:

Leak damage, sticky breakfast fingers?
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:41am ?:

enjoyed it, somewhat like a cut from Bush of Ghosts
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:42am fxo:

dipping the CDs into the sauce, er uh, syrup!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:43am ?:

Some very intriguing (and unusually contrasting) ingredients were in the mix. Initially the old bill were caught on the hop, undoubtedly.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:45am postmanpaul:

Some fine apres-work tunes, these, fxo!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:46am postmanpaul:

Some very intriguing....etc was me, whoooops.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:46am hamburger:

hafta nip out for a sandwich - fun show fxo!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:48am fxo:

thanks for your patience, doctors.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:51am postmanpaul:

fxo, you going over the cuckoos nest? I believed we were here to be cured by medication at your disposal!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:56am T-Zero:

Thanks for quite a fun show, fxo. And look, I'm still here and awake. lol
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:56am ?:

Tks fxo-great show-have a good week all-
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:57am Marmalade kitty:

Top show fxo!!!!
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:57am postmanpaul:

Nice show, agin, fxo. Have a good week.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:58am fxo:

thanks to Nurse Ratched, eh?
you fill me up. Seeya next week. I'll work on my lack of skills.
  Mon. 8/15/11 8:58am postmanpaul:

  Mon. 8/15/11 9:01am postmanpaul:

I'll work on my lack of skills - that's gonna be my epitaph, in stone fxo!
  Mon. 8/15/11 9:03am fxo:

Stone Free!
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