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Options May 20, 2011: BLIP FESTIVAL Day 2 w/ Bennett4Senate & Marty McSorley

BLIPSTREAM URL: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls

(streaming begins at 7:50pET each night!)

Some rights reserved by Anne HelmondBanner300x250The world's premier international chipmusic event event, the Blip Festival returns to NY May 19-21. WFMU is here live streaming direct from Eyebeam to your home computer!

Produced by 8bitpeoples & The Tank, the Blip Festival celebrates the best and brightest from the realm of chipmusic and its related discilplines. This year, artists from all over the world will converge at Eyebeam, the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the USA!

WFMU DJs Bennett4Senate, Marty McSorely will be your hosts tonight, DJ-ing between sets both on the stream and in-person at Eyebeam.

Highlights from these performances will be available from the Free Music Archive, where you can also enjoy a vast collection of mp3s from the 2009 Blip Festival at the Bell House in Brooklyn!.

08:00 NNNNNNNNNN // 08:40 Tristan Perich // 09:20 4mat // 10:00 Ten Thousand Free Men & Their Families // 10:40 Stagediver // 11:20 Bit Shifter // 12:00 exileFaker // 12:40 cTrix

Check out blipfestival.org for more information, and this year's full lineup!

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Artist Track Comments
  get ready!    
NNNNNNNNNN  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
bennett4senate  dj set   Options  
Tristan Perich  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
Marty McSorley  dj set   Options  
4mat  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
bennett4senate  dj set   Options  
10,000 freemen & their Families  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
Marty McSorley  dj set   Options  
Stagediver  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
bennett4senate  dj set   Options  
Bit Shifter  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
Marty McSorley  dj set   Options  
exileFaker  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
bennett4senate  dj set   Options  
ctrix  live at BLIP 2011 from Eyebeam NYC   Options  
Marty McSorley  outro   Options  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 5/20/11 7:58pm Richard from Venezuela:

Hello Bennett and Marty. Thanks for the stream. Yesterday set was awesome.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:00pm your hosts:

just getting set up, NNNNNNNNNN will be on in 10 minutes!
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:01pm Ashtom:

Hey there! I just woke up to listen, i'm ready!
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:05pm Andrew K:

Anyone know if and if so which sets Dailymotion are streaming tonight???
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:12pm Richard from Venezuela:

  Fri. 5/20/11 8:14pm the c-men:

whoohoo french kiss <3
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:14pm cordchomper:

ummm sup w/ the sexy sounds?
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:15pm Richard from Venezuela:

Great folks. The stream sound awesome. cero anoying cuts.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:15pm the c-men:

it's french kiss by little louis, a classic house track
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:16pm JahRasta:

ello ello, then
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:16pm the c-men:

now THERE's a start :)
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:16pm andarugo:

I hope I can make it back in time from red lobster to top off my gut with a majority of tonight's set
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:17pm dsv101:

im bored :'(
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:18pm JahRasta:

open 3dsmax and get to modeling....boredom removed
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:21pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

  Fri. 5/20/11 8:21pm Andrew K:

megaman. roms. waiting for blip.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:23pm dsv101:

i want music!
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:24pm Richard from Venezuela:

sound sick!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:24pm JahRasta:

Huh?! Are your speakers not functioning?!
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:25pm VCMG:

This song is awesome
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:28pm Richard from Venezuela:

speed chiptune. terrific.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:28pm currycurry:

  Fri. 5/20/11 8:30pm Howard in Portland, OR:

I feel like I'm drunk and inside a giant GameBoy. This rules.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:32pm soup:

This is live? Get a bit of crowd noise in there guys! :P
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:33pm Howard in Portland, OR:

NYC audiences no longer make any noise.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:34pm Axiom:

hahaha having a parking lot rave, blasting the live feed
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:35pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

they are making noise but its just so fucking loud you cant hear um. we have the room mics up.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:35pm soup:

@howard, I blame society
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:35pm Axiom:

@soup hahahaa
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:44pm the c-men:

you people should put up the visualist names as well for each act !
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:46pm Andrew K:

ps, stream seems alot better today, less cutty, good work G's
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:50pm Jason from wfmu:

Glad to hear in Andrew K!

(thats cuz we got a 4g card!)
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:52pm the c-men:

doing a little stand up right now chaps ?
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:53pm Yukami:

I also lost several months of my life to weed and Katamari Damacy... are you me?
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:55pm Richard from Venezuela:

Greetings Jason. Thanks for the stream.
  Fri. 5/20/11 8:57pm Richard from Venezuela:

Chipsichord. Nice.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:00pm Richard from Venezuela:

Car alarm.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:02pm Feryl:

All I'm getting from the stream links is the radio... can someone please help?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:02pm upstate sean:

llove this
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:03pm currycurry:

BLIPSTREAM URL: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:03pm Feryl:

Tried it... all I get is radio.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:05pm JahRasta:

@Feryl what are you streaming with?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:06pm Feryl:

Windows Media.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:06pm upstate sean:

you gotta click on the special events link,then Open the stream
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:07pm upstate sean:

oh - I got itunes
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:07pm beanz:

so there's a video stream?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:07pm JahRasta:

I only clicked on: http://wfmu.org/special_events.pls
Then BAM!
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:07pm Feryl:

Windows Media won't recognize the .PLS file, and when I try the Flash, it's just radio.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:08pm JahRasta:

VLC or Winamp man....WMP exit stage left.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:08pm upstate sean:

no video until 930, then you can find it on Ustream
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:09pm currycurry:

@beanz, i wish, it would be nice to see the visual art they put together.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:09pm Axiom:

It's seems like radio because the quality of the audio is so crisp and clean, but it's live
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:09pm beanz:

can you post the link sean?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:10pm beanz:

@currycurry there was a video stream last night :)
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:10pm Richard from Venezuela:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:10pm Feryl:

I second the video stream link request.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:11pm upstate sean:


then click on the big thing that says BLIPSTREAM URL
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:12pm Andrew K:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:12pm JahRasta:

Richard had it. VIDEO STREAM: http://www.dailymotion.com/sas/live
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:12pm currycurry:

@beanz, ya and I missed it because my dsl was down and could only use dial-up.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:12pm JahRasta:

NOT live right now////
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:13pm Andrew K:

Ah right, last time it had a countdown so the lack of one threw me, CHEERZ GUIZ!
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:20pm Feryl:

When does DailyMotion go live?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:22pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

hows it sounding yall????? that set was cool
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:22pm Andrew K:

Sounds sick as!!!
@Feryl 9:30 apparently
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:23pm upstate sean:

sounds awesome
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:24pm Akira^8GB:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:25pm marnuc:

are you sure daily motion is going live today??
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:28pm the c-men:

only amigaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:29pm beanz:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:30pm Akira^8GB:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:31pm Feryl:

No DailyMotion?? I need to hear this guy!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:31pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

make yer own and drop the links here on the playlist!! http://3fram.es/
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:33pm marnuc:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:34pm currycurry:

sounds epic o_o
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:35pm Akira^8GB:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:36pm Akira^8GB:

Feryl, dude, the stream link is fkn there on the left, on big bold letters, special_events.pls
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:37pm minikomi:

4mat is #swag
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:38pm Akira^8GB:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:40pm Feryl:


I know man; but I can't run it in WMP, so I would have had to install Winamp or something, which would take too much time.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:40pm upstate sean:

anyone find a live video yet?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:41pm beanz:

we need video!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:42pm Andrew K:

@Feryl, get VLC player, it's freeware and fucking good at running almost all media and streams
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:42pm Goatfather:

Anyone has idea about hardware 4-mat uses for the show?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:43pm upstate sean:

where's that ustream link?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:43pm Feryl:

Problem is, it's too late in the game for me to bother with that. Oh well. Should've thought ahead.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:43pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

yo some dude got the motha fucking power glove for sale some one loan me $80
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:48pm beanz:

4mat is a boss
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:48pm HNNNNNNG:

  Fri. 5/20/11 9:49pm currycurry:

the audience sounds pretty big, how many people are there?
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:50pm minikomi:

Um. Damn.
  Fri. 5/20/11 9:51pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

we're estimating like 300, 350... starting to fill up.... yo, this 4mat shit is really really good!! first time for both of us here behind the steering wheel.
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:03pm currycurry:

cool! 4mat has a lot of variation in each of his songs and you guys are doing great. also, are these being video recorded?
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:05pm upstate sean:

  Fri. 5/20/11 10:07pm Ashtom:

There you go! http://3fram.es/8cM
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:08pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

yo pledge now to our shit and well get on the video for next year ; ) xoxoxoxoxo
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:09pm Feryl:

Somebody better have recorded 4mat, because I didn't get to hear any of his awesomeness. :)
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:11pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

WE DID it will all be on the FMA!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:11pm Akira^8GB:

4mat download some mods off amp xD
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:14pm Goatfather:

Eh, he's awesome.... but could that be any other way?
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:14pm marnuc:

please someone out there in the fest, pick your phone and stream in ustream please!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:16pm listening:

was that 4mat or 10k free men?
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:18pm Ashtom:

That was 4mat and 10k Free Men is next
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:18pm dosprompt:

That was 4mat
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:20pm currycurry:

ah, a picture of 4mat. you guys should make a 3frame gif for each DJ >.> or have an audience member do it.
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:26pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

@feryl yeah this will all be on freemusicarchive.org soon after the fest :)
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:27pm lazerbeat:

bennet and marty thanks for sreaming recording all this
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:28pm Axiom:

when are the 4mat recording, and all the recordings, going to be put on the FMA?
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:29pm Mary Wing:

These Australians are blowing my mind!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:30pm minikomi:

wow.. crowd sounds big
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:32pm Andrew K:

Best performance so far this fest imo. 10k <3
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:34pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

@axiom soon! a few days? hang tight :)
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:36pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

we got word there's like 550 ppl here, wow!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:38pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

btw this set is FUCKING BRUTAL!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:38pm Ashtom:

Wow my black Game Boy is now famous! Thx
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:41pm royb0t:

So fucking sick!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:48pm upstate sean:

not too many chicks there?
go figure
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:49pm biiaru:

i missed 4mat :( hopefully his is recorded somewhere :<
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:50pm hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

harshing ny high mayyn!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:50pm upstate sean:

man o man
brutal is right!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:53pm BombaySweets:

Hi royb0t! glad to see you here! -Michelle
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:53pm Akira^8GB:

volume is saturating, guys
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:56pm royb0t:

Hello! :D Hop you guys are having a blast! I am soo pumped to hear Stagediver's set! CRUSH DEM BITS!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 10:58pm BombaySweets:

I'm sure he's having a blast, I'm laying in bed. hahah.
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:01pm biiaru:

hey, wfmu, you guys need an IRC channel... this comment area is way too slow paced to have awesome real-time discussions and stuff. your thoughts?
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:01pm royb0t:

Haha, I'm sure he's gonna go nuts, hopefully some more toastercore!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:02pm BombaySweets:

i'm so nervous for him!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:02pm hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

blipsters unite!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:03pm royb0t:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:04pm kyotofishx:

I've been listening at night while illustrating- thank you SO MUCH for streaming Blip Fest! So good!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:05pm biiaru:

stagediver is kinda hilarious, ain't he
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:06pm Akira^8GB:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:06pm BombaySweets:

he's funny in real life too
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:07pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

@biiaru I'm in favor of an IRC, def! we're like 99% volunteer run so like if we had someone who wanted to be admin etc..... also check freemusicarchive.org in a few days for all these sets recorded!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:07pm royb0t:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:08pm biiaru:

i have about 5-6 years of moderating large (50-300 people) irc channels so if you need some moderation help i could be up for that
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:11pm biiaru:

*5-6 years of experience moderating [...]
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:11pm bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

@biiaru email me! bennett@wfmu.org and we can take it from there, its kind up to the bosses at the station.... but it's a gr8 idea!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:13pm biiaru:

will do :) btw where does the 'hudson valley' 90.1 fm stream broadcast out of? wondering if i can get it up here in ulster county...
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:16pm royb0t:

Stagediver is the Trent Reznor of chiptune!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:16pm biiaru:

though first i would have to find an fm radio. so maybe it's best i stick with the internet stream... >_>
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:18pm upstate sean:

hey biiaru,
signal starts to fade around new paltz and north, unless you are on a mountain. ( It comes in pretty well in bearsville.)
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:19pm biiaru:

i'm just a little south of new paltz, in milton, so maybe i'd still be able to get it... that's cool :) i'll have to find an fm radio one of these days.
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:20pm kyotofishx:

I'm loving Stagediver!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:20pm upstate sean:

you can get them at yard sales....haha
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:21pm royb0t:

Stagediver is amazing! Midwest corps! HARDCORE!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:23pm biiaru:

stagediver is pretty rad!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:24pm upstate sean:

crazy dude.
probably had to ride the little bus to school.
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:25pm royb0t:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:26pm marnuc:

HI STAGEDIVER ahah I want to be there!! FACK!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:26pm biiaru:

i love you stagediver please don't hurt me.
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:26pm BombaySweets:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:26pm royb0t:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:27pm upstate sean:

If you are in the back, run!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:29pm hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

bits r now entering your puny reality vibrating and fuzzy!!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:29pm BlueWater:

Amen break will never die (thank god)
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:29pm kyotofishx:

::online GRUNT::
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:32pm dan:

that's definitely a korg monotron
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:34pm marnuc:

The NULL!!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:35pm hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

the pleiadians say Hello...
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:36pm freznel:

damn i want to listen to this on the car radio..
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:36pm royb0t:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:37pm BombaySweets:

@freznel - pretty sure you can download this track for free at radiograffiti.org
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:38pm hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

coming soon a 24 hour online fest with blipsters playing live for earth and the whole universe.....tune in
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:40pm royb0t:

  Fri. 5/20/11 11:46pm Ashtom:

Can't wait for the Shifter to bring it up
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:52pm biiaru:

bit. shifter. :D
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:52pm hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

fackingegg if u likesamigacords

peep Rolemusic ....trust!!
  Fri. 5/20/11 11:54pm Ashtom:

Bit Shiftrer is currently playing: The Units: "Warm Moving Bodies (Skyscraper Cell Remix)"
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:00am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

hey guys don't worry about what Stagediver was saying about ppl listening online... I love all u trolls - lolz ;)
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:01am Ashtom:

Easy Prey 2011 version!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:03am Beck von BlindVoyeurs:

Wish I was there! Listening to the live stream in the UK 5:02am!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:03am Ashtom:

Glad to read that I'm not the only one! GVA, Switzerland; 6:03AM
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:05am marnuc:

@Beck that is the chip attitude!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:07am Beck von BlindVoyeurs:

@marnuc ;D Yep!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:09am Ashtom of Game Video Addiktz:

It's so good to hear the crowd react. Thanks for setting up this mic! And now on to another version of Reformat the Planet
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:16am Ashtom of Game Video Addiktz:

For those who are wondering, @bit_shifter_ is currently playing 'Maneuverer' #blip11 @ashtom_gvaddikt
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:17am Beck von BlindVoyeurs:

BTW, I'm keeping a tab open with a #blip11 search on twitter. Loving the yfrogs and twitpics :)
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:21am Bliptroll:

  Sat. 5/21/11 12:24am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

FYI there is a lady in some srs high heels crowdsurfing right now
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:24am Ashtom of Game Video Addiktz:

actually it is not awesomeNES but awesomeGameBoy :)
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:25am biiaru:

holy shit if tabor robak's visuals for nullsleep tomorrow night are going to be anything like the stuff on his website http://www.taborrobak.com/terminator.html i am going to be EXTREMELY disappointed if there is no video stream.
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:26am Ashtom of Game Video Addiktz:

I want more!!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:27am OTapia:

What a great guy.
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:28am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

@biiaru ah! glad you're familiar w/ tabor, met the guy recently, good dude, cool work as well!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:29am biiaru:

i'm not really familiar with him, just took a look on the blip fest website and found a link to tabor's website, it's pretty rad stuff
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:30am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

@biiaru shameless plug: he's done some cool collabos w/ Jon Rafman, who I had on my show - wfmu.org/playlists/bf :P
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:34am Ashtom of Game Video Addiktz:

I'm doing the visuals for myself with this: http://plateau.taborrobak.com/
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:34am Akira^8GB:

Bring back XC3N to the DJ booth
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:36am jksine:

ringing in the final day of rapture with Bit Shifter's final track. Hell yes.
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:41am biiaru:

this is hilarious
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:41am Ashtom of Game Video Addiktz:

definitely hilarious indeed
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:44am TUda:

hi listening in from Oz
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:54am marnuc:

I m pretty sure that definitely tomorrow we will have video stream at least for nullsleep
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:54am biiaru:

bennett, i just sent you that email :)
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:58am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

frack this is goot!!!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 12:59am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:00am Bliptroll:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:03am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

hold that! i just createdthe bliptune version of shazam beeeches!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:03am marnuc:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:09am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

what is this sample!??!?!?!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:10am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

jesus fucking christ i know it but im too drunk to remember some one help its hurting me its hurting me
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:11am biiaru:

that was a remix of bit shifter's reformat the planet
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:11am TUda:

cTrix cTrix cTrix
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:19am UHmmm:

You drunk tools, play the SHOUT OUTS people sent out.
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:19am biiaru:

oh yeah shout me out bennett!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:22am UHmmm:

You just called everyone a sissy. Way to go!! XD
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:23am was/not was:

I'd like to thank the Academy, the Institution and the Fucking Company for sending my family to the Nuthouse to be your fucking tools..
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:23am UHmmm:

VOLUME tools, you forgot to switch audio sources, we can hear your drunk babbling instead of ctrix
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:23am taxtro:

the sound does not exist
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:23am dosprompt:

Somethings gone wrong? Where's the desk? His buddies in Australia need some cTrix
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:24am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

should be good now :D
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:25am dosprompt:

Much better - thanks guys!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:28am sntrytm:

what song is this? this rules
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:29am Cotton:

Fuckin' Ctrix!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:30am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

holy shit this Guitari is insane
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:30am biiaru:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:32am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

atari console w/ game + joystick + two pedals + "headstock" ; all mounted on a board w/ strap (hence 'guitar')
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:33am dosprompt:

theres a pic on twitter if you search #blip11
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:34am Cotton:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:35am UHmmm:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:36am dosprompt:

streams gone down again :(
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:36am biiaru:

stream cut out.
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:36am marnuc:

what da fuck what!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:37am biiaru:

if you get it back up i am pledging 20 dollars before i go to bed
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:37am currycurry:

It cut out and when I restart the stream it says, "Please enter a valid login name and a password for realm. (null).
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:37am TUda:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:37am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

done caPutt

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:37am Mary Wing:

Stream's down on iTunes, too. Was perfecto all evening.
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:37am was/not was:

stream on here..Somebody cut off my whole damn computer this mornin'
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:38am biiaru:

i bet you they knocked the ethernet jack out of the wall or somethin'
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:38am UHmmm:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:38am TUda:

waited all night for cTrix too
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:38am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

its jesusn the rapture!!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:39am was/not was:

go thru wfmu website
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:39am Bliptroll:

CTRL ALT DEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:40am Bliptroll:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:41am UHmmm:

fucking rapture bring the stream back
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:41am celsius:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:42am Bliptroll:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:42am biiaru:

i guess the rapture hit nyc then
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:43am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

jesus on lsdj

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:43am Bliptroll:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:45am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

yall need 2be reading

triks n john316 anyways
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:45am marnuc:

seems like the people there just went too crazy, te rapture probably, waiting for it haha
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:46am currycurry:

@was/not was post the link you are referring to.

what is going on? send a pic with a thumbs up if anyone is still alive.
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:46am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

WE'RE BACK - rapture errors. Jesus says "MY BAD GUISE"
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:47am Bliptroll:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:47am currycurry:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:47am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

srsly tho - we're still recording - all will be avail on freemusicarchive.org. srry dudes, I thought I said all my prayers WTF???
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:47am was/not was:

  Sat. 5/21/11 1:48am biiaru:

ok, gonna go pledge now like i said. <3
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:48am marnuc:

for tomorrow i expect at least a video strem from the beginning
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:48am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

jasus saves blipprfestive
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:50am Akira^8GB:

Still cutting up... Kill the rapture please
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:52am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

why dint this shit git Usteam???
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:52am currycurry:

@dosprompt & Cotton, thanks for those links. that guitari looks crazy 0_o.
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:53am biiaru:

just pledged $20, long live free-format radio :)
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:57am Akira^8GB:

Fucking oldschool YESSSSS
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:57am dosprompt:

Guitari was made in my house hehe. Should have gotten some before he left Australia :)
  Sat. 5/21/11 1:58am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

evrybody just rushd the stage
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:05am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

yyyyyyyyyyeeah boi

bumrush the stageeeee!!!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:05am Dr.Mad from Germany:

Awesome stream! Love it :)
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:06am biiaru:

really looking forward to hearing 4mat and tristan perich on FMA in a few days and really looking forward to all of tomorrow night :) see you all back here same time tomorrow
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:07am currycurry:

homemade chip-tools = ftw! :D thanks so much!!! you guys rock!!!!
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:09am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

time to go home yall
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:10am bennett4senate & Marty McSorley:

tune in again tmrw, same time same place same URL
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:14am Bliptroll:

same blip time, same blip channel
  Sat. 5/21/11 2:15am hatersBestFriend from muncie IN:

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