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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Options Shazam!. 0:00:00 )  
YOUR 33 BLACK ANGELS  Bad Dream   Options Songs from the Near Bleak Future. Optical Sounds. CD. -NR 0:07:11 )  
THE WEDDING PRESENT  My Favourite Dress   Options George Best. Reception. LP. (1987) 0:12:24 )  
UNREST  Make Out Club   Options B.P.M. (1991-1994). Teenbeat. CD. (1995) 0:16:18 )  
LAME DRIVERS  Change Your Mind   Options Cruisin' Classics 2003-2010. none. CD-R. Available for FREE legal download on WFMU's Free Music Archive!
0:19:27 )  
LES OLIVENSTEINS  Euthanasie   Options Les Olivensteins. Born Bad. CD. 1978-1980 recordings -NR 0:22:11 )  
LOST CONTROLS  Entirely Wired for Sound   Options v/a- Casual Victim Pile. Matador. CD. (2010) 0:24:26 )  
DOCTOR MIX AND THE REMIX  Out of the Question   Options (1979-1982). Bondage. LP. Metal Urbain offshoot 0:28:38 )  
HAWKWIND  Motorhead   Options Independent Days. Flicknife. 10". 0:32:06 )  
FANCY SPACE PEOPLE  Fancy Space People   Options Fancy Space People. none. EP. -NR 0:46:37 )  
SCREEMER  Interplanetary Twist   Options v/a- Clap Your Hands Stamp Your Feet! More Junk Shop Glam!. Ursula 1000. CD. (2003) 1976 single 0:52:38 )  
SWEET   Ballroom Blitz   Options Desolation Boulevard. Capitol. LP. (1975) 0:56:20 )  
NOBUNNY  Oh Cody   Options Raw Romance. Burger. CD. -NR 1:14:12 )  
BOX ELDERS   Hole In My Head   Options Grotto records. 7". -NR 1:14:55 )  
TOMMY HOEHN  I Know I Love You Now   Options Spacebreak. Power Play. (1977) 1:16:42 )  
BRIDGETTE BARDOT  Ne Me Laisse Pas l'Aimer   Options C'est Chic! French Girl Singers of the 1960s. Ace. -NR 1:19:48 )  
X'LENTS  Psychedelia   Options VA - Psych-Funk Sa-Re-Ga! Seminar: Aesthetic Expressions of Psychedelic Funk Music in India 1970-1983. World Psychedelic Funk Classics. -NR 1:21:44 )  
MICKEY  She's So Crazy   Options 7". HoZac. 7". -NR 1:23:48 )  
MEERCAZ  Space Hate   Options Meercaz. Tic Tac Totally. EP. -NR 1:26:19 )  
BARRACUDAS  Somebody   Options Drop Out with the Barracudas. EMI. CD. (2005) Reissue of 1981 album with bonus tracks 1:29:44 )  
OBITS  You Gotta Lose   Options Moody, Standard and Poor. Sub Pop. CD. New album out on Tuesday! Appearing soon live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic! -NR 1:33:01 )  
RONNIE AND THE RAYGUNS  Let The Pigs Run Wild   Options 7". 7". (1982) 1:51:44 )  
REAGAN YOUTH  Reagan Youth   Options Youth Anthems for the New Order. R Radical. LP. (1984) 1:53:46 )  
RED ASPHALT  Red Asphalt   Options Unreleased. Egg & Anvil. CD. 1:56:01 )  
CRISIS OF CONFORMITY  Fist Fight In the Parking Lot   Options From "Saturday Night Live" 1:57:49 )  
ILL WILL   Paranoid   Options v/a- Life Is Ugly So Why Not Kill Yourself?. New Underground. LP. (1982) 1:59:13 )  
D.O.A.  World War III   Options Bloodied but Unbowed, The Damage to Date: 1978-83. CD Presents. LP. (1983) 2:01:13 )  
ADOLESCENTS  Amoeba   Options Adolescents. Frontier. LP. (1981) 2:04:38 )  
ZERO BOYS  Civilization's Dying   Options Vicious Circle. Secretly Canadian. CD. 2:07:38 )  
BLACK FLAG  No Values   Options The First Four Years. SST. CD. 2:09:34 )  
WILMA   Fast Fascist   Options Pornography Lies EP. Subterranean. 7". (1981) 2:11:26 )  
DAN MELCHIOR  90s Man   Options Assemblage Blues. Siltbreeze. LP. -NR 2:32:06 )  
GALAXIES IV  Don't Lose Your Mind   Options v/a- Glimpses Vol 1 & 2. Past Present. CD. -NR 2:35:06 )  
PASTELS  Cause I Love You   Options v/a- Glimpses Vol 1 & 2. Past Present. CD. -NR 2:39:02 )  
WILD FLAG  Glass Tambourine   Options 7". Merge. 7". new band with ex-members of Sleater-Kinney and Helium -NR 2:40:26 )  
DUM DUM GIRLS  He Gets Me High   Options He Gets Me High EP. Sub Pop. CD. 2:45:18 )  
DEATH  Can You Give Me a Thrill???   Options Spiritual - Mental - Physical. Drag City. CD. -NR 2:48:12 )  
INSOMNIACS  Good For Nothing   Options Just Enjoy It. Bloodred. CD. -NR 2:54:38 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 3/26/11 3:12pm Danne D:

yay Terre T :)
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:19pm Mark Watkins:

Hey Terre! Have a good show...
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:21pm grubbus:

is this song really from 1987?

I missed so much in the 80's
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:24pm hamburger:

howdy doody
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:31pm Richard from Venezuela:

Great first set of music.
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:32pm ben loaded:

what do cannibals want when they go for fast food?......handburgers
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:36pm hamburger:

what do vegetarians eat when they want a hamburger? vegetarian burgers. because they are not allowed to eat meat.
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:39pm John in Akron:

F*ck yeah! Hawkwind on a sunny Saturday!
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:40pm Chip Fontaine:

hawkwind ROOLS!!
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:42pm ben loaded:

Yes. If I were a vegetarian I would'nt eat things that resemble meat. There is a product called "Not Dogs" made from tofu. I guess a patty made from veggies would be ok, as long as it isn't made to look like a real hamburger or marketed that way. Veggies are wonderful just the way they are just as meat is. we don't try to make meat look like vegetables.
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:44pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

  Sat. 3/26/11 3:47pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

it would be pronounced "lessOLIVenSTEEN"
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:48pm MuttonChops:

Can you play Rebecca Black?
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:49pm cannibal smith:

what do vegetarian cannibals eat for a snack?..."Toe" Fu
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:49pm MuttonChops:

It's Saturday the day after Friday . . .
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:50pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

Good one, MuttonChops! I host a radio show at WMSC montclair station university's station on Friday nights, and last night I got a humorous request for "Friday"! Seventy cents per download...I don't know if she needs any help.
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:50pm Danne D:

Ben loaded - I was just gonna say that about making meat look like vegetables. I think there's a market for that :)
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:50pm marionfrenchie:

as a French listener, i'd pronounce olivensteins.... à la "German" ;) because of the ending... You guys made me laugh and leave my first comment in a year or so on here!
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:51pm Danne D:

What does Rebecca Black eat for a snack? Friday's Fries
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:51pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

Marion, but there would be a liaison at the beginning wouldn't there?
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:52pm Danne D:

I would love to see a steel cage match of all of Terre's APs :)
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:53pm marionfrenchie:

Mark: yeah
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:56pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

Nice! The lessons are working!! ou
Les cours sont travaillent. Bien sur! Merci beaucoup, marion
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:56pm ben drinken:

Yes, Danne D. We could have carrion rot. made to look like a carrot. and Bockli. Broccoli made from chicken. because chicken go bock, bock. and cucamber. hamburger in the shape of a cucumber.
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:57pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

Oh snap, PF "interstellar overdrive" reference, ME LIKE!!
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:57pm DJ Terre T:

Grubbus- I was but a child then too!

Ben Loaded- Go vegan!

Marion- Apologies for our awful French accents!

Everyone else- Thanx for listening and commenting!
  Sat. 3/26/11 3:58pm Mark from Pompton Plains:

Goodness Terre, where did this Fancy Space People record come from?!?!! I want a copy for WMSC tout de suite
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:07pm ben loaded:

not vegan but I eat a lot of kimchi Terre T. I make it at home all year round. but i use fish sauce, oysters, and sometimes fish heads. make it after what i remember best when I was in Korea. can't live without kimchi.
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:08pm marionfrenchie:

New! Tune in to WFMU for fun and free French lessons
on the sly!!!
HeeHee! Terry, you were cute and brave, no apologies needed!
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:14pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

A SILENBT MOIVE should play a gig with PUPPET SHOW. Think how the ads would look.
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:15pm ben loaded:

wonder if there are vegetarians out there who won't go see the Hamburgalars perform. maybe if they had costumes of meat in the shape of veggies it would be ok. cause veggiburgalars doesn't sound as appealing.
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:16pm Pete:

Terri, the Fancy Space People record is on the "Starry" record label
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:18pm Français:

May wee-wee!
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:22pm marionfrenchie:

oh la-la!
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:27pm marionfrenchie:

l'irrésistible BB !
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:36pm Maître d'école secondaire:

Arrêt de faire la connerie!
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:45pm Listeners:

We're just nuts for Contextualityism.

Is this another round of The Postmodern Bickersons?
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:50pm Lent:

You know when you find icky fuzz in the bottom of your pockets? It's like that.
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:51pm RIAA Lawyer DJ:

"Obits recently released “You Gotta Lose” as a free download." January 2011
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:51pm ps:

who is on with terre t
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:54pm Danne D:

That would be her associate producer
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:54pm ben loaded:

what kind of pizza do cannibals love?....person pan pizza
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:54pm Danne D:

Just think we could've gotten the Bush era started so much sooner...
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:55pm Danne D:

What music group do cannibals love?....Personal and the Pizzas
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:55pm JCJ:

Daddy's is on Graham. Definitely not Greenpoint, call it Williamsburg, or for those who've lived here for decades, the North Side.
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:55pm Danne D:

that would be @terrecherry with an 'e'
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:57pm Danne D:

Btw here's a true classic video of the Reagan Era:

  Sat. 3/26/11 4:58pm Danne D:

This song is making me hungry
  Sat. 3/26/11 4:59pm hamburger:

There was this Danish film (I think) I saw when I was a kid about wild boars running riot in a village, can't remember the name tho
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:01pm Dave:

Now thats what I call music. Set the WABAC machine

  Sat. 3/26/11 5:05pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

Daddy's is in what old-timers always called "Italian Greenpoint" but what everyone now calls "East Williamsburg."
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:05pm Danne D:

Have a great night everyone :)
Thanks for a great show as always Terre T!!!
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:06pm gina k:

When I see what an icon Regan's been made into I feel like I'm living in topsy turvy land
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:07pm ken in denver:

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:08pm ben loaded:

where are you going, Danne D? still on til six. guess you are off to market those meat to veggies thing.
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:08pm Bonzo:

Lest we forget Nancy (Angst)
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:19pm ben loaded:

all the jokes aside from the veggies and meat and such. this has been a great show with the sets. so good. ben doing some cleaning and dishes whilst. I do most of the cooking at home but wife does baking. she is looking forward to the apron. me too! probably will end up with more than just food stains on it.
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:24pm Listener Jumpy in Brooklyn:

Hey! Do the mouse...
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:29pm Peter in Seattle:

Love the DK lets lynch the landlord jingle for Terre's show
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:48pm suit douche:

terre! great show, but i gots an emergensee!
I'm drunk at home cuz I can't see Davila 666 this month....
can you get Mala on before the end, cuz that's how I feel
a este momento....MALA!
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:53pm Ron:

Great show today! The rock is hotter than ever! Keep it going, Terre !!!
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:56pm ben loaded:

@suit douche: you probably need to get LOADED!! instead. not just drunk
  Sat. 3/26/11 5:58pm Pat Byrne:

THANK YOU for playing this Death track!!! So freggin gooooood!!!!!!
  Wed. 3/30/11 12:36pm kerry brown:

Thanks for playing the Fancy Space People! If anyone needs a copy of the Fancy Space People record please contact me at kerry@digistarmarketing.com
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