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much muchas, 'ppreciate it... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format Label Approx. start time
Options Get Happy / MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo dub mix (including the "Little Voice" soundtrack) (CD-R)   no label  0:00:00 )  
Options Earth Singing World   Phoebe Legere  "Ooh La La Coqtail" Lp (CD) *   Mysterious Ways  0:05:53 )  
Options Scratchy Aperture   Up, Bustle and Out  "Soliloquy" Lp (CD) *   Collision  0:10:27 )  
Options As I Went Out One Morning   Dirty Projectors  "Bitte Orca - No Intention (Expanding Edit)" Lp (CD)   Domino  0:15:20 )  
Options Paris Je T'Aime   Phoebe Legere  "Ooh La La Coqtail" Lp (CD) *   Mysterious Ways  0:16:41 )  
Options Hands Off   Chris Burke  "Idioglossia" Lp (CD)   Mode/ Avant  0:21:48 )  
Options Making Jet Noise / Beatle Jet Noise   Paul McCartney/ The Beatles  MP3 (MP3)   no label  0:25:59 )  
Options Dear Prudence (alternate mix)   The Beatles  MP3 (MP3)   no label  0:26:54 )  
Options Glass Onion (alternate mix)   The Beatles  MP3 (MP3)   No label  0:29:53 )  
Options Make Me Smile   Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel  "Face To Face - Live" Lp (Vinyl)   Harvest  0:32:45 )  
Options The What?   Colossus (featuring G-Off & The Wholigans  "Mushroom Jazz Six" compil. Lp (CD)   Om  0:39:14 )  
Options The Biro Pen   Cornershop  "Cornershop and The Double 'O' Groove of..." Lp (CD) *   Ample Play Records  0:42:31 )  
Options Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)   Rusko  "Diplo Presents Blow Your Head" compil. Lp (CD) *   Mad Decent  0:48:01 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Tune   FMU Locked Groove/ T Daly  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   No label  0:50:55 )  
Options Utopia   Jason Forrest  "Utopia" Ep (CD-R) *   No label  0:55:51 )  
Options I'm Waiting For The Day   Short Hair Front  "Smiling Pets" compil. Lp (CD-R)   No label  1:01:05 )  
Options He's Not Crazy But He's Dangerous   John Schnall / Midnight Matinee  "One Flu Shot Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Lp (CD) *   No label  1:04:35 )  
Options Orange And Red Beans   Eric Burdon & The Animals  "The Twain Shall Meet" Lp (Vinyl)   MGM  1:05:48 )  
Options If There Is Something   Roxy Music  "Viva! Roxy Music" (Vinyl)   Atlantic  1:09:55 )  
Options Physics For Poets   Patton Oswalt  "Werewolves And Lollipops" Lp (CD)   Sub Pop  1:20:51 )  
Options Mind Flowers   Ultimate Spinach  "Behold and See" Lp (Vinyl)   MGM  1:25:16 )  
Options Really Very Small   Esperanza Spalding  "Chamber Music Society" Lp (CD) *   Heads Up  1:35:13 )  
Options Eliza (with David Byrne)   If By Yes (Petra Haden/ Yuka Honda)  "Salt On Sea Glass" Lp (CD) *   Chimera Music  1:37:05 )  
Options Rip-Run   Seefeel  "Seefeel" Lp (CD) *   Warp  1:42:07 )  
Options Cold Ground   East River Pipe  "We Live In Rented Dreams" Lp (CD) *   Merge  1:49:20 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: King For A Day (I Dub Thee Sir mix)   FMU Locked Groove/ XTC  12" Ep (Vinyl)   Geffen  1:53:38 )  
Options Listener License Agreement / What Would You If I Sang Autotune   The Evolution Control Committee  "All Rights Reserved" Lp (CD) *   Seeland  2:01:13 )  
Options Almost Everyone, Almost Always   Deerhoof  "Deerhoof vs. Evil" Lp (CD) *   Polyvinyl  2:04:39 )  
Options Love You Bring   Pre Fuse 73  "The '92 vs. '02 Collection" Ep (CD)   Warp  2:07:51 )  
Options Please, Please, Please   Mitch Ryder  7" B side (MP3)   No label  2:11:50 )  
Options Street Hassle   Lou Reed  "Street Hassle" Lp (Vinyl)   Arista  2:15:02 )  
Options Pump Up The Jam   Beth Sorrentino / R Stevie Moore  MP3 (MP3)   No label  2:26:10 )  
Options It Ain't Necessarily So   Brian Wilson  "Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin" Lp (CD)   Disney Pearl  2:29:50 )  
Options Big Brother   Stevie Wonder   "Talking Book" Lp (Vinyl)   Motown  2:34:06 )  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Lift   FMU Locked Grooves/ 808 State  12" Ep (Vinyl)   Tommy Boy  2:38:33 )  
Options Bonus Track   If By Yes (Petra Haden/ Yuka Honda)  "Salt On Sea Glass" Lp (CD) *   Chimera Music  2:40:56 )  
Options Inferno (featuring Lunar Heights)   J. Boogie's Dubtronic Science  "Soul Vibrations" Lp (CD)   Om  2:47:51 )  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein - Music by Franz Waxman" Soundtrack Lp (CD)   Silva Music  2:52:19 )  
Options end theme(s)   Hitchcock Moshes With Nelson Riddle  fxo dub mix (CD-R)   No label  2:52:55 )  

Listener comments!

  Mon. 2/21/11 6:06am cz-kluk:

Mornin' Frank! Happy to be here.
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:08am Jack:

Hi Frank, I don't usually catch your show from the beginning. A treat getting up earlier...
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:10am fxo:

th' crack o'dawn! Happy to connect here...
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:17am Marmalade kitty:

Morning fxo!
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:20am FMU Idiot:

Good morning Frank. Umm.. been up all night with FMU. Unless I get a call I'm off today. Yea! The SoCo is holding out so. What does fxo mean anyway.
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:22am fxo:

uh... my moniker?
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:27am FMU Idiot:

Umm OK. Thought it might have deeper meening. Good morning to ya.
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:27am Jack:

Frank O'Toole! Can I call you "The X-Man"?
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:31am fxo:

for this webcast, you can call me, "what you want"
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:34am FMU Idiot:

So FXO is you Frank. Got it!
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:36am Richard from Venezuela:

Good morning Frank.
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:38am fxo:

global "hola"
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:46am Lonious Monk:

Cheers from Paris Frank!
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:49am FMU Idiot:

The rides are covered in snow. I hope I don't get a call. And the SoCo is still so nice.
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:50am pierre:

Bonjour FxO, Bonjour everybody
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:52am FMU Idiot:

Wow! nice mix. Can you play that? Oh yeah web only right?
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:52am fxo:

pardon moi...

...and yes, it's snowin' again...
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:53am pierre:

eating bagels, drinking coffee, with the girlfriend. Good soundtrack, thanks to you.
  Mon. 2/21/11 6:53am Marmalade kitty:

Kenneth Wolstenholme, goal!
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:04am Marmalade kitty:

  Mon. 2/21/11 7:10am snombre:

go Frank! usher in the snow, 4 inches and still falling in MFU territory! WHOOOO-HOOOOO
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:12am Rand Hoppe:

Good morning, FXO!
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:15am fxo:

Rand! dude!

Snom: usher? the singer? or show you to your seat?
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:25am catpatz:

haha i took physics for poets
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:30am Lonious Monk:

Pierre, is there any menu for wednesday night? can you at least invite us all? (it's burger party - are french bugers can be delicious? someone can tell?)
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:34am pierre:

Lonious Monk (Ed) come on, come with whom ever you want. Even with your (crazy) "french-burger-recipes-ideas" > FOR EXAMPLE THE FROG LEG BURGER
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:37am snombre:

subaru is ready to usher me to the mountain where i will ski and perhaps run into usher on his snobored.
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:39am snombre:

dj krush needs to remix usher just so we can call it Krusher.
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:40am snombre:

oh and snombre is a spanish snow man.
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:42am fxo:

snombre, you kid! I thought it was Kruncher (numbers or cereal)
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:54am snombre:

Yes Captain Kruncher not to be confused with the Captain and Toenail from the 70's.
  Mon. 2/21/11 7:57am Robert:

Oh, "Cold Ground". I thought it was saying "Nicole Brown", the one who was killed by Simpson.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:01am FMU Idiot:

Skiing. Hopfully next monday. o yea.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:03am annie:

hey! ..
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:05am Yair Yona:

is that Ringo through an auto-tune?
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:05am inside the mind:

I do not believe you or any of you or anyone at all. lies delusional lies just like I now.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:06am fxo:

yo - oy
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:08am inside the different mind:

NO NO I am not a Troll you are I tell you UR as words say.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:12am mindless meanings:

Almost everyone is almost always listening to fmu :)
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:12am fxo:

troll? as in EZ Past?
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:14am mindless meanings:

the S T rolls as in the jelly roll moo moo cow. :)
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:17am Lonious Monk:

awesome song
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:20am mindless meanings:

very Lou'ish Reed'ish
slippery slippers falling off the edge of moist effects
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:21am FMU Idiot:

First call from work. So much for a day off. Nothing important. I don't have to go in yet.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:24am fxo:

snows should be over, right?
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:25am FMU Idiot:

Annie. Hey your self.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:27am FMU Idiot:

Snow is not over. It's only February.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:30am fxo:

the shortest month...
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:30am postmanpaul:

Good morn'n fxo, we're with ya fella.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:31am FMU Idiot:

Good point.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:35am FMU Idiot:

Lookin' to rock in roll on the slopes for many weeks to come.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:40am FMU Idiot:

After that the bike is chomping at the bit trying to get out.
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:47am postmanpaul:

Nice b/g music fxo... can imagine you pumping the air to the beat on your roller skates to this one! Kinda got this image in my head:
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:51am FMU Idiot:

You have to realize I live in a 4 bedroom house with two mototorcycles in the diningroom,
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:53am fxo:

P Paul: I'll have to check this site out.
FMU Savant: I NOW realize!
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:57am postmanpaul:

Ha :")
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:58am pierre:

thanks !
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:58am FMU Idiot:

Second call from work. Argh! Its not even 9:00
  Mon. 2/21/11 8:59am fxo:

blown away from the comments. I'll be doing a pre-Marathon show next week, and then I'll be doing a Marathon webcast (live) 3/7.
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