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Listener comments!

  Thu. 6/17/10 6:14pm marq:

been painfully counting down the days, hours, and minutes till the show. 45 painful minutes left.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:00pm ?:

  Thu. 6/17/10 7:00pm Vicki:

I mean hurray
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:00pm Pearly Sweets:

Kenny, you are a stallion.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:03pm marq:

he is not in the studio is he!!!! I guess that will be ok.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:05pm Ear:

  Thu. 6/17/10 7:05pm marq:

I can sense in Kenny Gs voice that I'm worried he has gone through some kind of clock work orange transformation. I'm afraid now. I'm freaking out. This is not Kenny G. Yes it is, no it isn't. That was a pod voice of Kenny G.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:05pm Laura L:

Having you back on WFMU is so wrong! Hooray!
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:07pm marq:

pod voice of Kenny G...please tell me you are not the real Kenny G. I'm sad now.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:07pm Piano:

look who's talkin'
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:08pm Marshall Stacks:

It's about time.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:09pm marq:

otherwise the music sounds wonderful and on key perfectly!
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:10pm Ear:

What freakin' music?
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:13pm Julie:

kenny is safely tucked away in an undisclosed location. It's better for everyone that way.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:14pm Playlist Reader:

That dude Artist is some composer. But "Song" is not the best title for it.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:16pm marq:

I am having a wonderful time listening to the music. That's the great thing about WFMU. The DJs really know how to pick the best music.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:18pm !!!:

Give Gaylord and Irwin their bed musics back!!!!
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:19pm Never heard on other stations:

"Aleatory Gamelan"
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:23pm marq:

That sounds like the real Kenny G we just heard, his voice. It might not be a pod Kenny G after all. But it sure sounds like a clock work orange transformed Kenny G!!!! Has he gained some pounds? He almost sounds like his vocal chords and chin/neck need to struggle a bit around some added fat. Just my observation.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:27pm Hello Kenny G:

Your music is not stinky. Have you shaved your hairy back, bubbelah?
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:33pm Broadcast Standards Dept.:

Shaving a hairy back is not nearly painful enough for this program.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:34pm Julie:

No, waxing would be more appropriate.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:36pm Marshall Stacks:

Kenny, are you referring to Leta Miller and Frederic Lieberman's book "Lou Harrison: Composing a World"? It includes the CD "Lou Harrison: A World Composed." Confusing.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:39pm Broadcast Standards Dept.:

OK, we'd consider a loop of the best ten seconds of someone waxing a hairy back, if really, really closely miked. Send us sample audio.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:45pm marq:

clock work orange kenny g has become a guy to play good music. Why has kenny g become a wfmu music nerd dj like all of the others??!! here he is spouting off facts about the tracks and such. This is not the same kenny g. he also sounds like he has a cold.The old kenny g never got colds!!! maybe he did I just did not know.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:48pm Looking to pain FMU listeners?:

Any Eagles track will do.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:50pm Ailurophile:

My cats all left the room.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:51pm (¸.•´ (¸.•[]`•.¸.•´¯`•:

Well Marq, KG started off as "music nerd DJ" on FMU back in the 90s so maybe he's going back to his roots? Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be back to playing an hour of Windows theme music loops or WINS traffic reports soon enough.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:51pm Charles Manson:

"Pain's good for you, it teaches you thangs."
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:55pm marq:

This is beautiful music Kenny G!!! why do you want to associate this great stuff with musical pain? Maybe you have lost touch with reality, kenny g. not in the damn studio any way are you? doing this remotely, weeks ago perhaps and maybe even had an intern compose most of it. You are still in there kenny g, I can see you...wake up now you son of a bitch!!! before it's too late!!damn it now!! Ok I'm fine now.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:57pm rant witness:

Yeah, you sound fine.
  Thu. 6/17/10 7:59pm Horkheimer:

Who's this Adorno guy? A crossdresser?
  Thu. 6/17/10 8:00pm marq:

Oh, I guess I will need to get used to this. He can't just be an extension of UBUWEB on wfmu can he?
  Thu. 6/17/10 8:01pm tasdl:

Wow, nice ID.
  Thu. 6/17/10 8:03pm marq:

wow. this show was actually very painful for me. but i have a very high tolerance and can handle more.