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i said nothing again

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Artist | Song

> Sean Landers | The Man Within Options


> Me, Them, Us | The Hokey Pokey Options

> How Do You Do That? | Hokey P-P-P--P-P-P-P-P-P-P.... etc. Options

> Behaving Badly with Kenny G and Irwin | Heroes and Villains Options

> More Hokey Pokey by Hokey Pokers | The Hokey Pokey Options

> People Like Us | Nora What She Wears or something like that Options


> Behaving Badly with Kenny G and Irwin | Abracabadra Options

> Samm Bennett | Coco Plays Pool Options

> MIchael Peppe | Guy Options

> Kathy McGinty | Excerpts Options

> Kerwin | I Said Nothing Options

> Lucius Tate | Buries His Wife Options

> Behaving Badly with Kenny G and Irwin | Cinamon Girl Options

> Irwin Chusid | 75 Laps Options

> Behaving Badly with Kenny G and Irwin | Cars Options

> Behaving Badly with Kenny G and Irwin | Mack The Knife Options

> Behaving Badly with Kenny G and Irwin | Sloop John B Options


> DJ Pantshead | Machines Dehumanize Options

> Maladroit | Musicbox Jungle Options

> Rainer Linz | Disrythmic Etude Options

> Dokaka | 21st Century Schizoid Man Options


> Kenneth Atwood | Round to Maryanne's Options

> Tom Baker | For Symphony Options

Listener comments!

  Wed. 8/15/07 12:16pm mike cooper:

Im going to switch off!!!
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:17pm Gigantor:

Nooooooo. Not the Hokey Pokey! This is where I shut you off last week!
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:17pm kenny g:

go right ahead!
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:22pm Scott:

How do you do that?
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:24pm kenny g:

how that? do do
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:30pm Kenny G:

  Wed. 8/15/07 12:31pm Scott:

excellent rendition of heroes and villains!!!!!!
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:37pm kenny g:

It takes a lot of work to dig a deeper hole!
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:41pm Negator:

OK this is where I begin to operate on myself. "Scalpel!"
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:41pm Freeloader:

I love IRWIN more than Kenny G!
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:45pm Gigantor:

Yay! It's Irwin! Knock him out and take over! Hokey-poke him in the eye! (Yeah, I'm still listening...)
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:45pm WaveyDavey:

Why don't you two stop fighting and just admit you're in love and kiss each other in slow they do in the movies.
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:47pm g:

no offense, but I think Kenny G does a better Irwin than Irwin does a Kenny G . . .
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:49pm Irwin:

What do you mean? How do you do?
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:52pm Sean:

Are there are any other beloved franchises besdies Harry Potter that you can ruin for the psychoti... I mean, the fans?
  Wed. 8/15/07 12:56pm Kenny G:

Research findings on the association between frequency of father-child contact and child outcomes are mixed. Would you like a side of fries with that?
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:01pm Annie Lennox:

It's A Thin Line Between Love And Hate
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:29pm Marcus:

"I'm just going to thaw her out tomorrow, put her in the truck..." This is crazy!
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:31pm Marcus:
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:36pm sean:

I've got to hear you do some U2
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:41pm Sean:

That guy singing Cinnamon Girl over the phone made me feel unclean and want to be in another place... "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..."
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:43pm scott:

I get the news I need from the weather report!
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:45pm Kenny G:

I am responding affirmatively! Don't go way. Soon I will respond negatively!
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:55pm Dave Garner:

That version of Gary Neuman's "Cars" makes me want to drive into a bridge abutment. Which is merely my way of saying, "Good Job."
  Wed. 8/15/07 1:56pm JJZ:

You lost me at the chipmunk cars.
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:07pm Gigantor:

2:00 and time for Muriel, via my newly arrived swag. Bye!
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:08pm gregg fr. S.I.:

If i hear hokey pokey one more time i will not be responsible for my actions !!
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:11pm kenny g:

you will hear hokey pokey every week until the end of the schedule, again and again, i promise!
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:11pm joe nathan:

i want you to call me pertaining tuh...these shows, the greatest shows have ever been gave. can ya do that for me?
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:15pm kenny g:

sure joe. i'm calling you right now. love, kennyg
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:15pm scott:

This is what my brain sounds like, how did you know?
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:15pm kenny g:

shit. does anyone know what 311+4 equal? i need to post.
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:18pm scott:

at the end of this set, can you say "three decades of buffalo nickels" in the booming echo voice?
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:20pm joe nathan:

thanks, homeskillet.
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:31pm nEGATOR:

  Wed. 8/15/07 2:41pm Irwin:

Whew! I feel better. And yes, I am wearing a thong today. Thanks for asking!
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:41pm nEGATOR:

  Wed. 8/15/07 2:47pm joe nathan:

ok, this is irwin now.
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:50pm Irwin:

  Wed. 8/15/07 2:51pm kenny g:

this is a recording of irwin
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:54pm Bort Diffie:

I am Joe Nathan
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:55pm Sean:

The Doctor sounds pissed.
  Wed. 8/15/07 2:59pm joe nathan:

no, I'M kenny.
  Wed. 8/15/07 3:15pm TheBedbug:

While I'm not a big fan of calypso or socca, I find the current playlist has me longing for sanctuary within the vocal stylings of The Mighty Sparrow. Yet, not unlike the spectacle created by a gruesome vehicular tragedy I can't seem to turn the station.
  Wed. 8/15/07 3:33pm Durlin:

  Wed. 8/15/07 4:34pm Farley:

This is fake post. But I can do the math!