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Playlist for 15 August 2007 Options | Featuring the Worst Rap of All Time

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Stereo Total  Ta Voix Au Telephone   Options Paris-Berlin    *   0:00:00 ()
Rodion  Fisico   Options Romantic Jet Dance    *   0:03:27 ()
Max Rouen  Tape Fear   Options The Magnetic Wave of Sound    *   0:09:09 ()
Lee Scratch Perry  Train to Doomsville   Options Pay it all Back Vol 2      0:10:40 ()
Lionrock  Scatter & Swing   Options City Delirious      0:15:25 ()
Catatonic Youth  I've Had It   Options     *   0:22:24 ()
Catatonic Youth  Out of Control   Options     *   0:24:41 ()
Fischer Z`  Limbo   Options Going Deaf for a Living      0:26:01 ()
Githead  All Set Up   Options Art Pop  Colin Newman's (of Wire) new band  *   0:28:19 ()
Von Sudenfed  The Rhinohead   Options Tromatic Reflexxions    *   0:32:48 ()
Sun Ra and The Blues Project  Robin's Theme   Options Batman  available on the FMU Blog    0:36:58 ()
Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators  Feeling Free   Options Keep Reachin' Up    *   0:39:55 ()
Curtis Mayfield  Dont Worry (If There's a Hell Below, We're All Gonna Go)   Options       0:43:37 ()
Melvin Van Peebles  You Gotta Be Holdin' Out Five Dollars on Me   Options Rated X By An All-White Jury      0:48:33 ()
Material  Upriver   Options Memory Serves      0:53:09 ()
Happy Mondays  Little Matchstick Owen's Rap   Options Tart Tart 12 Inch  Is this the worst rap of ALL TIME?    1:03:37 ()
A Certain Ratio  Shack Up   Options       1:07:35 ()
Joy Division  Interzone   Options Preston February 1980      1:10:40 ()
Joy Division  She's Lost Control   Options Heart and Soul      1:13:37 ()
Yat Kha  Love Will Tear Us Apart   Options Re-Covers      1:16:55 ()
DJ Not I  Fool of Mergen   Options Foolkloric Mashups  (Yat Kha vs L'il Jon - download the whole album here)  *   1:19:53 ()
New Order  Everything's Gone Green   Options 1981-1982 EP      1:23:44 ()
ESG  Moody (Spaced Out)   Options       1:29:18 ()
Liquid Liquid  Bellhead   Options DFA Comp 3      1:33:33 ()
tATu  Not Gonna Get Us   Options 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane      1:35:50 ()
Music behind DJ:
Der Plan 
        1:40:02 ()
Leningrad  Terminator   Options Russen Soul      1:45:33 ()
VV  You Took The Piss Out of Me   Options Russendisko      1:47:58 ()
Elakelaiset  Vanhamiljonaahumpaa   Options       1:52:17 ()
Blo Up  Burnin'   Options LondonBooted      1:55:12 ()
RIAA  Guess I'm Fallin' Into Bubbles   Options       1:58:43 ()
Land of Talk  Summer Special   Options Applause Cheer Boo Hiss    *   2:01:12 ()
Githead  These Days   Options Art Pop    *   2:04:47 ()
Vanilla Fudge  Ticket To Ride   Options       2:08:40 ()
Carney, Hild and Kramer  Name   Options Happiness Finally Came to Them      2:14:00 ()
386dx  Imagine   Options the best of      2:18:42 ()
Electronicat  The Delphius   Options Chez Toi    *   2:21:45 ()
Quentin Crisp  The Naked Civil Servant, Track One   Options An Evening With Quentin Crisp    *   2:31:36 ()
Redux Orchestra  Installation No. 1   Options Redux Orchestra versus Einsturzende Neubauten    *   2:43:15 ()
Bob Jacobs  Small Assassin   Options Those Swinging Sounds of Literature (Rich Hazelton's 2007 premium)  a Ray Bradbury story in song..    2:54:19 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 8/15/07 9:04am Vivian:

Under 'What's Playing Today' on the home page, Evan Muse's show runs 6am-8pm. Then resumes 11pm-6am. Yikes!
  Wed. 8/15/07 9:05am Ken:

Yes, rest assured that Evan Muse has not taken over Wednesdays. The database has simply gone ga-ga over him. Someone will fix it soon, I hope I hope..
  Wed. 8/15/07 9:07am JJZ:

I see him as every show but one. Why must Dave Mandl sully "Evan Muse Wednesday?"
  Wed. 8/15/07 9:08am JJZ:

Oops, answered before my message.
  Wed. 8/15/07 9:09am Jack:

Hi Ken, I gotta tell you; last week your show was the perfect soundtrack for watching NASA-TV. Today I'm watching the astros suit up for a space walk. Thanks for the great music.

  Wed. 8/15/07 9:24am john:

my dog loves to howl along to neil young, but only when he plays harmonica.
  Wed. 8/15/07 9:30am Brandon:

Nice to hear C. Newman writing good pop-songs again
  Wed. 8/15/07 9:39am Ken:

That was the most Wire-like tune on the new Githead CD. Rest of it's good though.. I will play another tune from it later on.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:02am Ann Arbor Doug:

Yay for a Tony Wilson set. Please play "Shack Up" by ACR for me.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:04am Negator:

Holy SHit! I own that Batman record! No wonder I liked it so much! WOW! I'm gonna go home tonight and find it and listen with new ears! Thanks, Ken,
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:05am Brandon:

erm, Tony had his problems. I hope history sort of forgets bands like Shark Vegas.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:05am Gigantor:

Regarding the Curtis Mayfield MP3 loop, once you listen to Kenny G for a while, you don't even notice things like that!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:05am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Dude, this is truly vile!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:05am jtm:

I never knew that Happy Mondays could be so sad.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:07am Bad Ronald:

What year was this released?
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:09am Ken:

That Happy Mondays 12 inch arrived in the FMU library in 1987. There's no release date on it though...It was Fac 176
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:14am Chuckles:

Wow, the drummer doesn't seem 100% with it on this version of Interzone. Reminds me of a cover I attempted once.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:16am marcus:

whoo, I love this joy division track so much ("she lost control") best marcus
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:16am Chuckles:

How about something from New Order's "Movement"?
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:16am Brandon:

Control never sounds old. As much as I might have grown tired of it over the years. It still sounds like a bolt from the blue...
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:17am Listener Mike D.:

"Everything's Gone Green" by New Order from the 1981-82 EP would be fantastic.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:20am dante:

Haha, this Yat Kha song is confusing. I dont know whether i should laugh or cry.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:21am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

When I heard you play Albert Kuvezin a few months back I fell in love! Went right out and bought the CD.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:24am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Ken!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:26am brandon:

hows about durruti column? They were a good band to chill out too, after all.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:28am nh_dave:

The one thing I can't stand about new order is that there are a zillion different versions of each song. They aren't really remixes, they are just subtle changes to the song... That and I heard one of their songs in a cingular ad last night. I know they did the sunkist ad back in the day blah blah...

Great song however. Old new order really was great (of course joy division was better LOL)
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:28am frederic:

Isn't it a sign of old age when your teenage era music gets heavily played in tribute/obituary sets? Thanks anyway, Ken
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:30am Ann Arbor Doug:

Ken, do you remember Cheryl Ho from the Professor's show? I'd love to hear that again sometime.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:30am Listener Mike D.:

Thanks muchly Ken, and nice touch on the ending/transitional moment there. This is why you are the DJ and we are merely the unwashed pavlovian masses!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:32am Ken:

Frederic - You are correct. But unless I am mistaken, old age does NOT lead to death.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:38am brandon:

whoah, these are those pre-teen Russian lesbians.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:47am Iver:

Okay, since you're on other Russian theme, let's go a little north .... to Finland ...... to that fabulous proto-oompah-metal band..... don't pretend you don't know what I mean Ken!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:48am Tom:

Thanks for the internet Ken. I'm listening over here in Dublin. In Ireland radio listens to you! And Pete Burns has his own daytime talk show.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:53am otis:

Hummmm-pa. We are in Finland!!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:54am Ken:

You're welcome for the internet Tom. Al Gore and I invented it backstage at a Happy Mondays show.
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:54am nh_dave:

We decided this was love cats right?
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:55am Gigantor:

Yay! Humpaa! Now wouldn't it be a good time for some Eilert Pilarm? I mean, with the Elvis anniversary coming up? Oh, and Hi Tom!
  Wed. 8/15/07 10:57am Iver:

Humpaa Mania
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:06am Jeffrey Weyand:

Hey Ken, any leads on available downloads of Yat Kha? guy is tooooo kewl. (other than link on playlist)?
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:11am Vicki:

Some creative searching through Blogspot will find you Yat Kha.
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:11am The Framinator:

It is past 11am and yet no one has raised the topic of frames? What is this, some kinda bizarro world?
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:12am Ken:

Jeffrey - I would suggest trying one of the internets. I think we posted their Joy Division cover on the FMU blog a while back..
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:13am jtm:

Is it me, or are your math questions getting harder and harder?
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:15am Ken:

Speaking of frames, everybody should check out Listener Buz's mockup of a possible new playlist layout:
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:15am b:

sorry, took me twenty minutes to figure out the square root of 25x35.7895-8
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:17am Marley:

I agree with jtn. I had to carry a six for crying out loud!
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:19am The Framinator:

I like. Do the comments auto-update or just the playlist? It is fairly frustrating to be reading the comments and have the page auto re-load before you can finish.
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:20am Ann Arbor Doug:

Oh jeez the playlist layout looks great! Good work Buz.
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:22am Gigantor:

man, 386dx rocks! You don't here the new kids like Core2Duo doing s**t like this!
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:25am pat:

Buz's design is perfect! Deploy immediately. As far as iframes goes, who really cares about Lynx for crissakes?? And I'm a Linux user...
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:28am jeffrey:

Rooster? Hey, how's Olive and her Brats?
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:31am bwalker:

you got the russensoul! you are fast fast fast
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:44am kat:

Crisp sounds like John Lydon on premarin. Early (and great) post-gender hero. Good to hear.
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:44am Marley:

Bravo Buz! Is that going to become the new design?
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:45am Ken:

Hey bwalker! Nice piece on Morning Edition yesterday. I didn't even recognize your voice.
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:51am bwalker:

thanks Ken! I guess its all context -
Sunday night was even more fun though!
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:52am Ken:

I will be on vacation the next two weeks, folks. Thanks a lot for all your comments. To quote Donny Osmond, see you in September!
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:56am fach001:

happy hollidays!
  Wed. 8/15/07 11:59am otis:

thanks ken, great show today! thanks for the hummpa.
  Tue. 8/21/07 6:09pm tjdoowop:

on show of may 31,06 i simply love im high by mr sad head aka a sonny thurman.
is this on a cd?.
i would really love to have a copy of it!.
i have a 3 mp3's byhm folks on line sent to me.
all the best tjdoowop/tom
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