Frank O'Toole's playlist May 21, 1999 email Frank
Twistin' away to nirvana... head is spinning.

Audio Line/Pet Sounds Beach Boys fxo tape mix
Under the Bamboo Joke Garland, O'Brien, Spacek,& Steve Martin fxo tape mix
Cut #11 was still Meant For You the Test Dept. for Brian Wilson fxo tape mix
A Beautiful Song Nazz Nazz Nazz Lp
Looney Tune (not too looney)Tom Daly tape mix
Viola Lee Blues Phil Lesh & Friends tape mix
Hot Burrito #2 The Coal Porters Gram Parsons Tribute Concert Lp
Touch Sensitive The Fall Touch Sensitive Ep
My Fallen Words Bettie Serveert White Tales Ep
Lullaby to Tim The Hollies Evolution Lp
Antidote The Fall Touch Sensitive Ep
Some Madness Crabby Appleton 1st Lp
Wear Your Love Like Lemon Donovan Greatest Hits Lp
The Real Thing(Apollo 440 remix) U2 remix Ep
Kaff Hirayasu Yaguchi & Andy Partridge tape mix
Sci-Fi Wasabi Cibo Matto remix Ep
You're a Queen Mr. Wright Star Time Lp
Far Off, the Fabulous Iron Serpent Whistles Cul de Sac Crashes to Light Lp
Takoyaki-Kun Takoyaki-Kun The Greatest Hits Lp
Ann's Eveready Equestrian Add N to X Avant Hard Lp
Christmas Noise fxo tape mix  
Aquarius Sound Foundation Undercover, Free the Vaults compil. Lp
Blue Mug Gus Gus This is Normal Lp
Our Coastal Hymn Le Savy Fav 7" a-side
Dictionary of Modern Marriage XTC tape loop mix
The Western Lands Material(w. D.J. SoulSlinger) The Road to Western Lands Ep
Seven Minutes of Understanding Supernatural Armageddon 12" mix
Inner City Blues Sarah Vaughn Undercover, Free the Vaults, Vol. 1 compil. Lp
Spiral D.J. Food Shadow Masters compil. Lp
Seven Minutes of Understanding(Instr. mix) Supernatural 12" mix
Faces are Smiling The Next Morning eponymous Lp
Groove Modulation Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah! Lp
Auto Disco Auto Repeat The Unbearable Lightness of Auto Repeating Lp
How Y'all Feel?/Steamroller Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion...Lp
Sharkey's Nacht/Route 66 William, Laurie, and Nelson fxo tape mix

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