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I'm all that!

Hypno Joke, Made with Bamboo fxo tape mix  
Cut #11 was "Meant for You" Brian Wilson's Test Dept. fxo tape mix
Accidents Thunderclap Newman Hollywood Dream Lp
Poly Sci John Forte Poly Sci Lp
Bottom Zap Mama Bottom Ep
Estimated Prophet David Murray Octet Dark Star Lp
Tender Love(Dee Jay Punk Roc remix) Force MD's Tommy Boy Greatest Beats compil. Lp
Daly's Looney Tune Daly's Looney tape mix  
Something in the Air Seiko Suzuki(with Andy Partridge) Andy Partridge compil. tape
Autumn Sweater(Kevin Shields remix) Yo La Tengo remix Ep
Lake View String Builder 7" a-side
A Beautiful Song Nazz 13th and Pine Lp
Don't You Care The Buckinghams Time and Charges Lp
Widdershins The Freed Unit 7" a-side
Toodlehead Terry Adams Terrible Lp
More Than U Know Prince Paul(with De La Soul) Prince of Thieves Lp
S!T!O!I!N!K! Fly Ashtray 10" Lp
Epistle to Dippy Donovan Greatest Hits Lp
(c) is for Stupid Negativland Ep mix
You Can't Stop Auto Repeat The Unbearable Lightness of...Lp
It's Bad You Know R. L. Burnside Come On In Lp
Science Made Me a Homo(Sapien) The Causey Way WWCD Lp
Strictly Social Roni Size Planet V compil. Lp
Angel Station Spaceheads Angel Station Lp
Tuning True Auto Repeat The Unbearable Lightness lp
Electro-Acoustic Rollercoaster Ride Frankie Teardrop 7" a-side
L.F.O. L.F.O. remix Ep
At the Wingfest/Vine Parade The Lonesome Organist Cavalcade Lp
Dope Man Sensational Corner the Market Lp
Horsie Twilight Circus Sound System Horsie Lp
Chopper Zmrzlina eponymous Lp
Let the Sunshine In Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger&the Trinity The Best of Lp
Get a Move On! Mr. Scruff Get a Move On Ep
A Sample of Croiners Jim Tapes tape mix
Mr. PC Seth Feinberg Band Golden Circle Lp
Crickets Sing for Anamarie Marcos Valle Samba '68 Lp
Forgotten Playa Reznicek & the Manuela Boys 7" b-side
Head Park Rev. Fly Ashtray Clump Takes a Ride Lp
Route 66 Nelson Riddle Greatest Beat Lp

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